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Bringing out the best in...

Love is a partnership of two unique people
                 Credit to; no copyright infringement intended.

CTO - Thanks to Marc M. Pijuan Photography - ASAP 2014 in LA.
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Gazing out towards one direction, walking on parallel lines, Kim and Xian, spelling Love, feeling love; individual hearts "beating as one", showing more guts and gumption than before as they "flaunt" their inner feelings for all to see; unfettered and free. 

2014, a year of  "togetherness and separation" in their reel lives, Kim and Xian continually enjoy each other's company in their off-work hours; so what now, Kim and Xian, where are you in the love game?  

No words uttered to affirm what they have; what we hear and see are boisterous laughter and beautiful smiles which to us their loving followers  are louder than the loudest thunderclap there was in Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda! Team Happy is what they're called; no objection from us who see their unbridled happiness!   

CTO The Boisterous Laughter magnified on screen...

CTO Check Xian out...Kim's shy smile says it all.  Check their microphones; even the microphones are seeking each other's company.  
Thanks KATG for this revealing photo.

Here's another one...while the two pairs interacted; our two here are in their own little universe. Kim, Xian, what gives?  Lost?  No, found. Found each other in each other's eyes.   CTO  and thanks KATG.
It seems it  is a given that all else pale when they are together; if they are singing, their performance is better than good than when they are singing solo. There is this synergy which develops; their built-in charisma enhanced.

KimXi, you continue to befuddle us KimXis such that we do things beyond rhyme or reason  around you 
at times.  

CTO  Such as one KimXi here...doing a selfie against KimXi's own.  Two birds with one stone. My t
hanks to Agnes Dizon and her amusing caption.
agnes dizon @avjed · 7h 7 hours ago
Habang nag se-selfie ang KimXi panay din selfie ko ang lagay eh sila lang!���� KimXi Movie 21st Shooting Day

Agnes Dizon's  airport scene personal selfie,  KimXified!

Or THIS...A selfie with KimXi standees; one wonders where her smiles would reach if Kim and Xian were truly sandwiching her.  

CTO VoteKXAsapPopAwards @TeamForKeeps · 22m 22 minutes ago
Ahahahaha! Ang cute ni ate! Tuwang tuwa sa standees nila kim and xi! <3 
Thanks to pic owner.


CTO...The realization...the confirmation...the reality...the proximity...the ecstatic admiration...the feeling of redemption...the never-ending smile! "Hallelujah, praise the Lord" is what she seems to be saying here!
KimXi presence does that to us...wonder how they must be with/to each other.

CTO - Not to forget a celebrity eyewitness account on a KimXi follower...
cathygonzaga After careful consideration today i've decided na KimXi nako.. Pinaalam ko na rin sa kanila. #salamat #hydroxi #AsapLiveinLA 5


What prompted Cathy G. to switch belief  from KimXi reel to KimXi real?  We can never really say for sure but the hours she  spent with KimXi must have given her  a strong inkling of what they are to each other; I would not be surprised, even Kris Aquino's Bimby knows who Kim's boyfriend is. He says he knows who he is. Bimby  did not mince words...ah out of the mouths of babes. Wonder what is taking so long for the rest out there  to relinquish their quest for Kim's hand for their bets and biases.

CTO Did Cathy Gonzaga see this?

                                                    Or these?

CTO  Fluttering hearts that beat as one.

Or these?

Credit with thanks to KATG.   The lifts that lifted our spirits too!

Uninhibited KimXi in an LA Park...they must have been told to play around and play they did!

Cathy or Alex Gonzaga, If I may say, does not  do it in half measures...she did the long haul and this early urged the two to tie the knot and the answer, which we already heard from Kim once, "Bata pa po sila" or they are not old enough to marry yet.   Team Gonzaga Alex to Sis Toni convo...CTO
CTOEmbedded image permalink

Well, there was no contradiction to the answer since in showbiz age 24 and 25 are considered young to marry and settle down into perhaps parenting, nest building versus the exciting though hectic showbiz glam and celeb life both are leading and still enjoying.               CTO
                             The contradiction stems from the fact                               that both Kim and Xian have never said anything about being in a relationship at all or admitted that they are in one.  

Kim was unwittingly caught here.  There's this bait and she took it.  Just don't ask her for a categorical "yes, we are together" because she is not one to say it; she can just say,"... siguro,  we do not owe you our personal lives" or some answer of that sort.  

Alex Gonzaga, prodded the two to take the plunge or the next next step; she did not even mention engagement, which could have been the  "level up" to what Alex or what we, KimXis have been believing all along.  Here is Alex, a new KimXi follower, and she shoots for the endgame for the two.  Does she know something more than what we believe in?  

Ano ba talaga, Kuya or   What is the real score, Bro?  Naah, we don't want to go this way.  Let us just chill, keep our cool; the signs are in neon and louder than loud; there is no need for more questions; the answers are posted; Love is in the air and it is spreading.  This is one virus everyone wants to catch--Love!

Well, if you ask me, Kim and Xian  who are so used to seeing good looking people in their work and off-work time  are not there for each other  based on looks alone. 

Their standards are higher or deeper than skin deep.  Kim has asked her family to be with her in knowing those who reach first base in her estimation; she no longer trusts her own basic standards; she wants to involve her family in knowing her choice; to see what she has failed to see; to counsel her if need be. 

She claims Xian to be her best friend; someone she trusts with her life even.  So, saying marry each other because you look good together can be true to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the movie business if paired with Kim.  There are so many out there who would look good with her. Question is would she go for them? 

CTO The Grand Revelation. The wish to  be the wind beneath her injured wing or her "Pakpak (Wing)" even.  Kim's diffidence; his imploring eyes before National TV. D'Buzz, January, 2012; Toni Gonzaga as Host.
Here, Kim displays depth in her choice of the man for herself.  She only had one boyfriend you can call a boyfriend before Xian.  She says she is serious with her relationships.  Love or falling in love to her is a serious matter.  Xian feels the same way; he  is not the type to flit from one relationship to another.  He says that  would be a waste of his time.

Kim is now 24 and has had lessons learned.  I believe Kim likes/loves Xian beyond his good looks and I believe Xian feels the same with Kim.  They don't even have looks in the qualities they mentioned about each other..."funny, caring, thoughtful, hopeless romantic", Kim on Xian; "Definition of sweet; someone who really understands me", Xian on Kim. 

So, KimXis, let us feel the love, peace and joy that they feel for each other; the assurance that theirs is a love that goes deeper than their good looks would be worth the wait in its announcement.  Let us not even prod them when to do it; they know better than us; they who balance deftly , love and work.  Aaaaah. Love, the KimXi way!

From a celebrity let us go to a fan who could not contain her own giddiness at first sight of KimXi , she just needed to share it.  

CTO.   Share she did and how at the KimXi thread on Pinoy Exchange! Thanks  for sharing rxdr.  rxdr 
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My first time to post coz its my first time to see kimxi in person. As much as I don't want to follow another love team after samanne, I can't deny how I like kimxi. Since I know how it feels to wait for kilig moments I would like to share what I saw tonite at the LA ASAP show. 

The fact that kimxi cannot get their hands off from each other is an indication they're definitely in love. You don't do these gestures to a friend, in fact they were the sweetest in the group. A couple things I noticed that revealed themselves was when Xi blurted out "ang galing talaga ng pincessa chinita KO" after na bumirit si Kim and he couldn't contain himself and nangigil siya while squeezing her chin as she looked at him. Sweet! 

After their number (with couple shirts) they stopped in the back, in the dark, to watch the lyrical dance of Enchong's group. While standing in the back they were side by side holding each other with their arms around each other. Huli sila!

Stay panatag and let's stop the doubting because "Sila na!" For whatever reason that they don't want to be public, let's respect that. I just hope their love can withstand the test of time.
Sorry I don't have pictures but my binoculars saw it all, the akbay the holding hands and sweetness galore even if the cameras where not on them. #kimxiisforreal 

So everyone of us wonders how Kim and Xian are with each other.  If those who see them personally  are transported to some heights that we lesser mortals who have not seen them cannot begin to imagine, how do Kim and Xian maintain this overwhelming chemistry that translates so well on screen.  

Where is this KimXi magic coming from?  We can only surmise.  Let us try the Five Senses.

The Sense of Sight...Xian recounts he first saw Kim on TV while he was still in California.  She caught his eye.  His first personal close encounter with her was etched in Xian memory.  He remembered her in a purple blouse, jeans, hair all curly.  This was revealed in one of his early interviews after he got chosen as one of three and the third one in the quest for Kimmy's hand as Jade in the now legendary, My Binondo Girl.  
                               CTO  Is this what Kim wore when they first met?
            CTO The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Celine Dion
Thanks to mihaelamdp2; no copyright infringement intended.

Kim's first sight of Xian was no less historic.  They were shooting a last scene, a wedding scene and there was Xian as Wedding Photographer, to Kim must have been someone who suited her embedded specs for the man of his dreams  which she announced for all Philippines to hear on PBB Teen Edition, 2006 when she innocently cited who he could or should be, "...matangkad, maputi, matangos ang ilong, Chinito..." or "...tall, fair-complected, aquiline nose, and chinky-eyed"...prompting Kim to say two words at first sight of Xian, " Sino siya?" or "Who is he?"  Kim says that she asked because she wondered why was he getting a lot of close-up shots?  This is a Kim disclaimer, if you ask me. 

                                CTO  The Xian Kim saw at the set of My Girl.
Coincidentally, here in the My Girl  story, Xian  caught the eye of Alex Gonzaga as in the story, Kim was the Bride in the wedding.  Small world or let us say what a strange turn of events since in slightly more than three years, add another word in (My Binondo Girl or MBG), Xian as Andy would now be groom to Kim's Jade.  God works in such mysterious ways to people who pray and believe.
The tall, fair, good looking Chinito has also won the heart of the Chinita for real. This is a bold claim after Alex Gonzaga's bolder statements.

CTO The KimXi eyes have it!

Before people sensed the look of love in KimXi eyes; there was Xian's long lingering stares at Kim noticed by then writer for their soap, My Binondo Girl, Noringai.  Kim had to leave for her next take and Noringai commented on the look of longing Xian had for  Kim who was  now quickly  moving away from their sight.

The Sense of Hearing...Xian as everyone knows by now is an introvert.  He prefers his own company, bringing along his guitar, his keyboard to the set.  On the other hand, Kim who is such good friends with Matteo, speaking the same dialect (Cebuano), spent time cracking jokes with him and the rest of the MBG cast.  

Kim who is not wanting to leave anyone behind, dragged Xian to the group who ended up sharing his own brand of humor which did not tickle anyone's funny bone except Kim's.  In the beginning, he had a time letting them understand but practice always makes perfect thanks to Kim who did not give up on him.

CTO and thanks to KATG.  The now funny, Xian judging from Kim's huge laugh.  Fan meet and greet in LA.

Kim got Xian out of his shell and in turn he got her to tinker with his guitar or made her bring her own and in short order they jammed.  Kim is now very openly saying Xian is , "funny, caring, thoughtful, a hopeless romantic".  Xian, on national TV claims, "malaki ang pagtingin nya kay Kim" or loosely translated, Xian likes Kim a great deal.  

   CTO The Introvert and the Shy One on Acoustic Guitar before   
an enthusiastic and giddy  Toronto , Canada crowd, 9-14-2013.
Kim Chiu Confidence soaring.  Xian Pride. KimXi Happiness!  
                       Many thanks copyright infringement intended.

He told Toni Gonzaga in his January, 2012 D'Buzz interview that he wished to pursue or see Kim even when their teleserye has ended to get to know her better; seriously declaring his intentions even if they were already seen in the song he created and composed for her, "Ako'y Sayo Lamang".  
                                              Inspired by Kim Chiu
Sana'y ako ang pagbigyan ng puso
Pangako sa'yo, ikaw ang iibigin
Araw-gabi, ikaw ang nasa isip
Unang tingin, ako'y nabighani

Tunay ang naramdaman
Sa'yo magpakailanman

Ako'y sa'yo lamang
Pag-ibig ay higit sa kaya
Ako'y sa'yo lamang
Bigyan mo sana ng pag-asa

Sayong-sayo lamang
Tiwala mo ay iingatan
Ako'y sayo lamang
Iyong-iyo lamang... Ako

Iyong-iyo lamang... Ako
Any girl or woman who hears this song played would really feel the plaintive plea of a young man in love professing sincerity and loyalty and never ending love to his loved one.  
          CTO Here,Xian is still singing the same tune now, matched by Kim. 
         Many thanks to Joyce Sorilla.  No copyright infringement intended.

The Sense of Smell...A picture certainly speaks a thousand words.  The smell of a loved one is comforting, lulls one to sleep; his or her scent evokes a welcoming warmth that signifies safety, protection and love. 
       CTO  Kim and Xian...jetlagged?  Kim, declared; Xian trying to keep cool in the face of cams galore; sure enough here's one KimXi photo that marked them, with two hearts, one inside the other yet. Kim?

CTO and thanks to Igi Bumagat who captioned it: "KimXi Manila bound. Pssst! What's something smelly @chinitaprincess ? @xianlimm"
Photo: igibumagat: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena

"KimXi Manila bound. Pssst! What's something smelly @chinitaprincess ? @xianlimm"

         CTO Here's Xian with his own brand of smelling and kissing. 

The Sense of Touch.  To the blind, the sense of touch is his way of seeing.  To a lover, touch would be one of his  ways of expressing his affection.  

It must have been hard for both Kim and Xian while they were taping My Binondo Girl.  Here's this growing affection of Xian for Kim and there was their show that also depicted them as lovers.  

Xian mentioned a time when the slight touch of Kim's lips to his cheek in what was supposed to be an accidental kiss in one of their early MBG scenes had him in jitters and in heavy sweat.  

                     CTO The "Accidental Kiss" scene in My Binondo Girl...

Xian even had to ask the Director to give him some break. His personal feelings and shyness got in the way.  He gives his thanks to Kim who understood his predicament and guided him into giving justice to his role; he even mentioned he had two directors--the studio and one personal one, Kim.

If just the sight of the beloved can be heady, imagine what touch can do. Time can keep the emotion at bay especially if the beloved also returns the love one gives.  

                       CTO  Here is Kim at her most expressive at 5:57
                     Thanks to KATG; no copyright infringement intended.    

There is the traditional Akbay or arm around the shoulder that we see Xian does on cam.  This picture can only spell Love; "twin hearts beating as one" as they say;  well, their two hearts happen to beat as one; same gesture is being done by Xian off-showbiz camera range too. 
                       CTO Kim and Xian on ASAP Live in LA - 2014
               Thanks kapamilyatfc; no copyright infringement intended.                 

Prompting  one fan to mention them to their family friend and his long response which is self-explanatory:  CTO

Yes, "Walang tigil" or they are not at all stopping; one of Kim's new normal now is having Xian's arm around her shoulder even if the cameras are not grinding.

CTO Kim and Xian checking in for departure to Manila after ASAPLive in LA. Thanks to KATG.  A private KimXi moment, their backs turn; love still abounding. They were also leaving by themselves; their Road Manager staying behind for the rest of her "alagas" or "charges".
Star Magic leaving precious cargo Kim Chiu in the care of 6'2" Xian, who is one willing and able protector. 

The Sense of Taste.   The idiom, "There is no accounting for taste." is not one one can use for Xian preferring Kim and vice-versa, meaning Kim preferring Xian instead of many others who were just waiting in the wings.  

Their's  is a "match made in heaven" as many of us opined; Xian possessing all the physical attributes that she wants in a man with the added qualities of being faithful and sincere; and Kim who sees Kim as the definition of "sweet"; her kindness, sweetness extended to one and all on top of being beautiful.  He cherishes her understanding of his ways and even emphasized his find with the word, "Finally, finally" said twice which ended his search for his , "The One", I can only, again, surmise. 

We see a fierce, courageous Kim; bold in her words once she is convicted to say something to support her stand against a colleague or the press, with Xian by her side the whole time.  We saw this since early 2013.  Her hosting skills have improved; English pronunciation up to par.  She exudes lightness of being, her smiles reaching her eyes and laughter, tinkling; she has this happy vibe that infects her sets-- movie and TV.  She plays the guitar in a duet with Xian in ASAP and her show abroad.  Kim is reborn!  God be praised! 

We see a Xian who is his usual handsome self but with a strength of character and moral fiber to defy those who wish to bring him down.  "Finally, finally , meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin", emphatically said or "Finally, finally, there is someone who really understands me" and he means, Kim. 

Kim, the one who got him out of his shell and face the world and its people with true grit; more courage and resolve to strengthen oneself against the bashers who want to break his will to get to where he wishes to be -- at the top of his game! 

Like water off a duck's back Xian lets these negativities flow down, not minding them; armed with positivities; pushing his limits; Xian is  a rocket  thrust into space   propelled by these same negativities which fuel his success engine -- the bullying of his childhood, the bullying of his adulthood are fodder to the engine that built Xian what he is now - a student of Psychology; a student of human behavior; a master of the piano, guitar and some instruments he put his mind to learn; a techno-savvy;  master at managing his time among his many interests - work, art, music, his loves - God, family, Kim; a beautiful person as Kim, inside and out, such is Xian.

CTO Kim and Xian, matching good looks and good disposition.

     CTO  The Look of Love remains...KimXi, KimXifying each other.

CTO   Kim, beautiful inside and out!  A Princess of the people in her Teleseryes and a Princess Mulan to  Disney.


CTO   Xian and his beautiful spirit shining through. Mariel Alapto @mariel0718 · 8h 8 hours ago
eto yung nung binuhat ni xian yung girl na iyak ng iyak kanina...oh di ba @XianLimm 

Without a doubt, success has not changed Xian; and if it did, only for the better!
issamazing @imshellaa08 · 16h 16 hours ago
Welcome to Bacolod Xi! Happy Masskara2014 @XianLimm thanks for the quick photo op  

These two beautiful people who captured our imagination, brought us unto a carousel of emotions bespeaking  the throes of  true love that is left unspoken in our presence, finally revealed not by words but by action and the testimonies of those that cross their paths; and not so unlike the fan who went ecstatic in their presence, we revel in the happiness that only a KimXi follower can feel. 

Happiness, inexplicable, undeniable and so filling, it overflows!  God be praised always!  

Thanks be to God for these two people, who emptied themselves for everyone who loves them and in turn received an avalanche of graces from a God  Who is all kind and merciful to those who believe in Him!  They gave their all and they are filled in turn; what a good God we serve!  

Kim and Xian bring out the best in each other into the forefront of their lives - serving God in one another; family, work and service to the people that surround them physically, figuratively and in the cyberspace that they inhabit in their social media  accounts. They have a number of publics that they have sworn to serve and they have acquitted  and are acquitting themselves creditably well.   Kim and Xian, you inspire us!  Keep on keeping on!  Happiness!

                                      CTO  All of Me by John Legend
Thanks to Mike McCaskill; no copyright infringement intended.


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In being true to...


Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life
Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. 
Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
Steve Jobs  (CTO - American entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.  CTO - Wikipedia.

 Xian Lim, looking confidently into the future; Kim Chiu, safely ensconced on his side; both enjoying the present moment in a backdrop of white, orange and blues which pretty much symbolize the values of the  3 years they have been together as a team up and as a team. White for goodness, orange for happiness, blue for trust and loyalty.  Kim , serenely holding unto Xian in a pose that spells forever caught exposing what  used to be hidden, literally and figuratively.  Kim, out of her chrysalis ,courtesy or with the help of a man who unexpectedly came into her life in God's "perfect time" as one loyal Twitter Kim and Xian admirer ,Pink Parasol , succinctly puts it, everything comes including change for the better "in God's perfect time".                                
Photo credited to owner. Color symbols:: CTO No copyright infringement intended.
CTO   No copyright infringement intended.
“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” 
― Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross
Deconstructing Xian Lim and the lady who understands him fully, Kim...
When Xian was Alex.  Not anyone from his high school, his close friends or acquaintances ever envisioned Xian as an actor, more so as an international heartthrob welcomed by shrieks and screams whenever he appeared and performed; filling event venues to the rafters, blinded by flashing cameras and tugged and pulled once he bravely ventures into the crowd.  
Year 2006.  Still  chubby, introverted and shy  Alex (Xian)  at 17 , playing Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee in California with  his Mommy Mary Anne as co-host to the program. CTO - sickwidit650.  No copyright infringement intended; for entertainment only.
At 17 and in a very short greeting to the audience, Alex betrays the charm that the now adult Xian possesses in great measure and in 2014 , Alex now Xian,  still shy, still introverted, still quiet, still retiring but definitely still maintaining the discipline, the respect for people that bespeaks the traditional family values he was raised on  and which he strongly upholds. 
Though raised by a single mom in America, he maintained a strong relationship with his Dad whose influence prompted his return to the Philippines in 2008 when he was 19 to finish his studies in his Dad's alma mater and pursue a career in basketball.  Man proposes, God disposes.  Going with the flow, he rerouted from Basketball to showbusiness. 
Having been listening to music all his life, his Mom being a piano teacher and lover of the arts, Xian, shifted to the leanings of his mother, basketball being a longer route than expected. Before leaving America, he got featured in a movie video of a music composed by  his Mommy Mary Anne who also directed the video with the special participation of  veteran Philippine actress Gloria Sevilla. Xian or Alex then  also  accompanied the  group who sang the piece, Bituin ng Buhay Ko.
Still in California, Alex playing his Mommy Mary Anne's composition; notice the weight loss, slim and trim Xian, good looks enhanced. CTO No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment only.

Year 2012. In Manila. Some piano playing on the side...Alex  now Xian performing with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, Maestro Gerard Salonga (Berklee College of Music, Boston MA, USA; Summa Cum Laude) at the baton. CTO  Fan cam. No copyright infringement intended.  For entertainment only.
Anyone can just imagine the long hours Alex spent practising his classical  pieces to be good enough to pass muster of one Gerard Salonga, a perfectionist along the lines of  his sister, multi-awarded London's West End and Broadway performer, Lea Salonga. 
Passion, dedication, discipline  are qualities Alex  was armed with when  he left for Philippines to play basketball and  later  get into acting. Xian in his first full length movie, 2010 Cine Malaya Film Festival entry indie film titled Two Funerals that had him acting alongside veteran movie actress Tessie Tomas;  megged by awardee for Best Director for this same movie, Gil Portes.  Xian impressed his director.
                                 CTO          Xian in various crying scenes in Two Funerals 

Direk Gil Portes had this  to say of his star, Xian Lim--"After the screening, everyone was practically rooting for Lim a:s the next important star in the local biz. 'Naku, a star is born,' quipped veteran director Emmanuel H. Borlaza who predicted Xian as an awarded actor in the near future. 'Okay syang umarte' said Borlaza's fellow filmmaker Mel Chionglo. 'Magaling sya sa mga eksena namin,' observed talent manager, show producer and actor Francis O. Villacorta who has a cameo role in the road film.  'Grabe ang impact nya sa audience,' commented prize-winning production designer Manny Morfe.  Lim just smiled as admirers and well-meaning people gave him praises.  'Nagpapasalamat po ako kay Direk Gil for the offer to do a film with him,' intimated Lim, a management student of the University of the East."--
2011 proved to be a good year for Xian.  A turning point where he can peg his activities this way: Before or After My Binondo Girl.  He landed a meaty role in the  Teleserye Princess  Kim Chiu's new series, My Binondo Girl more for  his  Chinito features. Son of a rich Chinese businessman , Richard Cepeda and newbie actress, Marina Benipayo; Xian as Andy Wu was  third in  line for the hand of Jade played by Kim, daughter of a rich Chinese restarateur, Papa Chen, now the ultra popular, Ser Chief of BCWMH, Richard Yap.
Xian expected  his role as Andy  to be shortlived as he was supposed  to fall for Jade's alter ego, Yuan. His prolonged stay in the series was brought on by circumstances that rendered Matteo Guidicelli  and Jolo Revilla, two senior actors out of the endgame for Jade.
Year was 2011.  Xian as My Binondo Girl's Andy with  his enviable 6'2" height,  his chiseled features, his suits and their perfect fit, his hair, his luminous skin, his Chinito eyes, his voice, his piano-playing; and his  long, lingering gazes towards Jade   left the female viewers wondering,  "Who is this vision of delight? Where has he been hiding all along".?
New fans surfaced; fans who were more Korean telenovela watchers made time for a Pinoy series.  This Kim and Xian propelled show took off swiftly into the atmosphere like a shooting star leaving a trail of stardust that had the fans clamoring for more KimXi shows. . These were not regular Pinoyserye viewers, these were newly minted fans, thanks to My Binondo Girl.  The KimXi sizzling chemistry brought a tsunami of fans that flooded their mall shows and appearances in talk shows, ASAP etc..  
                                         When did the female fans turn Jandy?
CTO  Was it here ? The Accidental Kiss...

 Or here, Ako'y sa yo Lamang sang and played on piano by Andy Wu  to Jade at 2:46;  the car scene in rainy Tagaytay...the lingering gaze -  at 16:03.                    
              CTO No copyright infingement  intended; for entertainment only. 

It was Jandy fascination that swept the Pinoy teleserye landscape that did not end there; it carried over into reality that led to the fanboying/fangirling over the growing closeness of the two co-stars, Kim and Xian and the birth of  fangroups that call themselves KimXi,  Katg KX Angels, Tropang KimUy, etc. 

CTO - The laser gaze that melted a  frozen heart... and a shoulder that healed a "broken wing"- a Jandy Carryover...this after MBG ended January, 2012.  


CTO   The Endgame...The "Accidental"Bridegroom - Xian Lim as Andy to Kim Chiu's Jade. 
The End that only proved to be the "Start of Something New" for the two  drove the fans into a frenzy of the when, where and wherefore  of the Kim and Xian Love Saga which included among others ,too many to mention here, the Inspired Composition that broke the ice; the Twin life-sized Teddy Bears, Rose-filled Van rides, the "You" Christmas Serenade: the Love Rose Tree,  Horse-back riding in Hawaii and the flower in her hair that signified taken; Subic jaunts, Star Magic Balls, U.S., Paris and London tours; Gymwork, Valentines Day  in a Yatch, Banana Boat rides; Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Ziplining, Dinners, Movies, Browsing at a fave bookstore; even Promise Rings on the side and Will you be my date? banners, Family Intermingling; Papa Time, Mommy time; House construction and finishing, Cruisings in a Two-Seater;  and the nail that tightened the lid...Early morning Condolence Flight to Cebu.  

This is where the Wheels of  Fate, Destiny or God's graces falling to a most prepared and deserving one- Xian Lim.  He came capable, he came suitable and he came to the right place at the right time --My Binondo Girl in God's perfect time!  

Xian came quiet, awkward and told jokes no one understood, this from his MBG co-star, Kim. His presence did not create waves. nor did his acting until "their stars collided" in those scenes that defy definition and put the audience in awe of the two who only acted  once or twice  together before in short scenes are now heavily  carrying  the series by the strength of their undeniable and explosive chemistry and matching good looks.

Kim being bubbly and  spirited;  the "definition of sweet" according to Xian as her smile never left her even after more than 24 hours on the set , also never  got  tired of  getting him out of himself, engaging him in long conversations, forcibly laughed at his jokes until she finally understood them;  letting him feel comfortable among co-stars, staff and crew. 

Kim's kindness gained her a friend  in Xian who also  found his creative muse  in her.  Inspired by her he  gifted her a song, composed and sang by him.  Xian who has never finished a single song since he tried his  hand at it; finally succeeded in making  one, the rest would not be far behind.. It was  a song which expressed fidelity and love to the girl of his dreams; it was also just right for Andy, Xian's character, the Director of MBG included his original composition Ako'y Sayo Lamangt among the show's original sound tracks.

This was  a song that changed the Kim and Xian world as they knew it.  It left its muse in a place where she has never been, object of somebody's admiration expressed  in  a song inspired by one Kim Chiu; a song that spoke volumes of what the composer felt for her that must have made her look at Xian , this time ,in a totally different light.  

Xian's acting too  as Andy  was so  natural in his scenes with Kim as Jade; it appeared he was acting without really acting  which created such strong audience impact; leaving  the audience  craving for more.  Kim in her humility and kindness broke the barriers of Xian's being, releasing an avalanche of talent that up till now remains unplumbed as to the depth and breadth of it. 

Singer, composer, lyricist, host, pianist, trombone player, now venturing into dance and painting -oil and watercolor - Xian Lim for you.

Time of the Big Reveal...the words uttered with such relief "finally, finally, meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin, (finally, finally, there is someone who really understands me now )Xian of Kim; 
and, "he makes me laugh all the time"- Xian per Kim.
                       CTO Balitang America KimXi May, 2012 interview with Henni Espinosa

Understanding Xian, as Kim does...
The interaction of one who has already arrived in the business but is still hurting from a lost love with someone who is into psychology, has a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and the desire to be a "pakpak" or her wing while her own broken one is healing proved to be a gesture not lost to the people around them.

Some people  questioned Xian's intentions for going after Kim after MBG ended not believing that there are still good men in the planet and that one of them is Xian Lim.. Xian also does not have the 3rd world problems many have simply because he and his Mom and Grandma are "survivors of first world America; credit old-fashioned hard work and the  talent of a mother who  sold real estate and taught piano on the side. It was a tearful Xian himself who said, 'Mom, we survived", referring to their stay in America. (KrisTV Dec.,2011 episode.)  

His mother outfitted him with a condo and a vehicle to use in pursuit of his dream to become a Philippine actor.  Xian,  whom his Mom proudly calls a "dream of a son",  is also  Mommy Mary Anne's  first priority . preferring to stay in their ancestral home to be near his son who was only 19 when he decided to go Philippines in what may be called reverse migration.

Looking at his gentle, simple, soft-spoken and loving Mommy Mary Anne and his Dad, a varsity basketball player in his prime  who equally loves his son seeing how they bond in basketball and in Block screening of KimXi films, one can say, "the fruit cannot fall far from the tree. Xian who is described by very close friend Kim Chiu as a "gentleman, thoughtful, caring, funny, a hopeless romantic" cannot be anything but.  

His seeming coldness is just his natural self seeking  to burrow back into himself after a hard day's work to recharge, just as he goes into his music and favorite books, his painting to drive away the stresses that are not uncommon in his work which is exacerbated by his very shy, introverted nature. 

Some people go clubbing and drinking to unwind, he as with Kim, stay home with a favorite musical instrument, movie  or book or any activity that removes them from the madding crowd that can be maddening at times and have some "Me Time" to maintain equilibrium and deliver a good performance; a good show after.

Imagine if Kim and Xian do not have the passion, the dedication, the love for their work, they would disintegrate into little pieces of raw emotion, prickly and hard to work with given that their work can be so stressful in themselves.  They both love their jobs; they love performing but that is not Kim nor Xian as Kim and Xian are in real life.  That is their showbiz persona the people see.  

Kim and Xian  are leading real lives; not the lives of the characters they play.  They are only marketers of their own products--the movies they film  and the teleseryes they tape.  They are people like you and me who get hurt when poked, who also want to rest when tired, who cannot forever be smiling nor forever be frowning; there are just those certain days that are like that and if we catch them on their "frowning time days", let us not take that personally. We did not cause them  that but we can certainly aggravate them if one goes on a huff and retaliate  and do that on social media yet.  

Walang Personalan is the name of the game.

It is such a grave injustice towards the object of anyone's disaffection to go to the opposite side of the spectrum, meaning to go from being a fan who has hobnobbed with the stars on close encounters of the most kind and turn around and instigate others to bash these stars for some personal slight  one  suffered from these same stars.  If slight is personal, then let it stay personal.  There is certainly no pleasing everyone but with the amount of flak Kim and Xian are getting which are baseless and totally out of character reveals to anyone that this or these people doing what they do perhaps never had pure intentions coming into fanhood for Kim and Xian.

A priest once lectured us about intentions and how important it is to have pure ones coming into any activity be it religious or otherwise. He says and I paraphrase him,   joining a group  is likened to  baking a cake.  

If one has impure intentions coming into the group, it is as if one is putting kerosene as the first ingredient to the cake mix.  

No matter how many eggs, butter,  etc  come after, the cake will always turn out bad  because of the kerosene.  

If this is how we approach our fangirling then we only have ourselves to blame if the cake we are baking in this case the relationship we wish to establish with the stars is already ruined per se or ruined before it even started. The stars are also discerning and because of their experience they  can spot this malicious intent  from a mile away 

The stars have only the best that they can wish for their fans.  They are integral to their being stars.  They would not do anything within good reason to hurt their fans, it would be counterproductive if they do. 

Kim  is 2006 PBB Teen Edition Grand Prize Winner with 41.6% of the text votes during the finale and has survived the whole season without having been nominated for eviction, a record unmatched up till today. Kim is naturally friendly from having been raised one of five siblings who went from place to place together.She stayed in a single room with them among relatives in 6 or 7 places until they settled in Cebu, this family bonding experience though growing up quiet and shy  gave her this foundation of being around varied personalities at close quarters that gave her a lot of confidence to meet new ones.  

To Xian, Kim is a safe harbor, non-judgmental and seeing only the good in him in the way she constantly drew him out, teasing him no end; they developed this camaraderie on top of their admiration for one another.  Simply put, they enjoy each other's company.  There is Kim, completely understanding where Xian is coming from; with understanding, comes acceptance of Xian with all his flaws and imperfections; with acceptance comes, shall I say it aloud, L O V E?  Not farfetched at all, given Kim's specs of one fair, tall, Chinito with a high bridged nose delivered in the presence of her PBB housemates, caught on cam and archived.

CTO Thanks to owner ForeverKimmy Xi.  No copyright infringement intended; for entertainment only.
Here's Da One as ordered.

Ikaw or You

. Xian is a good mix of   strong traditional values seen in his love of family, respect he gives elders, gentlemanliness and modern  ones in his being techie and adept at social media .

However, due to a childhood deprived of strong attachments; bullied in turn for his weight, he is perceived by many   to be socially awkward; cannot think on his feet for the right retort when teased; unable to strike a conversation unless spoken to first; apt to say the politically incorrect thing when caught off guard' Xian has the behavior of a geeky nerd belying his extreme good looks and enviable height, at times likened to a modern-day Adonis by those who have seen him.  

Chubby as a child until aged 17, there is likelihood that Xian does not see himself as the handsome guy people tell him he is.  His solitary world of books and music did not prepare him for the real world of intrigue and standards low enough to see one guilty until proven innocent if one makes a false, not necessarily , a wrong move. "Hindi sya masyadong marunong makihalubilo, kasi silang dalawa lang ng nanay niya sa mundo nila,, so hindi sya marunong ( sa tao) Direk Joyce Bernal. by Reggie Bonoan Online Balita, July 26, 2011.  Loosely translated to mean"He has not learned to mix with people, he and his Mom are the only ones in their own world, so that is why  he has not learned how to be around people.", says Direk Joyce Bernal of Xian.

Believing in me, myself...Xian comes on strong...
A good reason perhaps why Xian would  not respond to his bashers in the social media or what is written in the tabloids is because he has an understanding of how he is deeply misunderstood  by these people and his confidence in those who profess loudly that they are for him and by him is high; his confidence in who he really is against the opinion of those who do not know the  real Xian or refuse to know  for reasons unknown is strong.   His self-esteem is intact, his confidence in himself growing especially after he watched  Chinese (Taiwan)American NBA L.A. Lakers player, Jeremy Lin's inspirational film..  Following is Xian's reaction addressed to Jeremy Lin.

xianlimm  CTO Xian's Instagram
Thank you Jeremy Lin for inspiring me big time! Your movie was amazing and the message you put out there are so meaningful. I can relate with so many rejections, so many things being taken away from me...also, that moment when you feel like you're in cloud 9 then all of a sudden everything just falls and smacks you in the face. When everything just feels like a complete mess and you're asking yourself where life is going to take you. I hope everyone can watch your Linsanity film so that all the underdogs, all the people being looked down on, and everyone who is striving for greatness will know that they a chance to be the best they can be. Just put in hard work, passion, motivation, love for the game and trust in God. Oh and i'll be working on my jump shots 24/7 now. ���������� If ever you get a chance to read this @jlin7, thanks for inspiring me to do better��

Almost at the same time Xian quoted the  following:: CTO From Xian's IG.

                When no one else believed in me, I did.    

Kim and Xian have   friends who openly root for them  on twitter and instagram i.e.- Mr. Rico B. Hizon, BBC Business News Anchor; Ms. Kris Aquino, Queen of All Media;  Mr. and Mrs. Jopet and Stella Sy of Mint;  Drs. Recasata of F&C are some of them;  millions of fans worldwide, a number of them quite active in following them;  trending them on twitter; friends in and out of the industry who are in the background but can be counted on and closely-knit families that have intermingled with each other  in so many occasions and most of all a Father God whom they worship and who always hears the cries of His people--Kim and Xian are fortified.

Kim Chiu, Xian Lim only 24  and 25, respectively, have arrived at this place where expectations are high, more success deemed a given, this place at the top which can be lonely as they are easy prey for the boulders rolling their way from above and rocks pelted at them from below.

Kim and Xian, a tandem that has earned the admiration of many and the jaundiced eye of a few continue to be true to themselves--loving towards God, family, friends, fans and each other; fiercer now for the experience, stronger as they survive the rigors of night-turning-into-day work; competition, time constraints, unwarranted criticism, paparazzis, limits of physicality and endurance.

Kim and Xian, fans all over the world salute you for your commitment, your resolve to make your fans happy by your output--your film, your future shows; your fans, myself included salute you as we thank you for leading us, despite your youth, to trek the path of righteousness in worshiping a good and generous God whom you follow faithfully expressing this with your own generosity of spirit, in word and in deed.

In being true to yourself, you have succeeded in being loved for who you really are.  There was one who has said, "I'd rather be disliked for who I am than be liked for who I am not" or to use stronger words, "I'd rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not."  There is virtue to truth, it sets one free. 

From Xian Lim's greatest supporter in the social media, comes this:  CTO Kim Chiu
chinitaprincess Now
happy birthday @xianlimm! thanks for always being there for me no matter what,,, like literal na no matter what time, what day, what occasion!! thanks for all the jokes whenever i feel down and for making me smile and laugh all the time!! really appreciate it!!����continue to share your tons of talent and inspire other people!!! always remember im always here for you!!!����excited for ur milestone prod tom sa asap!!! yahoo!!! hahaha���� happy birthday xxxxxxxxxiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! ������������ mwah!!!!!�� @xianlimm

Xian's quick response to this effusive thanks and more from a very private Kim which in itself takes a lot out of Kim;  to which Xian , in true gentleman fashion, after thanking Kim says"I am happy where she is happy.  If this is not L.O.V.E., I wouldn't know what is.

There is good progress!  In 2012, when Kim first joined Instagram, we never saw Xian in  and if we did, he would be doing a wacky pose with some other.  Her "thank yous" to Xian for monumental gifts as the Love Rose Tree were just that , "Thank You" without mentioning the giver.  Though everyone knew who it was from, mystery shrouded Kim's answers to reporters' questions. Xian's photos were cropped out to Xian's dismay complaining to Kim on Twitter who "cattily" countered with, "crop me out too"; with a smiley to cushion the blow;  at times  photographer Xian is not credited to which Xian goes and complains what is happening here?  It is July, 2014 and there's Kim's effusive thanks  best wishes and assurances and she even has a collage of their off-cam photos that picture them in their out of town jaunts and  gym work too!

Could we still call it "crush na crush" after the Promise Rings?  Would it not that be a huge misnomer?  Oh well, I still go by, "Action speaks louder"  and nothing spells louder than Kim's kilometric birthday greeting with words like "I will always be here for you", add to that her belief in Xian's tons of talent and his ability to inspire people add to that,  photos galore.  

Kim has declared her independence from hurt and pain since June, 2012 and now two years later she has taken courage to show her heart for all to see, on the date her man was born. What a tribute!  

The perennial Giver (Xian) is now the Gift and also the Recipient of the Gift (of Recognition)!  We now see Kim's profuse thanks and the person she is giving thanks to! This is the day  the Lord has made, let us  be glad  and rejoice in it!   

Words like "special", "precious" , "in time" flow from Xian's lips and his, "alam naman ni Kim na may gusto talaga ako sa kanya", "Kim knows I realy like her"; gentleman Xian remaining courteous, respectful.   We will wait.  Patience is a virtue.  There is still the movie, Past Tense and a teleserye we all hope will  materialize.

Two beautiful people, true to themselves, Kim and Xian!  Two beautiful hearts, beating as one!  CTO Kim and Xian.
CTO Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross..No copyright infringement intended; for entertainment only.
                                         CTO - AZ Lyrics - No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment only.
                                                                "Endless Love"

My love,
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's bright

My first love,
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make

And I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do...

And your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love

Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun

I'll hold you close in my arms
I can't resist your charms

And love
Oh, love
I'll be a fool
For you,
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
Oh, you know I don't mind

'cause you,
You mean the world to me
I know
I know
I've found in you
My endless love

Boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom, boom, booom
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Oooh, and love
Oh, love
I'll be that fool
For you,
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
Oh you know
I don't mind

And, yes
You'll be the only one
'cause no one can deny
This love I have inside
And I'll give it all to you
My love
My love, my love
My endless love

I most sincerely thank owners of pics, vids, lyrics, articles I have used in this blog.  I have not interviewed Kim and Xian personally; whatever assumptions I make are purely my own humble opinion.  Thanks for the read.