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There comes a...

The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. 

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.     Richard Bach 

CTO - Kim with a bag bearing her design - her favorite art object - butterfly.

Growing up is hard to do; so is breaking up with someone one has thought of as "The One"; and if the two occur simultaneously, the emotional growth could be stunted or spurted, depending.  In Kim's case, it is the latter.  Devoid of her crutch, her what she felt to be her major support; Kim learned the hard and quick way how to fend for herself.  

Growth was necessary. Emotional dependence, unceremoniously shut off was a blessing in disguise. Time and the presence of one who caught her in the throes of shedding off the vestiges of a past still gnawing at her, greatly helped. Coming out of her cocoon, we now see a new Kim with a new man who only wants to "make her happy, make her feel special" and she thrives; expressing how being in love gives one the "inner glow" with much laughter and no excuses; a butterfly out of her chrysalis --Kim Chiu.

CTO - Xian Lim - The new man in Kim's life; the only one she sees and goes around with off-work, per Kim (KrisTV 10-01-12); the one closest to her heart, also per Kim.
"CLOSEST MALE FRIEND. Aminado naman si Kim na si Xian ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa kanya sa ngayon, kaya tinanong namin kung may definite date kung kailan niya ito sasagutin. “Siguro, oo naman, siguro. Siguro naman, siya ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa puso ko. “Wala namang definite date... time will tell. Masaya naman kami, ine-enjoy namin ang isa’t isa.” Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 08:05AM  |  5219 views  by Melba Llanera.

        CTO - Kim's answer to the Press' "Have you ever been 24/7 in love?
Kim's response to the Press' query is very revealing of her present emotional state and the extent  of her emotional growth since she fell into this state of suspended animation two years back;  switched on and off for work where she goes into the motions but right after,  falls back into this dark place where pain and fears lie. 

The showbiz world is a good place to hide hurts and Kim did this though her siblings especially her Ate Lakam knew how gravely she was hurt and how  hard it was for her to know that Kim felt ugly, "pangit", in the midst of her deeply  felt rejection. Kim only felt  herself to blame for the break-up; no harsh words for anyone, only forgiveness and continued friendship in God's time.  "Binu-boost ko yong spirit niya.  Sinasabi ko na isipin mo, ang ganda-ganda mo.  Kasi sabi niya, pangit daw siya.  May ganun siyang feeling. Siguro yun yung point na down na down siya." Lakam Chiu on Kim-StarStudio Magazine, July, 2011. -Arnel Ramos-AT HOME WITH KIM.

Kim and Gerald’s last assignment together was a romance-drama movie “Till My Heartaches End” in 2010 where Gerald broke down during its final press conference. lThe young actor admitted to the entertainment press that he and Kim had a sweet relationship, followed by a puzzling statement “whatever happened to our special relationship, it was my fault.” He also declared that he had given Kim too much problems and heartaches. Until now the entertainment press people are still wondering what those ‘problems and heartaches’ Kim had suffered during their special relationship were.  ...When asked if there is a possibility of reconciliation, bluntly she said: “Wala na, matagal nang sarado ang puso ko for Gerald.” STARXpress [Kapamilya News] Kim Chiu learns her lessons from Gerald Anderson

Has Kim been 24/7 in love and how does it feel to be so?  Kim's answers follow.

Lagi kang nakangiti.  When did the heartfelt smiles come back or better still when did the tears stop? Kim has this bubbly personality that surfaces despite the pain.  She immerses herself in her work and remains upbeat regardless of the long hours. 

This happy and outgoing Kim with her genuine smile attracted a quiet, shy and new leading man on the block for Kim - Xian Lim.  He was "excited, looking forward and privileged"; unknowing that fate or God's grace had something more in store for him and Kim.  

From the story conference in April, 2011 to the Grand Presscon in August 16, 2011 of My Binondo Girl, Kim has emerged in this August, 2011 to be all smiles and laughter especially when Xian's name was mentioned.  Xian has already gifted Kim the life-sized Teddy Bear in July and his song Ako'y Sayo Lamang  before that. 

Kim only had her mind  on My Binondo Girl, her first TV series without her loveteam of 4 years, Gerald Anderson and it was to air in a week's time; her mind was set but  her heart betrayed  her in that Grand Presscon (8-16-11) where easy laughter flowed out of her. Action spoke louder then as it does now.Huwag naman muna, Jade-Andy muna," Chiu added, referring to their characters in the show. "Hindi [naman siya ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa akin ngayon]. Actually, lahat kami sa 'My Binondo Girl' sobrang bonded namin. Isa na si Xian dun." Asked if Lim would stand a chance if the actor decided to court her, Chiu replied, "Kailangan talaga dito ko sabihin? Wala, ano lang 'yun, parang, teka lang muna." "Basta nakakatuwa kasi si Xian patawa siya kahit hindi niya alam na nakakatawa siya. Talented din, naggi-gitara siya sa set...Pero sa ngayon, Team Jandy muna," she said.
                                 CTO - Grand PressCon - Aug. 16, 2011
                         Kim Chiu and the Leading Men of My Binondo Girl  

Kim, whose loves range from God, family, work, friends, through self - self being last in her order of priorities has changed around a bit.  She now says, "I love myself" to Kris A. in her KrisTV interview of 7-08-11. Here, tears still flowed for her lost love and Kris A. who loves Kim Chiu dearly,  cried along with her.

CTO - KrisTV Interview - Kim: "I love myself" on 6:43 - July 8, 2011.

Through all her hurts, her pain, her agony, Kim's smiles remained.  She suffered in silence and in her suffering; the pain embedded, crusted her heart making it impervious to the  pursuits of young men wishing her to be their girl until one came along who did not say he came acourting; he was only wanting "to make Kim happy; wanting to make her feel special".  

How could Kim defend herself from someone who only wants her to be happy without seeking anything in return? Sino sya, as Kim once asked of him; his name?   Xian Lim.  Xian also only wanted to focus on work; his work now inspired  when he found himself trekking the ways of love, a la Xian, the hopeless romantic; his romantic nature coming to the fore. God moves in mysterious ways and it appeared to include answering the prayers of two lonely people who are thrown against each other in God's will and grace. 

Xian did not use the word "ligaw", Tagalog for courtship; instead he tagged himself as having this huge admiration for Kim, "Sobrang Laki, sobrang laki" to Toni Gonzaga's question "Kung may pagtingin ka ba kay Kim?" (D'Buzz, Jan. 2012)

                CTO -Kim and Xian singing Ako'y sa Yo Lamang - 12-09-11
Xian wrote and composed Ako'y Sayo Lamang for and inspired by her leading lady, Kim. This song conveyed such feeling for the girl it was written for and so good that it was used by the show as one of two  themesongs  for Jade and Andy,  Kim and Xian's characters in My Binondo Girl. " Xian Lim, one of Kim Chiu’s leading men in ABS-CBN’s top-rating Primetime Bida teleserye “My Binondo Girl,” admits that his self-composed song, “Ako’y Sa ‘Yo Lamang,” is made out of his inspiration. Now a certified hit among ‘JaNdy’ (Jade-Andy) fans, the song is a testament of Xian’s admiration of Kim.“It’s more of my appreciation towards her. It’s somehow a way for me to show her my respect and how much she’s worth–she’s worth everything."

KrisTV Kim and Xian messages for each other at the prompting of talk-show host, Kris Aquino-12-09-11. “Kim, gusto ko lang malaman mo na lahat ng ginagawa ko it’s not because nandito yung show, it’s not because people are telling me to do it.. it’s straight from the heart. Baka minsan you’re having doubts na ‘ay maybe he’s just being showbiz, ay baka ganun lang’ No, it’s not that. I’m sincere sa friendship natin, and I’m really happy, I’m really comfortable around you, and yun, masaya kang kasama .. sobra.” - Xian to Kim 

“Ang lalim naman, hindi ko mapapantayan yun ah! Pasensya! Ano, syempre, si Xian … Thank you! Sa kanta pa lang parang … the lyrics parang pinapakita nya talaga yung respeto nya sa akin, and kung ano talaga yung dapat na maramdaman ko as a girl. And yun, lagi sya nandyan! Sana wag ka na mahiya! Masyado kang mahiyain! Mag open up ka naman ng konting-konti! And yun, sana ano, sana makilala pa kita, magkakilala pa tayo and yun! Yun lang. Thank you, thank you. - Kim to Xian 
                        CTO - Kim not wanting Xian to see her cry.

Kris: Takot ka talaga? Takot ka pa rin? (pag dating sa mga relationships)

Kim: Yes… (about to cry)

Kris: Ay… Iiyak ka nanaman? Umiiyak ka pa rin? (sad face)

Xian: (tingin ng tingin kay Kim) Hala, bakit ka naiiyak?

So, again, when did the tears stop and when did the smiles reach the eyes when the cameras stopped rolling and the lights went down and darkness enveloped the land?  

When the shy one met the fearful one; they canceled the negatives out; rendered themselves positive as their stars collide.  

                                 CTO - Collide by Howie Day

Kim herself revealed some good news  to Kris A. and Chiz E. on National TV through KrisTV, August 3, 2012 when she guested along with Maja Salvador. 

Kim unhesitatingly told the world the good news  that she is out of the dark world of pain and misery; that she is happy again; happy as in happy without the angst of old; without the fears that accompanied the pain.  The world she moved in rejoiced along with her; some of them shedding happy tears.

Approximately eight months after her last interview on KrisTV in 12-09-11 or  on August 3, 2012, Kim proudly announced her liberation from the chains of hurt and pain to everyone who cared to hear  through  KrisTV.

Kim, smilingly told Kris A. that she is now "masayang, masaya". Kim is now happy;  happy to be out of   the sad place  she was wallowing in for so long;  lonely, hurting and afraid  of what would happen to her without her lost love.  She is also happy to say that her friend Maja is happy along with her.  She is now free; free at last from the influences of a past that continued to haunt her;   making her fearful of the future and unhappy in the here and now. 

I believe it is safe for me to venture a guess that the heart that bailed her out of the confines of the claustrophobic space she was in is the same one who has been patiently and lovingly expressing his affection in form of song, Love Tree of Roses, Harana, salmon from Alaska and all sorts of gifts in addition to his  time  which is prime and his loving presence which is the same way as it is exclusive and voluntary; the one and the only, Xian Lim.  Is there anyone else out there?  Kim says she is not seeing anyone but him  with Xian echoing that he is only seeing Kim and no one else. (KrisTV KimXi guesting 10-01-12)

      CTO  - when Kim came out of darkness into light. (8:36)

Kim is now in an exalted state of being; in  a state of exhilaration; out of the depths that she was in into the heights of someone who is aware of herself in  the scheme of God's creation- lovable for being loving; beautiful as she is innately beautiful, "deserves everything" as Xian says of her; Xian who only wants Kim to know what she's worth and "she's worth everything", meaning "everything" that Xian can give; since he holds her high in his estimation in contrast to how she looked at herself in the past.  

Welcome Kim!  Welcome into the world of the living, you   who only want the best for your  God,  family and  friends; must now receive gratefully one of  God's gifts to you  -- a man  named Xian  whose  mission  is  to  remind you   of your  worth, one to make you  happy, feel special; one who also says you are God's gift to him, in the song he dedicated for you on Pinoy Tambayan 101.9, the song, "God gave me you."  You and Xian are God's gifts to each other, Kim.  What a good God we serve.  

                                 CTO - God gave me you by Brian White
                            Song dedicated by Xian for a special friend on 
                                           Pinoy Tambayan 101.9 in
                                  the early days of My Binondo Girl.

Kim,  you who are good to the core, deserve no less than the best there is. Xian who is the epitome of whom you have perhaps silently prayed for - "funny, caring, thoughtful, makalumang tao or traditional, a hopeless romantic" and to add - the  physical specs of the  man you catalogued when you were only 16 and inside PBB house this man you hoped to be with later in life : " matangkad, maputi, matangos ang ilong and last but not the least, Chinito".  Xian -the answered prayer; the one who fits the bill to a T and more being multi-talented, an obedient son, a loving, kind and nice person. On finding the ideal man  What are the qualities you are looking for in a guy? Kim answered, "Siyempre, yung faithful. Maalaga, mataas ang respeto sa pamilya...Maputi." Feb. 2012.

    CTO - Xian Lim with the  sculpted features  and a beautiful soul along with it.

CTO - Xian Lim - the tall, white complected, classic nose, Chinito of Kim's dreams, who is also "napakabait" in Kim's own words.

CTO - Xian on the ramp for SM Accessories 11-14-12

 Laging Nakangiti.  
CTO - Breakfast in LA and the Smiles that Refresh us! (November 1, 2012)

KimXian SoCal ‏@KimXianSoCal
Kapag kasama mo ang taong mahal mo, lagi ka nalang masaya ❤❤ tama ba @xianlimm & chinitaprincess ??

CTO - Xian of Kim "Finally, finally meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin"referring to Kim who is here with the man "closest to her heart", no other than, Xian, per Kim. Laging Nakangiti.
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   CTO - Kim in off-cam moments...genuine laughter beautifies.

                                 CTO -thanks KsyChiu
           CTO - Kim and Xian striking similar poses; one can see who's left-handed.

24/7 In Love , how does one sense it?

Kim says  outside of being always masaya or happy, palangiti, or smiling and palatawa, always laughing, there is that INNER GLOW.

CTO - The look that best reflects Kim"s inner glow that can  only be deemed as love for  her priorities - God, family, self, work, someone, friends, fans, everyone.

CTO  The inner glow that defies convention; off-cam, no make-up, late night; glowing in the dark this two with their genuine, beautiful smiles - Kim and Xian unleashed!  Earlier Kim helped Xian into his fan-given jacket. Happiness!

CTO - Xian - a new photo reflecting some  inner resolve that shines through - happy where someone is happy.

Xian has always been tall; always had sculpted features; always had this amazing jawline but what made this Pinoy Tambayan 101.9 Lady DJ lately say that Xian Lim  is the "Handsomest Male Personality in Philippine Showbiz Today"?

A fan says that the word Guapo does not suffice in describing Xian's good looks; she also said what  the lady DJ  said of Xian but she said it first -  that Xian is the handsomest man she has ever seen in her life.  She saw her while he was riding a horse at Subic, simple attire, no frills.  He, according to the fan, is the Greek god Adonis in the flesh.  

Another fan says, everyone who  has  photos of Xian might as well just throw them away; they do not do him justice at all; this she said while only seeing him from a distance.  What would she have said if she saw him up close, eye to eye.

     CTO - Kung 'Di Sa Iyo - written, composed performed by Xian Lim
                                                    Xian in love.

A closet fan confided that she could not stare long at Xian; she was afraid that she would  just swoon at his feet in a faint.  She was serious about it too. 

What brought Xian  to this point of " no words can describe his extreme good looks" where before he was just a face in the crowd that people perhaps looked at for his height but nothing so effusive as being Adonis -  like or sobrang guapo or someone who could stare someone down to a dead faint?  

We all know Xian goes to his Core body definition gym work; that he has grown more confident, looking strong from his successes - record album, composition, travels, hosting experience and  ramp modelling  that at the SM Accessories, the Mint, Francis Libiran fashion shows, he just owned the runway.  He has done all the things I mentioned in some form or fashion in the past.   What explains these utter good looks that evoke superlative praises from random people who are not even fans?

CTO - Xian Lim, the inexplicable inner glow those who see Xian, be aware that the creme always rises to the top!  He is among la creme de la creme! Pulling him down will only make him rise more, creme slips through fingers! Keep on shining, Xian!  God is with you!  Who can be against you?  Kim too is with you! Love! Love! Love!

Xian has that inner glow; that inexplicable element that makes the eyes sparkle, the countenance all-attractive, the whole being radiant.  Explanation not necessary.    Xian is in love. At the ASAP  Lounge  in a live chat Xian was asked by host Robi Domingo if he sees himself falling in love in 2012. Xian answered that he has been in love since 2011.  Has the love been reciprocated? There is word to the contrary but action speaks otherwise.  What to believe?  I leave that to the judgment of the one who sees.  Beauty and action that  emanate from the beautiful are  in the eye of the beholder.  The beholder sees love where love is as he sees through the eyes of love. The rest may see, think otherwise; the heart dictates, the mind takes a backseat where love prevails. 

CTO Xian now compared to the Xian before.  For those who saw him before, see him in your mind's eye and be convinced.  There is an inner glow that jumps off the screen.  If pictures do not do him justice, how could the real thing be compared?

So the expression that "Everyone loves a lover", that the one who gives love gets it back in full measure is all too true. Love begets love.This INNER GLOW, this happiness brimming is seen through the eyes of the soul who beholds this inexplicable beauty where there was none or deficient before.

In the same way that Kim is deemed "blooming, more beautiful" by no less than her ex-love Gerald Anderson (D'Buzz interview 11-11-12), who is perhaps the best person who could say the "No-on", "Then" and "Ngayon" "Now" of Kim's looks prompting even noted Philippine Fashion Designer J.C. Buendia celebrating 25 years in the business to fearlessly claim Kim Chiu  as his "Sexiest of all Philippine Celebrities today".  

There must something about love and how it can transform someone like Kim to be deemed sexiest of all celebrities, showbiz and non-showbiz alike.  The INNER GLOW  that love gives, no other; it radiates and how.
                           CTO - Kim in Bench Universe 2012.
Kim Chiu 5
Kim Chiu is one of the Philippines’ hottest women. And at the Bench Universe 2012 Fashion Show last night, she showed us why she deserves that title.   

Kim was one of the highlights of the show. She was also one of the sexiest and hottest to walk the runway. Kim walked with her lovely smile and sexy curves and everyone just applauded. She really is one of the country’s fashion icons. Check out her hot photos from the event courtesy of Mykiru.   Kim Chiu Heats Up Bench Universe: The 2012 Bench Denim and Underwear Fashion Show (Photos)Manila : Philippines | Sep 13, 2012 at 8:44 PM PDTBY  send a private message

CTO - Event and Non-event...even in bathrobes, hair wet, you go...grow...glow...Kim, Xian...
To us Kim and Xian fans, we have always seen and known, onscreen and   off, how attractive Kim and Xian are.  The added confidence, the love that  each one gives to  and receives from each other and everyone around them; the worth that one esteems herself/himself now has increased the inner wattage of the two and blending they lit up the area including themselves, attracting everyone they meet to them like moths to a flame--their flame though does not burn; it enhances the one who goes near them...that even a friend who saw them up close and personal  misses them so much after they left; as if they  brought along the light back with them, leaving a void that could only be filled by hearing their laughter, seeing their beautiful faces this time only onscreen or in pictures.  
Love is the  greatest equalizer, for one shining moment they came down and in their love the lesser mortals who are their fans glowed along with them.  Kim and Xian, what magic spell  you cast that even little children are enamored of you.  
CTO - Kim and Xian on the job training?
CTO - KimXi and the little tots...

Xian has always been consistent.  He was so happy when he learned that he and Kim would have another project together, Ina, Kapatid, Anak, the show that tops both AGB Nielsen and TNS Kantar Ratings.  He has always been saying that working with Kim is such a joy that he misses not seeing her everyday the way he used to at My Binondo Girl.  Add to that their time together off work which is also there when time and their schedules permit.  
Now Kim is articulating how it feels to be in love 24/7.  She categorically states it the way Xian did.  "Looking forward everyday na makikita yong taong yon".  First she said the sign is , "Laging Nakangiti", then there's the "Inner Glow"; "Masaya ka lang",  "Lagi kang tumatawa",  finally, "Lagi kang Looking Forward Everyday na Makikita yong Taong yon.

CTO -  Kim and Xian having breakfast together with a fan group; Kim taking a call and Xian graciously helping her out.  Xian  happy seeing Kim happy.
Who would not be looking forward to seeing this person everyday when he pampers you this way - holding your phone for you while you talk; opens your milk box for your cereal, orders your omelet for you, puts food in your plate from the buffet table; looks for you when you're not in sight, etc.  and looking so handsome while doing it.  How sweet this gesture is, almost equivalent to a coat on a wet pavement of old.  Xian smilingly and lovingly  doing it too.  Truly, Xian is one Knight in Shining Armor for Kimmy!

Xian of Kim:  
 "...finally, masaya na yong something to look forward to each day, may excitement pag iniisip ko na nandiyan siya". Balitang America 5-26-12.
Kim of Xian:  "Looking forward everyday na makikita yong taong yon..." (24/7 in Love Grand Presscon, 11-8-12)

CTO - Glowing faces, beautiful smiles...Kim and Xian at D'Buzz -10-7-12

Kim always smiling; always laughing, always happy; happy being together with Xian; she glows with happiness; and it looks like she looks forward to seeing Xian if not everyday then as their time permits.  I can safely say, based on Kim's idea of being in love -- she is; based on her idea of what happens when she's in love; I say   Kim is in love!  

If she does not know it yet, she should review what she said in answer to the question: Have you been 24/7 in love? How does it  feel?

Xian has been in love since 2011, per Xian.  In 2012, Kim has said that she is, albeit indirectly.  I can take it, direct or indirect, I take it.  Soon, there will be a meeting of the minds, hearts and souls and when that time comes, the heavens will rejoice alongside us, mortals.  God has put them together in time, there comes a time when they will obey His will as their own.  Let Thy will be done as it is in heaven, Almighty Father.  God is good!

                    CTO - My Heart belongs to you - by Haley Westenra

                             CTO - You are loved by Josh Groban



  1. Amazing to be in love, Ms. Gutsy!... And for Xian and Kim, you wrote it so beautifully. There's really something in those two that brightens your day and now I understand why we call it KIMXI vitamins or Lactum... And God has given them YOU to write beautifully their love story for us. What amazing talents God has given the three of you!- God bless you and your loved ones...Your No. 2 Fan

  2. Thank you much, No. humbled...kumusta na man ang Cebu! Kimmy will be there on the 24th at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort. Watch out for her! Balita-i ko...oy kapoy ng No., pls! :) God bless our KimXi and fans like you! God be praised always! Love conquers all!

  3. OMG what a God-given talent you have for writing! I wonder if this was only further honed by education n training in creative writing or a related profession? If I were an English/Literature teacher, I would require my students to follow your blogs as required reading. Of course, that would also be my way of introducing them to the KimXi fan groups. Maraming salamat for sharing with us this gift of yours and the behind-the-scene KIMXI moments.

    1. Thanks much, am a dilettante at writing; no formal training...formal training is in finance :)...just love Kim and Xian...and love writing God be the glory always! Anything to increase KimXi fandom. <3

  4. WELL-WRITTEN. The TRUTH has been spoken about these two individuals who are so real and "reel". No pretense - just being themselves. May they continue to be an ispiration to both the young an the older generations. I was never one to follow the Philippine artists but the respect that Kim and Xian have for one another is worth the admiration and fondness that I have developed for them. To Kim and Xian, may our good Lord continue to shower you with the abundant blessings that he has given you. Stay the way you are - humble, God fearing, loving and everything else and SUCCESS will continue to be yours. God bless you both. AND, to the author - "CLAP, CLAP, CLAP" KUDOS to you.

  5. Super Duper Congratulations Ms Gutsy. I have been reading your KIMXI blogs and have been a fan since day 1, but I remained in my closet. This blog made me come out of my shell. You are such an excellent writer, putting the KIMXI ways and moments into the loveliest prose. Awesome!!! What a GOD-given gift... My first time to do "open fangirling" was at the launch of Xian's album at Glorietta with my daughter and niece. I am originally a Xianatic but became a certified KIMXI... GOD bless us as we continue our journey into the wonderful world of KIMXINITY... (lennymagnom8)

  6. Congratulations Ms.Gutsy well done..keep it up.

    I am a senior citizen fan of KIM and Xian. they are my stress busters. I had stopped being a fan since Amalia Fuentes and Romeo Vasquez (does it show my age?) Since My Binondo Girl I got hooked to this loveteam.There is something very special that they radiate to viewers...was able to see Xian with the Teleserye bida boys here in Seattle. He is far more handsome up close. My day is not complete without checking their blogs and every thing I could read about them. Even before bedtime I have to check if there is some fresh news.(Excssive compulsive KIMXI disorder). Feel so hurt too each time they get bashed. I just hope and pray they will end up together and live happily ever after... and again I do believe you're a great writer. GOD BLESS.

  7. Hi Anon 11-18 12:25 - how blessed of Kim and Xian that you have never followed any Phil. artist and now you are because of them. Let us continue to keep them in our prayers for their well-being. Thanks much for your time in reading my blog. Like you, inspired lang.

    lennymagnom8 hello...thank you. Wow! So you have seen Xian and you are now for him and Kim. I was originally pro Kim only and have now embraced Xian for his love for Kim and vice-versa. We met where they met, how beautiful! Yes, let us continue our journey with them in love and shared happiness!

  8. Kim and Xian had inspired a lot of people and I am one of them. They have a God given gift to bring us joy just by being together and this gift of charisma is rare among our artist. KIMXI fills this old fan's heart with happiness each time I see them on TFC.

    After seeing Xian in person I agree that the pictures doesn't do him justice. Far more good looking. I wish Kim was with Xian's group. Meeting them is on top of my To Do List. Hoping they will have a show here in Seattle sometime next year.

    Again congratulations for this well written blog. GOD BLESS!!!

  9. Hi Anon 11-20 1:10pm - I love the term stress busters :) I also don't want to hear or read bashings of our fave Kim and Xian. Let us keep them in our prayers for their good health, safety and protection. We have the same wishes for them. Thanks for taking time. Least I can do for the joy they bring to us all.

    Anon 11-20 9:06PM Thanks much. Let us continue to watch them on IKA and happy to hear that you have gone to Xian's show in Seattle. Hope you may fulfill your wish to meet Kim and Xian sometime soon.

    God's blessings to you both!

  10. Hi Ms Gutsy,

    Hope you had a Blessed Christmas and New Year. I was visiting your blog checking for something new and since I could not find one I read through the whole thing again. Love the way you write about KIM and XIAN. Takes my stress away. Hoping one day you will find time to write.

    May god continue to bless you.

  11. --Ms.G!! I just read this blog this morning while I am having my vacant time here in work!!nayhahahha... am so late, dba?? late bloomer lang nag peg.. but anyway, as always, I adored your way of writing... well written MS.G!!!

    TY!! more power to u and to ur show, I mean, your writings!!! nyahahahha <3

  12. dear kim xianity.. its only been recently that i came across your blog.. what made it more exciting to read is that your topic is "kim & xian", their chemistry and love story unfolding.. i truly admire the essence of your writings.. it gets to me as a 'diehard fan' to be able to see and know them through someone else's eyes..
    i believe that in this era, there can no more be a pair that can emit the powerful aura and chemistry that they have.. their eyes speaks volumes for them.. their smiles sings praises and joy for each other.. their gestured speaks what their hearts feel.. love is truly in the air!
    may you continue to write about them and their journey.. well its been two years, a lot has happened but their comfortability with each other has increased.. seeing them off and on cam moments, they've opened up a bit more.. not the touchy feely kind of person that they are.. they do exude the love through other means.. actions does speak louder than words..