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Love begets...

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. 
C. S. Lewis 

  CTO - There is happiness that radiates from their eyes...affection is its source.

In some forgotten time, actually eight months ago, it was very hard for Kim to articulate who gave her the Love Rose Tree that dwarfed the furnishings in her living room.  There it was in her instagram with a thank you to an unnamed giver.
   CTO - The bouquet to end all bouquets  reaching out to a birthday girl's heart. 

          CTO       The Buzz Guesting of Kim Chiu (April 22, 2012) Part 2

Pls check 5:40

Xian's tender expressions of his affection for Kim elicited some beautiful responses from Kim, "He never fails to surprise me", referring to Xian; further she says, "he really knows how to make a girl feel special"; coming  from a woman, who a few months back felt so awkward at explaining her feelings on Xian's  Harana using  Church choir members singing, "You" to her  and when asked what  she wanted to say to Xian, she only said, "Merry Christmas" and "Thank You" before that.

CTO - Xian's Harana with a Choir ("kidnapped" by Xian) singing "You" by the Carpenters at Kimmy's tent for My Binondo Girl taping 12-23-11.
Pls. ck. on.36.  Xian did not want any record of it but Direk Francis heard the song from his tent and could not resist the urge to use his phone to record it for posterity catching the last strains of the song. Aren't we glad for Direk Francis
                                                   YOU by the Carpenters
You are the one who makes me happy
When everything else turns to gray
Yours is the voice that wakes me mornings
And sends me out into the day

You are the crowd that sits quiet listening to me
And all the mad sense that I make

You are one of the few things worth remembering
And since it's all true
How could anyone mean more to me
Than you?

Sorry if sometimes I look past you
There's no one beyond your eyes
Inside my head the wheels are turning

Hey, sometimes I'm not so wise

You are my heart and my soul, my inspiration
Just like the old love song goes

You are one of the few things worth remembering
And since it's all true
How could anyone mean more to me
Than you?

Beyond your eyes

You're my heart and my soul, my inspiration
Just like the old love song goes

You are one of the few things worth remembering
And since it's all true
How could anyone mean more to me
Than you?

CTO - Kim and Xian head to head at "You".  Xian and his hidden surprise...a holiday Santa Bear.

     CTO - The Look that Kim gives to Xian and no other and Xian knows it too...

                                  CTO - The closer I get to you...
  "The Closer I Get To You"
The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all you've got
Your love has captured me
Over and over again
I try to tell myself that we
Could never be more than friends
And all the while inside
I knew it was real

The way you make me feel
Lying here next to you
Time just seems to fly
Needing you more and more
Let's give love a try
Sweeter and sweeter love grows
And heaven's there for those
Who fool the tricks of time
With hearts in love will find
True love
In a special way
The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me what you've got
Your love has captured me

Over and over again
I try to tell myself that we
Could never be more than friends
And all the while inside
I knew this was real (got to be real)
The way you make me feel (you know)

My baby, my baby, my baby, my love
Come a little closer so we can see into the eyes of love
Just a little a closer let me speak to you
I wanna tell you something
Here I am-- I just want you to come closer
Come a little closer let me whisper in your ear
‘Cause I wanna tell you something
Move a little a little closer we can say for real
The way we feel about each other’s lovin’…

        CTO - A fan's vid showing Kim and Xian sweetly swaying to music in place.

KimXi followers techie and non-techie have learned to read twits and posts on Instagram photos and quick to note exchanges between the two or thoughts for the day they openly share. 

There has been a profusion of  short and sharp responses on Instagram mostly ribbings since their faces appeared in each other's IG in May,  this year. Kim opened an Instagram account for sure from Xian's influence in February, 2012 but both cropped or deliberately left out each others faces on their IGs until that fateful day in May after their Carson show when Xian boldly posted his and Kim's offcam photo followed by a group one by Kim on her own with Xian on it. This was in May, same time they sat down to a very revealing interview with Henni Espinosa on Balitang America, May  2012.

CTO Kim and Xian and their brimming happiness.  Xian and his long and tender gazes punctuated by happy laughter; Kim, the Kimberly Sue, so ladylike, soft-spoken and demure; the girl of Xian's dreams unbelievably (to him) on his side and happy at it as early as May, 2012 or maybe even earlier.

Since then the Likes on each other's photos multiplied at times a minute from each other. The latest ones are a bit more with it, intriguing  creating a Tsunami wave among KimXi followers in their long waahs and giddiness that is contagious as Kim is normally the reticent one and Xian being the same at least on Instagram until they probably decided to let their hair down and let us glimpse into a reality reserved for their eyes only.

CTO - Xian was there supposedly to pick her up.  He did not have taping that day. Kim, so unlike Kim, must  not have expected the "sundo" (fetch); notice the almost stranglehold so atypical of Kim especially with Xian and Xian's suppressed or could be pleasantly surprised reaction.  Happiness!  Even Jayson Gainza who took the pic commented baka langgamin sila sweet the ants might invade them. Kim warming up!

Like water whose constant drip carves a hole on solid rock, there is now a "hole" in the solid rock that is Kim's heart. The "constant drip" of Xian's unique pursuit has worn the heart of the ladylove  to shed off her defenses enough to bravely  make comments on Xian's Instagram which she rarely did before and lately  to  bravely go to a Rockwell event  that marked a milestone in her good  friend Xian's musical life, an orchestral debut of Piano and Trombone, rendering Mozart's Rondo alla Turca and Christmas Song   respectively, in the presence of ABS CBN Chairman Gabby Lopez and other business luminaries and a mix of the rich and not so rich and the cultured in the arts and those just  wanting to relax and hear some good music.

Kim, regal; poised and  looking and moving like a "beauty queen"  as a friend described her, choosing to sit at the back, still  "bowled over" concert goers who were in the tail end of an applause for Xian who just exited.

Kim caught  the last two songs of  the ABS CBN Philharmonic Orchestra all poised and soft spoken making a friend who glowed with "closet" KimXi pride  to remark that Kim with her beauty and bearing deserve no less than a Xian Lim who impressed the concert crowd as a man of "much class" and talent. She did not appear at all harassed  from a very tight schedule that included ASAP rehearsals and performance and  a Bench Photo Shoot  which explained her made up good looks.  Normally, her "Xian" face is minus eye makeup and heavy foundation.

There was a curious buzz when Kim came in looking so beautiful in her "white georgette longsleeved top, black formal shorts and killer heels" and when Xian came back to the stage and saw her wave from the audience he broke into this brilliant smile that lit his countenance while  the concert crowd connected the two; their exchange of smiles and a lingering look from Xian betraying and marking him as "Taken".

Pink Parasol ‏@ParasolPink
@Joxian21 @reyesamanda16 yung ACROSS THE ROOM...KILIGURTS AKO...haha, you caN SEE THE INTIMACY OF THE relationship, di sya mababaw

A friend who was watching from a distance felt teary eyed at the sight of their  eyes and smiles that spoke volumes. The electricity in the air that crackled and sizzled  it seemed also  entranced the crowd  perhaps dashing to the floor some  high hopes held  for the extra good-looking, classy and multi-talented Xian but sadly for some, he only   had eyes for  this "regal, refined, ladylike", unobtrusive  beauty named Kim   uncharacteristically attending his event coming from a very tight schedule that made her effort the more appreciated. What a coup for Xian on both counts. Happiness!

Kim came just as Mommy Mary Anne, Xian's Mom, left the venue. My friend surmised that there must have been some communication between the two leaving the son to Kimmy. Fair enough.


Pink Parasol ‏@ParasolPink
@AbustanBlessed pero bago dumating si Kim, si mommy, text ng nung tumugtog na si Xian, may kausap sya sa phone

Pink Parasol ‏@ParasolPink
@AbustanBlessed tapos lumabas sya...tapos bumalik, tapos dumating si Kim, di na bumalik si mommy..LOL

CTO - Simply beautiful and glowing Kim with Jerry Voyage and partially hidden Mommy Elena enjoying  the music of ABS Philharmonic Orchestra awaiting  appearance of Xian at the Finale.

Pink Parasol ‏@ParasolPink
@Joxian21 @reyesamanda16 oo nasa heat sila after...sabi ng pamangkin ko, na kauuwi lang, ang sweet daw nila

Amanda Nina Reyes ‏@reyesamanda16
@ParasolPink @joxian21 yes! Every inch a woman in love! Oh, and well loved and taken cared of. :-)))

CTO - Thanks KimZ and Buensensation.

Quote Originally Posted by kimzime View Post
Jayare Buensuceso ‏@buenSENSATION
a lot of people in the house tonight. Xiam Lim, Kim Chu, LA Tenorio, Marc Pringris, and of course @cabaggie_5 #Heat #Shangrila 


CTO  Kim, tall, composed and glowing beauty, exuding confidence; among friends at Rockwell to be with Xian for his oschestral debut on piano and trombone. 
Kim with some fan-friends who also had pictures taken with Xian earlier.  Kim not seeking to draw attention from Xian preferred to stay in the background.  She did not come for some photo-op; she came to support a special friend who has managed to "carve a niche in her heart" for his selflessness and kindness towards her and her household and towards every single member of her family.  In their coming together in God's grace for work they also discovered each other, finding strength where weakness lie, and to quote a friend, "without meaning to do so, they bring out the best in each other."

Kim also left Xian to savor his well-earned moment without Kim distracting the crowd or him as he played with such a prestigious group,   a powerful and difficult piece (to my untrained eye and fingers) Rondo alla Turca or Turkish March on the baby Grand Piano and Christmas song on trombone.  

Kim is such a nurturer.  She is never one to steal a scene.  This is innate in her.  Her presence in Xian's events is valued but knowing how Kim also affects him can be a minus "pogi" points for Xian  if he fumbles on the keys in front of his Inamorata. 

The fear of a distraction  is  not unfounded;  Four days before his performance a fan posted the following on the KimXi fanpage on Facebook:

Lynn Catolos-Agbuya share ko lang... (From FB)  CTO

last 12-12-12 IKA shot scenes at EK.. we were also there for my kids' school tour.. during one scene of maja and xian, kim wasn't in it and was just standing by.. when kim smiled at xian, he fumbled with his lines and had to do a re-take..  
xian, nakakabulol ang ngiti ni kim?   
Thursday at 1:21pm · Edited · Like · 6

CTO - Xian Lim on the Baby Grand Piano with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra  playing  Mozart's Rondo alla Turco or Turkish March - 12-16-12 at the Rockwell Tent, 2 pm performance.

CTO Xian Lim trending.

Rjean ‏@camiaciara
RT"@francaraos: I was so surprised to see Kim Chiu support Xian Lim at the PhilHarmonic Concert. Sweet ha. <3"

7m Karla Fuertez Karla Fuertez ‏@KC_Fuertez
At napaka succesful ng pagtugtog ni Xian with the Philharmonic Orchestra! Sobrang nakakaproud! :-))

8m Karla Fuertez Karla Fuertez ‏@KC_Fuertez
Hayy nako deadmahin na nalang natin sila! Ang saya ng weekend natin! Nanalo sina Kim sa ASAP, nagpunta si Kim sa event ni Xian! 
                                                 CTO - On Trombone
Xian is not your run of the mill "artista" with the great looks and acting prowess and "that's it".  Multi-awarded "conductor, arranger, orchestrator, musical director" Gerard Salonga (from Wikipedia) of ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra has this to say of Xian,  "he is a genuinely real good guy, he gets along with everyone very, very well.  We're very glad to have him here to play for all of you".       

CTO - with Musical Director Gerard Salonga  and mother, Ligaya Salonga. Xian with Mommy Mary Anne. Mom Mary Anne, simple, beautiful, the piano teacher and ideal single mom who raised her son with much love, counsel and attention; imparting her own skill on the piano and the traditional values of the Filipino to a quintessential artist, her own son, Xian.

CTO Xian with Sir Mickey Munoz - Managing Director, ABS CBN                    Philharmonic Orchestra.

CTO - Xian, proud Mom Mary Anne with Chairman of ABS CBN, Sir Gabby  Lopez, looking equally proud of ABS-CBN talent Xian.

As a fan of  Xian, I can only be proud that I am following a person of true grit; one who takes the bull by the horns, finding time, keeping equilibrium to get to where he's at now -- on top of the stage playing classical pieces along with a great orchestra under the baton of a great conductor  for the masses and the creme a la creme of Philippine society including the Chairman of ABS-CBN himself, Mr. Gabby Lopez in the audience; melding the low and highbrow society through  the beauty of  classical music in one lazy afternoon that stretched into the night; the night when  "lumuhod ang mga tala"; when  one  crossed over from a most unlikely source, the world of Philippine showbiz into the world of classical music.

ABS - CBN, for once I feel gratified that I did not see more of Liam on Ina, Kapatid, Anak , if this were the exchange - a chance for Xian to find acceptance among musicians who walk, talk, eat music day in day out.  This time I see Xian as "fish in water"; happier or at his happiest and in his element.

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
@XianLimm My family & I will be home for X'mas & NY, and would like to watch, let me know. Ty! Merry Xmas to you, your family and #KimChiu

KV22 ‏@KV22_KimXi
RT: @heyXIANshine Awww Chiuhin! <3

 CTO - Xian proudly sporting his ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra Jacket. 

Gerard Salonga who graduated from Ateneo for his undergrad and went to Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts  for formal music studies graduating Summa Cum Laude recounts how Xian got to go from "artista, recording artist" to playing with an orchestra under the baton of 4 time Aliw Awardee for Musical Direction- Gerard Salonga himself.

It seems there is nothing impossible with God's help to a determined and inspired soul like Xian, this leading man of this season's top-rater Ina, Kapatid, Anak.  His entry into the ABS Philharmonic Orchestra is a product of confidence in his skills and perhaps desire to make more of his music.

Xian, shy and diffident in the past took courage to approach  a fellow gym enthusiast  Mr. Mickey Munoz, Managing Director of the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra if he could "jam" with the Orchestra.

It turned out , there  is no jamming with an orchestra; orchestras are for serious music, highbrow, as they say.  Against all odds, coming from a 3 night all-nighter and only 5 days of practice with a Master Trombonist   whom  he had to chase at the orchestra's mall tours, Xian played his preferred instruments and emerged sweaty but victorious!

From "jam" to "play" is a huge leap and I credit Xian for his guts  to pursue his dream enough for noted musical director to say that as fans we have plenty of reason to be proud of our man and we are extremely proud of our man, Xian!  First on the line after his Mom and his lady love Kim or to be precise coming after the three most important women in his life (his Mom, his Lola and his Kim), we salute Xian!.

CTO - Thanks Bebi Abigail...Xian with his loves...Mom, Kim and his music.

The hard work paid off.  Son of a piano teacher, deep into acting and wanting to get into his  love perhaps, now his star which is skyrocketing has added "pogi points" (Bianca Gonzales mode) into this bundle of talent that has Gerard Salonga twitting, 

XIAN (the musical genius) on TV Patrol   (Thanks to Mika and to Disco.)

CTO - The effusive congratulations posted by  Kim  on Xian's Instagram with a dig on his being termed a "Musical Genius by Gretchen Fullido on TV Patrol and the equally effusive response from Xian.

Photo: Ang sweet lang sa instagram.:))

CTO - the object of Xian's affection in the look he likes best on her -  long flowing hair and light makeup and conservative skirt length that accentuate her simplicity and luminous beauty - his one great inspiration.

Kim attending Unisilver Christmas party together with the extended Chiu family - Lakam, Twinkle and Baby Raine along with handler Portia and PA Ate Tata.

Loving and affectionate, Xian has not ceased making Kim feel happy, feel special. Here is one post he made on Kim's Instagram 12-18-12   as he sent her off her way.

CTO - Beautiful couple sharing a seat, comfortability level hitting the roof.

Xian could have taken another seat and Kim too.  They prefer to share a seat built for one.  Oh well, saves the cam lady the trouble of taking an angle shot to keep the two in one frame.

CTO - Change of outfits but not of seats. Kimmy is still carefuly maintaining  distance and wholesomeness.

CTO - Proprietarial...This girl-woman is mine!   Xian looks so happy in declaring it...Kimmy uncomplaining.

Many thanks to Team KCG for the off-cam pics while KimXi are on standby at taping 12-18-12.


Jocelyn Cello ‏@Joxian21

@reyesamanda16 @ParasolPink so much love to share.. :-))

There is affection; it is expressed and it is visible.  We who follow Kim and Xian are witnesses to Xian's and Kim's loving expressions for/to each other.  Xian, we are so familiar with.  It is Kim who is the revelation.  

Is there love?  Love is an act of the will; unconditional and committed.  The Beatles had a question set to music sang in the inimitable Beatles way, "will you still love me, will you still need me, when I'm 64".  

Love is eternal.  Only death do as part type of thing.  Affection is the loving expression that makes the object of affection feel happy, special, safe and cared for.

"Love is the commitment and the action, and affection is the safe, secure feeling that results".

This love story is a journey of two people living a goldfish bowl existence. It takes true grit and guts and strong determination to make it through, to sustain the love and affection amidst stifling public scrutiny; fortunately and in God's grace Xian has enough for both himself and Kim.  

Kim, the shy one,  is getting some second-hand advice from Xian's  IKA character Liam, about "Fear killing all possibilities of love".  I still maintain that the opposite of love is indifference for "Love conquers fear."  Liam could also be right; how can one have love if one is afraid to love?  There has to be an outside agent to drive away the fears.

In the Kim and Xian love story, superhero Xian is the slayer of Fear.  He has succeeded in allaying the fears of a maiden in distress; afraid to love and declaring it aloud on National TV in December, 2011.  

A year has passed after that Kris TV interview; the winds of change have blown and our maiden no longer distressed has boldly "marched" into what to her before could be the equivalent of a lion's den -- the stage where her superhero has conquered his latest prey - his own fears at parading  his talent  before a mixed crowd of the elite and the Rockwell regulars together with a full-blown orchestra under the baton of a multi-awarded Conductor.  

His maiden once in distress has come   to lend support to join him in his victory and ride high with him as he soars upwards after breaking into sweat  at his performance; boy, was he ecstatic at the sight of her, his face all lit up...a loving face in the crowd, all else in a begetting love!  Kim and Xian, soar high!

I have seen Xian's consistency, sincerity and openness in declaring his wants at times arousing disapproval from certain quarters who still have to understand the intricacies of 21st century networking where likes and dislikes and personal angst are vented out on personal twits and instagrams.  

Kim is the perfect buffer for Xian's heightened energies and multi-tasking ways.  She is his calm center; his anchor. Xian has many publics now and Kim who "has been there done that", it seems to me , is his mentor of sorts.  

CTO  Wide smiles and sparkling eyes!   Happiness!

Indeed, they bring out the best in each other; the love of one laser-like in its beam begets love from the other.  Kim and Xian have arrived in a place of love, peace and joy; one of their own making; we see clearly as  their eyes betray them.  Kim and Xian, may your tribe increase!

Some bonus to the bargain: 

          Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Loveteam Remains the Undisputed Leader  in Primetime
Monday, December 17, 2012 , Posted by JED at 4:36:00 PM
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Loveteam Remains the Undisputed Leader in Primetime

IKA, no 1 on AGB Nielsen Survey ratings from December 10-13, 2012.

Fellow KimXi fans, we have a lot to thank God for, we are following a couple who are admirable in their personal and professional traits; let us all keep Kim and Xian in our prayers for continued blessings and continued good health,safety, guidance and protection in everything they do.  Advance Christmas greetings to everyone!  May God shine on you and shower you with His graces always!

Many thanks to the owners of vids, pics and twits.  Merry Christmas to you too!

CTO - El Divo - Hallelujah!





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