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The hurt...the reunion...the healing...

“Pain is a pesky part of being human, I've learned it feels like a stab wound to the heart, something I wish we could all do without, in our lives here. Pain is a sudden hurt that can't be escaped. But then I have also learned that because of pain, I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of healing. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! We may not have wings growing out of our backs, but healing is the closest thing that will give us that wind against our faces.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

A Purpose-Driven Life.
There is one thing I notice most of Kim Chiu.  She takes things seriously.

Kim is never frivolous. She is purpose driven.  When she auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother she had three  things in  mind.  She wanted to help her family; wanted to be seen on TV and wanted to prove herself to the naysayers in the family and elsewhere that, "may talent din ako".  

Kim's seriousness at her showbiz work was attested to by Big Brother when she visited Big Brother House with Gerald Anderson in 2010,  close to 4 years after her Big Win.  

Big Brother exalted Kim as one of Showbiz' most admired personalities refusing to take a vacation in her 4 years in the business for fear that she would not have a job waiting for her when she gets back. Kim tearfully acquiesced to this.  

Fulfilling the Dream.
Kim must believe in this saying: "If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves."- Maria Edgeworth, O Magazine, 2004.
                             CTO  - Kim Chiu in a fan made vid of the highlights of her life.
  Kim detailing her intentions at her PBB audition - 22 secs. to 41secs.
Big Brother convo with Kim at 6:08 to 7:41

In 4 years of round-the-clock work and some good financial management help by Mr. M and Ms. Mariole of Star Magic, Kim  was able to buy  herself a piece of land and started construction unbeknownst to her own family. 

It was meant to be a surprise but due to work she had to engage the help of her Ate Lakam for the nitty gritty with her doing  most of the major decisions except for the color pink which her Ate Lakam vetoed as she said she won't be a teenager forever. 

Kim moved to her dream home in April, 2011,  almost 5 years to the day she was crowned  First  Big Winner of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.

With those days behind her, Kim’s situation is now a far cry from her days living in the province. After moving into her brand new three-storey house, a multi-million peso beige and white structure complete with its own pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, personal salon, and movie room, Kim can definitely say she has built a dream house that she and her siblings can finally call home. “Ang gandang tignan ng bahay kasi ako lahat nag-isip nito. Nagtulungan kami ng interior decorator ko. Kahit yung small things like tiles, hands on ako,” she admitted.

Kim is also especially proud of her room, which is like another small abode within the house. The room contains Kim’s walk-in closet which displays her collection of designer bags, watches, jewelry, and clothing. It is also the only part of the house where Kim was allowed to decorate mostly in her favorite color, pink. “Sabi ng ate ko, bawal daw ang pink sa baba. Bawal makita ang pink kasi hindi raw ako forever na bata. So dito ko sabedroom ko binuhos yung pink,” she shared with SSM.  

Kim Chiu says building a home for her family is a dream come true

7/02/2011 12:59 AM

by: Rhea Manila Santos   http://www.push.com.ph/features/3503/kim-chiu-says-building-a-home-for-her-family-is-a-dream-come-true/

Kim's dream of building a home for herself and her immediate family and of providing for their needs was born from years of serious thought.  Her years of deprivation, both emotional and financial, fueled this dream.

The Hurt.
The childlike, distinctive laugh, the joyful countenance, the love of people are qualities that endear Kim to everyone she meets. Her
willowy figure, her being fashionista and her attempt at leading a normal life in her shopping, watching movies and eating out give some people the impression that she could just get up unscathed from her first major heartbreak in 2010.

(Here's Kim and her bottomless laugh that rises to  a crescendo at Vice Ganda's wry jokes; her wide smiles and gurgling laughter tickled the audience no end: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150191922237041 

Well, sadly, they are wrong.  To Kim she felt she not only lost a piece of her heart but also huge shoulders to lean on; Kim not only bled but also "broke a wing" as Kris Aquino termed it.  Kris is witness to her tears and cried with her when she shed them. 

Nursing her hurt, Kim has this to say:  "May mga nagsasabi sa akin, 'Kim, magboyfriend ka kaya! Ba't ba wala kang boyfriend? Try mo lang.  Kung ayaw mo sa kanya, di hiwalayan mo na.'  Pero hindi ko kaya yung ganun, yung try lang.  Gusto ko pag pumasok ako, seryoso. Ganun ako sa lahat ng bagay.  Hindi ako maloko." - (Running Free by Julian Mauricio, Maven Magazine, Feb.-March, 2012)

Kim asserts her stand at not playing with love; she is serious with it; she's not one to go into a relationship for the sake of having one. She says she is not the type.  She also has fears and trust issues.

To Love Again.
Once Kim has said , "...lahat ng  lalaki ay manloloko." She said this at her PBB audition in April, 2006. Kim has since  matured and is saying,  "...puno na ako ng pagmamahal sa kaibigan at kapatid.  Nandiyan na lahat ng love--love ng work, love ng lahat, and yun na lang ang kulang...iba din ang alaga ng boyfriend...yun yung kulang, at hindi naman sa hinahanap ko, pero okay lang din kung meron."(Maven Magazine, Feb-March, 2012)                      

The Reunion.

2011 is a year of new beginnings.  New teleserye, My Binondo Girl, without the perennial loveteam; new leading men for Kim's and the teleserye public's choice aired its pilot episode in August 22, 2011. The story was fluid.  

By October, the winds of change blew towards Xian Lim. He was in Kim's prior projects in forgettable bit roles except for the latest one, a short stint with Kim as  the young Lorna Tolentino and Xian as the young John Estrada in the soap, Minsan lang Kitang Iibigin topbilled by Coco Martin, LT and JE. Here,  Kim and Xian registered good chemistry.  

                            CTO - Teaser for Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin

In My Binondo Girl, Kim and Xian as Jade and Andy sizzled onscreen with an explosive and undeniable chemistry so fierce, it bred a new crop of fans, the KimXis.  The two as one.

Only Xian Lim can tell us when he started looking differently at Kim Chiu other than that of a co-star.  

It was, perhaps, when he became more aware of Kim's needs and looked at himself as the provider of those needs.  

Xian became Kim's Genie of the Lamp.  Like a refrain to a love song, he says he just wants to make Kim happy; make her feel special. 

The Healing.
Shining like a newly-lit lamp, Kim glowed from all the attention. Slowly Kim thawed. She spent long hours talking to Xian in between takes learning mundane things about each other like favorite color, favorite food, etc. and the jokes started coming mostly from Xian.   She now has a new "whipping boy".  Poor Xian.  He is now receiver to Kim's hampas, pingot, kurot, suntok.  Xian looks like he relishes them, the "carino brutal" from Kim's hands; no pain, no gain, I suppose.
                            CTO   -  The Look   - this is a commercial

                            CTO -  The Look - Candid shot.

                                  CTO - The Way you Look at Me  by Christian Bautista     

Xian too lost the initial shyness.  His gait has improved.  He flexes his muscles around Kim, perhaps aware that Kim's fave parts of his body are his eyes and chest; excluding what she earlier said, such as, maputi, matangkad, matangos ang ilong, Chinito--her ideal specs for a boyfriend and the added, "si Xian, napakabait, caring, thoughtful, gentlemanly, hopeless romantic, bihira lang ang mga ganyan ngayon".
                              CTO - Kim and Xian at Carson, CA May, 2012

Xian has professed to be Kim's " Pakpak" in an interview on KrisTV in early January as she (Kim) mended her "broken wing".  Xian has been true to his word.

Five months since then, Kim and Xian  say to one and all that they wish to take whatever they have ,"slow", "no rush".   Had it not been for Twitter and Instagram or Twitpic and starstruck fans, we, KimXis, would have believed them wholeheartedly.  

Take Sunday for example.  They were at ASAP afternoon show;  linking with each other at every turn; twitted as seen at St. Pio Chapel for Mass; were photographed together at a Rustan grocery after; sighted at Cyma having dinner and the following day, Kim, uncharistically fried doughnuts posted on IG from what I can at least  presume from pre-prepped dough bought  earlier.  

Did Kim and Xian  snack on those doughnuts? Maybe , maybe not, who knows?  Kim, who said in an earlier interview that thinking about cooking already tires her; the thing she hates most is frying because of hot oil splattering, is now into frying doughnuts?  

Ummm. This is so not Kim. Xian too, didn't he have an early morning show for a BDO sportsfest, ASAP and a mall show after before Church, dinner, grocery, perhaps doughnuts with Kim? What can I say, adrenaline is certainly up there for the two!  Adrenaline or a little thing called love?  I have to remember, no labels!

jenelyn chua ‏@jhen0704
I saw Kim Chui and @XianLimm at the church! Grabe nastarstruck ako! lalo na kay Kim chui. Tinignan pa niya ko! Kinilig ako! Haha. Sunday, 6-24-12.

        CTO cto:.. Saw Kim Chiu and some random guy at eastwood! http://instagr.am/p/MQgp0kGF7r/ "
      Sunday, June 24, 2012.  Wif Cobrador ‏@wifcobrador
CHILL GUYS. Saw Kim Chiu and Xian Lim at eastwood! Not some random guy!

                                                                                 “@victoria_ti: Saw Xian Lim and Kim Chiu in Rustan's! Made my night  http://pic.twitter.com/xEwPg0pJ”   - Sunday -6-24-12.

                                               CTO   Cyma  - Sunday, 6-24, 2012
Jol Gurango ‏@kidsomerss
@ Cyma for dinner. Xian Lim and Kim Chiu are here! Wahaha #KimXi


Their actions belie their words.  It appears that Kim's and Xian's almost every waking moment off-work is spent with each other. 

Kim's work and love ethic run along the same lines, "round-the-clock" and this: "If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves."- Maria Edgeworth, O Magazine, 2004.

Kim is predictable in the seriousness with which she deals with  her God, family, work, fun, health and love matters.  She does not take them for granted.  

Kim is deliberate, purposeful, does not waste time.  If she goes into anything, including cooking, she puts her mind to it.  If the results are not up to par; she does them again and again until she gets it right.  

chinitaprincess DOUGHNUT PO!!!  homemade by yours truly!!! hahahha   1d

Even her personal trainer says this of Kim: Her personal trainer Boyet Trinidad describes Kim as a model client. “She is very committed. She hits the gym thrice a week despite being extremely busy. She follows the exercise regimen without any complaint. She has gained pounds already, improved her cardio, strength, and has developed muscle endurance. She can now run 3k on the treadmill.”A sexier Kim Chiu 
WELL-BEING By Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit (The Philippine Star) Updated June 26, 2012 

So, where am I going with my meanderings? What am I trying to say? Well, this is what I am up about. I want to get across to everyone who sees Kim with Xian together at all hours after work should look at Kim being serious at getting to know Xian more and better. 

If Kim is with Xian during and after working hours and no other; texts and calls with him and no other when she is not with him; if she has Xian bond with her immediate family and even her extended family and Xian the same way; what does that tell us, onlookers?  We know Xian is pursuing; is Kim running towards or running away from Xian?  You be the judge.

Kim says she's ready to fall in love again.  Is she in love now?  That I cannot say.  What I can say is, she is in a process; she certainly enjoys the company of one man (Xian) based on the amount of time she spends with him.  She says she is not "maloko" in terms of her entering into a relationship.  I believe her.  Her last relationship was in 2010 yet.

Ergo, if there is any man Kim is considering, that would be  just not any random guy; that would be no other than Xian Lim based on how Kim conducts her life.  She is now on the mend; thanks to Xian's "pakpak", his everlasting refrain of wanting to see Kim happy; wanting to make her feel special.

One thing is clear to us bystanders; in no uncertain terms,  Kim says she's happy, happy being together with Xian. Xian too  is happy seeing Kim happy. Both are happy.  What a wonderful world they are in!  God is good!  Thanks be to God! 

                          CTO - What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong



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