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The blossoming of...

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Word to the reader: This blogger has no  personal knowledge of Kim and Xian  private thoughts or doings.  Sources are from written articles, uploaded interviews.  Conclusions are strictly the blogger's POV.  Many thanks to the owners of pics, vids and social media postings. 


CTO - Kim and Xian, your JOURNEY  began in God's time when God chose to bring you together - two peas in a pod, look-a-likes, a male-female version of one another; similar in hurtful experiences, positive and accepting and thankful for lessons learned and yet so different that you complete what the other lacks, complementary in your  traits and similar in the joys and love of God,family, friends and fans; enjoying the present moment, happy being together; understanding one another; excited in knowing that each is there for the other. You are blessed!

CTO   Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu  - 7 years in showbiz; turned 23 4-19-13.

Kim moving on and moving forward to a better tomorrow with the Promise by a man whose mission in life after meeting her is for her to develop her trust on the sincerity of his intentions and develop that level of comfortability around him.  Judging from the looks of it, he has succeeded. Xian Lim, you're the man!

CTO - The Promise Ring - His Birthday Gift: his love, loyalty and commitment to their love and to one another forever in God's will and grace.

"pre-engagement ring (also known as a promise ring) is a ring given to a romantic partner to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship, often as a precursor to an engagement ring. Promise rings can be worn on any finger, but those symbolizing pre-engagement are generally worn on the left ring finger; sometimes, the left middle finger or right ring finger is used instead to prevent confusion with an actual engagement ring." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-engagement_ring

                              CTO - Xian on the Promise Ring @2:36
                              Xian on Kim:  "I understand her..."

In a world full of  uncertainties and infidelities, especially in the showbiz world they revolve in, it is gratifying to know that outside of his gift of time and great company and so many other gifts that catch his fancy for his lady love, this man named Xian Lim, so much ahead of his time or shall I say, moving with the gentlemen of old, has found what a woman craves for most to have in life from her man and that is the PROMISE of his loyalty, his commitment to  their relationship ; a promise to preserve the TRUST that has been restored in her  being towards life and love. 

This Trust which counters her fears come  from his avowed protestations of love backed by his Gift of Time spent with her in efforts what to Kim is "Sobra"  and already "nakakahiya".  That his efforts are much appreciated are also Xian's own great reward.

                    CTO -  The Beat of your Heart by Hayley Westenra

May this outward show of commitment  symbolized by a Promise Ring significantly given Kim  on her birthday  be acknowledged as a two-way one and accepted with Kim's own Promise to remain true to her man, Xian.  

What a beautiful symbol of affection to have as it carries in it the heart and soul of the giver and his Pledge of Love to last a lifetime; heart on a platter to be equally treasured by the one who received it in exchange for her own!  What a beautiful commitment to cherish and to know that one need not look any further, that each has found, THE ONE, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim, may the  God you worship and adore in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, continue to bless you and your love for each other always! 

Now we know and understand, why there is this Great Big Hug at the public celebration of her birthday among family, celebrity friends and fans, 4-21-13.  The barriers have fallen.  There is now an open admission of where Kim is at in the level of trust she holds for Xian and comfortability with him  that Xian has sought to achieve from Day One of his pursuit. HAPPINESS!

Kim ecstatic that Xian made it to her 23rd birthday celebration and Fans Day; her happiness at seeing Xian unbounded and could not be contained! 

Xian, the same way...fatigue from the Legazpi City Show and the 61st Famas Award ceremonies  (German Moreno Youth Achievement Award) dissipated and lifted away! 

The life-sized teddy bear has come to life in form of a live, warm, 6' 2" tall Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy,  GREAT BEAR HUG served to order! 

Love Declared! CTO 4-21-13 "Arms wrapped around you"!!! HAPPINESS! 
Xian offered his arms, his Chinita Princess extended hers in this welcome that must have made his heart go "tugu dug tugu dug"  as he says when around Kim and her smiles.

CTO  Gazing out towards the horizon, Xian repeats his assurances.

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CTO - Kim's  birthday trended  both Philippines and worldwide on Twitter

She also trended in the hearts of people who know her  well. There were close to 30 public felicitations, celebrations, (including Kim's own charity work and Fans Day, ASAP prod number) sourced from @chinitaprincess and her friends IGs; we do not know how many more were done privately.  

The gifts poured and outright celebrations with food and all started a month or so before her April 19th  birthday and stretched until May. Kim is a much-loved celebrity; her goodness of heart is a given that she even had visitors bearing gifts aged 7 and below accompanied by their Moms.  These  little kids also watch her IKA episodes regularly.  What is in Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu? The charm of a girl-woman which captivates the young and old alike.

CTO - Asalto for Birthday Girl at the stroke of midnight into her birthday.As Xian came back to the movie set with a bouquet of flowers  to greet her,  Kim  was seen childlike, giddy  and so happy at the sight of her man  among friends and fans!  ECSTATIC is the word!
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CTO - "It might be you  (Kim)" - Xian's response to Sir Martin's entreaties for a song especially for Kim Chiu.

CTO  Big shoes to fill, Kim--Level of  Comfortability - Extremely High! Very GF gesture, if I may say so; your Flip Top slippers are right there, Kim!
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"It is really you" not "It might be you"!  Who is that beside you with his shirt right next to you, the one with the huge hand?  Obvious! "Ask me questions and I will tell you no lies.


All those tweets saying Kim and Xian SPOTTED are numerous--if only for these third party sightings  and noting Kim and Xian's own revelations, it is safe to say that a big chunk of Xian's time is spent/being spent with Kim. 

Someone is heard to have said of Xian, comparing her own ex-boyfriend's slights to Xian's ways, "nag-eefort sya", meaning Xian.  Xian knows that Kim is serious with her relationships; the old-fashioned type.  It is just so beneficial that Xian is the same way. Traditional, "lumang tao" as Kim describes him. He is also into  a relationship for the long haul  otherwise he said it would just be a "waste of his time."

Xian says that he likes being with Kim and seeing her everyday is to him a bonus (" kasama mo pa araw-araw yong gusto mong makita"--Xian's comment on  his desire to work  with Kim in their projects) .

Work is still work and Xian strives to bond with Kim outside  it where they can be themselves - Church, Horseback riding, Parasailing  in Subic, Bohol Breaks, Dinners, Movie Dates, Karting in Tarlac,  visits, or just cruising, etc. Work, outside of work, Kim and Xian get together; relishing their time , be it for reel or real.    - CTO.

HUMOR... or Gift of Laughter - "...funny siya..."--Kim of Xian.

CTO  Some tongue-in-cheek comment from Xian that implies something...

Photo by xianlimm

Xian is tagged as the Knock Knock King per  Lakam Chiu, Kim's Big Sis. Here's one: http://xianlimm.com/videos/knock-knock-with-xian-and-clarence/ CTO and of course who can forget his  Bananana Jokes!

@ ] xianlimm ano favorite pagkain ni Fred Flinstones?

Edi Saba........SABA DABA DOO!

Read more at http://web.stagram.com/p/459858656574973984_5760649#cE4TscFscjilXuFy.99 


Gift of Communication - Cebuano 101

CTO  The easy banter on Instagram in Cebuano. Xian turning Cebuano...I think, he's turning Cebuano (to the tune of "I think I'm turning Japanese") and Kim's response followed by Xian's retort!  
Photo by kimxitin
Originally Posted by lightburst View Post Thanks. KimXi Pex friend
flower daw... and bouquet of flowers, not serving... im bad at translation... kala ko kasi flower is bulak in cebuano    CTO
                            Translation of Xian's IG Cebuano caption :

"I asked God for a flower and he gave me a bouquet...
I asked  God for a minute and he gave me a day...
I asked God for an angel and he gave me you.
Good afternoon everyone!" 

                              CTO - God gave me you by Brian White
  Same song requested by Xian to be played on Radio "for a special person" - 2011.                            

Xian claims happiness (nalipay or happy) with  or over Kim.  This posting says a lot of the extent Xian is bringing his level of comfortability with Kim to.

Learning her native tongue while Kim also probably dabbles in English bring their relationship to another level.  The effort alone of learning the dialect is enough reason for rejoicing.  It speaks of how important Kim is in his life. Plus when understanding is enhanced,  love deepens.

There are no coincidences; that Kim is turning English or American in her interview responses complete with good diction and enunciation is impressive. Xian is certainly a good influence; but who else is there?

CTO From KimXi Thread - Pinoy Exchange -
BTS from Xian's Cebu event yesterday 
Ivy Balio
jusko si Shan Lem kabalo na jd mobisaya! Hasta accent kabalo na **! unya ana **, nagpapaturo daw **.. naa na ** mga other bisaya words na nahibal-an.. intresado kaayo nga maka-learn ug bisaya! Ayieeee.. Ang crowd naghulat jd ug more than 5 hrs, bisan gaulan kay para motan-aw ni Xian! Ang mga bata cge na'g shagit ug Xian Lim kay iyang part didto jd tawn sa hapit na mahuman, pero worth it kaayo oi! hantud sa jeep, Xian Lim ra'y storya's mga tawo! Haha ingon pa's mga gors sa jeep, mao diay'ng inlove kaayo's Kim Chiu ni Xian kay gwapo man jd diay kaayo, nitubag sad to mga bayot na, imal pa jd! Lols Gwapo jd si Xian bisan unsaon! **naa sad diay si Ms. Deejay gnina, strikta jd ** kung maka-tan-aw.. hehe Hebi security si Xian kay ang mga tawo sa Mandaue, wild kung wild! Bisan nilarga na ila van, gigukod japon sa mga tawo! Haha

translation 101 :

Jusko si Shan Lem marunong na talagang magbisaya! Pati accent marunong na siya saka marami na rin siyang mga ibang words na nalalaman.. very interested *** na matuto ..tapos sabi niya nagpapaturo daw siya..The crowd was waiting for more than 5 hours kahit umulan para lang makita si Xian!! Ang mga bagets panay ang sigaw ng Xian Lim kasi malapit na sa end part yung performance niya, pero very worth it naman! Hanggang sa jeep , Xian Lim pa rin pinag uusapan ng mga tao. Haha sabi pa ng mga matatanda ( hehe baka matured people naman ang ibig sabihin niya dito lol) , kaya pala masyadong in love si Kim Chiu ni Xian kasi super gwapo pala tapos biglang sumabat daw yung mga becky na " saka ang sarap pati". Lols Gwapo talaga si Xian grabe. andun din pala si Ms Deejay, istrikta kung makatingin..hehe Heavy security si Xian kasi mga tao sa Mandaue wild kung wild! Kahit paalis na ang kanilang va, hinabol pa rin ng mga tao! Haha - end

Wow haba ng translation ko a nyahaha #proudfanhere

GIFT OF MUSIC - "and words are all I have to take your heart away..." 
"Ako'y Sayo Lamang"  or  "I Am Yours Only", a song   composed by Xian for Kim says everything that needs to be said of his love for and assurance to Kim to combat her fears and when sang, the words and melody linger long after the music is done; touching the heart more as that of a prayer set to music; praying twice when sang.

The lyrics moved Kim enough for her to say meaningfully, "...sa lyrics pa lang..." 

The songs composed for her or with her in mind have given Kim an insight into deep feelings which  though unspoken  are given life in song  by a shy, budding musician whose mouth could not speak because  his heart is full; their expression coming from where else -- his music.

Akoy Sayo Lamang by Xian Lim 
Sana'y ako ang pagbigyan ng puso
Pangako sa'yo, ikaw ang iibigin
Araw-gabi, ikaw ang nasa isip
Unang tingin, ako'y nabighani

Tunay ang naramdaman
Sa'yo magpakailanman

Ako'y sa'yo lamang
Pag-ibig ay higit sa kaya
Ako'y sa'yo lamang
Bigyan mo sana ng pag-asa

Sayong-sayo lamang
Tiwala mo ay iingatan
Ako'y sayo lamang
Iyong-iyo lamang... ako

Iyong-iyo lamang... ako

                              CTO - Kung 'Di Sa Yo by Xian Lim
Lyrics of the 2011 Christmas Serenade, "You"  by the Carpenters  start with this line, " You are the one who makes me happy" and Xian's second composition  has for it's refrain, "Kung 'Di Sayo anong halaga ng buhay".  Loosely translated "What would life be without you or  what would the value of life be if not for you".  

Kung 'Di Sa Yo, written in 2012, has  Kim  lifted a notch higher  in Xian's estimation; equating her  with his own life's worth; a loveless life for him if she were not there for him as his love. Strong words but with Xian, stronger are the action which followed for Kim's love. 

From Xian's  songs addressed or dedicated to Kim, we can glean that Kim makes Xian happy; she is valuable or special to him.  Now, we can begin to understand, Xian's never ending-refrain, "I just want to make her happy; just want to make her feel special", almost like saying because she makes me happy and because she is precious to me, I will always strive to do the same and more!  Love, happy where the significant other is happy, happier or happiest and the cycle continues!

Both prayerful, Kim and Xian hear their Masses, go to Shrine of St. Pio Chapel, Lady of Perpetual Help in Baclaran or go on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Manaoag for their Mass and devotions.

They have Christ in the center of their relationship and have Mama Mary as their   loving intercessor  with Kim leaning on Senor Santo Nino, Patron Saint of Cebu and  Xian on  our Lady of Manaoag.  If God be with them, who can be against them?  Believing in the power of prayer, they lift up their daily doings to the Almighty for guidance and protection.

Rommel Placente, an entertainment writer, is impressed.  In the wee hours of the morning sometime in June, 2012, he bumped into Kim and Xian at Baclaran Church.  It was past one o'clock time when young people their age he said would be clubbing, instead he ran into them in Church  They were with Kim's sister Lakam, he reported in his radio/TV program Vibes Tayo. Kim and Xian, innately good and prayerful, we can only expect God's graces to continue to flow. Amen!

Siblings for Xian and a built-in-Mom for Kim. They are now bonding and the results are good. 

CTO - Coming from their own separate events, Xian and his Mommy Mary Anne on a Showbiz Insider Report and Kim from a Rejoice Commercial Voice Over, converging in a friend of his Mom's place, preMother's Day.  Comfortability Factor - Very High.

CTO Kim's reconciliation with her Papa William during Kim (with Xian) event in Mindoro where Kim's Papa and new family reside resulted in a Grand Reunion in Manila with Amah, JP, Tita Susan and family with sisters Lakam and Twinkle gathering at Shangrila Heat with the family (Xian included).  Comfortabiity Factor - Considerably Higher!

CTO Martin Late at Night - Part 4 

What the Chiu siblings think of Xian are so heartwarming.  They love Xian too for being good and good to Kim; funny and thoughtful; thankful that he allows them to go with him and Kimmy in their dates.  Quite different from what we think.  They are not there as chaperones but as invitees.

[vid]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/O6yToHn4SP4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/img]

CTO and thanks. Turning the tables on Xian.

The Reconciliation.

Kim's Papa whom she has not spoken to in five years for some reason lives with his second family in Mindoro where Kim and Xian would perform.  Under ordinary circumstances, this would be a stressful situation for the man in his daughter's life.  Add to the fact that reconciliation between the Papa and Kim should happen first, lends the scenario  to be  doubly stressful. This  "worthy of fireworks display" time in Kim's personal life - reconciling with her Papa and introducing her man to him, probably put this occurrence way up in the Totem Pole of Kim's highs this year.  

There is something about being 23 or maybe, something about being around a man named Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy that great things happen! Positivities!  Comfortability Factor - Shooting to the roof!

CTO -     In a taped interview aired during the May 12 episode of Showbiz Inside Report, Kim admitted that she has forgiven her father who also asked for her forgiveness. Parents can also do things against their children that call for them to ask for forgiveness. I admire the father now. ide/11893/kim-chiu-reconciles-with-her-estranged-father  Note Xian in checked shirt speaking to Kim's relatives in the background.


CTO - 
Xian and Kim with Kim's very pretty half-sisters...beauty certainly runs in the family; a milestone in Kim's young life; reconciliation with her estranged father; introduction of Xian to him and his second family.  Life is coming up roses for Kim!  Many thanks to Xian who am pretty sure is a major influence in the positive things happening in Kim's life right now. 
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CTO - Kim at age 16 -17 with  her face that refreshes! Looking as pretty as she is now!

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CTO - Some wishful thinking - twins?  Sam and Sab are fans; very young viewers of IKA and enamored with Kim and Xian.

Photo by guitauc

CTO: with Sam and Sab Confesor..
Kim and Xian and their make-believe satellite family...Photo

CTO - Taking the Make-believe more seriously.

Cioconut C H E S K A ☮
Pati si daddy nakikinig kay mommy. Hihi~ Loveeeeet! ❤ pic.twitter.com/f6Ej73fgH


The best foundation to loving someone is friendship.  One cannot love somebody one does not know and know well.  Kim and Xian are friends, friends even before My Binondo Girl aired.  Superfriends, as Kim termed it when first asked on Kris TV , December 9, 2011; that time he already figured in some of Kim's personal events like her High School Graduation, birthday of Kim's Big Sis Lakam, even attending Maam Cory Vidanes together as early as May, 2011. Since then the friendship has escalated to such a level for Xian to say, “Basta, I’m here to make her feel na she’s someone special... that someone really cares for her.” Xian Lim on relationship with Kim Chiu: “Nasa point ako na ipinapakita ko sa kanya na there’s always someone who treats her very special.”

Stressing on the phrase, " that someone really cares for her" is perhaps what Xian can most  say in the light of the kind of business they are in; they are still in a reel love team and people might perceive what he says and does as promotion for their teleserye and the movie he and Kim are making now.

Kim is also opened at knowing Xian more.  In some parting words to Xian before they left KrisTV were these, " Huag na masyadong mahiya, masyado ka kasing mahiyain, sana makilala pa kita", Kim also tendering her hand in friendship here.

                CTO Kim and Xian giving each other messages, KrisTV 2011
“Kim, gusto ko lang malaman mo na lahat ng ginagawa ko it’s not because nandito yung show, it’s not because people are telling me to do it.. it’s straight from the heart. Baka minsan you’re having doubts na ‘ay maybe he’s just being showbiz, ay baka ganun lang’ No, it’s not that. I’m sincere sa friendship natin, and I’m really happy, I’m really comfortable around you, and yun, masaya kang kasama .. sobra.” -Xian to Kim ♥
“Ang lalim naman, hindi ko mapapantayan yun ah! Pasensya! Ano, syempre, si Xian … Thank you! Sa kanta pa lang parang … the lyrics parang pinapakita nya talaga yung respeto nya sa akin, and kung ano talaga yung dapat na maramdaman ko as a girl. And yun, lagi sya nandyan! Sana wag ka na mahiya! Masyado kang mahiyain! Mag open up ka naman ng konting-konti! And yun, sana ano, sana makilala pa kita, magkakilala pa tayo and yun! Yun lang. Thank you, thank you. - Kim to Xian ♥

He also says, "What you see is what you get" or " people can say what they want to say" as to the level of their relationship.  We are glad we are allowed by both Kim and Xian with our conclusions to  whatever we read into how they are towards one another.

Personally, I read a lot and respecting their sensibilities, put out only what I can sensibly feel as credible.  Kim is my yardstick.  She is old-fashioned and is not the type to bring just anyone into her close family circle, or circle of friends to bond with them and go with them to places like Bohol for some rest and recreation or to her estranged father's house to reconcile and meet with him for the first time in 5 years.  An ordinary friend does not get  introduced to the  family that way.  Kim has also been introduced to Xian's friends, Mom, Mama Lola.  Friendship deepening or really deep now!

CTO - JC Ususero , a close family friend of the Chius being introduced.
Photo by kimxianaroundtheglobe

GIFT OF SURPRISES -  Life-size; more than life-size and the fish that "swims against the current..."
Who could forget the life-sized teddy bear; the towering Tree of Love and Roses or the Salmon from Alaska delivered to the beloved's doorsteps coming from where else but Alaska, hand carried and all; the pink Prada bag whose cost can be used to put a downpayment on a car according to Kris Aquino who is knowledgeable to this sort of things; Valentine Cruise in a Yacht; the Promise Ring!

CTO - "Gusto ko lang na malaman niya na lagi siyang nasa isip ko. It doesn't matter kung anong ibinigay ko, basta naiisip ko siya," Xian said when asked about the meaning of his gift.http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/entertainment/2012/09/25/kim-gets-prada-bag-xian-244805

Maria Goretti ‏@iMariaGoretti 52m  CTO and thanks.
"I love surprises" - Kim ) Kaya love na love niya si @XianLimm kasi mahilig mag surprise! <3 Ayiiieee!

                           CTO -  Valentine's Day in a Yacht 2-14-13

CTO - The HAPPINESS that Xian brought by his thoughtful and loving gestures!

CTO  Kim, in an earlier photo (2012) ,  also making Xian laugh.  Comfortability!

To Xian, his gift be it a sketch of a yacht  or the yacht itself or a cruise in it, says one thing - he is thinking of Kim; to Kim, it is also the thought that counts for her-- borrowing  from Ina, Kapatid, Anak Celyn's, "hindi naman kailangan sa special na lugar mo ako dalhin , puede naman sa karinderia lang..." which is probably what Kim had in mind in appreciation of Xian's surprise, "The former My Binondo Girl actress also appreciates Xian’s continuous efforts to please her. “Sobra [matiyaga], nakakahiya na!” Kim laughed. “Natutuwa ako kasi dumadaan talaga siya sa tamang way para iparamdam sa isang babae ‘yong ganun.”http://www.pep.ph/news/37535/kim-chiu-spent-valentinersquos-day-on-a-yacht-with-xian-lim/1/2

Like the salmon that instinctively crosses oceans and swims upstream for the river of its birth to bring forth new life, to spawn and bring new salmon into the world; Xian, in  the throes of new-found love  likewise "swims upstream" against all odds, surrendering to love's call to go after  a girl whose first experience in this thing called love has rendered her once-bitten, twice shy; afraid to venture for fear that she will be tremendously hurt again; and like the salmon, he strives to  bring new life and love into her threshold and enliven the world that she has enclosed herself in, a self-imposed darkness, cold and dank and very limiting.   

"She is so BEAUTIFUL: admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, and lastly...wonderful!!! "-- A friend paying tribute to his wife on her birthday-2013.

CTO -   To the eyes of a man in love all the words in the dictionary are not enough to express what he feels  for the object of his affection whether this woman be  objectively beautiful like Kim  or beautiful to his eyes only.  
Such is love! Love can make a man wax poetic or can render him speechless; make  him  ran out of words and have him say only one:  AMAZING!       Amazing Kim Chiu or someone who puts " a whole 'nother meaning to the word"! 

Our first sight of Xian's handwritten, shoutout on instagram over his difficulty in getting a birthday message out for Kim touched the hearts of those of us who  identify with or pine for  a hopeless romantic like Xian.  Credit Xian and his heart. Less than three, he said or <3!  Everything for Kim comes from the heart, his heart, he says and there's  no reason to doubt that.

CTO  Xian's way of saying how beautiful Kim is in public and how he misses her even before she landed at her destination.  This was during the time perhaps when Xian was not privy to Kim's comings and goings.

CTO - A roundabout way of telling Kim how beautiful she is and Kim responding that he's looking good himself!  

First, there's this need for words to convey feelings; then comes the need for astounding things to be done to dazzle the senses just as what  the hopeless romantic in Xian  conjured and did to let the beloved "see" him beyond her angst, her fear of falling in love again. On the Love Richter scale - a TEN!  

The deeper the relationship, the more valuable the gifts but not in size , money or effort but in RESPECT, TRUST, LOYALTY, COMMITMENT, SELFLESSNESS which can only  spell LOVE. Big words that need the right action or inaction to be meaningful.  


Xian had been around for three years when he and Kim met in early 2011.  He already had an indie movie Two Funerals (2010) and this is what they had to say of him and his acting, After the screening, everyone was practically rooting for Lim as the next important star in the local biz.
“Naku, a star is born,” quipped veteran director Emmanuel H. Borlaza who predicted Xian as an awarded actor in the near future.
“Okey siyang umarte,” said Borlaza’s fellow filmmaker Mel Chionglo.
“Magaling siya sa mga eksena namin,” observed talent manager, show producer and actor Francis O. Villacorta who has a cameo role in the road film.
“Grabe ang impact niya sa audience,” commented prizewinning production designer Manny Morfe.

Xian did a cameo as a Wedding Photographer to Kim's character Jasmine's wedding. Kim was in the lead role. First time Kim saw Xian in the set this was what she said, "Sino sya?"

CTO  - Xian Lim , strongly confident, relaxed gait, easy smile doing one of the countless things he does best...walking the runway. 2013 Mint Summer Collection.

No longer a non-entity, his presence creating a maelstrom for his events ! Happiness shared is happiness multiplied, spilling over!


              CTO  KrisTV 12-8-2011 (From KimXi Pex Thread)
Kris: Takot ka talaga? Takot ka pa rin? (pag dating sa mga relationships)

Kim: Yes… (about to cry)

Kris: Ay… Iiyak ka nanaman? Umiiyak ka pa rin? (sad face)

Xian: (tingin ng tingin kay Kim) Hala, bakit ka naiiyak?

Kim Chiu, the object of Xian's affection, the woman with childlike ways, so reachable and  approachable, so easy with her laughter and her listening ear, has also remained like a "deer caught in the headlights'; frightened to a point where she could not move or think when pursued for love.

The year was  2011; month was December; month before their project My Binondo Girl  would come to an end.  This was also the time that saw Xian defying himself; his own trepidation, his own fears.  The "salmon effect" strong in him still;  the resolve to pursue Kim against all odds, against all barriers as his heart and soul dictate.

CTO - Kim, a "deer caught in the headlights", immobile and frozen, so to speak, in the realm of love and romance and The Man daring to tame the deer who still has to move on , a hopeless romantic  named Xian Lim.


THE WARMING OF THE FROZEN HEART...in the beginning...

Chiu, who is being romantically linked to former leading man Xian Lim, said she still does not have a date on February 14. "Parang gusto ko na lang lampasan ang February," Chiu said. "Kung may date? Wala, sure 'yon. Sanay naman ako."  (February, 2012) http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/02/03/12/kim-chiu-wont-celebrate-valentines-day-year

CTO -  March 26, 2012, Hawaii. There were telltale signs of the KimXi growing closeness.  The arm across the thigh perhaps to make sure she's anchored; Kim shyly acknowledging the gentlemanly gesture with an arm around his shoulder; warming the heart of any true-blue blooded KimXi fan no end.

CTO - Flower on left ear - "taken"

Because our heart is on the left side, wearing a flower in your left ear means you're taken/married (or your heart is taken). If you're single and ready to mingle, then wear it on your right side.http://www.hawaii-aloha.com/blog/2012/02/14/a-flower-tells-all-single-or-taken/

Xian doing things against all odds...
Swimming against the current of public opinion, media circus, a reel tandem with Kim, Xian is bearing well and  is proving to be on course; like the gritty salmon, Xian displays true grit. 

CTO  -  April, 2013 Team KimXi Birthday Celeb for Kim with Xian as Special Guest. Notice the hand that holds to keep her "anchored" and safe to the delight of the KimXis!

Embedded image permalink
CTO - Note the hand on closer view - Couple Comfortability - High. Kim equally holding on.


The shyness from both sides, Kimberly Sue to Alex' own dissipates with their introduction to each other's families...finally, an admission to being happy in each other's company; an understanding that stretches, the excitement that "she is there for me". CTO - Notice Xian's lingering looks and brimming happiness to Kim's shy but giddy response; voice a pitch higher revealing the Kimberly Sue in her; the non-showbiz Kim that Xian has learned to love and treasure.
                              Balitang America -5-26-12

CTO - First Couple Pic on Instagram posted by Xian (bottom pic, we are sure with permission)

Then - January 2012

CTO - The "Pakpak" with "Sobrang laki, sobrang laking pagtingin kay Kim" na "hinding hindi bibitaw". My Binondo Girl Grand Fans Day 1-08-12 D'Buzz Interview with Toni Gonzaga.  

[vid]<iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=333754303315749" width="400" height="306" frameborder="0"></iframe> [/vid]

Xian declaring  to the world his desire to see Kim even after the end of MBG.  Here we see Xian, ill at ease, taking long, deep breaths to parry the questions of D'Buzz Host Toni G. as to the real score of his intentions.  Deferring to Kim's wishes after a whispered consulta, as seen in the interview prior to his answer, he demurred on the "panliligaw" or courtship but admitted to being completely smitten with Kim's charms and willing to be there for Kim as her "wing" while she was healing and still fearful.  Months later, we see a totally different Xian around Kim, confident, at ease, relaxed, articulate and openly loving with his eyes, his demeanor. (Balitang America, 5-26-12 with Host Henni Espinosa.)

Now - January, 2013
In contrast to a year ago, Xian spent Post Christmas with Kim in Subic and New Year's Eve celebration with her and her family at her house.

                        CTO  Emerging Positive, Fearless, Happy this 2013.
Photo: Bacolod handa na ba kayo?? Kim and Xian will be in Bacolod tom.

Kim nevertheless hopes for “positivity, to be fearless, be happy and let’s just enjoy,” this 2013, http://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2013/01/10/895152/kim-happy-maja-gerald

CTO - Even the wacky pics are wackier...though Kim's  fist is still closed here.

CTO - Fiercer, Bolder, Better...Xian must have clicked the cam for this pic.
Photo by kimxianaroundtheglobe
Broadcasting their likes...letting the madlang pipol take a sneak peek to where they are at right now...in a HAPPY PLACE.

CTO - @chinitaprincess: HAPPIEST summer trip EVER!!!! #thankyou 

Trip to Bohol with now we know to have been with family and Xian in tow is Kim's HAPPIEST ever!  In all of 23 summers, the one with Xian Lim in the entourage is to Kim the HAPPIEST ever!  Speaks volumes!

@xianlimm: happy vacation to all!  ready na ba kayo mag monday ulit??  now for my next post:-))  

Xian Lim in Bohol March 28, 2013 with Kim and family. His presence kept  under wraps but  did not remain that way for long.

CTO - Bohol Adventure with Kim and her family. A sliver of Kim seated beside Xian...note string of her bikini top.  Connecting the dots.

CTO - The day these feet left for their Bohol Easter Break. 3-28-13...

[ @ pacoquita5 @chinitaprincess I have two feet, the left and the left..."ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies." Happy, Happier and Happiest in Bohol and back!  1mon
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/p/427396729284597747_21802820#gJXefKjC5dtBE5oq.99 

CTO   - Believe at your own risk.  This blogger remains neutral to this fan's analysis and conclusion; deferring to the owners of these extremities for the real score. Why am I smiling?

Photo by hapi2beako

No photos together in Bohol except at the airport but pressed by the Press, Kim did an open admission that yes, she and Xian were together in Bohol with her family; sighted at a Church there by some well-meaning fans who twitted.

                           CTO - Tagbilaran is in Bohol. March, 2013

Photo by friendsofkimxiusa

The Bohol Lenten Break (3-28-13) opened up the floodgates of Kim's years of keeping her private life private; her sorties with Xian Lim chronicled by twitters only as they go out on dates albeit with family who are happy that Kim and Xian include them in their outings, be they for dinners, movies, shows, or their unwinding in Subic.  A major breakthrough in TRUST AND COMFORTABILITY to what Xian commented to a CinemaNews reporter regarding a first in Kim's life, posing in a bikini, "Daring..."

CTO @ ] chinitaprincess "happiness is like a cloud, staying up there no matter rain or shine."  #parasail #firsttime #fun  #latepost   4d
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/p/457067236124529678_21802820#oj4Zov6OvU7E8tku.99 
Look closely.  KimXi Parasailing in tandem?

CTO KimXi CSI at work.  Zooming does it.  The tall, broad-shouldered figure  gives Xian away!  Thanks to the uploader and her notes.  Perfectly plausible!

Wala akong angal.

CTO  Dog fears overcome; Kim smiling around them. We know who introduced him to a small dog and had her pet him: Xian is his name. "Big horses, small dogs", as MLAN host Martin Nievera put it.

CTO Kim and Xian - Separated at Birth - we hope not! The dog lover who convinced one "scaredy cat" to own one...now she has 3!

CTO Cats and Tigers on Instagram posted the same day.  Coincidence?
"@chinitaprincess: "wonder what the tiger is thinking at that moment." 💭💭💭💭🐅🐅🐅 ano kaya yun?!haha #zoo #latepost...http://fb.me/Hd0WGxrY

@ ] xianlimm DOUBLE TAP FAST IF YOU AGREE    1d
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/p/457718184461085298_5760649#GVKxvmFq05LsAK2H.99 

Fiercer Kim in her subtle moves - regaling in Xian's presence...

CTO - As long as she touches BASE she's okay. Note where her right hand is.
Embedded image permalink

CTO As long as he continues to LOOK at him this way, she's okay...
Embedded image permalink

CTO - As long as she returns the LOOK, then he's okay...
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Then, their eyes met and everything around them faded away, I think...all in their own little world..."something's telling me it might be you".
Embedded image permalink

CTO  Xian Lim - THE MAN  guilty of capturing Kim Chiu's heart.

CTO - Ever the Gentleman...

CTO - Feeling cold at fellow actor Slater Young's Cebu mountaintop dwelling and our Sir Xian  lent his jacket to warm his Lady Kim.  Chivalry is not dead in KimXilandia!

     CTO - The Gentleman  screening his lady love...

CTO - No, he did not lend her his Jersey.  Coincidence? Some say Meant to be.

CTO - First Kiss from Kim in a show for what looks like an unbelieving and shy-looking  Xian.

CTO  Xian's wrap-around  arms in response to The Kiss with his own kiss...

CTO - Kim's fingers now showing where before  were in closed fist; Xian also showing his warm smile...Bacolod City, in a fan's van; company car needing repair. Embedded image permalink

CTO The bright, sparkling  eyes despite the late hour...2-14-13.

CTO -- if only the camera was shot from the back...the intertwined fingers would have been shown. Valentine's Day, 2013. A bouquet of flowers for the ladylove and a single rose for the rest of humanity in the set that deserve one.

               CTO   The smiles that make Xian Lim's heart go aflutter.


CTO -  Beautiful inside and out with  the face that Xian prefers to see her in - no or light makeup only!  Xian won this time! Beauty enhanced, not hidden.

CTO Quite a comfy pose.  If you got to see the series of photos that accompany this you would have noticed the right arm perpetually attached to Kim Chiu's like a 3rd limb.

Team KimXi  Kim Birthday Celeb April, 2013.

CTO The face that Xian loves to look at which also prompted family friend JC Ususero to place his bet on.
Photo: "@abtkurniawan: Bench Fashion Show SM Aura @chinitaprincess #kimchiu #makeup #albertkurniawan #makeupbyalbertkurniawan #celebrity #philippines hair by #brentsales #backstage"

CTO   - You may place your bets now...I bet..."Superstar ng buhay ni Xi!




At the set with and Gr8 to see you both again!

Marina Benipayo ‏@MarinaBenipayo 18h
@meanloveskimxi ... that's because even 'outside-the-soap', Kim and Xian are really nice people  they're very sincere and not maarte 

@haidzfernandez: Happy birthday sa pinaka mabait, masipag, maganda at matulunging taong nakasama ko sa showbiz @chinitaprincess Thank you sa mahigit 5yrs na pagtyatyaga mo sakin, kahit pinapapangit na kita. Mula noon hanggang ngayon Hindi ka talaga nagbabago sana hanggang Tumanda at magka asawa ka, hindii ka magbago. Ipagpatuloy mo lang ang pagtulong sa mga taong nangangailangan, kahit hindi mo kakilala basta lumapit at humingi ng tulong sayo tinutulungan mo pa rin. Wish ko sana dumami pa ang mga shows and project mo, and good health! I am very lucky and blessed to have you! I love u so much! mwahhhh

Happy birthday beautiful @chinitaprincess . I've been with you from the time you started out in "Sana Maulit Muli" till IKA. From a simple girl to a superstar. Yet you've remained sweet, down to earth and level headed. You're a clear definition of grace under fire. Love you!!

@hotchokoleit: " Apil ka (Sali ka), is your usual reply everytime na sasabihin ko piktyuran kita...
From there, I knew right away you are a sweet, giving, caring and a very thoughtful lady.... And for that you truly deserved happiness in the very sense of the word... You have a generous heart and whatever wishes you have has long been heard and will be granted In God's perfect time... Maligayang Kaarawan Kimmy! Ayo ayo pirmi, ampingi imong lawas.. Pahiyum pirmi! Hugs&Kisses @chinitaprincess "

@boopyap: What can i possibly wish for a person who seems to have the world at her fingertips? A person who seems to have everything she could ever want. Happiness. To one of the most kind, generous and genuine people i know, i wish you, kimmy, nothing but abundant happiness in life. Nothing brings me more joy to see a friend genuinely happy. If there's one thing i am thankful for being in this industry is i've found a friend in you. Work never seems like work with you! I treasure ever bonding moment we have as we get to know each other more and the more i realize what a great person you are and because of that you truly deserve everything you've come to achieve and i am so happy to be able to witness all those estatic moments in your life. Thank you for everything! I want you to know that you are like a sister to me and @kimiyap. Always remember that me and kimi will be here for you whenever you need us. Love you always @chinitaprincess! Happy happy birthday! 

CTO - Some trivia...so Kimmy was the first to call Pokwang Mamang and now that is set for the rest of her life...she's now Mamang to everyone!
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Top Photos - Nanay - Kim's family in Isla Pulo in Navotas. I Dare You  episode - July, 2011 - Face unmade up and in a house dress. Kim promised to return and she did and Nanay welcomed Kim with open arms. (Pls. see below)
Lower Photos: Naging emosyonal naman ang ginang na ito nang makita niyang muli sa personal ang birthday girl. Nakasama ni Kim si "Nanay" nang kunan nila ang isang episode ng defunct reality show na I Dare You sa naturang lugar noong 2011. 

‘Anna Liza’ star Andrea Brillantes says she idolizes Kim Chiu
4/17/2013 8:12 AM by: Rachelle Siazon
One thing Push.com.ph also learned about Andrea is that she is an avid fan of Teleserye Princess Kim Chiu. In fact, it was her fervent wish to play the young Kim in Ina Kapatid Anak. “Masaya po nung napili ako kasi siyempre yung mama ko rin paborito si Kim. Na-excite ako kasi sabi po nila dapat ako yung young Maja (Salvador), tapos [biglang pwedeng] young Kim Chiu. Sabi ko gusto ko Kim Chiu!”

The pretty child star further shared that she admired Kim all the more when she finally met her in person. “Opo na-meet ko na siya. Siya nga magiging ninang ko kapag bininyagan na po ako. Pumayag na po siya. Sabi ko, ’Pwede ba kita maging ninang?’ ’Oo, sige, pwede naman.’ Mabait siya, sobra.”

CTO  Boop Yap, one of Kim's stylists.

CTO - The Peg!   The Face of a Woman in Love!  Kim Chiu!

The Year of Win Some, Lose some...
Despite the early hurt, 2013 bodes well for Kim and Xian. God's graces are often wrapped in thorns; a foreign object lodged in a mollusk which gets wrapped in nacre becomes a pearl of great value. 

Suffering is a gift, God's call. Kim and Xian respond with prayer. This prayer opens them to continued graces from God. We see that the hurts they have suffered and prayed over have given them a good harvest of precious pearls ,  shining brightly.

                               CTO--How pearls are formed naturally


CTO  A top-rater teleserye in Ina, Kapatid, Anak.
Photo by hapi2beako

                           CTO - Loyal and admiring fans on Twitter trending...

"@xianlimm: thanks @ton_lao for styling me last night and @Jaygherrera for makeup"
Photo: "@xianlimm: thanks @ton_lao for styling me last night and @Jaygherrera for makeup"
                      Hosting job - Guillermo Memorial Awards 5-19-13

CTO  Congratulations Xian!   4-21-13
Congratulation @xianlimm we are so proud of you!!! #xianlim (at The Block)

CTO - Mall Tour Shows, Endorsements...
Embedded image permalink

CTO Endorsements Galore...13 added in 2012 alone; one, Avon Philippines in 2013.
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Kim selling TFC Subscription Plan.

CTO - Kim - her shimmering, shining self in a teaser for ASAP18 5-24-13.

Embedded image permalink

Sophisticated, old Hollywood glamour, Kim and Xian, 2012 Star Magic Ball Couple of the Night 

CTO Kim Chiu  and Xian Lim, Hosts for Himig Handog Festival P-POP  2013

Photo by shookheart

CTO  Kim and Xian in their  glamourous best! 2013 proves to be looking bright with a  movie in the wings ; shows in  London and  Canada set for  July and September.  

CTO - Guest performance with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, a Mozart piece.http://ph.news.yahoo.com/blogs/the-inbox/music-making-xian-lim-154956159.html

CTO -   The Face that Enthralls us all!  ABS-CBN Trade Launch

CTO - ABS CBN Trade Launch - Long-legged vision of delight performing amidst great applause!

CTO - Chinita Princess as happy as she can ever be now. Happiness!

CTO And The Man behind all that happiness  we see in Kim..."Si Xian?  Napakabait, caring, thoughtful, funny, hopeless romantic..."  --Kim
Photo: Xian Lim for SM Accessories


CTO "Huli ka!"...Kim seems to say.  Happy where Kim is happy!  Kim, who is quite reticent and shy in public  seems to be admonishing Xian to tone down his marked adulation. Xian, mesmerized! Just my POV. A break from taping IKA.

CTO Iza Calzado after asking, "Why Tropang KimUy, kasal na ba kayo?"At the Star Awards for Movies , Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado hosting along with Kim.
Embedded image permalink

"In any case, no doubt na napakaganda ni Kim nang gabing iyon bukod sa napaka-sexy niya. 
Her first gown, the white one, displayed her cleavage. 
Her second gown, a green number, earned Piolo’s notice who commented that the young actress looked stunning." 

CTO   -  Kim favors the dedication that went with the gift of earrings and promise ring.  She doesnt want to lose them - she says she treasure them for their dedication.  Ikaw Na, Kim!   

Above article uploaded on KimXi Pex; no citing of writer; interview of Kim made at her Birthday Celebration and Fans Day - 4-21-13.

CTO - Novaliches; 9 Fan groups under one: United Support for Kim and Xian. In Union there is strength!

              CTO Kim on Turning 23 - ASAP18.  ASAP prod. 4-21-13.

CTO - Sharing a seat...Comfortability - Higher

CTO Kim and Xian in Araneta 5-22-13 Ivan Ramos ▲ ‏@TheIvanRamos 3m
KIM & XIAN in the house!!!! Waaaaa. With matching Holding Hands pa. :"""> #GForceProject2013 
Xena Dianne-KimXi ツ ‏@Daaayyane 2m
Akbay, hilig, holding hands sa Araneta. Di naman masyadong PDA diba. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim bestfriend DAW!

Maria Goretti ‏@iMariaGoretti 3m
Paakbay-akbay pa habang nanunuod ?? Waaaaahhh!! Sweet <3

iampurpleminnie ‏@iampurpleminnie 7m
Super cute nila during the opening when Lakam was on stage... Nagtatalon si kim while both of them were standing....

Kat Eugenio ♡ ‏@KaatSkie 1m
hahaha! feeling ko conservative tong si xian lim para kay kim chiu. Action speaks louder than words nga naman. Go Figure. It breaks my <3

Kim Chiu Online ‏@OhItsKimmy 12m
feeling ko tuloy si Kim at Xian ang nagkoconcert hahaha @TheIvanRamos #GFORCELiveatARANETA

iampurpleminnie iampurpleminnie ‏@iampurpleminnie 13m
Nakakatuwa si Kim.... Nagatatalon... Then sila ni Shalem panay taas ng kamay cheering for Lakam!!!!

karen ‏@myxmatchkaren 12m
@monikka07 di ko napicturan *** pag daan ni kim at xian jusme kinuyog at nagtatakbo mga students.

Beli Betonio ∞ Beli Betonio ∞ ‏@imBELIgood 17m
Saw Kim Chui Xian Lim =))

iampurpleminnie iampurpleminnie ‏@iampurpleminnie 3m
Nag-exit na yung 2.... Hmmmmm.... Dinner???? Abang abang sa labas....

love.ve|Le ヅ ‏@lovelleeee06 2m
"@katedado: Halos magwala si Kimmy at Xian sa pagcheer kay Lakam! Hhaahaha! Chiuportive!"

Reem Bedayos ‏@Fyeah_ReemB 19m
Spotted sila Kim Chiu at Xian Lim sa #GforceProject2013 Feeling ko sila na. huehuehue. :"">

Pam Nicole Cruz ‏@pamnicolel 2h
Kaloka ka Alexander ha! Halos upuan mo na ang upuan ni Kimberly. Sana nag-isang upuan na Lang kayo at nagkandungan! pic.twitter.com/mPAY5NSshJ

honeylabs ‏@romsonshel 47m
Kim Chiu is so underrated as an actress.I hope she gets the recognition she deserves as best actress in IKA

ellen de guzman ‏@its_me_ellen 1h
I salute Kim Chiu for her professionalism.Mahirap gawin yun reconciliation scene,pero nagawa nya & made it look real.I'm impressed.#IKA

CTO - Last year, Xian came by himself; this year, they came in together, holding hands.  Progress. Trust and Comfortability factor, in place!

CTO  -  "...sleep, perchance to dream", dear Xian, on Kim's shoulder; we know, even Superman has to sleep.  Xian with his 5 am packup, a short nap then Intramuros whole day then Araneta. Heavy sked. Soon, energies will be restored after the zonk out and it will be his turn to say to Kim, "Lean on me".  We also know that if he were still courting, he wouldn't dare sleep on the shoulder of the lady he is pursuing,  never. That would be such a burn. Comfortability factor -Strastopheric! 

Kim and Xian  holding hands,  came by themselves, into Araneta in sight of scores of people for the GForce Concert where Kim's siblings were to perform.  They were there to give support Kim's big sis Lakam.  Both were exuberant in their cheers! 

A year and two months ago in March, 2012 , KimXi fans went ecstatic over fingers intertwining in an ASAP Kim and Xian cover of Lady Antebellum's Just a Kiss.  We hoped  that in time , we would see or know of a KimXi HHWW happening before our or some fans' eyes relayed.  The dream has become a reality and indeed as  Paolo Coelho in The Alchemist says, life becomes interesting.

                               CTO  That's all by Michael Buble

To dream again and perhaps in time, reality comes. DREAM FULFILLED.  
The blossoming of Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu into this Fierce, Fearless and Bolder woman, unafraid to love and unafraid to show it has finally come, thanks to a man  named Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy, a man who dared to dream and is now on the brink of a great adventure in this KimXi journey that has begun since two years ago; a new chapter, a new beginning filled with love in God's will and grace! 



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    Let us also keep them in our prayers for their health, guidance and protection and for graces to continue to shower on them. KimXiFTW! Happiness! Less than three! God bless always!

  10. Beautiful and amazing blog as always Ms. Gutsy for our beloved gorgeous and amazing couple, Xian and Kim ... Just loving them more and more!!!

    Saw Xian again during the Ms. Mandaue Pageant (in Cebu)early this month. This time I was seated near the stage and had a good look at him. My companions and I were so thrilled and happy and enjoying his performance. All the pageant's contestants including the previous year's winners were all "kilig" sa kanya, including the Ms. Mandaue. You can notice how gentleman Xian was to the beautiful ladies. You can also see how careful he was, not being excessive in his expression of appreciation to the kilig beauties, ladies and matrons in the audience. What touched me more was his attention to the little girls who approached him for a picture. Kinuha pa niya ang camera at siya pa ang nagpicture with each of those little girls. Ang swerte nila.

    So we are not mistaken Ms. Gutz in our admiration and love for these two. Really good and beautiful persons inside and out. Take care and God bless you and all KimXis out there. Love you Ms. KimXianity... Your No. 2 Fan

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    1. You're very welcome! hahahahah This time it is also much longer. It is such a pleasure to delve into what they are and how they are! They inspire us all and I thank God for His gift of Kim and Xian and his gift of my love for writing about them and for you all who appreciate both. Sulit! Thanks much and God bless you too!

  12. --hola! the first time that I visited your blog, I got awed with your wit and the way you express your admiration to the said couple, that is why I hurriedly followed this account.. :) thru your writings, we, the avid followers of the two wre so glad and overjoyed because you know how to play with words which convey a lot of meanings.
    Am hoping that you would continue writing coz am so fond of you...
    Also, am hoping that in the next blog they would revl to the whole wide world that they are indeed lovers... :) (just a thought )hahahahha
    God Bless !!!! ^^

  13. Thanks Kristine for the follow...Caballes sounds like someone from Cebu but judging from your "hola" you must be in Spain now. KimXis are really global!

    Love writing and love Kim and Xian so am sure by the grace of God I'll continue. I have this thing about the "revelation"...they are already doing it in so many ways but the outright one won't probably happen until they choose to do it in graphic terms. Meanwhile, let us all enjoy the "what you see is what you get" stance they show!:-)) Thanks again and God bless!

  14. --yah! u'r rght!! I'm from cebu.. hehehehe...

    please continue what you have started.. I so love reading your blogs about them <3

    Thank you....more power!!1

  15. We used to only subscribe to TFC because of my Nanay who's always glued to TFC 24/7. I never watched any of the past teleseryes and only started when I got interested in MBG during the middle of its season and since then, I never missed an episode because of this couple whose chemistry is palpable at every scene. IKA was an awesome teleserye, I became a fan of Kim & Xian in a subtle way of sorts. I stopped watching the teleseryes after IKA, then came the movie BHKCNCM...the first time I watched it, I was by myself the first day it was shown here in OC. It was so endearing, so full of natural emotions coming from Sandeng and Sir Alex, it made my day. The following week, I asked my brother to watch it again with me since my husband refused to go with me.

    Then...I started googleing Kim & Xian and found out their story from YOU! You are a gifted writer.. It's like I am reading a romance novel at each of your blog with the same characters. You are quite a story teller and I love your blogs and pictures.

    I was not aware of Kim & Xian and they are so inspiring since they are not like other Filipino celebs. Their faith in GOD is so admirable and for sure they are a couple who only desires their privacy and everyone should respect that.

    Please continue your blog awesome writer....I'll look forward to your future posts. And thank you for opening my eyes to also look back to Philippine entertainment.

    1. Many thanks for taking time to check out Phil. showbiz; thank you too for your kind remarks...hope you had a chance to read my two latest ones on Kim and Xian. Enjoy.

  16. jmy two cents worth:
    i just want to let you know i appreciate your writing and keen observations. the blossoming of emotions between kim chiu and xian lim starting out as friendship to romance unfolded in your very own words upended in pictures. i've never really been a follower of any artists per se but the chemistry of 'kimxi' from MBG to IKA to BHKCNCM was so powerful it literally blew me away. never have i imagined myself to delight in this considering a lot of things. but not being skeptical on my outlook on love, i believe this is true and real.
    xian is the guy every mother would want for their daughter as their boyfriend/husband, every grandmothers' favorite apo and every mothers' dream son. growing up sensible, God fearing, speaking tagalog even if he grew up in States, knowing customary traditions, with a respect for the elders, bundled with a love for the arts, sports and music.. making HIM a well rounded person with charming good looks too. knowing the familiar old time values in courtship would literally make any woman swoon and fall hopelessly in love with him. on the other hand, kim who knows the value of every hard earned money and accolades appreciates humbly all that she is receiving. beautiful, sensible, prayerful, and never one to be at bitter ends with anyone (unless compelled to be) is very charming and sweet. every mothers' wish to have as a daughter in law. though deeply hurt by her first love, she continues to blossom in a new love who gives her the inspiration to open herself to someone else with trust and move on.
    their chemistry is so natural. their look on each other (most especially xian's loving gazes) speaks volumes, their gestures show true meaning and their words albeit unspoken is very palpable with their every action. they would probably like to remain private in their ongoing relationship but that would be too hard since they're a loveteam. the fans would be ecstatic once they'd announce their being TWOgether. nevertheless, let me borrow a coined slogan for them, "what you XI is what CHIU get'. LOVE is all that matters! <3

  17. Hi Via, So sorry, I only got to read your comment today; you are a good writer yourself. Hope you can find time to read my 2 latest ones...thank you for your kind words.