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The year that was...

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 
Eleanor Roosevelt 

      CTO - Xian in a pensive mood for a shoot but his words for the New Year are upbeat.   Love, love, love. 
Simulan natin ang new year with pagmamahalan! :-) hahaha
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CTO - Kimmy getting the  full-blown special treatment from Xian. She appears to be used to it.  "I just want to make her happy, make her feel special everytime I am with her." - Xian of Kim.  Kim, receiving service de luxe from Xian; even her drink gets wrapped with a napkin.  Chivalry is not dead in the KimXi love saga. KatG Charity event - 12-27-12.

CTO  - LA Show.  The KimXi dance. Kimmy's smile and Xian's Look. 11-3-12
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December is a month of great expectations.  In the KimXi world, memory goes back to twits which without any word being uttered spoke volumes to a KimXi follower.

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Then the words came - an avalanche coming from both Kim and Xian in their early interviews when Xian was tentative, unsure and wanting to spend more time with Kim even after My Binondo Girl ended.

CTO - "Sobrang Laki, Sobrang Laki" ang pagtingin kay Kim.  "Hinding, hindi bibitaw"  kay Kim - Xian.   D'Buzz Interview - January 8, 2012.

CTO  - thanks LoafScent.   Words...consistent and heavy with meaning.

A year has passed and the question remains, " Are they or aren't they?" The answers also remain the same.  Kim and Xian say they are friends and nothing more.  Friends who do not see any other in their chaperoned dates and name a worthy place, they have been there and done that.  Good or better than good friends, my take on it.

"Sa kabila ng patuloy na pagkaka-link sa kanila ni Xian, wala pa ring inaaamin ang dalawa. Bukas kaya talaga sa panibagong relasyon si Kim? “Open naman, dahan-dahan lang, isa-isa lang, huwag agad-agad pumasok."Alam ko matagal na, pero masaya naman ako sa ganito,” sagot ni Kim.

CTO - A year ago, there was hesitancy and only stolen looks at one's beloved.

CTO - The diffident, shy smile; the fond look and Kimmy's amusement at the public announcement for more time with her by Xian - January 8, 2012.

CTO - Diffidence has turned into confidence. The full of surprises Xian turning the tables on Kimmy.
Kim further shared that it’s one of the things she likes about Xian—he really knows how to make a girl feel special. “Ganon naman siya lagi e. He never fails to surprise me.    9-20-12

CTO - Now, Xian's confidence is palpable; his eyes and smile seemingly  announcing to the world - "This girl is mine";  Kimmy,  looking the shy one now dreamily accepting  the "ownership".   Happiness!

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Happiness is having your ladylove in your arms, oh, okay in your arm. Kim and Xian 12-27-12.

CTO - Happiness is in the smile that reaches the eyes from the girl-woman who is much loved - Kim Chiu. 12-27-12.  Team KimXi Christmas Party for The KimXi.
There is a ring that conveniently transfers location from left to right; from index to ring finger but the finger itself, in this photo is  pointing at perhaps the giver; the giver of the ring and the promise that went with the gift  as we surmise,  since there is no admission; only an admission of friendship that has stretched for more than a year; a friendship defined by  exclusivity of company  in countless dates , where their interests lie , albeit, chaperoned.  Exclusively dating, Kim and Xian; no other person of interest except themselves to the other.

                       CTO - The Ring Magnified...

CTO - Anchoring each other - arm on each other's waist; one muscled, the other dainty, homing in so confidently into each other's backs, head leaning towards each other.  Ring on Right Index Finger. 12-27-12.

CTO - Check the Left Ring Finger on the upper photos - there is a ring! 12-23-12.
Kim Chiu is one who never wears a ring; now she does - a heart-shaped ring with stones; so why a heart-shaped ring and worn  on the left ring finger?  

Did someone special give the ring?  ONLY Kim knows and Kim is not telling.  

Is there a Promise behind the Ring?  Xian too is not telling.  Google heart-shaped rings and what one gets are accounts of Promise Rings and where to buy them.  Here's one account of it:

Pre-engagement promise rings are given when two individuals have decided that they will be getting engaged and then married in the future. It happens when two individuals have decided to live together in the future but do not want an official engagement or marriage at the current time. This is the most common meaning for promise rings and in most cases, such promise rings are replaced by the engagement or wedding ring later on. For such promise rings, an exchange of rings between the man and lady is very common.

Pre-engagement Promise Rings should ideally be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This promise ring is then replaced with the engagement ring at the time of engagement. There are some people who believe that the wearing of a promise ring on the left hand ring finger could be confusing as, people could mistake it for an engagement ring! You will therefore find quite a few people wearing their Pre-engagement Promise Ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

Before we exult and go into a Hallelujah chorus, here's another reason why there is an exchange of Promise Rings though the one above is the more commonly accepted , here's another reason why:

Friendship is one of the most obvious reasons for which a promise ring might be given. The meaning of a promise ring in such a case, would not relate to any romantic affair, but rather signify a commitment to always be there for each other in times of need. The friend who receives such a promise ring could be living next door or far away in another country, there is no relevance to geographical distance separating two friends. It is very important that both friends understand the true meaning of such a promise ring, there should not be room for misunderstanding where, either friend misinterprets the ring as showing romantic intentions.

Friendship Promise Rings are given or exchanged between platonic friends (very close friends with no romantic relationships). To hold the right meaning of such promise rings, they can be worn on any finger including the thumb. 

However, it is best to exclude the left ring finger to eliminate any misinterpretation or misunderstanding of romantic intentions.

CTO - The Heart of Roses Tree from  the heart of a man named Xian Lim for his lady love Kim Chiu on her birthday - April 19, 2012.  Notice the height of this tree; truly a labor of love.

There is no doubt as to Xian's intentions as being more than friendship.  There are just too many hearts in his "friendship equation"; latest of which is a red heart from his heart at the ASAP spiel 12-30-12; totally unexpected and totally appreciated by Kim judging from her surprised scream and the  "hampas" or "slap" that also elicited  a huge smile from Xian.   Xian, you're the man!  

Xian pulling a Heart from under his shirt for Kim 12-30-12 which earned him another "Hampas" for his surprise which floored John Pratts and Maja at 3:52. ASAP Spiel. (CTO -thanks Disco).  f7ad36efb821446bb68bf3a478235a94001.html.ASAP-12-E-30-E-2012-E-3-hosting.html   at 3:52

CTO - Kim and Xian finding each other in a hopeful place; sparkling/dreamy eyes say it all.  - 11-02-12  LA Meet and Greet with fans.
A year after the "barrage" of meaningful gifts of flowers in form of a heart; flowers that could fill a Princess' Castle; the salmon handcarried  from Alaska straight to Kim's door and many, many more including the gift of time after work hours; the gift of his presence against all odds even in events that span distance and required dizzying speed such as the time when he had to come from Nasugbu, Batangas to reach Rockwell for  Kim's  first movie with her Ate Vi, the Healing.  

      CTO raquel de ocampo ‏@raquel_rosal
wait ** si @xianlimm na matapos si kim entertain mga pipol na nagcongratulate gusto niya solo moment nila ayiiiiiiiii

CTO Distance was  no object, arriving at the Premiere Night Venue looking none the worse for wear; wearing coordinated colors and a proud smile standing by  in all humility; letting the ladylove have the limelight to herself.

CTO  @raquel_rosal: bts pic after ng beso and pagcongrats ni xian kay kim ayiiiiiiii waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" wwwaaaahhhh...

Xian, sporty but also into music and serious classical music at that had a return compliment from Kim who also took time to grace a very important happening in Xian's life - his debut performance with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra - 12-16-12.

CTO (thanks Ksychiu Tumbler Bebe Abi)- Xian's talent, barely scratched; the Other side of Xian with his loves  in strong support behind him.

CTO - Playing the trombone and the piano with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, Xian on the Piano to great applause from the crowd.  So admirable considering his limited time devoted to practice.  The years of his music coming to the fore.  This could be the side of Xian that would require some space and time from the  world of showbiz for stretches of time to practice though his Kim would not be too left out -  I suppose.

CTO - Xian's profuse thanks to everyone 12-16-12 - Trombone and Piano performance with ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, Gerard Salonga on the baton.  His special guest?  His girl, Kim Chiu!
 CTO  chinitaprincess BIG THANK YOU 2012!!!!  for all the realization, inspiration, acceptance, contentment, happiness, accomplishments, achievements, answered prayers, trials in life that made me strong, good friends, new friends and a happy family!!! Looking for a better and brighter 2013!!!!advance HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! #bye2012 #hello2013   2d

Xian is starting the new year with thoughts of love; Kim with great hopes for the future 

and a huge thanksgiving for 2012, for it's trials and joys; more joys, I would think.

Second day of the year. Ashley Basto ‏@erlyssaashley  Spotted Kim Chiu & @XianLimm at Manaoag awhile ago. :')   January 02, 2012.    

Some history. In early December, 2011, Xian was up in Baguio with the Star Magic Basketball Team.  Everyone in his group had already arrived Manila except for him and there was some concern where he was at from his handler who got to Manila before he did. He twitted. He stopped  by Our Lady of Manaog Cathedral  for Sunday Mass.  

A fan who was wanting to light a candle twitted her surprise and ecstatic joy at the sight of  Xian;  thanking  God that  he was there at even  closer quarters;  having missed his game earlier in Baguio.   God is good!  

That was December 4, 2011;  the day Xian's cell phone lost internet connection; also the day that Robi Domingo apparently threw some pick up lines at Kim at ASAP ; the day Xian felt  he had  to record himself a cover of Gitara posting  this at his Youtube Channel.  Xian expressing himself in song.

                              CTO   Baguio City.  Gitara by Xian 12-4-11.
Prayer is power.  A year or so after, everyone can see the Big Difference.  The Big Difference lies in how Kim is now towards Xian.  

Valentine's Day has come and gone with some rumor of a special Valentine dinner that could not be confirmed but knowing the hopeless romantic nature of a Xian Lim, he would not let a significant day as the Day of Hearts slip by without his usual flair  and  pizzazz displayed.

Stranded in Legaspi,2-12-12 he sent a meaningful private message to Kim which did not remain private for long.  Flights were cancelled; roads were impassable and Xian was probably disconsolate but not enough not to greet the love of his life Good Morning written on his palm which framed his face forming a letter "L"...seemingly saying "Love from Xian.", this was two days before Valentines Day.  - CTO.

CTO - The First time fingers intertwined. ASAP 3-25-12 singing Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum; Xian's Mommy Mary Anne and Mama Lola in the audience. Xian's adoring eyes are there for everyone to see.
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CTO - One of the first signs that the walls were crumbling.  Flower on Kim's left ear - telling the world  that she's TAKEN. Hanging loose in Hawaii, Kim and Xian. 3-30-12.  

CTO  - Xian's open admiration on Kim's IG - a photo of her enroute to Bangkok, 5-19-12.  Kim has not landed Bangkok yet and he is already missing her.

CTO - Kim and Xian together first time on Xian's IG; notice Xian's tight hold and Kim's shy demeanor.  5-26-12.
Xian's face now appears on her Instagram; she immediately "Likes" Xian's interesting IG postings; she now gives him the "stranglehold"; she can now  look at him straight in the eye;  she gives him food in a Tupperware; she goes giddy when Xian looks at her a certain way; and immediately the Kurot or Hampas  comes into play.

CTO - Rehearsals for 11-03-12 LA show; notice Kim's arms tirelessly clinging to Xian's shoulder while Enchong and Maja have broken hold. Comfortability - High.

CTO - The Night the Foreheads Touched...Sir Deo's birthday, 11-06-12.

CTO - Xian with the Chius with Mommy Elena and Baby Raine.  Faces and Curves Christmas Party - 12-21-12.  All in the family.
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CTO Habang nagrereview ng vids nung KimXi Christmas Party, nakita ko 'to.. May kurutan din pala sa part nung raffle.. Hmm, bakit kaya? Hohoho..Kapuso_JP22   KimXi Party 12-27-12.

Kaye C. ‏@superkayemc
“@KimmmyUy: NO SPACE ALLOWED! Rubbing shoulders, touching knees at siksik na siksik si ate! CTO.” 
Xian recounting his Vietnam adventure from 12-24/27-12 or just telling her he missed her.  No one can really tell. Kim smilingly serene, quietly enjoying Xian's story.  So, around Kim, Xian is not your usual quiet type.  He also talks; way to go Xian!   Changes!

Kimmy and her family and friends in Hongkong - 12-24/27-12.  Spending Christmas out of the country with the family for the first time.  Absent is brother William and his own family.

CTO -Their visit was geared towards the youngest one in the group - Raine.

 CTO - Kris TV 10-01-12 How Xian wants Kim's family to know him better.
Part 2

Xian and Mom Mary Anne on their first sortie out. Good looks inherited. Posing before the People's Committee Building, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon); "Paris of the East" with its French Colonial architecture.
 CTO -

CTO - Xian's major influences...his Mommy Mary Anne and his Mama Lola.  Both have met Kim and both like her according to Xian.  In a phone patch interview on 10-01-12 KrisTV interview Mommy Mary Anne urged Kim to say yes to Xian.  She also said that she notices a certain glow in Xian's eyes now. What a compliment towards Kim; to be liked by the mother of her special friend and to be attributed for the glow in Xian's eyes.  Spoken like a true mother who goes happy when her son is happy.

                         CTO -thanks to Cheypot123 Kris TV  10-01-12
Mommy Mary Anne's expressed approval of Kimmy on 3:28-3:57

CTO Xian with Kim's Lola and Auntie, Cebu - June, 2012.  They only have good words for Xian.  First time Xian spoke to the rest of the clan; Xian took time to really sit down and speak to each of them.  See what love can do - the quiet, shy Xian facing Kim's relatives...what a scary prospect for anyone. This gesture endeared him to them.

CTO - Faces and Curves Christmas Party Kim and her tight hold on Xian's arm.  Chiuhin Universe Jerry Voyage, minus the smile,  not liking (?) being relegated to the background. Make way Chiuhin, Kimmy is now claiming her man! 12-21-12.

CTO - The smiles that refresh...relaxed, cool and assured. Kim and Xian, happy and inspired!

CTO - This time it is Kimmy's turn; perhaps regaling Xian who is all ears judging from his listening stance.  Kimmy and her HK adventure, talking to  Xian a mile a minute from what I see; lips pursed and all.  Kimmy, so comfy with Xian.
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Kim looks like she always has a story to tell Xian whenever they are together where  she used to be   quiet before. She now  has no qualms scrolling down  his phone. They appear to be  each other's shadow.  When they sit, no space is allowed between them.  Kim is now sensitive to Xian's  hand or eye signal...there's the finger tapping on the shoulder and the eye contact that says something that each knows what for.  

                                  CTO - Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum

Xian countering with a kiss on the shoulder. Xtremely Xpresso. 12-28-12.
♥Issabelle Curious ‏@IssaCurious
@glystermae wow gang kaswerte nimo! ayiiiiiiieeeeeeeee sige efriendship mo yan saan man niya nakita ang kiss sa shoulder sa el kabayo?
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18m Glzter Mae Gangga ‏@glystermae

17m ♥Issabelle Curious ‏@IssaCurious
@glystermae anong oras gang? Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh morning noon kagabi? sorry daming question and answer portion muah!

CTO - Bonding with the family after the early morning jog at Remy Field; breakfast at Xtremely Xpresso, Subic -12-28-12.  Just a Kiss..

9m Glzter Mae Gangga ‏@glystermae

8m ♥Issabelle Curious ‏@IssaCurious
@glystermae OMG ANG SWEET NOON hindi man lang inantay ang gabi bwahhahhahahaha ayiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee

4m Glzter Mae Gangga ‏@glystermae

 CTO - Kimmy's widely used "stranglehold" that has Xian looking happy.  Offcam with Jayson Gainza or Chiuhin Oscar of IKA gamely taking the pic and twitting about "ants" invading. So very sweet, so sweet.   Xian on a IKA set visit from his own event, 12-5-12.  "Sundo" is the word used. imjaysongainza
Owws baka langamin kami d2 sa tent sweet nina @chinitaprincess at@XiannLim

CTO - Kim's uncharacteristic pose- sign of  growing intimacy? Xian just loves it.

CTO - The Look from Kimmy - Prelude to a Kiss.   KatG Charity Event. 12-27-12.

CTO - THE KISS.  Kim and Xian greeting each other on Kim's Arrival. KatG Charity Event for KimXi - 12-27-12.

Close encounter of Kim and Xian with matching eye-to-eye contact, smiles and with a sweet and lovely tete-a-tete unmindful of giddy fan nearby...the two, fresh from Hongkong and Vietnam, respectively, could not seem to take their eyes off each other.  Truly absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Happiness!  CTO

When did the  "Hello and Goodbye" Kiss start to be shown publicly?  All we know are the kisses that had to be counted first with 1, 2, 3 and shy  Kim  shying away with eyes closed; Xian stretching over.   CTO

             CTO - Goodbye Kiss after the KimXi Christmas Party 12-27-12.

CTO - The dreamy look at a runner running alone though not lonely knowing that  the Lady Love is somewhere where he could see her. Contemplative  ChinitaPrincess at Remy Field, Subic with Xian and JP, sighted by a fan who got shy at having a pic with her she   just twitted. 12-28-12. At approximately.6:30a.m. 

CTO Kim, Xian, Lakam at El Kabayo, Subic.  Finally, Xian seen on horseback with the Chius. 
Xian, coming out of the shadows,  now in living color - the growing acceptance;  the appreciative words of Kim's Ate Lakam for Xian say a lot of the inroads   Xian's pursuits have made in a year.  The year just flew so fast; if anything, the friendship has deepened. 

Second Day of January, 2013.
CTO -KimXi4ever ‏@KimXi4ever22   Lower Left - JP, Xian and Kim in Tarlac. 1-02-13.
jpchiu @KCT  #happy gd evening day two of 2013  
Tarlac KartCity is a lay-over; Manaoag Church is the destination.  No more angst in wanting his Kim to listen to  his plaintive song, Gitara.  Xian has gone under the radar.  No one knows what gifts they have given each other this Christmas.  

If the friendship has deepened, security around it is also heightened.  Everyone around them seems to be under a vow of secrecy.  Action still speaks louder than words and their continued bonding assures KimXis worldwide that everything is well in the KimXi household.

Xian with Kim and JP in fun-filled karting experience prior to going Manaog for Church. How touching to see young people turning to God in their daily doings.  A lot to be thankful to God for!

All of us KimXis am sure are one in our prayers for Kim and Xian. It is so gratifying to know  that the two are prayerful and that they are also praying together.  Jesus says, "Whenever two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in their midst."  (Matthew 18:20)

Any relationship that has God at its center will thrive.  "God makes the way when there seems to be no way."

Kim and Xian,it is good to know that your faith is strong and that you go through great lengths to express it, traveling close to 200 kilometers to visit the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Manaoag to thank, invoke and worship God through our Blessed Mother's loving intercession. 

What a beautiful thing to see -- two extremely popular and extremely busy actors  pause from their hurried existence to go in pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag for their private intentions. Our Lady of Manaoag, thank you for your favors to this couple and their brother.

     CTO Kim and Xian at Tarlac Kart City - January 2, 2013. Adventure!!!

Indeed, the two are such great role models for today's youth, starting with  young JP Chiu.  He in his youth will learn that success is wrought  with hard work coupled with deep prayer.  To pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on  him.  

Xian, thank you for bringing Kim and JP to this pilgrimage to Our Lady of Manaoag; your life is a great testimony of the miracle of God's grace; same way with Kim. Some people may call it destiny, I call it God's grace.

To thank God for all things including life's trials is what Kim and Xian did on the first days of the year.  Let us follow their good example. 

                            CTO Mary did you know produced by Chr 5P

CTO Our Lady of Manaoag Cathedral together with an image of the farmer who received the "call" or "tawag" from our Blessed Mother Mary.
The Virgin of Manaoag has an amiable, radiant expression. Her countenance inspires love, adoration and awe. She exudes beauty beyond description. She is patroness of the sick, protectress of the helpless, benefactress of the needy. Her miracles are numerous and are not only part of the past but continue to adorn the present. Hence so strong is the devotion her devotees have for her that wherever they may find themselves they do not fail to visit her to ask that Masses be said for them at her shrine or that candles be lighted on their behalf before her. Some send flowers to decorate her throne and others even prepare a cloak for her wear
There is something about Kim and Xian that keep us glued to our TV sets when they come on; to be happy when we see them just looking at each other deeply, not even touching;  their slight touch - an arm on the shoulder, hand holding the other get us out of kilter. 

A lot of us would call it magic; their presence, magical. We are so quick at defending them, seeing how vulnerable they are and are also so without any real friends around them; we,  their fans want to see them happy and their being happy together sets our world aright or askew the minute we see their "territories" meaning their lives "invaded" by "predators" whether they be towards their person or their careers.

Now, it seems to me, I have finally unlocked the key to our endless fascination bordering on something or the other according to some KimXis who are now crying for "help" needing "rehab" as they call it.  Maybe, I am one of those who are in a state of denial.  I have one trait that I can identify with the rest of the KimXis-- my going ballistic over the slightest of slights towards Kim or Xian or both.  My cool, calm and collected self becomes the opposite of the three adjectives. 

                           CTO - Team KimXi Christmas Party 12-27-12 
If you are a KimXi fan, you will be watching this with a wide smile punctuated by a giggle from beginning to end.  Carino Brutal in the works.  Their happiness is ours , Kim and Xian, you enchant us so!

I see Kim and Xian's deep humility, their being so natural and grounded; their being human, their easy laughter, their moods, their lapses; I find so endearing.  

They have great talent and yet when you ask them to perform in a private party  they clown around, Kim especially; making one wonder, where are the two who ably render a duet or individually  sings live in their mall tours in perfect tune and why all of a sudden, Kim or Xian can no longer  carry a tune?  I guess, to them singing is work and parties are play to them.  The two do not mix.  This makes them all too human and therefore  so adorable.  Among friends, real friends, they can be themselves.

CTO - Children are no exception.  They find KimXi enchanting too. 12-27-12.
Embedded image permalink
Xian  gave this girl a treat she won't ever forget.  He came to Bahay ni Maria and treated her like a Little Princess.  What a joyful day for her!

CTO Kim, totally unaware, charms a pre-teen;  Kim  and  Xian have that vibe.  They say, children are most attracted to adults who are good and kindhearted; their intuitive sense still strong and unjaded.  This girl will no longer forget her encounter with a Princess who looked, dressed and acted like one.

2012 happenings on video. This is the same video Kim and Xian had all eyes for at the KimXi Christmas party.


CTO   Kim so happy being together with Xian  in a relationship that is indefinable.
Top 15 Newsmakers   (Manila Bulletin online, January 2, 2013)

The year 2012 saw the rise of a diverse group of personalities who made an impact beyond their communities and respective fields with their talent, character, works, skills, achievements, and advocacies.
These brave, bold, and determined individuals dared to prove that with a lot of hard work, good intentions and a pure heart, one can go a long way.
Meet the top newsmakers that truly rocked, ruled, and inspired us in 2012.


Not just an entertainer

Top 6: In her journey as a simple lass from Cebu to being one of the biggest showbiz celebrities, young actress and recent Anak TV Makabata Awardee Kim Chiu has learned to adhere to and apply one mantra in her life -- to live each day to the fullest, to not dwell on the past and not worry about what the future holds.
"Ang importante sa akin is today and what's happening today, what I have today. I'll worry about tomorrow... siguro bukas na," she says.
Growing up without the full guidance of her parents, Chiu still considers herself lucky to be with her four siblings, from whom she always draws inspiration, strength and life lessons.
With her life open to thousands of adoring fans, the 22-year-old Chiu says she never succumbs to the pressure of always looking good or being a role model. "I'm not pretending to be anybody else. I'm just being myself. But I'm happy that people look up to me, and admire me for who I am."

Kim and Xian, No. 2 of 10 Top Newsmakers for Balitang America's  Yearender; in a tie with Manny Pacquiao.  What a feat!  

      CTO - The Happy Duo!  Congratulations!  Morgan™ @supermorgy
With all fairness! Meron talagang chemistry si Kim Chiu & Xian Lim #InaKapatidAnak Iba eh! Ramdam mo yung kilig! So cute! @XianLimm

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                               CTO - Balitang America - Kim and Xian -5-26-12

Kim and Xian  reveal who and what they are to each  other.  This interview given to  Henni Espinosa by our fave couple is their  best interview ever, bar none, in terms of perceived sincerity, naturalness and degree of revelation. 

The year that was, was a kaleidoscope of Kim and Xian unforgettables - Ako'y Sayo Lamang; Record album, So It's You turning gold; Teddy Bear of all sizes and colors; My Binondo Girl finale;  KimXi party at Sofitel; magazine covers;  meeting each other's families; Valentine's  Day, Instagram;  mall shows;  provincial tours - Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, CDO; trips to Hawaii, California, Las Vegas; Seattle, Chicago,  Alaska; Singapore, solo or together; birthday celebs, Xian gifts; Kim gifts to Xian;  Xian endorsements galore, awards;  music; duets;  Cassadee Pope, Brian Mcknight;  block screenings; charities, dinners together; movies watched; events attended; Balitang America Interview; Breakthrough Loveteam; Hottest Loveteam; visits at Kim's home; Habagat that flooded MetroManila and packaging relief goods; The Healing, The Reunion, 24/7 In Love and the shooting of them which showed them with other partners; Star Magic Ball, Kris TV guestings, Ina, Kapatid, Anak tapings; Kung Di Sa Yo;  Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Ziplining;  Subic's Anvaya Cove, El Kabayo, Xtremely Espresso;  early morning runs, sports, basketball; meals together -  Shangrila, Rockwell, Eastwood; fave noodles; Trombone and Piano with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra; Tea; Gym work ; go-kart racing; prospect of a movie together; , etcetera, etcetera.  

2012 was the year of so much happiness and inspiration; the year of Kim's liberation from two years of  pain and bewilderment over a lost love; the year that found   Kimmy freed of a lot of angst; the year her heart opened up to the prospects of a new love; a new love that shows a lot of promise as the bringer of this love is a hopeless romantic whose name is Xian who sees Kimmy as someone who understands him fully ; someone who gets him excited at the thought of her being there for him; someone whose presence make him happy; such that he enjoys every moment he spends with her.  

2012 was also the year that fears were conquered - fear of heights, of dance, of jumps, dives - Bungee and sky; fear of falling in love; of commitment; of meeting each other's families; of traveling alone; fear of just being oneself, of being true to what their real selves are.  Now they are shedding fears like yesterday's clothing; now, also,  they are eager to try new things, perhaps bring the relationship to another level and perhaps, fall in love or accept that they are already in love.  After all, what are rings for or flowers in the left ear for or sharp looks when one sees a "rival" for. They will be all for nothing if not defined. 2013, here come Kim and Xian!  All ready and unafraid!

What a good combination of talent, beauty and goodness these two are.  They complement each other; one there for each other; one providing anchor; the other wind beneath her wings, steady and uncompromising.  Kim and Xian, kayo na!

CTO - My Heart Belongs to you by Hayley Westenra

                                    CTO - When you say nothing all


Grateful thanks to owners/uploaders of videos, photos, magazine articles, etc.  Thanks to Kim and Xian and the KimXis for the inspiration. <3


  1. Gutsy, thank you for the detailed KIMXI journey for 2012, please keep them coming. I lurked (still a lurker)/ watched /enjoyed / loved / cried / happy with their journey together. It is a blessing to find your true soul mate, someone who knows you and be there for you at all times. I believe KIMXI are and I pray that whatever they have will last 4ever.

  2. You're welcome. Pareho tayo ng take on what they have and hopes for them...parang hirap ng mabuwag ang what they are to each other sa tingin ko. :) Mag-unlurk ka para makainteract ka with us. God bless!

  3. WOwwwww Gatsy i really really like it.your talented writer gatsy keep it up .....basta may kimxi love love love 2013 continue shower them blessing because they deserve it. mheann

  4. Amazing story of the love journey of our idols Kim and Xian and how beautifully and amazingly written it is, Ms. Gutsy! And what amuse me is how updated it is, up to the last KimXi event before you post it. Even if we're not closely monitoring FB and PEX, your blogs always update us including the must-see beautiful photos and vids of our beloved lovebirds. We are grateful and so love you for it Ms. Gutz. If you decide to make a book of these blogs, consider me as one of the first 10 who will buy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR MS. GUTZ!!! -Your No. 2 Fan

  5. ...and the KimXi saga continues...Super love this blog Ms. Gutsy! You really are a great writer! What a great recap of the deepening relationship of KimXi.

  6. thank you so much for these blog...noe i fully understand the -KIMXI

  7. hi gutsy thank you for this... just so happy to note that all incidents and events your talking have been known to me....baliw lang talaga...but then sarap balik balikan...

  8. thank u so much for sharing all the events of kimxi i'm so happy for their team up thanks god nakahanap na c kim chiu ng matinong ka loveteam gogogo kimxi....

  9. as always---you're a superb writer---no comparison. a million thanks from all of us here in norcal. i'm your greatest fan!!!!

  10. Another great piece, Ms. Gutzkg!! I hope Xian and Kim get to read all your blogs.

    Since I have been following them since the MGB days, Kim has gone a long way towards expressing her feelings for Xian. In the live chat on ABS-CBN with with gretchen fulido last Oct. 2011, I noticed that Kim was still not receptive towards him, parang medyo sarcastic pa nga sya kay Xian, and the way she looked at him, parang hindi pa nya "feel" si Xian. Xian, I must say, already looks smitten with her even at that time and has been consistent with his words, deeds and actions towards Kim, for as long as I can remember, even if para ngang ilang or awkward pa si Kim sa kanya.

    Xian is really a patient and persistent person, I admire his sincerity and the way he expresses his love for Kim, even if some people (maybe including Kim herself) doubted at first his intentions, and maybe thinking he's corny and too cheesy. I guess Xian developed the trait of patience and perseverance when he learned to play musical instruments, starting with the piano at a very tender young age of 8. You don't get to learn without constantly practicing everyday, for as long as is takes, otherwise you don't master the piece. Practice makes perfect. Xian's talents for playing musical instruments didn't just happen, it was a result of a musical inclination and interest, coupled with long, long years of practice and hard work.

    With xian's unwavering patience and love, Kim slowly warmed up to him, little by little, until such time na parang comfortable na sya around him, and nababawasan na rin ung pag-ilag nya when Xian gets so uncomfortably close to her. Leter on, she started to look at him with love, nakikipag-titigan na rin. These days, though, sobrang touchy-feely na si Kim towards him, pansin ko rin, mahilig syang sumiksik kay Xian when they are seated together, even sa Kris TV aired last Oct 1 2012 and dun sa Xmas party ng Kimxis. Ngayon naman, parang hindi na sya comfortable kung di sila magkadikit and her favorite lines pag lumayo lang ng konti si Xian... "Halika Dito" or "Ba't ang layo mo?" Best proof of what love can do!

    KIM, you're one lucky girl, but I must say, so deserving of his love. If I were you, I will never, ever let go of Xian. Guys like him are so rare and near extinction, he's one in a million. Kahit na mag-around the world ka ng dalawang beses, you won't find someone or anyone in your lifetime who loves you just as much.

    1. Kim felt hiya and defensive during Gretchen Fullido's live interview. Defense mechanism lang niya iyon in front of people baka sabihin ng tao na may gusto siya kay Xian. But, you can see flat out their chemistry in that interview. Very seldom can you find someone who can humor with your thoughts and kalokohan in mind. Pareho silang kalog. During those days, she already likes Xian, as a friend only otherwise she won't invite him or let him in her house. Kim was on a healing process and was also very cautious at that time. You are right Xian is a rare find, very patient, full of love and almost perfect in our eyes. Kim is indeed very lucky and Xian is, likewise.

      Showbiz is cruel, let us include them in our prayers that they survive this dirty showbiz world.