Friday, December 21, 2012

An Open Letter to Ma'am Charo from a Kim, Xian fan

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 
Walt Disney 

Dear Ma'am Charo,

I was a young housewife with a sick child and I remember I was at a drugstore fronting Fuente Osmena in Cebu City when your entourage came by.  I was a fresh transferee to Cebu from a small city in Negros and you were the first celebrity I saw and I was starstruck. For a spell, I forgot I was there for some medicine. This was in late 1970s.

I remember your movies after your stint as Baron Travel Girl and one of them stayed in memory, Aguila and your pairing with Fernando Poe Jr.  
                                  CTO  Aguila, 1980  

Your being an award-winning dramatic actress, your getting into producing films in the  late 70's and early 80's earned you an invitation to join ABS CBN in 1987 to be its Production Manager.   Maalaala Mo Kaya which you started/hosted  in early 1990s is still an all-time favorite into the 3rd millenium.

26 years later,  close to five years of which were spent as its President, you will  enter the year 2013 as ABS-CBN's  President and new Chief Executive Officer following the retirement of Chairman of the Board and former Chief Executive Officer, Sir Gabby Lopez.   Ma'am Charo, you have not only pierced the Glass Ceiling; you have broken it.  There is no longer any Glass Ceiling to pierce after this for you!  

What a grand accomplishment!  Congratulations and best wishes and more blessings for you and the ABS CBN family!

CTO   Ma'am Charo in an undated photo.                          

Fast forward 2006, a bubbly, perky, shy but wanting-to-be-seen on TV and wanting to help the family, Kim Chiu, blazed into our consciousness.  I went back to caring for a sick person in the family, this time my husband who suffered a stroke in 2005 and as full-time caregiver, TFC shows became a major stress reliever.

CTO  Kim Chiu at the My Binondo Girl Press Con mid2011
I notice  a  close resemblance, especially in this photo,  between Ma'am Charo and Kim.  It must be the eyes that look directly  at you with a lot of candor and a lot of charm, though if I may/can say it, Ma'am Charo has  the more dreamy ones here.

CTO Kim and Xian at the Meet and Greet in LA 11-01-12 promoting IKA.
The two who captured everyone's imagination in their very successful pairing  in My Binondo Girl  are together again in Ina, Kapatid Anak as Celyn and Liam; first aired, October 8, 2012 .

Now with me, 30 years as an immigrant then citizen of an adopted country, my  heart still beats  Pinoy and ABS-CBN  shows remain a staple in the home. I became a fan of Kim Chiu and her shows; watched all of them without exception, read all about her   and the one that broke all  "inhibitions" was My Binondo Girl and the KimXi craze that followed after.

I joined a fan group on Pinoy Exchange called Team KimXi and started a blogsite named solely on, who else but Kim and Xian.  Being shy, introverted of sorts, I blew my cover. Too late did I learn  my blogspot sharing also lands at my Facebook timeline. My husband, a converted KimXi,   reminds me to drop my chores and join him with   Ina, Kapatid, Anak. Our kids, now grown,  are happy that we are happy with our TFC plus, plus;  one requirement we set before our move.

This brings me to the point of my open letter to you, Maam Charo.

Personally, I have the utmost respect for the creative and production teams of Ina, Kapatid, Anak as I wrote in my email to you today.

I salute them - the IKA staff, directors, actors, both veterans and the young ones, Kim, Xian, Maja and Enchong, for a cohesive, well thought-out, well-directed, well-edited and  well acted Ina, Kapatid, Anak - No. 1 in the latest AGB Nielsen and Kantar surveys.

As a Kim, Xian fan, I am very proud of how IKA has conquered both fronts, MegaManila household and the National viewership survey ratings.

KimXi followers  on Pinoy Exchange are however getting  restive. They are anxious for the characters of Kim and Xian in the show to level up. Three months , they are still in the fringes. "Patience is a virtue" is a mantra in our thread.  Now, patience is running thin.

Even my own husband, a new fan, thinks that Kim and Xian are  the support to Maja and Enchong when they are  supposed to be of equal billing with Kim and Xian;  with Kim of course  having more of an edge being the Primetime Princess and undoubtedly the advertising-load magnet along with Xian,  among the group.

Ma'am Charo, please, is there a way we can at this stage  get out of the Margaux-Ethan syndrome which has been at it for quite sometime now?  I really wish to see   Kim and Xian  emerge as "the stars" that they really are not just   "also stars" as my husband says it and may Xian's character also  come forth befitting that of one who is the  intended end-game for Celyn.   I still have to see/hear  Liam's  back story told  3 months into the IKA  airing. This would be an excellent chance for him to hone his craft more, given the chance.

No offense meant, please,  to the stars, the production and the creative teams.  We are only for improving the show not just to have our way because we are  Kim and Xian fans but to see a more balanced, creative development among the young and  the older characters alike and to not just revolve continuously on the angst that surround Margaux and Ethan (Maja and Enchong's characters).

Ma'am Charo, personally, I am on ABS CBN's side to maintain dominance in the ratings game; I hope it is not too much to ask for a build-up of Xian's character in the show and to spin off Celyn's character out of the beck and call of the star-crossed lovers.

Somehow, I see Celyn's behavior  not running true to form.  Where is the sense of defiance, her grand desire to finish school to help the family we initially saw in Celyn;  the one who fled Cebu without her elders' permission to pursue her dream of a U.P. Diliman education?  Where is the Celyn we saw who survived on 50 pesos on her first day in Manila?  Where did all these guts and gumption go?

As for Liam, if we can please have a  three-dimensional Liam; someone with more depth and more to him than just having a life when he is called on by his friends.  I wish to know who Liam is, what makes him tick?

Many thanks, Ma'am Charo for your listening ear.  I am humbly elevating  my concerns to you, with the help of some of my KimXi friends,  not because I  cannot make headway with anyone else but hoping  perhaps that you, seeing things at a perspective,  may see more clearly  where I am coming from.

I see the fruits  of your leadership in these young actors and we see these so vividly in Kim and Xian; both driven to succeed but still so fragile and vulnerable and so human at it.  I have no doubt that your example of excellence filters through to them and to all the talents, all the workers under your tutelage and the company's employ.

May ABS-CBN continue to thrive under your management and may all the shows afternoon, primetime, all the related enterprises - Star Cinema, Star Records, Star Magic, etc. remain  leaders in their sphere in the industry that is show business.

God's blessings to you all always!  Awaiting your kind response with thanks.  I wish you and the ABS-CBN family  a very Merry Christmas and a most Blessed, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

                               CTO - The Impossible Dream - Jed Madela

  Very truly yours,
  Gutsykx formerly Gutsykg (on KimXi thread, Pinoy Exchange )

This letter is prompted by my own concern over how Ina, Kapatid, Anak is going and does not involve anyone else in my group.  My concern is that this has become a Margaux-Ethan lovestory.  It is time for me to speak up. I am sorry.

Please see below a sprinkling  of the growing impatience articulated in our KimXi thread. It is still a small flame, I don't want it to become a conflagration before I cry out for help.  "An ounce of prevention is always  worth more than a pound of cure."

CTO - I thank my fellow KimXis for allowing me to use their posts here in my blog.  Those, I did not get to choose, I will probably use them some other time.

Posted by baketinay...on KimXi Thread
I have been reading all the posts of the KimXi fans in this thread and in IKA thread regarding their major disappointment as to how the story of this teleserye is going. I thought that I can be silent and just keep my opinion to myself, including the opinions of my family and friends here in the US. We are all diehard fans of KimXi since the very successful My Binondo Girl. Here's our take: 

After MBG, we were all expecting that ABS CBN will give them another primetime teleserye, since it was proven that this tandem can draw viewers all over the world thru TFC.
We were kinda disappointed that it took a little longer for the studio to concoct a new teleserye for them. Nevertheless, we were excited when the announcement was made for the IKA project. 

Around that time though, I started having a nagging feeling that this project is not 100% KimXi. I read somewhere that originally, this project was intended for other stars and that Enchong Dee was to be the main actor to play the main character. When ABS-CBN announced that KimXi and Maja Salvador are included, and that the new show will tackle a very interesting subject matter that has never been addressed before and that it will revolve around these 4 stars playing major roles, the curiosity and excitement took charge. 

When the 4 stars started plugging and advertising the show before it even started, doing a lot of mall shows, guesting on TV shows, I was confident that this will be a blockbuster like Walang Hanggan.

Watching this show everyday from its inception, I totally agree with the frustrations of the viewers most esp the KimXi fans. I hope I'm right when I say that we, KimXi fans have been anticipating everyday to see the story of Celyn and Liam unfold after 3 months of airing, not just Margaux and Ethan.

My sense is that majority of the fans of this show are educated enough to see where the story is leading - and I think, as of today's episode, it is so clear to see that the story is not about Celyn, Liam, Margaux and Ethan or the effect of the subject matter, which is surrogacy. It is leaning more and more towards the love story of Margaux and Ethan. 

Whatever happened to the pluggings and ads of this show from the beginning? For now, it is understandable that a lot of the fans are frustrated, watching this show everyday, hoping that the story will take a different turn.

On the other hand, I would assume that the directors and writers will have a counter argument on all of these complaints. They will think that they are doing the right thing, because they see that IKA is a perennial topgun in the ratings. And they will think that fans of the show are satisfied. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, I think the show is being pulled over the top by KimXi - they are the crowd drawers. 

In my humble opinion, one of the reasons why IKA is frontrunner in the ratings, aside from the fact that this show is well acted and well directed, is because thousands of KimXi fans all over the world will give their full support to Kim and Xian - me and my family and friends included. 

Every episode, all KimXi fans are glued to their TV set, all hoping that the writers will go easy on the Margaux-Ethan love story, and introduce the story of the other main stars - Kim and Xian, since they are also in the top billing. 

It's funny, all of us complain and get frustrated about the never-ending Margaux-Ethan story, but we still watch, for the love of our idols.

To the writers, please spare us some heartaches and headaches.

Happy holidays, everyone!!
from kxmomma
HOHUMMM!!!! I am bored! With how it's going i'd much rather see the development of the tere-beatriz-julio conflict. Enough already! I am sick and tired of ethan's stupid immature decisions and margaux's spoiled rich girl attitude. I am also tired of Celyn's doormat role. Ano sya? Hanger on na lang? Wala ba syang mahanap na ibang kaibigan? Im starting to think this is a dumb story. Either that or the writers think we are dumb. 

Sorry venting lang. I wake up early to watch it before going to work pero it seems like it's not worth it.

from cindym (excerpt)
I want development in Celyn and Liam's characters. I actually want to have the story revolve around them. For the past three months, the IKA story has revolved around Margaux and Ethan. I'm sick of it. There's supposed to be 4 leads in the IKA serye. But the writers are inept in writing for all the leads at the same time. Celyn and Liam are relegated to supporting characters with nothing to do but be sunod sunoran to Margaux and Ethan's whims. Even Celyn's studies and ambitions are ignored by the writers. This time, I want Margaux and Ethan to be relegated into the background and have the story focus on Celyn and Liam. Coming from the success of My Binondo Girl, Kim and Xian deserve better than be a second fiddle in a serye. Actually I'm starting to think the writers and ABS didn't have the guts to write a serye for Maja and Enchong alone so they attached Kim and Xian to attract viewers.

from coloredstraw:  hmmmppp!!! ako din yung patience ko unti nalang talaga. parang ang tagal ko inantay sila 9magkateleserye, tapos dito sa IKA, bakit ang unti ng scenes nila...

to tell you honestly, mas like ko pa ang MBG.(opinyon ko ito)

from Kitkat2 (excerpt)  I think all the KimXi fans all over the world have the same sentiments sa mga nangyayari sa IKA. This is just my personal opinion only if I may. Sana hindi na lang kasama ang KimXi sa teleserye na ito, bakit hindi na lang si Enchong and Maja itong teleserye na ito anyway naman most of the takes ay para sa kanilang 2, ang KimXi ay parang supporting lang. sunud sunuran lang kila Majong. Why don't they try na sa kanila na lang itong teleserye na ito at bigyan ng bagong teleserye ang KimXi, tingnan natin kung papatok ang tambalan ng MaJong. Napatunayan naman nila na ang KimXi ay #1 when it comes to teleserye, they can do it themselves whereas ... Dapat ba gabay sila KimXi sa mga ginagawa nila. I'm sick and tired na ang IKA kung may scene man sila wlang substance para lang mapakita sa atin na may scene ang KimXi.kung sinasabi ni JP na in 3 weeks pa ang KimXi, ay naku patapos na iyan

from Mylene1 
aaminin ko tumaas ang blood pressure at kilay ko after watching today's episode, isama pa yong preview ng tom's episode. Naman, feeling ko tuloy people behind IKA are just taking us for a ride. Either Im expecting too much or IKA heads are painfully slow in delivering what they promised.........Hayyyy erase erase ang negative vibes.

OMG !!!!! ang pasensiya ko konting konti na lang!!!!! ( angelica mode) LOL seriously kelan ang Celiam. pls. writers we've been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo patient. 3 months na oh marthan parin?????????????? mahirap bang bigyan ang 4 MAIN LEADS ( as what was promise to viewers) ng equal story and airtime. nagawa naman sa MSKM book 1 but hindi magawa dito? 
calling ms. gutsy do you think its time for writers to know what we feel? NKKLK na talaga! I swear christmas na. I just hope na pag Celiam na ang concentrate as in Celiam na ha, yung malalim ang magiging story nila. sana Marthan naman and nasa background para fair. LOL FIGHTING!!!!!

from eleanor_rigby
Natatamad na ko sa IKA, anu nangyayari?! sasabihin na naman nila atat lang tayo sa loveteam. Akala ko talaga dati parang Maging Sino Ka Man Book 1 ang dating ng teleseryeng toh wherein apat ang bida, in MSKM may sari-sariling story yung apat (Bea, JLC, Anne and Sam) pero magkakakonekta pa rin ang character/loveteam nila, eto wala nakadepende lang si Celyn at Liam sa iuusad ng story ni ethan at margaux. eh mabuti sana kung umuusad kaso paulit ulit lang

Gusto ko tuloy ang dialog ni Angelica sa One More Try: ang pasensya ko nauubos na! (not verbatim)

From uberadik
ang ayokong mangyari ay kapag bumaba ang rating nito dahil sa pagkaumay ng tao sa marthan love story na paulit-ulit nalang ay isisisi pa nila kay kim/ xian. dahil ang alam ng tao na kapag anjan si kim sya ang lead kimxi soap din ito. mukhang tama nga kayo, magandang support nga ang kimxi.. kim chiu ba naman at samahan mo pa ng xian na talaga namang hot ngayon. bukod sa maraming manunuod, marami din silang kikitain sa dami ng advertisement dahil sa kimxi..o diba kumita na, napasikat pa yung dalawa... sumikat nga ba ang lt nila? parang di pa rin naman.. pasensya na sa mga fans nung dalawa.. magaling sila pareho pero parang walang chemistry. 3 months nang love story nila pero walang ingay. ni hindi nga mag-trending kahit philippines man lang.waley impact ang lt.

From maevel2002  (excerpt)
From what I know, this soap was intended for Andi Eigenmann and Jessie Mendiola with Enchong but for some reason they gave it to Kim and Maja. Isn't it that they were supposed to be topbilling with Judy Ann Santos, what happened 

Sa trulili lang the greatest virtue which is Patience has fell thin on me. I'm not using my TFC na to watch IKA coz of these latest development. I just upgraded to premium subscription eh hindi naman pala sulit kasi nakikiupdate lang ako online #sayangpera. We gave them a chance several weeks ago na sana mag turn around only to be given another U-turn balik sa MarThan 

From Lucebelle
I rush home from work everyday just to watch this show and this is the best you could do? where is this story going? c'mon!!! maybe we'd just better stop watching... what do you think, guys? sorry just venting.

We still   have a number more in our thread but the above I hope shall suffice to show Kim and Xian fan sentiments.    

From Mrs. Woods - 12-21
Last night's episode was really a bummer for Celyn and Liam. I think what's more frustrating especially for twitter followers is that the staff would plug an episode using CeLiam scenes and then that scene would run for a few seconds and not even a minute long.                                                            



  1. Thanks Guts for this. Hopefully this will reach the right people. I, too, am so pissed and umay na with 3 months all for the glory of the Marthan love story. Do we really need that long to show viewers how in-love they are and how they want the public to know that they are ready to fight for their relationship? we get it alright, but there's no need to prolong the agony. i believe not all viewers are teens na kikiligin lang sa kanila (leave that to kathniels), there are a lot of intelligent mature viewers na sawa na sa justifications ng romance nila. paikot-ikot na lang kasi ang kwento pati buhay ng characters nasira na and umikot na lang sa kanila. hindi rin kasi magandang influence sa mga kabataan their age na puro na lang love ang pinaka-issue sa buhay. and the PDA&kissing scenes, tama na sobra na coz there's really no chemistry between the 2. pati parents naiinis na sa example na pinapakita nila. they're only 17 for goodness sake! and how long will the show run? feeling ko babalik-balik pa rin ang kwento sa marthan. ano na mangyayari sa celiam? they've been reactionaries to marthan all these times. celyn used to be an endearingly strong character pero nasira na, status quo na lang ung character nya. and liam, they're making him an eye-candy lang. sana after IKA KIMXI will be given their "OWN" flagship series, na masasabi nateng sila ang bida. na kahit may ibang mga characters we'll know na sila pa rin ang highlight. aren't they confident enough on kim and xian? My Binondo Girl is a testament of how strong their tandem is. and that clamor is still very much alive. unlike kathniels na mga teens lang ang majority of fans, ang kimxi from all ages, from all walks of life and very much worldwide! and xian needs meatier scenes/roles. that's the best way for him to learn and be one of the best leading men in ABS. lahat naman ng mga leading man nahasa na lang din thru time. i hope they'll be more confident sa kimxi as long as mabigyan sila ng tamang material. madami silang supporters, what's there to be afraid of? xian for one is conquering all classes; pati upper class nanonood na ng teleserye because of him. sana ma-maximize nila yung chance sabi nga sa MBG 'while the iron is hot'. but really my patience is wavering na waiting for them to really shine in IKA. sana lang wag mangyari yun sa last 2 weeks ng show. 3 months is long enough to wait to think maraming pang ibang conflicts na ipapakita sa series.


  2. Hi Chacha, thanks for the hopes...I can be the most patient person in the world but I cannot help it when my fellow KimXis are one in their thoughts...this could be a shot in the dark but it is worth a try...God bless us all!

  3. I 100% agree in every single comments that were posted here. From the star, I was filled with giddiness because once again, I would be able to watch Kimxi. After a while of IKA's broadcast, sadly, it became boring. Slowly making me lose interest on the show. At first, it started with Celyn being this strong-willed and smart woman who courageously went to Manila to study without her mother's permission, but after a while, when she befriended Ethan, Margaux and Liam, it suddenly revolved around Marthan. That left behind the characters of Xian and Kim. All of a sudden, it became Ethan here, Margauz this, Ethan that, etc. Instead of 4 different people stories, it became a love story of 2 characters which in my opinion is too idealistic, immature, and lack of depth. Also, I don't see any chemistry between Maja and Enchong.. just saying.. I am not saying they're not great actors, but their story is becoming annoying. On the other hand, Celyn's character changed drastically. From a strong-willed and smart woman to a follower and pushover of Marthan. Just because of her friendship with Marthan, she is willing to do everything for them even if all the blames are blamed on her, even if she is being pulled in deceit and lies. What are they trying to show? That as a friend, you need to give up what you believed in and disobey your parents just for your friend? ung di nagpapaalam na Celyn, ung naglilie na Celyn, etc. and to support them even if you know they are wrong? Ganun ba kadesperado character ni Kim para magkaroon ng kaibigan? and here I thought her goals are to finish Uni and help her family? The story and the character of Kim is being strayed to the need to support the story and character of Marthan. Whereas Liam just stayed as "Liam the third friend of Marthan" for the whole 3 months. LOL. Even if you compare the scenes of Liam to the scenes of Margaux's yaya, Margaux's yaya has more scenes than him. I wonder if their characters would ever develop. I am still waiting for more, but if this continues on, I might just stop watching it.

    1. Hope something's gotta give soon for IKA's sake. They are testing the KimXi fan's loyalty and patience so much. I pray you can still hang on.

      Margaux's yaya ang Tiyo Oscar, just happy for the two but you just emphasized the lopsided way things are handled.

  4. In my opinion, Kim was able to carry a soap all by her lonesome - My Binondo Girl, yup Maja was there but as a support, the KimXi loveteam came in the latter part, so it means that MBG was a success bec of the story and strong fan base of Kim and later on became doubly successful bec of KimXi. So now, I am wondering , why didnt they give KimXi their own soap under their name? They should have trusted Kim and Xian enough to give them a soap based solely on their loveteam because I think they have a strong potential to last as a love team just like Bea- John Lloyd, and make it big in ratings and box office. I hope after IKA, they will entrust a new soap to Kim and Xian in the way they have done for Judy Ann-Piolo, Bea- JLC, Kristine-Jericho.....


    1. This IKA teleserye is the supposed answer to the worldwide clamor for the two. Kim and Xian are at the top of their game. They need not have any named star with them as in MBG and still deliver! So, why this shabby treatment? Beats me.

      Fans should not be ignored!

  5. Last night's scene was the worst. Ang ganda pa naman ng come-on trailer- yong nag-invite si Liam kay Celyn tapos MarThan lang pala ang scenes. Nakakaloka and a big test to our patience. Hope the writers have done something to give meaningful or weighty scenes for the two (KIMXI-dapat iclear natin) whom the majority of the audience just have to drop everything just to watch this show. Actually over na over na yong PDA ni MarThan. For Maja and Enchong who are good actors, sorry wala talaga silang chemistry. We can't just feel it despite their good acting. Thanks Gutz for this email to ABSCBN top management - it is very well written and I love you more for it. - Take care always and God bless us all. Here are wishes for a Merry and Peaceful Christmas to all the KIMXI Fans all over the world and their loved ones !!! Just want to be counted - No. 2 Gutsy Fan

    1. Thank you too. You said it all, No. 2...where have you been? Are you on twitter?

    2. my full support is for kimxi only...i wish that i could see more celiam scenes for the next episode sana nmn mangyari un bakit lagi nlng marthan sa totoo lang hindi yata fair ang palabas ng ika lgi na lang akong binibitin pa celiam na ang lalabas ano ba yan ....

  6. my full support is with KIMXI, count on me. merry xmas everyone :))

  7. Fully agree with your post, and comments....I used to say to fellow KimXis to be more patience when posting comments that expressed disgust and disappointment....But now, I am running out of patience already....I think IKA is building up d mass appeal of Maja, because she won 2 best actress awards but is not a crowd drawer yet nor a teleserye princess, and also promoting MajOng loveteam.....but at d expense of KimXi? No way!...

  8. parang supporting role lang ang labas nina xian lim & kim sa IKA. lahat sila mahuhusay sa acting. sana sa next soap nina xian and kim ay makafocus sa kanila with richard gomez, dawn zulueta, tonton g and dina bonnevie.

  9. Thanks vm Gutsykx for this very beautiful delivered it just right, forceful yet in very diplomatic way:-). Just to make sure that Ma'am Charo will get to read this open letter, I emailed her, and I attached the link to this blog. I did the same thing, in my email to Deo Endrinal, and also to Raffy Lopez. ... My next email would be to "demand" that they kill Margaux and Ethan, as a "restitution" for all the injustice (done to kimXi and fans who have been cheated), headaches and heartachs inflicted by the past episodes. I believe that the only way to make IKA a KimXi teleserye is to remove Margaux/Ethan characters. I believe, we do not want equality of 4, we want ony the two KimXi for this teleserye... It is most unfair that a new tandem ( or pair) is being promoted to fame at the expense of KimXi, and KimXI fans. Stop na to making the KimXi fans captive viewers to a lovestory they do not care a bout

  10. Saan best actress si maja ? sa indie film na Thelma? Bigyan din nila (ABS/ Star Cinema) si Kim ng magandang materials, tingnan natin kung hindi maging best actress si Kimmy. E ang materials ng mga movie ni Kim, ang papangit, sa totoo lang... tapos madalang lang ang movie niya, sa "the healing" ay support lang sya, crowd drawer, katulad din noong "I Love You Goodbye"...

  11. Sana email din kayo sa ABS management, and quote the link to this blog, so they get to see the open letter, as well as the comments....
    to Charo Santos, to deo Endrinal, and to Raffy Lopez, pwede pa ba kay Boss Gabby? Who is head of Star Cinema?

    1. Star Cinema's Managing Director is Malou Santos. Sir Gabby is retired or soon to retire in 2013.

      Thanks for the concern.

  12. thanx sa gumawa nitong email for ABS CBN kht dito sa cebu ang dami nag reklamo sa scense nila kunti lng at tlgang seconds lng ata na kakainis para sa mga fans ng kimxi kahit mga bata if my scense na ang kimxi nag sisigawan pero un nga laging bitin..

  13. ang ginawa nilng suport sa IKA nag hahakut ng fans pg d mka tiis ang mga fan dna susuporta sa IKA n yan nkkainis na saglit lng scense nla kimxi un lng nman nagpataas ng rateng ang kimxi pinahirapan pa mga fan...kgbib ang ganda n sna bgla nlng binulabog ne ethan cgawan n kapit bhay namin sa inis...

  14. Grabe para namang pagod na pagod na kayo sa kaiintay eh kung tutuusin ung pahihintay palagay ko ay worth the waith lng hndi nmn agad agad ung loveteam nila kasi nga meron pang nararmdamn si celing kay ethan. OA nio. =)

    1. OOnga tama .. ang haba haba pa ng kwento edi mawawalan na sila ng susunod na mangyayari kung mag kakainlove-an agad si xian at kim... alam nila gngwa nila masyadon kayong mareklamo eh maganda nmn ung kwento. gumaganyan kayo para pagbigyan kayo dhel kung wala ang viewers mawawalan sila ng rating kapal nio para namang kayo lang ang nagiintay at kayo lng ng kayo ang nanunuod. kung ttignan baka nga wala pa 1/4 ang grupo nio na naiinis.

    2. Read my blog again are certainly missing my point...

      character development ang hangarin namin and a more credible Celyn personality

      maganda ang kuento no doubt nastuck lang...and we are asking for remedies kasi hindi na kaayaaya sa tingin namin...

      but you are entitled to your own opinion...hindi kami ang inis...ikaw yata yan...

      may right kaming magreklamo kasi audience kami...kung satisfied ka then so be it...

      pero huag kang pumunta dito para manginsulto...pareho lang tayo ng your own blog and say what you want to say there.

    3. Agree Ms. KimXianity.....I hope Direk Don Cuaresma should be true to his word that all d four main casts are equal in their roles, because from what what I see for the last 3 months, that is not what's happening....I cant wait for another 3 mos watching and being disappointed, yes d story is good, but it should also show a substantial and meaningful role for Liam, and CeLiam...As long as we are respectul and reasonable, I fully agree that's its about time we make our sentiments known to the management! If during the past 3 mos, they focus more on Ethan and Margaux and their lovestory, for equality sake, then they shld highlight Liam and CeLiam lovestory......EQUALITY is what we are after here.....And to d IKA promo people, I hope they stop using CeLiam moments as teasers for d next episodes, only for d audience to find out that there are less of those, and more of MarThan instead......They are misleading KimXi fans, who are very eager to watch them on-screen....

    4. agree di ako sau Ms KimXianity...

  15. Thanks much sa mga nagcomments, positive man o least nanonood pa ng IKA...

    Sorry Lord, sana tinapay ang balik ko sa bato...

    hindi po kilig kilig at loveteaman ang pakay sa aming sulat kay Ma'am Charo...ang babaw naman...

    balanced airtime plus substance at credibility sa kanilang characters ni Kim and Xian po...masyado kasing napabaya-an...

    alam naman ng lahat na ang teleserye na to ay in response sa worldwide clamor for Kim to have another one after MBG...

    hindi ako/kami inis for inis sake...

    may mission preserve the ratings and to make the viewers happy.

    Sana maintindihan ito before magkasamaan ng loob. Peace. Merry Christmas everyone!

  16. Correction : worldwide clamor for Kim and Xian to have another one after MBG...

  17. We are so many KimXi fans, who share your sentiments Ms. KimXianity.....Matagal tagal na kaming nagpa-pasensiya.....I'm glad for your very decent, sensible and respectful blog echoing our very own joys, and sentiments.....We are behind you all the way! In unity there is strength.

    1. Amen, amen, amen!! Strength in unity!

    2. sana may hantungan ang pinglalaban mo/niyo. nde pangiinsultoang intensyon ko un kung un iniisip nio okay lng an sbsbe lng ng opinion ko alam nila gngwa nila at yon sana may kahantungan dhel un ang gsto niong mangyare ;)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I agree 100% to every blog about the writers of IKA focusing too much on Maja and Enchong. Yet they use Kim and Xian in promoting IKA. I think that's an insult to KIMXI fans. ABS CBN should be aware that the fan base of KIMXI transcends all ages and intellectual levels worldwide; hence, the disappointment is also felt deeply worldwide. Having retired after teaching in the US for 25 years, becoming a fan of a loveteam after Susan Roces and FPJ was farthest from my mind. But upon watching My Binondo Girl, I got hooked with the KIMXI loveteam. Xian,composing a song for Kim, putting together a harana for her, and many other sweet moments and gestures just made me a hopeless romantic again. The fact that they have become good friends and very close to each other even after MBG made their fan base even bigger. A testament to this is when they came to perform here in Southern California at Carson. Martin Nievera, and other singers did not draw the crowd. It was Kim and Xian. Proof: crowd roars with excitement whenever they are on stage which the other performers did not elicit when they were on stage. ABSCBN management is fully aware of this that's why they sent Kim and Xian to support the performers. So why is management dragging their feet in giving them projects on their own? IKA was supposed to satisfy the clamors of fans for a KIMXI teleserye but it has turned out to be one big joke. IKA is clearly a Maja Enchong teleserye and it is hard to believe that it will become a KIMXI teleserye with how it is going right now. If it does, by the looks of it, my TFC will be history by then . The reason why I subscribed to TFC was because of KIMXI. But now I think it was a mistake.

    1. I agree with every Kimxi fans. I tape the show, so that way I can fast forward, I only watch Kim and Xian and then off it goes. I am also getting bored with Maja and Enchong, Sorry na lang po, but I am paying TFC on my computer and my Demand Tv, I guess I just have to keep watching MBG. Maybe I should switch to GMA??? Thanks everybody. We love KIMXI 4ever..

  19. ABS management can just visit the Pinoy Exchange forum site ( )for them to see just which loveteam in the Philippines has the biggest draw all the time. This forum is very accessible to anyone who are into fandoms or to those who are curious about any artista. KIMXI thread's views do not even go below 500k! most of the time it reaches almost 1M views when you have all the LTs there to choose from! supporters and viewers are given already. it is very clear that a lot of people, not just in the Philippines but globally, are interested and are fans of Xian and Kim. I don't really want to sound bitter towards the writer but sometimes i can't help it since i think she is a very close friend of Maja. it's getting obvious everyday that the show is becoming more and more a maja-starrer (and enchong) series. i don't have anything against maja. she is indeed a very good actress but yes i am after equality (on role and characterization) and balanced airtime for all 4 leads. i am first and foremost a xian fan. naturally i would want him to shine as well, not just for him to show off his body and cute face. i want him to be given equal attention since that's what i expected from the early PR's of the show. he is one of ABS's biggest asset at this time. i am not even after the kilig factor because whoever is paired with him is fine with me. you can also try visiting the Ina Kapatid Anak thread in Pex ( for you to see the sentiments of the people visiting there, wherein not all of them are LT fans. IKA is a good show. For sure the production team would not just want people to just watch the show and forget about it, i think it is a good thing that a lot of people are somehow involved and emotionally-charged towards it. my clamor is very much far from what a Jao-Mik or a Migi (Princess&I) outcry that totally ruined a story because it is given that celiam will be the end-game. i just hope they act on it.

  20. Just because sa support ko na lang sa kimxi kaya di ako bumibitaw sa IKA!

  21. Thanks Ms. Gutzykx for taking the initiative to write no less than Ms. Charo herself and the all the other KIMXIs who followed suit.

    I for one, already noticed that IKA is NOT a teleserye really meant for Kim and lalong lalo na for Xian as early as its first weeks of airing. How did I know? Si Xian, halos wala syang scenes, kung meron man, seconds lang!!!and there are many many days na talagang wala sya. Given the basic plot of the story, I cannot SEE, FEEL or COMPREHEND where or what Liam is, in the scheme of things.

    Sorry, Kim, Xian and fellow KimXis, I stopped following this teleserye a long time ago because of this dismay. But not totally, though. I am already content watching the KIMXI few-minute (5 minutes?) scenes together and Xian's few-seconds' exposure (usually at the last gap pa) in IKA in Karla Fuertez' video compilation of KIMXI scenes in the PEX thread.

    In my opinion, this soap was used as a vehicle to launch the Maja and Enchong loveteam in Primetime, to see if this tandem will click just like KIMXI, using the Kim-Xian tandem with its already huge and still growing fanbase all over the world to support the Maja-Enchong pairing, and sadly at their expense.

    To be very honest, to all ABS officials and the creative team behind the Maja-Enchong pairing, sorry, pero wala po talagang "kilig", impact or "dating" ang loveteam na ito. Even with the countless, paulit-ulit na supposed-to-be kilig scenes, hindi naman sila nakakakilig, wala talagang "sparks" eh. Enchong is a nice and a good guy, pero personally, he's not the type of guy that girls get attracted to or have a crush on. Siya yung tipong gusto mo lang maging kaibigan pero you can't imagine yourself falling or being in love with him. Ganun ang dating ni Enchong. He's not a matinee idol type of guy, I'm sorry. Maja is pretty and has the makings of a good actress, but I'm disturbed why she and Kim are almost made to look alike. Their hair, make-up, the clothes, shoes, laging pareho, even offcam. I know they have the same stylists but shouldn't they be styled to show their unique personalities and individual tastes?

    I really like My Bonondo Girl much much better, because this teleserye was really conceptualized and the story written especially with Kim Chiu in mind as the female lead and the 3 other leading man. The story is focused on her journey to find and live with her father, and also finding her true love along the way. Who can ever forget Andy Wu, Xian's character in the story? What I'm saying is,a good concept, a good script, a good mix of characters in the story and actors na bagay to play the roles and the right execution of its directors are a sure formula for a successful teleserye.

    I don't think that there will be a major shake-up in the never-ending Margeux-ethan saga to give way to the KIMXI fans' restlessness. Given this scenario, my wish is for IKA to end in its original time schedule for a teleserye. Wala na sanang extension ang soap na ito. And then my wish is for Kim and Xian to have their own new teleserye whose story ONLY revolves on the two of them and wala ng mga second stringers. Hope they'll be given a good story na bagay talaga sa kanila, such as yung Korean novela like Princess Hours, mga light but endearing storylines and concepts. Sana wag na yung heavy drama na puro sigawan, may violence/patayan, kidnapan, etc.

    To ABS, Kim and Xian are your prized talents and also the "most-loved" by their fans and given their huge following around the world, I hope they will be given good projects. Their followers are very supportive and vocal in the right sense and will take the cudgels for them if need be. That's how strong and solid their supporters are. I also like to thank ABS, though, for giving Kim and Xian all the opportunities that they are getting.

    1. Agree, very well said! I like Princess Hours, too, stories like that are well suited for Xian and Kim. Just light and some highlight, dramatic moments can be injected to suit d Pinoy culture and taste....

    2. Correct, I really hope IKA will not be extended, and wish for Kim and Xian to have a teleserye of their own. A light drama, na sa kanila talaga umiikot ang story. For me lang ha, magtabi lang sila my chemistry na!

    3. Thanks Anon6:34am...I could not have said it any better...

      Re the Marthan would have been palatable if we had it in small doses...

      too much of a good thing can also be "poison"...

      the opposite treatment was dealt on Xian...they could have used some of the "yo-yo" Marthan story to get into Xian's backstory or the Zach-Yolanda-Lucas younger years...these would have been more interesting...

      yes, like you am perplexed...why clone Kim - on and off cam?

  22. Ano ba to isinali lang ba ang kim at xian para tumaas ang rating ng IKA prove na pamadami exposure nila taas agad ang rating eh bakit naman ganun parang masabi lang na kasama sila serye pasulpot sulpot magkakaroon ng magandang scene biglang isisingit si enchong ano ba yan?

  23. I share the same sentiment to those who already feed up of the marthan story and the development of the character of the celiam, i watch it by catch up so that i can pass forward the marthan story is not for me and I even feel disgusted to that love story,. i still hold on to my TFC subscription as I’m still hoping in this pass few days they will give me the moment that I’m looking forward too, the celiam. the kimxi is the only reason i subscribe to TFC so hope they won't disappoint me..

  24. My nabasa nga akong article about IKA stated na: an Enchong Dee starrer tapos sa baba also starring Xian Lim. It really hurts on my part as a viewer, considering na im only just watching the show because of Xian, and knows that IKA really presented and promoted naman talaga sa simula na both Xian and Enchong ang bida. Kaloka, sige ibigay na ang IKA kay Enchong pero please alisin na si Xian kc diko matiis di panoorin hanggang andyan c Xian, kahit feeling ko nonsense ang character niya.

  25. Hi Ms.GutsyKX, thank you for having the courage to start this open letter to the manangement for them to hear /read our sentiments. Never been a teleserye fan until My Binondo Girl came along now a KimXi fan and proud to be one.I thought watching IKA after a 12hour work will give me the same happy feelings like what MBG did to me last year but sadly it didn't..Like everybody here, i want more substance to CeLiam character and equal exposure by the four leads as stated by the direction during the grand press conference...Hoping the people behind IKA will read this blog take it not as a criticism to them but sentiments of a frustrated fans. Merry Christmas to all KimXi and IKA fans..

  26. Thank God all of you are speaking up!!!! I've skipped a couple of episodes coz' i'm getting tired seeing celiam as second fiddle....MBG was far better no comparison.... My friends are doing the same here in norcal---medyo disappointed sila sa takbo nang story. Calling writers/directors---do something before we switch to the other teleseryes!!!!

  27. agreed with everybody. i'm from southern california----i'm getting impatient---co starring lang si kim n xian. when in fact the only reason why we watch this coz of kimxi---no other stars can surpass them. helloooooo calling abs-cbn do something quick before we all boycott IKA!!!!!

  28. baka kasi akala ng writer and director na kilig yung pag akyat akyat ni Ethan sa room ni Margaux, Oh my....NAKAKAUMAY!!!!

  29. I super agree with you all...hope Kim and Xian will be given more opportunity to have their own drama just 2 of them just like MBG moments...really miss their kilig moments in that drama whereas IKA doesnt show much between Liam and Celyn together but only few sad to think of it...hope the direk Don will think about this matter seriously...!!!

  30. I am one of the disgusted TFC subscriber from Seattle. KIM and Xian is part of my daily routine. After prayers I start my day watching my recorded KIMXi shows then check the internet for any KIMXI news. This is on top of watching IKA during break time from work. Each day there is the anticipation that I will see a longer scene only to find out that it is Maja and Enchong almost everyday. Agree with a previous comment that the maid has a longer exposure than Kim and Xian. I hope that this Monday will change all that and erase my frustrations. Kim also mentioned during the Tropang Kimuy Christmas Party ..." abangan ang week 12". So aabangan ko iyon. aabangan natin at sana hindi bitin. Otherwise maraming tataas ang blood pressure..
    Thanks Gutsy for defending KIMXI in the PEP articles. God Bless all the KIMXi fans..