Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In full and open...

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu 

CTO Kim Chiu - everyone's Chinita Princess - a potpourri of delight; a good mix of flowers, herbs, spice and everything nice ; aspects of her  we see more of  lately in tantalizing combination true of a grown-up woman of 23.

CTO Kim's Chinito Prince - Xian Lim seen here in a pensive,  serious mien   seldom seen in his photos as he also easily smiles to the camera. Quiet and contemplative, people perceive him as standoffish though this is also a trait, the King of Comedy, Dolphy, had all his life. There is a truthfulness in Xian's bearing; a  "take me as I am" facade that Kim has pierced through so that in his latest photos, we notice a loosening up in Xian's demeanor and stance; Kim credited with humanizing her Superhero Xian.

CTO - Xian in his New Normal - the smile that reaches the eyes, so engaging and open; "standoffishness" giving way to openness;  niceness shining through!

CTO - The veil is pierced; the coldness warmed, the KimXi public going gaga over this openness now visible; thanks to his  ladylove, Kim.

What is Kim Chiu made of?  "Sugar and spice and everything nice".
CTO     Potpourri  Images.                             CTO                           CTO

We saw a fiery Kim in early January, fearlessly uttering a statement which has since been confirmed by the person she addressed it to  on National TV;  close to 5 months after Kim said it.

Kim has not added to her contention since then but what she said   has been dissected, thrown about, misinterpreted, creating a media frenzy which in the last five long months has brewed this clear agitation between the two camps with Kim and Xian followers "shouting" to  high heavens to spare Kim from being dragged further into the "mess".

CTO - Kim and/or Xian followers united (9 groups) under one banner to rally behind them in one show of force at SM Novaliches  1-13-13; 4 days after Kim"s controversial comment to the Press.     -  Xian's arrival.

When "attacked" the fan groups  rallied together buoyed by the  truth to the saying that "In Union there is Strength".  

To us ordinary mortals, what a relief the following quote has for us who encounter situations similar to Kim's experience wherein our hurts might get  buried instead of vented out for fear of reprisals. Buried hurts can be unhealthy. Only in being  true to ourselves can we be set free. Hurray for Kim and her courage to expose her hurt under the  caustic eye of public opinion, to ventilate it that it may quickly heal. Now we see a new Kim, glowing and all-forgiving, staying away from toxicities in God's will and grace.     CTO

Kim in Metro Mag Cover - May, 2013.  The fresh face, almost devoid of makeup, evokes the Kim of PBB teen 2006 edition, when the showbiz hoopla was but a dream and the only hurdle was the task for the day, no worries about tomorrow.  In this picture, Kim, already 23 and ARRIVED!    CTO.

CTO - Kim with some spice and everything  nice. ASAP18 Face-Off Prod
 - 5-26-13.

CTO and thanks to KimXian_22 - The Many Faces of Kim...Metro Mag May 2013
Embedded image permalink

February brought some respite with love notes from Kim herself confirming that she had this wonderful invitation from Xian to spend Love Day with him in a 3-hour romantic cruise around Subic Bay which she accepted.  She did not elaborate much but she wore this beautiful smile  in her photos that could only spell: HAPPY!  CTO Kim enjoying the breeze, the sea and the company.

           CTO - Kim happily  recounting her V-Day Yacht Cruise with Xian.
Xian's response to queries are still cryptic though the trait most noted by reporters is his consistency in making Kim happy, feel special.

March came with a bang with the news of a movie for Kim and Xian under the helm of noted female director, Direk Joyce Bernal. The movie entitled "Bakit di ka Crush ng Crush Mo" is an adaptation of a novel by Ramon Bautista who also appears in the film.  Kimxilandia exalted. 

The exaltation segued into  the Easter Holidays as KimXi fans learned that yes Kim and Xian vacationed together at the Eskaya Beach Resort in Bohol; four days of sea,  sun, and worship among family and friends. Kim also released on instagram  a photo of herself in a two-piece suit.  A first  for Kim. A First among Many Firsts!

CTO Kim Chiu, all smiles, as she recounted to D'Buzz,  her Easter vacation  in  EsKaya Beach Resort, Bohol with Xian,  her siblings and a family friend.

Even D'Buzz' Boy Abunda had this to say to Robi Domingo when he openly said  his celebrity crush is Kim Chiu.  Boy A. : Talaga?  Kamusta kayo ni Xian? OK naman?     CTO

Kim's birthday month spawned birthday celebrations that started as early as March and stretched into May.  A major explosion or PASABOG came in form of, again, Kim making an out-of character admission of Xian's birthday gift for her; an earring and ring set; the ring being a Promise Ring!

This KimXiquake jolted every KimXi fan  from Aparri to Jolo to Timbuktu or wherever  TFC beams and wherever KimXi fans abound!

The merry month of May rolled around with Kim unmasked to everyone who has followed her closely since her PBB days to be a fiercer, bolder Kim in terms of showing the world who her Guy is and this guy is no other than  Xian Lim!

 CTO Xian, in step with Kim towards a future full of hope and promise. Xian is not any less open compared as shown in his  birthday  greeting to his Mommy Mary Anne, May 31st.

Xian's greeting brought a number of  KimXis, mothers and non-mothers alike , teary-eyed though this did not dull the sharp eyes of some or this particular "twitterer" or IG poster to highlight an emoticon in the bottom of  this birthday message which  showed a baby, a Grandma  and a heart.

Xian who is adept at sending subliminal messages is quite open in his wishes for  his Mommy Mary Anne, not with  words but with images which "speak a thousand  words."  Xian, UNDERSTOOD!       CTO
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Openness multiplied equal a revelation. When the mind of one connects with another to give us synchronized images for our brain to untangle and conclude from; we can also surmise that the parties are telling us or trying to tell us something  not with words but with images or action. What they are exactly wanting to convey we can only take a guess. Kim and Xian say or particularly,  Xian says that we are free to speculate. So, speculate  we go.  CTO  Photo by hapi2beako It is Mommy Mary Anne's  birthday and it is Kim who has a guest in Xian's tent!  What does that say? Level of comfortability- Extremely High.

There is a clear invitation for Kim to join him but we can only speculate as what this was for.  As of this writing, no photos have surfaced on the  celebration of Mommy Mary Anne's birthday  despite the vigilance and due diligence  of fellow KimXis.

We are free to speculate as Xian says but his privacy regarding family and Kim are tightly guarded as Fort Knox except that Kim and Xian also want to make their fans happy and those are us!

A happy fan is a contented and appreciative one so they throw us something to nibble  on once in a great while to make us blissfully happy. It also takes so little to make us happy; just seeing them happy makes us happy.

On the happy day of Mommy Mary Anne's birthday Kim had a visitor that took over her Instagram and posted a message that could only be done by someone who wanted to ruin Kim's day, her IG and her reputation.  She or he did not succeed; with a little help from Kim's friends and colleagues, equilibrium was restored. Whew!

To what great lengths do people go to  make other people unhappy!  Such is life, a measure of happiness and of sadness happening almost simultaneously; it is how we deal with the good and the bad in our lives  that guarantee our  gracious survival!

To the good things happening, that we may  remain grounded and humble; and to the bad ones which befall us, that we may have an attitude of forgiveness and positivity; even Kim blessed her hacker!

We rely on God the Great Balancer.  Thanks be to God!  I believe that Kim and Xian  will come out of Ina, Kapatid, Anak smelling like roses! Onward to a movie that would spell B L O C K  B U S T E R  in God's will and grace.

We see the righteousness of God in the lives of Kim and Xian.  Thank God for His graces!

Kim and Xian are reaping a good harvest from what they have  sown - sowing the seeds of truthfulness and goodness everywhere they go, they now have a top-rating teleserye together in their filmography; a soon to be shown movie; a string of endorsements, their own discovered love for each other; international shows and their greatest asset, the , shall I say it, millions of fans who adore them together or individually.

This love from the fans comes from the happiness gained by watching their work, snippets of their loves and lives. Here God rewarding Kim for her seriousness at her craft in juggling tapings, shootings, weekend shows, out of town mall shows, etc. without skipping a beat!

Goodness begets goodness; love begets love! Love for God; love for  family; love for work; love for each other; love for friends and fans! What a good God we serve!  He listens to the cries of His people!                      

                             CTO - God will make a way by Don Moen

The Man of Kim's Choice, Xian Lim,   openly displays closeness  on ASAP18  Chat Lounge -June 2, 2013 with Kim.  Pssst Kim, you're on National TV!  Kim is datChiu? Xian, don't look too happy!  Where is the Xian of old? Oh, okay, filed away under No Lovelife Yet!  CTO                                             Another, notice Robi Domingo and the new crop of Star Magic talents surrounding them. Here  they are lost in their own world and are, literally, in a tight squeeze too. Xian, siksik is the word!  We , KimXis, are not complaining! CTO  CTO - Kim sandwiched between her love and her "crusher" Robi D. made clear in no uncertain terms who her preferred one is!  Notice the overlapping shoulders, the "lambing" and the laughter; telling everyone within a mile radius and thousands of virtual miles away that there is NO MORE VACANCY in Kim's heart; that her heart belongs to the one she got a Promise Ring from and to whom she also exchanged love promises with - Xian Lim! 

CTO Kim making sumbong.  Xian trying to hold his peace with one word, "Grabe" but the eyes have it!  Robi, please  read the signs.

CTO Kim to Xian: "Crush mo ba ako"  Xian: a huge "Wow" and a finger-poke right on her outfit's cutout - skin to skin! on 2:27

Kim has broken through her mask of shyness, her anxieties as to what people might think of what she says and does; there is  a liberation of sorts and even if we see some signs of her innate shyness surfacing, we also see glimpses of the courage she now possesses in the light of the love that Xian expresses daily towards her!  She and Xian are now one of heart, mind and soul and hurting one, hurts the other just as praising one is also praising the other!

       CTO - Is he looking at Kim?  I don't know but he certainly has The Look.
Photo by khyle_bella

                          CTO - Kim, the object of Xian's affection.

CTO..Xian looking extra-proud of his honey-babe,  Kim with her happy-from-within vibe. Before their IKA prod on ASAP18.

In their IKA production number on ASAP18 last Sunday alongside the Maja and Enchong  love team, Kim and Xian showed the ease and comfortability in their behavior towards one another.  It was a lovely song of friendship and love titled Umbrella that they did justice to .  Sparkling eyes!   Gorgeous Pair!  CTO Photo by mark_my_w0rds                                                                                                     

                                CTO                 Umbrella by Rihanna

CTO - the proprietarial air; Kim all acquiescing; "This girl is mine; I am his" type pose! Off-cam and making sure no one misses the body language. Movie location CTO

Playing beautiful music together, Kim and Xian and their beautiful smiles. On IKA downtime.  Note, the signs of Mio's cruelty on her leg.  Kim, you can switch tears and pain  into smiles in one fell swoop around Xian.

The month of June bolted in; it did not creep like some lazy months do. Suddenly, our calendars say we are on the 6th month of the year.

Fast and furious it seems and with mixed emotions we let the thought sink in that there are only two weeks left of IKA and the daily show we watch, castigate and love to hate at times is ending and what a victorious end - high ratings, superb acting from all quarters, a story we could follow easily;  some IKA positives we can remember by!

The IKA cast including Kim and Xian trooped to Glorietta Mall in Makati to bid adieu to the people who have religiously turned on their sets daily for their 30 minute dose of this family drama which to us has sometimes run roughshod and  roller-coastered over our emotions; with some extraodinary highs after   long spells of  angst and desperation.

It is only during promotional tours do we really feel the Kim and Xian mystique so forcefully from the audience response, the same throng that flock their shows and then as now, they get thrown  and swept into  the maelstrom, a whirling mass of humanity screaming  loudly and long prompting Sir Biboy Arboleda, CBS AD Prom Exec to remark on twitter:  
Wild ang tao sa arrival nina chinitaprincess at @ glorietta mall
Photo by biboy_j_arboleda
Departure is the same way; the people cannot seem to get enough of them; 

we see Xian shielding Kim from the surging mass eager for a glimpse of the two; 

two stars that have captured their psyche and imagination and for a brief shining 

moment, breath the same air they do; something to reminisce about and tell those 

who did not have the privilege and the unforgettable time with them. We call 

that BTS, the behind-the-scene story of a close encounter with a Chinita Princess

and her Prince.    CTO 
It turned out that in between the arrival and departure there was a brief stay on stage where Kim and Xian regaled the fans who were standing shoulder to shoulder with one another some unprecedented KimXi caper not seen ever in their shows;  a sight to behold and get giddy again and again after repeated views of the videos gathered by extremely excited fans with buckling cams and by the grace of God by someone with steady hands only because  he is a frequent visitor of the two in their tapings and shootings.                                                                        CTO  KimXi singing Buko by Jirehlim
So where are we in the KimXi love saga; in the indefinable, unlabeled relationship that has intrigued friends and foe alike as to the nature of their relationship. 

I respect Kim and Xian in their quest to remain under the radar; where they go off on  dates and  vacations, albeit chaperoned; where they say they are only friends but they are just too cozy with one another for comfort. 

In their Buko song, after much subtle chasing  Kim gets warmly ensconced in Xian's lap; we also saw Xian, going down on one knee in offering his single rose; perhaps  making us see a preview or a postview of how  he must have tendered his Promise Ring to Kim  with flowers, music, dinner and a lot of love, perhaps.

Well, speculate, speculate we go, but throwback last year this month, we saw Kim and Xian as a couple  in  Xian's instagram was barely  a month old. Now, there is some difference and how!  From Likes to uploaded photos to what KimXis call , pardonne moi, am just quoting this , "Landian sa IG".

CTO Left Photo.  The KimXi Chase or the Habulan; resembles the steps of a Philippine Dance  where  a suitor goes after his beloved in much the same fashion Kim and Xian did; with the  beloved finally standing ground and allows herself to be caught.  Oh, Kim and Xian, the things you do, so natural, so beguiling! CTO - "Punas Pawis,  Haplos ng Pagmamahal"  Glorietta Mall. 6-2-13 It used to be Xian with his ubiquitous Tissue Box in their shows together; Kim returning favor plus, plus.                

        CTO -  Xian, just wanting to make Kim happy and he has succeeded!
       Flower for a lovely lady from a may I say it, madly in love young man!

CTO and thanks to Bebe Abi.- Xian  beckoning Kim and her  unprecedented move to sit on his lap; Xian caught by surprise, momentarily  closed his eyes as they both  continued to sing Buko.  The crowd went wild.

The Puzzle of the Two Left Feet Finally Solved.  Speculation on how these two left feet got together this way was rife; now we're confirmed unless overturned by Kim or Xian.   Kandungan does it!   CTO CTO

It looks like there is a bright yellow full  moon overhead as Kim and Xian rendered their Buko song. Full moon and hearts full of love and affection with   Xian and his loverly look that betrays him and the love he bears for his ladylove, Kim  graciously beaming with happiness!   

CTO - Xian's palpable happiness towards Kim's outward show of  affection now in full and open display!  There is reciprocation; love begetting love.  What a happy night for lovers and the lovers!

CTO - I see Kim's PBB type laughter.  Thank you Xian, very much, for bringing Kim into this level of happiness that we have not seen brimming in her for a long time!

CTO - A day after the momentous IKA "kandungan" is a movie shooting day. Kim and Xian, love personified in their quiet smiles and bodies that angle toward each other, reaching out in spirit, in the spirit of love and thankfulness. Love clings in the air where lovers are and linger where they are caught on cam by an equally compassionate soul and we feel the love rushing at us like a strong wind that sweeps us all  to a world where love dwells!  How beautiful  that we have eyes to see  this beautiful Xian love, now returned by Kim; promises of faithfulness   and constant love on the wing for one another!  KimXi love to infinity!


CTO    Kim and Xian fans  in the light of Kim and Xian "revelations".
The year 2013 is a year of grand surprises; Kim and/or Xian  providing his/her/their own. We ride this crest of a huge wave until it breaks, bringing us several feet under and  like big wave surfers we scramble underneath  to know which way is up for us to surface after the wipeout; clearly overwhelmed!

CTO -  Thank you.  The caption says it all!  Kim Chiu has conquered her fears of falling in love again, this we see! This we claim!  AT LAST!

                                       CTO  At Last by Etta James


  1. Kimxi with mom Mayanne banana boating in Subic yesterday in facebook! Postbirthday celeb with their Mom?

  2. Your guess is as good as mine but am claiming it for lack of confirmation from the parties themselves.:)

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    Like all KimXis I am so proud sa dalawang ito. Good breeding, hardworking, hindi abusado, at nakakakilig! Ano bang klaseng charisma ang nasa kanila, Ms. Gutz! Para lang tayong nababaliw sa kanila... and to think nandito na ako sa retirement age. Ngayon lang talaga ako nagkaganito. Even in our meetings madiscuss ko sila ha ha ha. Nag-ask nga sila ano ang distressing activity ko. Ang officemates ang nagbuko sa akin. Hindi nila akalain na fanatic din pala ako. Pero ok lang kasi on the following days nabalitaan ko na lang na nagsama ang 10 accounting staff nanuod ng The Healing. I was so happy. Hindi na talaga mapigilan ang pagka fangirling ko... Ms. Gutz. Buti na lang I'm tolerated by my husband. Like Xian he just wants me to be happy... Feeling Kim Chiu din ako sometimes he he he - Love you Ms. Gutz. Your No. 2 Fan

  4. Thank you, thank you<3! Only Pordalab of Kim and Xian and people like yourself who appreciate a good love story unfolding before our eyes! Hurray for understanding hubbies! Don't we love them!

    Sometime, magistorya nya ta sa PM! :) I believe God loves us so much to give us this two to take us out of our mundane existence and make us believe all the more in the power of love! Happy Sacred Heart's Feastday to you and yours!

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