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Journey, discovery and...

“Whether we name divine presence synchronicity, serendipity, or graced moment matters little. 

What matters is the reality that our hearts have been understood. 

Nothing is as real as a healthy dose of magic which restores our spirits.”  - Nancy Long 

CTO  Looking forward to Positivity, Fearlessness, Happiness, Enjoying 2013!
Kim Chiu and Xian on  a magic carpet ride this 2013 and beyond...

                                 CTO - Aladdin - A whole New World

The year 2013 bodes well for Kim and Xian.  They spent its entry together in celebration.  On its second day, they spent it in Church around 200 kilometers from their residences, in Manaoag, Pangasinan to honor Our Lady of Manaoag, Mother of our Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother.  

CTO - thanks SuperMinnie...for this candid shot of  the man closest to Kim's heart, the quiet one with the "mapupungay na mata (sleepy?)"; a fish out water in showbiz but has slowly but surely acclimatized; innately good, humble, funny, intelligent, well-bred and extremely good-looking, faithful, loyal, full of respect for Kim, her family and everyone - what is not to love of Xian?  Kim is there in that blessed state of love, thanks be to God!
Kim's Xian as Liam...all sleepy (?)...still at his pogi best!

Kim , who in the past was paralyzed by fear especially in the realm of love and commitment has revealed on  the August 3, 2012 KrisTV that she is now free from the ties that bound her heart; free from the darkness that she chose to stay in and is now out into the light and ready, perhaps, to love again.  She has grown wings with the help of one Xian Lim who offered himself to be her "Pakpak" while she was still healing and unable to fly; Xian Lim, the man closest to her heart; the only one she goes out with;  the one who only wants to "make her happy, make her feel special!"

CTO    Kim's Instagram photo. chinitaprincess "treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you, not because they are nice, but YOU are." 

Six days after the trip to Manaoag, on January 8th, Kim received a gift wrapped in thorns.  She bled, cried over it with Xian on her side; a shoulder to cry on, if ever.  Characters were revealed that day and a supposed friendship or friendships were lost.  

The gift bore a blessing in disguise.  Nine  groups of Kim and Xian fans came together as one to support Kim and Xian under the banner of United Support for Kim and Xian. 

The Force was felt at the Mall Show for Ina, Kapatid, Anak on January 13, 2013 at SM Novaliches with a crowd that drowned out the voices on stage and the size of the crowd was such that the show was aborted for safety reasons.

The gift wrapped in thorns also brought to the fore two qualities that Kim loves most in Xian - Faithfulness and Loyalty...qualities that she sought for in friends along with Respect!  Faithfulness, Loyalty, Respect - all these Xian has given to Kim without measure. Faithful, loyal to Kim and treats her and her family with respect and a lot of care and thoughtfulness, says Kim of Xian, the man closest to her heart; a man, humble and true to his word!

In union there is strength! The groups which were going here  and there before are now together as one in the major projects for Kim and Xian!  Happiness!   Xian also took a tough stance. He took Kim's side where no one of his peers did.  To them, perhaps, it was safer to play neutral.  

In seemingly bad things, good things happen to those who love God... "And we know that all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28.

CTO - Kim Chiu's Arrival at SM Novaliches to a capacity crowd of mostly Kim and Xian fans judging from the huge banners and the screams. January 13, 2013.

CTO - United Support for Kim and Xian - the union born of need to support Kim and Xian in their projects - mall shows, events, TV shows, movies and on Twitter, IG, FB and their charity work. This poster was for the Cebu  Sinulog Festival of January 19-20th showing on the bottom right corner the names of the groups that come under the umbrella of United Support for Kim and Xian.  The groups are still separate entities but have come together for a good cause - the support of Kim and Xian in their individual or joint pursuits.

Where the groups united as one in KimXi major activities; Kim and Xian  became closer with Kim becoming more positive, more fearless in her stance in all things, be it personal or professional and Xian, more caring and thoughtful.

CTO - Xian, ever the gentleman  assisting Kimmy to her dressing room after a tape, 2-06-13; IKA tape visit at Manila Hotel.
KimXi Thread by IamPurple Minnie...2-06-13 This was not taken during shoot but this is after the scene taken at the lobby of the hotel and Kim has to go back to the dressing room to change into her cocktail dress.... From the hotel lobby where they shot which is almost at the entrance to the dressing room Xian is beside her assisting here ensuring that she safely walks and her gown is not in anyway bothering her and that she can walk comfortably... Indeed Xian was a true gentleman.... he is..... lets put it this way he always ensures Kim is ok....
Photo and Caption  courtesy of and thanks to Team KimXi's  iamPurpleMinnie) 

Xian from the start has always been open and fearless.  Notice how he is the only one among his peers who fearlessly took Kim's side in the friendship issue.  He is standing behind Kim and  how!  Is fearlessness  contagious?    In KimXi's case, it appears, it is!

Professionally, Kim and Xian are doing well.  They are major stars in the teleserye Ina, Kapatid, Anak which prides itself of being the No. 1 show in the country as of January, 2013; they also have a rom-com movie that has already began shooting under the helm of Joyce Bernal, a talented lady director known for her expertise in this genre.

Graces aflowing.  Celiam is  birthing in Ina, Kapatid, Anak.  Liam prefers to be with Celyn more than with Margaux.  KimXis are exulting and the trending continues! 

CTO                                                        CTO


CTO "Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogatorials: Is Kim Chiu the New Judy Ann Santos?"

"As we all know, Judy Ann Santos has been paired with Wowie de Guzman, the late Rico Yan, Piolo Pascual and her husband Ryan Agoncillo, and all of these loveteams nagclick and nagkaroon ng followers. While Kim Chiu on the other hand proved that how people have loved her Kimerald tandem with Gerald Anderson, ganun din kaingay ang KimXi love team nya with Xian Lim."

CTO - AGB Nielsen Survey Ratings 2-04-13

'Ina, Kapatid, Anak' is No. 1 show in the country

MANILA, Philippines -- ABS-CBN remains the leading network in terms of nationwide viewership as its TV offerings swept the 10 most watched programs in the country in January. 

ABS-CBN's audience share lead is reflected in the winning streak of "Primetime Bida," the block of Kapamilya offerings that air between 6 p.m. and midnight on weekdays.According to the latest data of multinational market research group Kantar Media, the Kapamilya network registered an average of 40% in nationwide audience share last month, while its nearest competitor GMA-7 trailed at 33%.
In January, ABS-CBN primetime programs averaged a 44% nationwide viewership, posting a 13-point lead over those aired on GMA-7. Posted at 02/05/2013 7:30 PM | Updated as of 02/05/2013 9:24 PM 


CTO - “I’ll always give an open ear and lend a helping hand to Kim.” - Xian, 1-08-13.

Faithfulness, Loyalty, Respect given Kim on top of being "funny, caring, thoughtful,
napakabait, hopeless romantic" per Kim. 

The year 2012 literally closed with a bang for Kim and Xian! They celebrated the end of the year and the New Year together with fireworks and sumptuous Media Noche  at Kim's home along with the Chiu family! 

Xian thanked Kim wholeheartedly for the invitation and hoped to receive more invitations of the sort. Though they did not spend Christmas together, preferring to spend the festive occasion in separate Asian countries with friends and  family; both Kim and Xian went for a Post-Christmas celebration at Subic, starting off with an early morning run, a meal and precious  time with the Chius! 

What a journey this has been for Xian!  He whose entry into Kim's life went via a soap that fell into his lap by way of his ethnicity, My Binondo Girl,  as Andy Wu, son of Tai Pan Edison Wu where Andy  ended up besting two others for the hand of Kim's character, Jade. For real his being the endgame to Kim's character is some amazing grace aided by an explosive chemistry between him and Kim that translated well onscreen prompting the likes of journalist Tintin Bersola-Babao, a self-proclaimed fan to remark on twitter:

CTO - Ms. Tintin must be recalling the following video she uploaded in February 2, 2012 of her family's encounter with Kim and Xian a year ago, January 31, 2012 in a restaurant wherein she wished for the two to be together for life; perhaps relating to how she and husband Julius met at work and eventually fell in love and got married. Like Kim and Xian,  the Babaos have a strong belief in the power of prayer. 

The year that was  started with some angst for Xian who twitted with such longing for an understanding of what he was feeling that moment; the emotion filtering into a social network that generated instant responses that must have given him some measure of  relief.

                                                               CTO November 11, 2011...

Now the voice is no longer too soft to hear; Xian who has risen from a diffident, shy only wanting to see more of Kim after My Binondo Girl is now  a more confident, a little forward at even asking Kim for his wishes. One example is  asking Kim's approval  for him to visit her Ammah, Kim's Grandma in Cebu when he went Cebu for an event and when asked why he wanted to do that, answered  jokingly, "makikikain lang".  

A year has passed; a year of great change in fame, fortune and the life and lovelife of  Xian. The graces have flowed heavily; there was this downpour on Xian who was more than ready after years of drought and intense workshops that he spent  in  preparation for an opportunity during the slack time that he had which  was considerably more than his busy one. The grand opportunity that proved to be My Binondo Girl and the serendipity of finding the girl of his dreams; the proverbial finding of not only "the needle in the haystack" but the "farmer's daughter" as well  in Kim.

    CTO - Xian's Kim at the pocket presscon for Ina, Kapatid, Anak - 9-24-12

CTO - Kim at Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo...pining for her love? January 23, 2013.
Xian Lim at General Santos City for Mint - 1-26-13.

My Binondo Girl and Xian's overwhelming chemistry with Kim  which also sent his own heart athumping for Kim for real became a strong magnet to admirers and fans worldwide in turning Jandy to KimXi and to shout to the rooftops for more KimXi pairings. Ina, Kapatid, Anak and movie under the helm of Joyce Bernal, are ABS-CBN's response to the worldwide clamor.   

In addition to additional projects with Kim commercial establishments Thirteen endorsements, majority of them high-end and visible in billboards, were added to his two - Mint and Orotime, in 2012 alone.  

Rejoice with Kim
Globe Telecom
Century Bangus
Surf Soap Detergent
Gold's Gym
Faces & Curves
Aqua Fresco Fragrances
SM Accessories: The Fashion Accessories Authority
TechnoMarine Watches Phils.
Banco de Oro
Myra Vita White E
Gibi Shoes                                

CTO -   Kim's Xian...the Commercial endorser par his proactive sales approach on Twitter, Instagram and consistent wear of the products he endorses generating improved sales and heightened customer recognition for products identified with him.

CTO - Mint, TechnoMarine...
re than a year ago the song "When you say nothing at all"  was a song 

CTO - Rejoice with Kim...

For me the above feat is unprecedented. 13 endorsements for the year that passed. Xian has certainly touched the hearts of, if I may fearlessly say it, millions of Pinoys, Fil-Ams, and OFW's all over the world!  His tandem with Kim has awaken  the romantic nature of everyone especially the ladies who hope to see the likes of a perfect gentleman possessing traditional values, respectful, loving, creative, musical, innately good, well-bred, faithful, loyal, consistent, true to his word, ultra-goodlooking and such a hopeless romantic as Alexander Xian Lim Uy! He belongs to  an endangered group  and Kim who echoes all of Xian's good qualities is so blessed to have met her male counterpart. God is good!

CTO - Kim and Xian at ASAP18 Cotillion February 3, 2013.
        "The Perfect Pair" Per ASAPOfficial    02-03-13.                                       

In October, 2011 when everything was still fluid and loose and Xian was slowly discovering a girl who is so different from how he envisioned a Kim Chiu would be;   she, whose TV series she starred in have been consistent top-raters from the first one in 2007 to the last one in early 2012 and  to his amazement still wears  a smile even  after 24 hours on the job; someone "who does not have a mean bone in her body" who is good to everyone, cast and crew alike; someone who proves to be such a giving co-star even a newbie like him delivered very well in their scenes together; someone he never imagined he would fall for; someone who got him to write and finish his  first song ever, "Akoy Sayo Lamang" with lyrics that read, "Araw Gabi ikaw ang nasa isip, Unang Tingin, ako ay nabighani".  

                 CTO - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by George Michael

She was all bubbly at their first live chat with Chesca Litton and  made fun of the song, Xian identified her with, "When you say nothing at all" .  According to Kim this was the only song he knew  on guitar which Xian took gamely.  

Xian's jokes also did not pan well with Kim - they were mostly "waley" according to her and because "naawa" she just forced herself  to laugh.  His skills on the piano were a source of joke as well. When Xian took out his guitar to sing, Kimmy asked him if he also needed a piano; his  piano being delayed in traffic. The banter was easy and Xian took everything lightly; enjoying Kim's subtle at times obvious digs. It was clear that the friendship was solid; Xian clearly smitten and Kim dismissive.

               CTO - KimXi Live Chat with Chesca  Litton, October, 2011.
                "Yan lang po kasing alam nya na tugtugin sa gitara" - Kim at4:38+

Kim's personality shone through according to Xian and Kim who at this time was still  playful and irreverent towards him and only had HMP to say to him complete with some good facial expression to go with it - nostrils flaring when teased about him getting carried away by their romantic scenes at My Binondo Girl, unabashedly mentioning his red earlobes whenever they happened.

CTO -Kim and Xian singing When you say nothing at all at Cebu Ayala Terraces Mall. 1-19-13 Cebu Sinulog Festival 2013.  Xian still with  his red ear lobes a year after My Binondo Girl ended.

Eye to Eye...slightly puckered lips,  smiling eyes...Kim and Xian readying for a kiss (?).

Here is Kim, a year later, in the KrisTV October 1, 2012 episode,  she is now singing praises to Xian's musical talent and skills. When pointedly asked by Host  Kris A. whether she found his singing good,  proudly she answered in Xian's presence, "Sobra", as in, really good! 

Someone bold and unafraid knocked at Kim's heart and she opened its door  to this man named Xian Lim. Xian whose  consistent, persistent, unassailable romantic pursuit is deemed  incomparable in terms of frequency, volume and uniqueness  to anything  Kim's other male admirers have shown so far. 

CTO Thanks Bebi Abi (ksychiutumblr)

Family oriented and possessed of such impeccable manners from his Mom; indeed a true gentleman,  Xian took time to reach out to Kim's family.  He bonded with them and did not limit this with the brothers, sisters, Lola, Uncles and Aunties of Kim; he included Kim's whole household; bringing food for everyone whenever he visited as Kim proudly revealed to her Ate Kris on KrisTV, October 1, 2012.  

Xian has mentioned to  Henni Espinosa of Balitang America that he has introduced Kim to his own Lola and Mommy Mary Anne and his friends and they all like Kim. Mommy Mary Anne was extra effusive over Kim being nice, pretty and has old-fashioned ways and credited her for the extra glow in Xian's eyes that were not there before and openly  asked Kim on National TV to say yes to Xian and be his girl.  

Mommy Mary Anne's announcement  probably floored Kim and her Ate Kris alike and Xian too for that matter, knowing how shy and also self-effacing his Mom is. It must have also taken a lot out of Mommy Mary Anne to say that aloud to  everyone where TFC beams  and watching KrsTV to hear that she favors her son's choice for a girl friend.  

What a blessing for Kim to be in the good graces of Xian's family and friends; same way with Xian. This is a blessing, I believe, which comes from being good, kind, generous and looking at love as a commitment towards a long term relationship rather than that of a plaything that one indulges in for some momentary pleasure.  What a good thing to know that there are still young people who think this way!  Truth, morality, good manners, respect - these are values which are unchanging even in this age and time. 

CTO - The man in shades makes me think of a Security agent  guarding the  Royals at the Cebu Sinulog Festival ABS CBN Float 1-20-13; 
Kim and Xian, you are most enjoying each other's company...I guess, you are excused for making good use of the 3 hours you  spent on the Float enroute to the Cebu City Sports Centre for the Sinulog Grand Finale. 1-20-13.  Time flies and fatigue and exhaustion take a backseat when the beloved is near. 

Kim has come around, big time.  Her friendship with Xian has deepened.  We see them encouraging one another in their duets and spiels and even in interviews,one comes to the other's rescue to finish a sentence or a thought. 

Kim's support is palpable. She taps him in the back before an ASAP spiel; encourages him as he goes along and one time she even unconsciously caresses him on the shoulder; an outward show of care for him to deliver well; to perform better.   If this is not love, then I don't know what is.
           CTO Thanks Bebe Abia.bagel hearts. ‏@JELLYACCCCCEE … Eto ang sinasabi ko sa inyo. ) #WatchHerHandsAndFingers  
ASAP Chill Out Lounge - Feb. 3, 2013 Xian answering a question; Kimmy setting him up for the cam with TLC (tender loving care).

As for Xian, I still have to see anyone topping the  fresh salmon packed in ice all the way from Alaska and personally brought to Kim  at her home directly from   his   airport arrival, you guessed it, from Alaska,  a flight  which got delayed in L.A. or the Harana on Christmas (12-23-11) with a Choir with Xian bearing flowers and gifts..  Is that love or is that love?  

Xian has certainly raised the bar towards the so-called "panliligaw" which he also refers to as only wanting Kim "to be happy, to feel special".

CTO  Xian's "special girl", Kim. 

There is a time frame to "panliligaw" - to pursuing a girl.  If she says an irrevocable no, necessarily the panliligaw stops or if the "manliligaw" finds a bump on his "panliligaw" route; something he cannot get over, he can also decide to discontinue.   Xian has never formally identified what he does as "panliligaw"; to him there can be no limit to making Kim happy or making her feel special.  

CTO - The smiles and the genuine laughter show it! Kim and Xian so happy performing together at the Pre-Valentine and Lunar Year Special at Resorts World Feb. 3, 2013

We can see that Kim is now so happy!  She has said it repeatedly since May 26, 2012 on the TFC Channel in Balitang America with Henni Espinosa. "Happy, happy, happy being together with and she gestured towards the "handsome seatmate" (borrowing from the Remate Editor's words) beside her. 

Xian took Kim's side in the latest controversy Kim is involved in.  No one has ever loudly taken sides where the press could hear and print what they say.  Only Xian has come forward to do that to openly say, I’ll always give an open ear and lend a helping hand to Kim.” entertainment /2013/01/10 /895152/kim-happy-maja-gerald   

To take one side is to also  generate some form of reaction from the other; Xian is true to his word.  He is for Kim and with Kim and believes in the principles she holds herself by. This  I salute Xian for.  

Xian did not have second thoughts; he also showed his utmost care by repeatedly looking into Kimmy's face each time her voice broke while she answered ticklish questions from surprisingly very respectful and compassionate reporters.  The Press were objective but understanding to Kim's feelings that day even when Kim also fearlessly touted them for always coming back to her for issues which to her were old hat being almost all of 3 years old.  She also fearlessly shared her views and took her criticism of them quite mildly as it was delivered with more anguish than reproach. 

 CTO - Book 2 Presscon - January 8, 2013.  Love is...some teasing for a smile that dazzles showing no signs of some earlier distress...Xian coaxing a smile from his Lady Love with the equivalent "hampas" not only once, twice but thrice; all in the presence of Ina, Kapatid, Anak co-artists, Press, fans and supporter.  The serious, quiet type guy turned comic all in the name of love.  
Embedded image permalink

 CTO - Here Xian teases Xian, so uncharacteristic of him...doing it Pordalab?
The characteristic "hampas" on 51minutes...Xian cracking a joke to dispel the heavy air and the Chinita Princess obliged showing her pearly whites in brilliant smiles that reached her eyes which egged him on to more gestures and whispers only his love understood and smiled for.  Chinita's kindness returned wholeheartedly by her Prince who has vowed to make Kim "happy, make her feel special."

There was a cooling breeze  in the KimXi horizon after this presscon when Kim's world darkened at the loss of a supposed friend...a trip down KimChiulandia, the Queen City of the South where the Lola dwells and the Cebuanos longing for the sight of one of their favorite Cebuana celebrities will see her along with her benevolent and caring known admirer  and rumored boyfriend - Xian Lim.

As a KimXi fan, I bow to Xian for not holding back and instead took the narrow road by rooting for Kim in this particular issue and  bow to Kim for continually keeping her poise, her smile despite the slightly oblique response she made to the Press.  Her  "hopes for “positivity, to be fearless, be happy and let’s just enjoy, this 2013"... also give us Kimxis  a lot of hope that all is well in the Kim and Xian turf or "household" and for that we rejoice! entertainment /2013/01/10 /895152/kim-happy-maja-gerald   

Going back to October, 2011 when things seem to be just "waley", Kim and Xian now have  "When you say nothing at all" for  their finale song  in  a duet in mall show performances; at the Sinulog Festival 2013 at the Ayala Terraces Mall, January 19, 2013 and the latest one at the Resorts World for the Lunar Year and early Valentine celebration, February 3, 2013 complete with HHWW;  Arm on each Other; "Titigan and Smiles Galore", and if lucky, a Huge Kiss!
CTO   The Kiss at the Count of Three and the Ear getting redder...
Cebu Sinulog Festival Program at Ayala Terraces 1-19-13.

Kim when asked by Yahoo OMG host on Xian in May, 2012,  has upped his description  of Xian from "waley"to "funny, thoughtful, caring" and when asked by the Buzz in a December, 2011, she has added, "mabait', "napakabait", a "hopeless romantic" and in his latest interviews, "marespeto", "gentleman" and in his latest January 10, 2013 Philippine Star interview, this is what she has to say of Xian, "Kim said, “I’m happy with Xian, how he is with my family, and his respect for me.” The family is now part of the equation and since the family on both sides are there for them, Kim and Xian are confident in how their relationship is progressing - upwards, fearless and with positivity!

CTO Thanks to Tropang KimUy (Jheoyz) - Resorts World Host Tim Yap:  Ano ang qualities na gusto mo sa isang boyfriend.  Kim:  Gentleman, marespeto ... loyal ...on 8:04.

" When You Say Nothing at All" at 9:50 Kim Chiu and Xian Lim at Resorts World Lunar Year Festival 2-03-13. 

CTO - Thanks Tropang KimUy (Jheoyz) 
Resorts World Host Tim Yap:  "Ano ang qualities ni Kim Chiu ang gusto mo?" This when Xian said that Kim is "Special" to him.  Xian: "Mabait, maganda ...lahat na!" on 11:03 
Resorts World Host in introducing Xian at the 2-03-13 Lunar Year Festival MicSyLim:  "Sisikat itong taong ito (on Xian)...sumikat talaga...ngayon super-duper sikat na!"

CTO -    Titigan galore...From Celiam - 

CTO TO KimXi - same look or more intense for real?

We are now into the Love Month and the KimXi happenings are heating up with  an end of month pairing that got featured in the February 3rd ASAP18 celebration.

CTO - Kim and Xian, their glowing good looks enhanced by their beautiful eyes looking so inwardly happy and in love.  Love. Peace. Joy. They abound where they are.

Kim has decided to concentrate on work  to dispel negativities and she with Xian will now be burning the candle  on both ends; the shooting of their movie just started judging from a 2-06-13 tweet by Pokwang.

marietta subong ‏@pokwang27
First shooting day today with Kim and Xian's movie😊 starcinema syempre❤  

@supermorgy: Finally! The 1st ever Kim Chiu & Xian Lim movie officially starts today! Congrats Guys! @xianlimm @pokwang27

Ina, Kapatid ,Anak is on a slow pace and the Kim and Xian fans  are straining at the bit expressing on email, twitter and  Instagram  and all sorts of communication media some understandable frustration.  Kim and Xian choose to Think Positive and Believe Things Happen for a Reason and if God wills it, it shall be so!  

CTO -  Xian on his Instagram exhibiting his extraordinary Sense of Humor in delivering a profound thought  which Kimmy thoroughly understands as evidenced by her liking this photo!

CTO - chinitaprincess Kimmy liking above photo as she has consistently likes Xian's IG photos which takes her fancy which is more often than not.

CTO Kim and Xian have this standing invitation from Xian's close friends and for them to include Kimmy in their personal visits to Baclaran Church, respecting their equally strong faith in a loving and merciful God interceded for graces by Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Invitation extended by Stella Sy.

"Kayo" is the operative word.  Xian's mentors and close friends apparently see the two as one!

                        CTO - You're still the one sang live by Xian Lim 
                                 From a KimXi fan - thanks.

CTO - Kim's Xian tipping his hat to the world!  Go Xian!  It's your time to shine. In the little that we see of you at Ina, Kapatid, Anak you have been consistently in character.  

It is sad to me/us and to non-KimXis alike that your exposure on Ina, Kapatid, Anak is very limited considering that you have been/are promoted as one of 4 lead stars.  Still, am not distressed, as you said, " If it is meant to be, it will happen." , as I equally profess that if God wills it, it shall be so!  Remember My Binondo Girl?

CTO - Here, Celyn on Ina, Kapatid, Anak is still looking back...

CTO - To Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu, there is no more looking back, only looking up and lifting one's concerns to a loving and merciful God and take guidance from Him as she says, "chinitaprincess "there comes a point in your LIFE when you REALIZE who really matters, who never did and will always will." 
"O Lord, do not reject the prayer of this earth's exiles..."

CTO Daily Devotional from KimXi Pexer Mrs. Woods posted today. Many thanks.
"The Lifter of Our Heads 

God has good plans for you and He wants you to enjoy your life. He doesn't want you to live with a spirit of heaviness, despair, depression or discouragement. The good news is, your attitude and outlook can change when you look to God and let Him lift you up.

The psalmist said that God "is a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head." Think about that phrase 'the lifter of my head.' When someone walks around with their head hanging down, we assume that they're sad or depressed. If that's the way you feel, know today that God can lift your head and your spirits. 

Remember, God has a good plan with a future and a hope for each of us. Because He is with us, we can think and speak in agreement with His will. We can practice being positive in every situation that arises. And when our circumstances are challenging and difficult, we can expect God to bring good out of them as He has promised in His Word.

Prayer Starter:

God, You are my glory and the lifter of my head. I choose to look to You. Help me to keep my focus on You and trust You to bring Your good plans to pass in my life today."

Communing with their God in prayer is the glue that binds Kim and Xian together.  In the early "getting to know phase" of their journey together when the pace was unhampered by much activity, Kim and Xian were often sighted in Churches within  Metro Manila.  Having Christ in the center of their career and personal lives bore more fruit than they ever thought possible. 

There is this bonding that extended to their non-showbiz pursuits that involve gymwork, morning/evening runs, horses, cars, dinner/movie dates, music, techy work, Instagram, and more so,  activities with the Chius.  Kim, fearful and learning her lesson, now dragged her family into the "getting to know all about you Xian  chapter of her life"; peeling layers of defense mechanisms, allowing a person to discover more of who Kimberly Sue really is and to boot who Alexander Xiam Lim Uy is.  

The discovery was even more astounding for both it seems.  Now they go 200 kilometers for their Church, in far off Manaoag in Pangasinan; they now get to hear of Ate Lakam and Mommy Mary Anne having  such good words to say of Kim and Xian both!   Kim and Xian  delved into each other's psyches and like and love what they see and feel.   

Where to go from here?  "Finally, finally, meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin", says Xian of Kim's getting or really understanding who and what Xian is for!  "There is excitement, knowing that she is there (for me)"...again, Xian says of Kim and it shows, in how Kim inspires Xian in so many ways!  "Happy, happy, happy being together (with Xian)"...Kim, gesturing towards Xian! (Balitang America Interview 5-26-12)  THE JOURNEY CONTINUES!  Serendipity?  More, God's grace!  God is always good!

                                         CTO  Journey by Lea Salonga

                               CTO Faithfully by Journey's Arnel Pineda

"My voice is too soft for you to hear.  My actions are too soft for you to see but if you listen'll hear the sound of my heart saying, 'for now until forever, you'll always be in my heart.' " - Xian on  twitter 12-8-11 - when times were still uncertain and his lady love was still in "limbo".  What a difference a year  makes!



  1. Thank you po, for always writing the truely HAPPINESS to read all KIMXI fans your such a good inspiration to us.Have a godblee you always and keep wrting coz this is the real telenovela of KIMXI...

    1. Kim and Xian inspire us all! Indeed, Happiness! Aliw ako sa "real telenovela". You're welcome and thank you too!

  2. Aw.... Indeed so nice to look back on all these events that touched the hearts of their followings making them wish for the continuous success of this union on and off camera....

    Thanks for putting this together and indeed very well written with love and overflowing joy from the heart.

    --- iampurpleminnie

    1. Continued success, yes, for reel and real! SuperMinnie...with the likes of you as a fan, superSure yan!

  3. Wow! What a love journey it is for Kim and Xian, Ms. Gutz and we just love the way you wrote it. Nakakaenlove eh! Ha ha ha.

    I was with my friends at the Cebu Ayala Terraces to watch the Kapamilya Sinulog Caravan and most of all to see Kim and Xian. Ang daming tao Ms. Gutz! Even the dark end corners and the back areas of the Ayala Terraces were occupied - maybe there were about 15,000 people in there that night and that was the first time I saw that number of people in that mall. I was happy meeting old friends who are also KimXi fans diay sab Ms. Gutz oe...Most of them are already retired and are also lolas like me. I really appreciated my son who together with her girlfriend accompanied me as I was still in crutches after an accident. But grabe pordalab, I went to that mall show. It was just good that we had tickets and found a seat under a tree as it started late na. Ang daming games pa sa sponsoring companies. We were so tired but sulit naman sa nakita namin. Makita mo talaga ang inner glow and happiness sa dalawa. I also appreciate Xian for going to those far corners of that event center. Sensitive talaga siya sa feelings ng mga fans nila. Mabait talaga siya and I love him more for it.

    A good friend who was with me even bought a camera that afternoon to get photos and videos of that show. Baka nakaupload na din siya sa fb. Ang saya saya lang namin Ms. Gutz, seeing again Xian and Kim for the first time. Ang gwapo at ganda talaga nila. And they really look good together. I love them more after I've seen them together in person. Grabe talaga ang chemistry nila. At grabe ang energy nila that night-level up talaga. And I love the way Kim and Xian teased each other while they were singing. Nakakaloka!!!

    Sorry for this long post, Ms. Gutz. And I'm happy that after a long while you've written another beautiful blog of our beloved bebeboi and bebegirl. Hay, ngayon lang ako nagkaganito! Sabi nga ng mga anak ko grabe na daw ako kabaliw sa dalawa... But I don't care what they say as they make me happy. Love you, Ms. Gutz... Your No. 2 Fan

    1. Wow! Kailangan mo na akong bigyan ng first name mo! Going to Ayala on crutches!!! You are entitled to a KimXi Medal of Honor! Maayo ka pa, kita na nimo sila! Nagmahay hahahahaa!

      Yes, after a long while...needed the extra time to appreciate the events and see one as a blessing in disguise.

      Pics, pls No. 2...thanks much! Inner Glow! Happiness! Kim and Xian!<3

  4. Thanks very much for the beautiful blog... been waiting for this...

    1. You're welcome and thank you too! Thanks for the appreciation!

  5. Sayang kase wala akong IG para talagang masupport kita kina Kim at Xian to read your blog...Galing galing mo talaga...ikaw na! Lagi ko nga check tong site if may bago na. Nakita ko yon post mo sa IG kaya heto, happy, happy, happy. Thank you, mwah!

  6. Thank you too and you're welcome...wala din akong IG noon...low techie kasi:)...inopenan ako ng anak ko...baka may makatulong sa yo...not only for me but for Kim and Xian na rin na ating mga inspiration! Stay HAPPY!<3