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When words are...

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller

CTO - Look at the guy offstage, towards the right, smiling widely, mesmerized as everyone else outside the perimeter  at the sight of something wonderful, a beautiful thing going on between the two onstage, "felt with the heart".  Kim and Xian, the thousands looking at you fade away like in a mist as you gaze into each other's eyes and get lost in them in a world of love's making. What a wonderful world you must be in and of the thousands, one is closely caught on cam relishing the magic moment while the rest behind him have their hearts a-flutter as ours do just watching you.
Photo by biboy_j_arboleda

                                         CTO  Lost in your Eyes by Debbie Gibson

There is a world juxtaposed to the real world of Kim and Xian - a world of show and tell; show business and makebelieve.  There is so much of the two worlds meshing together that Kim and Xian resolve to set the two apart.  The fans who follow them, at their heels almost, going to their tapings, interacting with them, see the distinction and even we lesser mortals who only see their offcam photos as they slice some time for their personal jaunts, see snippets of the real people that they are , Kimberly and Alexander - simple, easy to please, fun-loving, youthful and clearly in-like, if not in love!

KimXi :At First Sight.  

Kim of Xian: "Sino sya?" - 2008. 

Xian on Kim:  "She was in a purple blouse and jeans, her hair in  curls." - 2008. 

CTO - Xian, playing the role of a wedding photographer at the wedding of  main protagonists, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in the Pinoy remake of Korean TV series My Girl. He caught the attention of Alex Gonzaga in their scene together and, on the side and for real, the eye of Kim Chiu who wondered who this newcomer  could be who merited several closeups in his cameo role done on the last taping day of  the soap she topbilled.  

"Sino sya?", Kim wondered aloud.    Tall, fair, Chinito and handsome, Xian Lim, all of 18 years old and fresh from California proved to be a magnet to women with his spare frame and smiling countenance even then.  Kim must have touched base with her inner self, to the time when she boldly announced to her housemates the physical aspects  of her Ideal Man while at PBB  House in 2006 when she was only 16:  "Matangkad, Maputi, Matangos ang ilong at Chinito,"   translated, "Tall, Fair, high-bridged nose, and Chinito". Xian fits the bill to a T.

Unforgettable. CTO - Kim in her purple blouse, jeans and curls, with her bright eyes and smiles; here with the press. Long-legged, lean and lovely with   a bubbly personality that scintillates; an innocence of youth matched with  kindheartedness and humility; a beauty inside and out captivating everyone that comes around her circle of energy and vitality!  

There must be something about Kim that somehow had her image imprinted in Xian's memory bank to be retrieved more than three years later leaving Kim quite amazed as she was with Xian in the My Binondo Girl interview in 2011 when he  told the reporter what  Kim wore and how her hair was , first time they met. 

At First Solo Date:  March 16, 2012, Brian Mcknight concert at Araneta Coliseum that had the showbiz world abuzzed since the two were unchaperoned.   First and last time  to ever go out without a friend or a relative from then on. The prying eyes and the Press must have been "traumatic" to two very private individuals wanting to keep their private sorties, just that, private.  

Romance in the songs of Brian Mcknight ushered in  a new level of friendship for the two.  Ten days later in their Hawaii Star Magic Tour, Kim sported a flower in her left ear, marking her in Hawaiian custom and tradition as, TAKEN.

   CTO - Kim, face bare of makeup; wearing a shy smile; Xian, looking happy.
                                    Kim and Xian at Araneta - 3-16-12

SPOTTED: Xian Lim (left) and Kim Chiu together at the upper box area of the Big Dome.  "Magka-date kayo?" an onlooker asked. The lady gave a shy smile.Photography by Alan Sancon.   

CTO and thanks Disco.  3-16-12. Star Patrol on Brian McKnight Concert  and KimXi date.     

may akbay daw na nangyayari!!! iammissyyu ‏ @antholette Reply Retweet Favorite · Open Ling Francisco "mag ingat kayo sa paparazzi wahahaha oi andun ang kimxi oh how sweet naman nila laging naka akbay c xian"                                                                                    

                               CTO Back at One by Brian Mcknight

Persistence and perseverance along with consistency  mark the nature of Xian's pursuit of Kim and this song, which is his favorite Brian McKnight song, has words that perhaps were still  unspoken and unheard  by the object of his pursuit then, at least not in the fashion it was written and sang.  When the tongue is tied, say it with music.  Now I understand the "You" Harana made  Christmas, 2011 using a Church Choir for Kim!  Xian, Ikaw Na!                        

                        CTO Marry your Daughter by Brian Mcknight                      

Is Kim in a wishful thinking mode here when she chose this song for her favorite, of the numerous Brian Mcknight melodies out there. 

Out of one's mundane choices, unfettered by censors, one's  psyche reveals itself,
a great desire  surfaces giving the multitude an insight of one's beautiful dream.

Perhaps there is  a longing for her estranged father who has been away for some time which we  now also know is all of five years.  

Reconciliation with her own Papa Chiu and his new family in the presence of Xian bespeaks of the level of importance and weight and value of Xian in Kim's life. 

Kim's  introduction of a love to another love,  a year and two months after she confided her fave Brian Mcknight song, Marry your Daughter, to the Press has now opened possibilities of the song getting fulfilled in Kim's life; granting that all the forces are now aligning.  

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.--Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist"

CTO - Kim and Papa William with Xian in the background speaking to Chiu family members.  May, 2013.

CTO Prospective Ninong Rico Hizon is sending some smoke signals all the way from Singapore.  Indeed the universe is conspiring to help things happen once one floats a grand wish into the atmosphere.  Did the balloons do it with a change in name from Celyn to Kim?  Only the "events can teach us in every hour".
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First God sends The Man suiting the physical specification with something extra on the side: "Funny, thoughtful, caring and a hopeless romantic plus plus." 

Then God, by His grace and will, allows the supporting characters to get together in His good time; the biological father to be back into the fold with a prospective godfather waiting "impatiently" in the wings for the momentous event to happen. 

God aligns the forces, the will for the event must however come from the man, Xian and his ladylove, Kim, first before God will allow it.  God after all has given man free will. Then if man's will is that of God's, graces will flow.  All in God's will and grace.

"Tall, fair-complected, has a high-bridged nose and Chinito (from PBB-2006); in February 2012, she added: "faithful, maalaga, mataas ang respeto sa pamilya, maputi" or "faithful, caring, possesses high respect for family, fair-complected." for the qualities she looks for in a man.    CTO
What qualities does Kim Chiu look for in a guy? "Siyempre, yung faithful. Maalaga, mataas ang respeto sa pamilya...Maputi," said the young actress.

CTO  Kim's Epitome of her Ideal Man - Xian Lim. 
" Tall, fair-complected, has a high-bridged nose, Chinito; faithful, caring, bearing high respect for family". Xian at Araneta Coliseum for the Brian Mcknight Concert-3-16-12.

The Ideal Man comes in plus plus. "Funny, thoughtful, caring, a hopeless romantic; si Xian, napakabait", continues Kim. Lately, Kim adds, "Gifted" as in loaded with talent; multitalented in his music - singing, composing, playing a variety of musical instruments; sports - basketball; lately, extreme ones like bungee jumping, skydiving, parasailing; then acting, hosting, rapping.  

CTO -He is also good at making Kim happy, making her feel special and making her feel her true worth. He is also well-packaged according to those who have seen Xian in person, he is described as "super-guapo; a Greek god come to earth".
Photo by teamkcg

Xian has recently posted a quote that perhaps tells Kim and everyone to find happiness in themselves and not to rely on another person for one's own happiness; almost like saying, "Life is what we make it".   CTO

In the school of hard knocks where people do not find anything in their environment, be it people or things, that can  make them happy, they still find happiness in themselves and radiate this to the people around them.  Kim is this way.  

For a short spell though she experienced some great hurt that shattered her self-esteem, making her feel "ugly".  

In God's almighty grace, when she felt at her ugliest, Yes Magazine voted her their Most Beautiful Star for the Year among 100 chosen ones (2010).  

In mid2012, she announced, to her closest friends then after,  on Kris TV (August 3, 2012) the good news that she has come out from under  the dark cloud that she had been under for the better part of two years back into the light of her being!  

We all know how Kim has risen from the depths of the world of her own making to join the world of the living again -- a new love in her life has come in the person of Xian Lim; the man who was there as the third one in the order of priorities for the series My Binondo Girl and ended up on top instead.  They say destiny, I say, once again, God's grace!  

If not for this fluke in the order of things, Xian could not have spent more time with Kim; would not have discovered, the mystique that is Kimmy; the girl-woman who never made herself out as The Kim Chiu but one who was according to him, the "definition of sweet"; "one who had a smile on her face after 24 hours of work"; a nurturing co-star who allowed him to deliver his best; humble and approachable and bubbly and when asked what he liked most of her, he quickly answered, "...her personality, her eyes, her smile..."  

Xian never meant to fall in love. My Binondo Girl was his first Prime Time  Teleserye with him as one of three leading men and he just wanted to focus on work.  Knowing more of Kim made him want to see more of her even after My Binondo Girl ended in mid-January, 2012; this  he told D'Buzz Toni Gonzaga who made him confess to a , "sobrang laki, sobrang laking pagtingin" for Kim; the "Pakpak" offer and the promise to be faithful to Kim (made to Kris Aquino who professed her own love for Kim and told him that,"sayo ko lang sya nakitang ngumingiti). 

Constancy is Xian's best trait.  He has been consistent in showing Kim how he cares for her and Kim has blossomed under the Xian "sunshine"!

CTO Beautiful Kim.
Embedded image permalink
The beautiful glow coming from within can only be from  love, peace and inner joy.  Xian, thank you.  God is good all the time!  We know that your happiness is also from Kimmy's own; a never-ending cycle of love that mirrors God's own love for you who are prayerful believers in God's goodness.  We are happy where you are happy.  Team Happiness!

Thanks be to God for this man named Xian; he who in his quiet, persistent way has emerged to be the "Pakpak", the wing that Kim needed to fly again. Now, she is flying and how!

Xian has mentioned this creative energy in Kim to Kris Aquino on his 10-01-12 interview, saying that he has never seen   Kim with the blahs; she was always up there from the git-go, all enthusiastic and ready to tackle the day's activities with gusto.  

One beautiful thing that impressed Xian of Kim is her ability not to let her personal angst interfere with work.  Professionalism at its highest is what Kim has been noted for and this can be seen in Ina, Kapatid, Anak , their teleserye after My Binondo Girl.  

CTO - Kim in the light, performing a lyrical dance at ASAP for her IKA Finale prod with Maja S. 6-9-13.  Kim is impressive here with her projection, her skill and her grace.
Photo by asapofficial

Though Xian seeks to make Kim happy, he is the first to say that, she "completes his day" , that his fatigue goes away around Kim and, am sure, her nurturing and energizing  ways, "nawawala ang pagod ko pag nakikita ko si Kim", says Xian.

Xian is also such a positive influence towards Kim that in commiserating with her inadequacies, he managed to build up her confidence toward people and even animals.  

Kim is now raising 3 pomeranians; is now at home in Conversational English; reading, and even talking to Xian's Mom which Kim found such difficulty in even as late as October, 2012. (10-01-12 KrisTV).  Kim is now free from the shyness that comes when Xian thrusts the phone at her to speak to his Mom. The mom revealed that she is very proud of her son, she also said that there is nothing more she can ask for. "I’m well-blessed with a wonderful son, and as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters to me," Mary Anne added. She continues, according to her, she sees a different glow in Xian's eyes and that is because of Kim Chiu. In the end, she said that she is hoping for her son to get Kim Chiu's approval immediately. (KrisTV-10-1-12)

CTO - Fast forward from 10-1-12 to Mother's Day , May 12, 2013. At a friend of Mommy Mary Anne's home; some celebration perhaps. CTO - Photo below: Xian attending a Chiu Family Reunion. 2013.
Circa 2012 - KimXi relationship - please no labels...

Are Xian Lim (left) and Kim Chiu (right) exclusively dating? “Hindi naman natin kailangan lagyan ng label but yes, we’re having fun every time we see each other. I’m happy and I hope she’s happy also,” Xian says.

CTO - June 9, 2013. Xian on his special friendship with Kim: Still no labels.

"Amazing". "Completes my day" "Nawawala ang pagod ko" - Xian on Kim.
Kim is a "Ten" with the scale still moving according to Xian .
"Gifted" "Everything" - Kim on Xian.
An admission in so many words without the categorical "Yes".

 CTO - Kim and Xian, on location, in between takes; posing for  visiting fans, 2013.

There is a simplicity and freshness in Kim's demeanor that defy definition that only elicits single-word platitudes from Xian; words like, AMAZING, INCOMPARABLE, SPECIAL and when ask how is Kim special to him, he comes up with an all encompassing answer: "  Special in every way." CTO 
Embedded image permalink

Xian says Kim is special in every way

Posted at 06/10/2013 11:04 AM | Updated as of 06/10/2013 11:04 AM
Kapamilya actor Xian Lim. File photo
MANILA – After eight months of being together almost every day while working on “Ina Kapatid Anak,” Xian Lim still refused to reveal the real score between him and leading lady Kim Chiu. In a live interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Lim said they do not want to label their “friendship,” saying what’s more important is they are special to each other. “She is special in every way. Si Kim kapag nakikita ko, parang complete na 'yung araw ko. This past year, every day kami nagkikita. Ang masasabi ko lang, maski pagod kami sa taping, parang nawawala lahat 'yun kapag nakikita ko si Kim,” he said. He added: “Si Kim kapag nakikita ko, from a scale of one to ten tapos yung scale paikot-ikot pa yun. We don’t want to put any labels to anything. Every friendship is special.” Lim and Chiu have consistently been linked with each other since they were paired in the ABS-CBN series “My Binondo Girl” in 2012. ‘Ina Kapatid Anak’ success Meanwhile, both Lim and Chiu are grateful to the unwavering support of their fans for “Ina Kapatid Anak.”

CTO  at Republiq - Party for Aiai de las Alas 21st birthday party  January, 2012.  

There is a simplicity in Kim that we see and in  the pomp and pageantry of showbusiness, she stands out!  She goes out with Xian, barefaced except for some light lipstick, with hair tied in a pony tail, no-fuss wear except for some high wedge shoes in deference to Xian's height and to Xian's eyes still ends up the most beautiful girl in the crowd amidst fully made-up ladies leading one of them to lament on twitter that Kim, fresh-faced, no make-up, glowed and was the most beautiful one among them, echoing Xian! Plus she added, she also had Xian's  undivided attention.  

The simplicity is not only in dress but greatly and more so in her demeanor.  There is a straightforwardness that do not allow for misunderstanding.  A person would know where he or she is  with her.   

She easily laughs and maintains a level of positivism that amazes people around her. Stress is there and de-stressing has been her forte lately with her El Kabayo, Subic, etc. jaunts.

CTO - Kim shares Xian's sense of adventure. Just a week ago, she, along with Xian in Subic, jumped off a tugboat with a height equivalent to a 3-story building or approximately 30 feet into the water.  She also rode a Banana Boat with him with Mommy Mary Anne (Xian's Mom) up front.   Photo by kimlilitz

Kim gravitates to the people who make her life less burdensome; though she does not shy away from the burden related with work.  She suffers it and fulfills the job; a maturity and responsibility that is honed by adversity and the age-old goal of helping the family; to even go to a point of not taking a vacation in the first 4-5 years of her showbiz life for fear that she might not have any work when she came back.                                                                                                                  

"Difficulty”: a tool to define who we are...

KIMXI BONDING. It started simply. Songs composed for Kim.  Life-sized Teddy Bear. Lazy conversations in between takes.  Fun runs. Church. Harana. Movies. Dinners.  Food Faves.   Visits at home. Techie lessons. Intro to each other's family. Intra-family activities. Subic. The First time Fingers  Intertwined. Hawaii. Birthdays.  California. Instagram. The first head-to-head off-cam Pose. Dogs. Surprises from Xian. Gifts. Gifts that floored Kim - salmon from alaska, love rose tree, etc., Flowers. Sports. Extreme sports. Jokes. Banana. New Year's Eve celeb at Kim's place. Valentine's Day Cruise. Promise Ring. The First Big Hug. Papa Chiu.  Bohol sojourn. Guitar Duet. Mommy Mary Anne. Twitter.

CTO  Early Days, 2011 - Rest after a run; Dinner after Church.      

CTO Jumping off the same tugboat, same location, same day  in Subic Bay. 

CTO Kim's Chinito Prince.  BDO Sportsfest, June, 2013.

CTO  The Chinito Prince who could also be Kim's "Handy" Man. Xian's eyes.

The Banana Couple with the Banana Mom (Xian's Mommy Mary Anne) in a Banana Boat in Subic, June, 2013.

Over and above the words that Kim and Xian could not articulate regarding the status of their relationship; their action more than compensate for the lack.  In the recent, Market Market Ina, Kapatid, Anak Finale Show, Sunday, June 9, 2013, Kim, as she sang and  moved across the stage and down to the crowd, she paused before Mommy Mary Anne's (Xian's Mom) seat on the first row  and kissed her before  the thousands of fans  that were there.  This unprecedented act from Kim, unsolicited and done while she was performing has surprised long-time Kim followers including myself.  Borrowing Kim's words in her 5-26-12 Balitang America interview with Henni Espinosa, "That says it all".

CTO - Kissing Mommy Mary Anne on .56; Kim, a children's magnet.

When the question made to Xian by D' Buzz Charlene regarding the status of his relationship with Kim was left hanging for the next gap and for that question to be answered only  by a "Yes or No", a number of KimXi followers on my Twitter timeline erupted with, "whatever you say, just say it as long as it is not a "Yes" or words to that effect.

In the showbiz world where fiction is sometimes accepted as real while  reality is masked to be the other way around; most of us innocent bystanders in the world of make believe can be so frustrated over this order of things.  The line at times between fact and fiction  becomes thin that some of us root for realities that are not realities but man-made ones.  

Kim and Xian are real.  They have been exclusively dating since 2011.  Xian is not after any woman other than Kim; Kim is also seeing no other man other than Xian.  She now has a Promise Ring coming from him; with perhaps promises exchanged with one another.  Kim and Xian are happy being together with words like, "She (referring to Kim) completes me"; "all  my  fatigue drifts away at the sight of Kim"; "on a scale of 1-10, Kim is a 10".  To Kim, Xian is "everything".  Even the kids Sam and Sab Confesor think of them as a couple giving them a gift to share. "Everything" covers everything.   When words fail; let action take over.

CTO  Team Amazing.  Team Everything.   Team Happiness - Kim and Xian.
Photo by teamkimxi

CTO  Kim and Xian with Sam and Sab Confesor - two little girls enamored with them.  Looking like family!  Kids mimicking Kimmy's pose.  Xian looking like a concerned Dad. I know, too early. Welcome to the world of make-believe where the love is real and the care and thoughtfulness for each other and for the visiting kids as real as can be.  Kids sense the goodness of heart of the adults around them.  Kim and Xian passed the test.

We are transitioning from the  daily teleserye  to @xianlimm and @prinsesachinita Twitters for an update of the two whom we will miss sorely after their soap IKA winds up in the next three days!  

A number of us low-techie KimXis have joined the Twitter bandwagon PORDALAB! Let us make them feel this love by having KimXi win these polls that have been mushrooming around us foremost of which is the OMG Yahoo Awards - Loveteam of the Year; Teleserye of the Year and the categories.  

Let us also support their movie and pray that same would be a blockbuster as Kim has wished for ever since she started making movies.  Xian is of the same mindset am sure.

CTO  After the tale of the Two Left Feet, we now have the tale of the Two Arms. Kim and Xian, pictorial of "Bakit di ka Crush ng Crush mo", the movie. Comfortability Factor - Extremely High.

CTO  Comfortability Factor - Stratospheric.

CTO We, who are proud followers of Kim and Xian,  continue to dream that these flowers Kim carries would turn into a  wedding bouquet; the dress she wears,  a wedding one and the one groom beside her would only be Xian.  As Paolo Coelho says, "...the universe will conspire" to make dreams and wishes happen.  I bank on Sir Rico Hizon's own wishes for the two - Kim and Xian!  Happiness!

                             CTO - From this Moment - Shania Twain




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  4. i'm also a senior citizen and i love kimxi. life is so beautiful and precious every time i see kimxi. may their love last forever.

  5. Again, another beautiful blog Ms. Gutz! Kim and Xian are so lucky to have a fan who loves them so much... and who has written their love story the way you do. You just don't know how you're making us happy.

    What I like best is the way you describe the goodness in them, the values that we share with the both of them.
    Maybe this is the factor that binds us with them... their religiosity, love of family, respect to elders, their gentleness despite their strength of character... at ang nakikita nating love ni Xian kay Kim which is now openly reciprocated by our bbgirl. As always, Saludo ako sa iyo, Ms. Gutz!!! Love you and God bless us KimXis always...

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    they have evolved in their love story and now is enveloped in the true meaning of grit, hard work and perseverance dutifully pays off.. Xian--you're the MAN! you have conquered that elusive beauteous Kim and put her in a pedestal full of love. The twinkle of their eyes speaks more than the heart itself, the curve of their lips when they smile and then laugh gives a powerful surge of electricity in their being, their playful hand gestures (kurot, hampas, hawin ng buhok, hawak sa bewang and that sweet hug) brings out the best in both of them. RECIPROCITY is the word.. LOVE is all around in all forms.. mainly in Xian & Kim!
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