Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You're All I Need, My Love, My Binondo Girl...

Strange how a Valentine song can strike one differently; sang in a different time, the words are just so that anyone  hearing Xian sing it with so much feeling and emotion,  changing the last word "Valentine" to My Binondo Girl, glancing at Kim as he  tickled the keys so ably, left everyone in the room and elsewhere watching him wish that he were serenading her.
           CTO-Xian rendering a self-edited My Valentine

This was in Gandang Gabi Vice' First Anniversary Episode and prodded by the host Vice Ganda on a whim, Xian  left his seat to oblige the request  and had Marvin the Music Maestro hold his microphone as he ran through the first strains of the song My Valentine on the keyboard. 

Xian and his huge surprise of the evening  tagging himself on National TV as Kim's man that night and henceforth must have felt surreal to Kim, the object of his affection.  

http://www.youmaker.com/video/svb5-825dec9ab10c49e8b8cc25886358514c001.html.Gandang-Gabi-Vice-05-21-2012.html    CTO - Thanks to Disco...

                        CTO  Xian and Kim - E for "Enlove"

Is this Xian?  Such passion in the few phrases he sang with his lady love, Kim,  present.

Vice Ganda's teasing smile gave him away; for a bit, he shed off his act and turned into the friend of Kim that he is glorying in the melody and words that Xian so lovingly sang for Kim, happy for both his friends, Kim and Xian; sharing in their glow; the glow lent by being "enlove".

Vice Ganda,  minus the melodrama he affected the whole evening and feeling the raw emotion from Xian's song asked,   "Anong, iniisip mo, Kim? What are you thinking Kim? 

Kim's eyes spoke volumes but  no words came out of her. So it's true, when the heart is full, the mouth cannot speak. It is Harana with the Choir in December all over again; this time it is Xian singing his Valentine Song for Kim in May. What a night!  Deja vu!

CTO -       My Valentine - with the original lyrics....


  1. even Vice got 'kilig' after hearing that last line of the song. he couldn't resist the 'kiligness'. lol

  2. That certainly clinched it for Xian!