Friday, June 1, 2012

@XianLimm and @Chinitaprincess on...

 December 2010, Instagram had one million registered users. In June 2011 Instagram announced it had five million users[ and it passed ten million in September of the same year. In April 2012, it was announced that over 30 million accounts were set up on Instagram.[28] -- Wikipedia.  

 "Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We're building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos."

Stanford graduates Systrom and Krieger developed this combination  "instant photo and telegram' on the Iphone and Android platforms and launched it on October, 2010.  In less than two years or in April, 2012, Facebook bought Instagram from them  for  one billion dollars  plus Facebook shares. To allay fears of Instagram users, Systrom and Krieger assured them that they will remain and  together with Facebook continue  to upgrade Instagram.

Before the Instagram there was "You"...Valentine in December...

Then the fun began in February, 2012...

                                                                                 Feb 1

Kim and Xian's Instagram accounts became a way for us fans and nonfans  to  take a sneak peek into what remains of their goldfish bowl existence that we still have not uncovered; the paparazzi in us that await the latest on the greatest.

Kim's first shared photo was of herself introducing Lagunara, the horse she rides when she feels the need to de-stress.

Second one was  her own picture with an intriguing caption  which Xian disputed. Banter between the two on Instagram  amused the fans.


Following was Xian's photo response to Kim's dare to in turn post a cropped photo to which Xian did not take.

                                                                                Feb 1 
what was I saying?................uhhmm.......(hindi ako nag crop :-))!! haha) 

There was a lull in the comments in succeeding photos. 

Then Xian sent this photo of his note addressed to someone 

who everyone somehow had an idea who.

CTO       Feb 4

The pining for the other on Instagram went a week apart.

                                     CTO - chinitaprincess THINKING of......   4mon
Thinking of whom?  Your guess is as good as mine.

      Feb. 11
Where can I find my other half? 

The call is getting more graphic...Xian, to whom is that 

addressed to?

     Feb. 13
dont't be the only "one", lets make it complete :-) the journey is happier when you're there...less than thr 



Xian responding to a photo of a single petal posted by Kim 

labelled "One".  I saw it, now I no longer see it.  Could it be 

the "One" has now become "complete" ?  Just asking.


Xian still on a Valentine mode a day after. Did she say 

"Yes", to your question, Xian?

     Feb. 15
Sana letter V nalang ako.........Para I'm always right next to U :-)


Some say you are spelling L O V E with this.  However you do it , it still spells Love.  

chinitaprincess wow!!!! haha THANK YOU!!!   1mon

The Prince  sends his heart and a Tree of Roses and the 
Princess acknowledges in Caps and a wow!!!! - Superlative
Thanks!  Happiness!


chinitaprincess "stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right." take care everyone,,,   1mon

The Princess ceases to be afraid...


chinitaprincess hot milk tea!!  who wants??   2mon

and she is now seeing hearts or a heart or another heart.

chinitaprincess i look up to the sky and i saw this,,, cute! good morning everyone! enjoy your day!!!   2mon

Hearts everywhere...

    •  good morning!!! off to bkk aain for a shoot,,, i LOVE my P&G family!   3mon
    • chinitaprincess *again  3mon


xianlimm wow ang ganda naman dyan...kelan balik mo? :-)  2w

Now the longing sounds more acute.

From "You"


                       The Carpenters  "You"

to "So it's You"  seemed to be the signal  for 

Kim and Xian to appear on each other's Instagram 


A number of allusions but no face...faceless on each other's   

Instagram until...

                       CTO      May 26, 2012
me and  :-))) less than three :-)  


chinitaprincess done for the show!!! maraming salamat mga kapamilya!!! (soo lucky to meet APL and antonette taus in person)!!#fan hehe take care everyone!! super thanks ulit!!   5d

And Xian countered with  his comment to this photo:

xianlimm for me, isa lang ang taong lucky ako to meet... :-))  4d  

I wonder, is the veil of shyness now pierced?
Will we be seeing more photos of Kim and Xian in each 
other's Instagram accounts?  I have no answer.  I guess, 
they move as they are moved. No hidden meanings.

It appears, Xian is not done yet. There are still a number of 
photos to be posted; a number of comments to be made 
and a number of songs to be sung.

What is strong is Xian's resolve to make Kim happy, to make
her feel special.

For us, their fans, we await the day when Kim returns the
gesture and our journey as fans as Xian's own would be
happier and more complete.  

I feel that day is not too long in coming.

Cherish by the Association




  1. thank you for putting into words the things i see when i watch them...the vastness of emotions despite the subtlety...hers are faint hints ... his is bold and distinct... it just reiterates what they show us in a glimpse and a peek... that KIMXI is real honest and genuine...

  2. Thanks Lech, you have a gift for words too...hope you can share your thoughts so we may follow each other; indeed KimXi is real and for real.

  3. testing! may day! mic 1 2 3 ! :) my pleasure to visit your blog. WOW! Honestly i really don't know how to work on this site but for you i will give it a try and of course given that your main subject are my favorites, i love to see the pictures and read all your thoughts about them. i admire your words wisdom, very interesting! This is God's given gift to you...explore, develop ,apply and share it to everyone! i am not good in expressing myself through words but surely i'll learn from you!Remember i'll always be your no. 1 fan!i may not be always active nor physically present but in my heart i'll always do! LESS THAN THREE! KIMXI FOR REEL AND REAL! TWO THUMBS UP! :)

  4. Finally! Thanks my no. 1 also hold the honor of being the only one! Hahahahaha! Sharing is caring!

    KimXi, our fave ones, may their tribe increase! Keep on keeping on Ninang C!

  5. makahilak man pud ko ani my friend...

    i really love this blog post! :)

    thanks to Instagram, i am able to see them differently (especially Kim) and just reading their IG exchanges makes me giddy like a teenager. lol!

    and thanks to them, i discovered Instagram (and now addicted to it).:))

  6. I still have to discover Instagram hahahaha...soon perhaps. Thanks much my friend...keeps me inspired.

  7. You are very,very articulate..perfect..Hope Xian & Kim get to go over your blogs too otherwise they are missing a lot.