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This is a woman who wishes to use a Princess Gown on her wedding day, loves the color pink and once was asked what to her was a dream date, she chose a dinner date in a beach under the stars; she also has a penchant for romance novels and treasures love notes.

Is it okay for us to  say she is a born romantic or are all girls the same way as we all were at some point in our lives   except that this pretty girl who turned into a beautiful woman  is walking in the reality of a prince in her midst where once she only had this dream that one day her prince will come along.

CTO Throwback to the time when stars aligned, heavens smiled and the third on the line became "the one". Dreams do come true for reel and real when Jandy turned KimXi. 

CTO Just as in the romance novels she reads, Kim dreamt big dreams and now she is living that dream. (Thanks lemontree for the help re the book (s)that Kim recently read)

 Last book Kim read (KrisTV 12-3-14), confirmed by her Xi

CTO - "Someday My Prince will come along, the man I love" Is Kim singing this line. He looks like a Prince, talks like a Prince, has a white stead called Porsche Boxter...he must be a Prince!  Living the dream, Kim Chiu is.
The love that Kim received in full measure from her family fueled her grand desire to help them. Love begetting love begetting love and on and on brimming, spilling over to those around her - her family, her friends, her colleagues, her fans, her man whose name is Xian.

 Kim's dreamy look and Xian's signature loving gaze towards Kim, off-cam.

CTO - From the movie Past Tense, a movie which Kris Aquino claims as a box-office success and which successfully imparts the importance of the present moment, the NOW.
CTO Kim's dreamy look on lower right photo and Xian's distant gaze, on-cam.

CTO Snuggling...a meeting with a fan that must remind her of a childhood spent with her grandmother...such pleasure in her whole being, love communicated dearly and well.

Kim, filled with love from her surrogate parents, her Ate Lakam, her grandmother and her family grown closer through the years, radiates a loving persona that attracted a new arrival into the showbiz industry, one struck by her loving ways perceived through her curls and vibrant personality - a boy-man named Xian.  Xian said it first, Kim, nung kakarating ko pa lang sa Pilipinas, nung nakita ko siya, [Naisip ko] 'Grabe naman, sabi ko siya talaga ang ideal girl.'"   Carmina Villarroel asked Xian what made him say that? Xian recalled, "She really looks like a loving person. Mukha talaga siyang nagmamahal na tao. Kitang-kita mo naman sa kanya, di ba, may mga tao na parang nambubully. Very dominant na girl." 

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KrisTV Part 2  CTO and thanks to Nayumi/friend Madame N for the FB upload.

CTO Kim's loves - her family. Kim surrounded by family and extended ones a year after her mother's passing.

CTO  Chiu girls and  Lola Francisca
The people we need to thank for Kim's entry into showbiz; her prime mover.

Somewhere in Kim's  distant past, hopeful and knowing herself well, is the shadowy figure of a man that stands "tall, fair-complected, possessing of a high-bridged nose and Chinito eyes".  Kim shared her ideal type with new found friends in the Pinoy Big Brother House at age 16, year 2006.

Kim's "ideal man" has taken flesh and  God who rewards her loving soul in great abundance  chose a man who fits the mold and more!

Xian,  with a name unique as his person, came equipped with all the romance and old world flair that warm and thawed Kim's heart, frozen and made hard by a lost love.

Kim and her "Ideal Man", the Paddington Bear to her Mulan.
"Kim Chiu admitted that her reel partner, Xian Lim, is her ideal man! The actress explained why Xian is the person she wants to be with: “Yes, Xian is really my ideal man because he doesn’t just think about himself, he thinks about me, he thinks about everyone. He’s not the ‘me, me, me!” type of person.”

CTO The "ideal" that has come down from his pedestal endowed not only with good looks but also embodiest selflessness, confidence and a good sense of self, Xian Lim.

       xianlimm #XianLimLovesPaddingtonBear ️ Watch out for this guys! 24h
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Xian , graciously  put in Kim's  path by a good God that heard the desires of Kim's heart, plied Kim with self-composed music, hearts, roses, bears, letters written in cursive folded in origami, good memories aboard a yacht, guitar lessons,  glittery stuff, 10-12  thoughtful texts and calls and over and above all these, his precious TIME, that left Kim breathless and thankful to the core; even an offer of a "pakpak" or wing to heal her broken one; and as Kim pleases to say now of her good graces,  "and the rest is history"!

Kim and her happy, red heart. 
Romantic notions filled to the brim that, "When asked what the state of her heart was at the moment, the pretty chinita replied with a smile, “Happy. It’s a happy red heart (laughs).”

CTO Kim's heart, red and happy, as red as the ones she received and continues to receive bountifully from the hopeless romantic, Xian.

Xian and his heart.jpg


CTO as red and happy as the gigantic rose arrangement she got from ultra-creative giver Xian on her first birthday with this Man of Surprises, Xian Lim. Year 2012. (KimXi and friend sharing happiness).

CTO All too true, coming from Mother Teresa herself.
CTO  Kim, admiring the man who sets her heart aflutter, a "history" in the  making; the ideal man, Adonis-like plus plus, offering her his heart (pakpak-wing) to heal her own that she may be able to love (fly) again. Kim  and her  "...a happy, red heart", indeed.

CTO Kim's Xian
Embedded image permalink

CTO Xian's Chinita Princess, Kim
Kim Chiu news

CTO - Princess Mulan to Disney Asia 2015

How Kim reprise a Disney character whose life story mirrors in a little way her own male character Yuan in My Binondo Girl . Somehow Kim's dream of being a princess in some fairytale is fulfilled granted  it was only for a Disney calendar which , in fairness, will be distributed in Southeast Asia.

Kim and Xian's dream for some international exposure even if just  in taking on characters with some international significance  unexpectedly fell into their laps this year, a little twist of fate that did not leave the other hankering for his own.  God is truly good!  Thanks be to God!

The KimXi relationship or whatever they have, "special friendship" they say, marked by the presence of  Promise Rings,  Exclusive Dates, Jealous Bouts, Undivided Attention (at least from Xian who wants Kim's own especially when she plays her computer games ), Praises Galore (peppered by Kim's critique on Xian's fondness for certain wear) and Kim's avowal to tone down her being too vocal about her opinion on things and people, make us all ponder and wonder. 

There is also Kim's privilege of getting a first spin on Xian's Porsche; first swim on his pool; hanging out with his hommies and their girl friends; tagging along with him in his buying sorties for his home, gifting him with some carpets for some feminine touch to his bachelor pad (some term it mansion for its size), minding his wardrobe as he does hers among so many other privileges including being introduced to Xian's family--to his loves Lola, Mom, Dad. friends, his musical instruments.

In a statement so uncharacteristic of Kim, she answered a resounding YES to the question whether she was willing to move and relocate abroad if Xian were to do it.

Kim alluded to a Biblical phrase of the man  being the "head of the house" and she will follow Xian's lead if he will pursue his plans of buying  a home in the U.S. and further his studies there.

This is such a revealing admission to the seriousness of their special friendship to be at this stage be discussing  future plans,  leaving showbiz and settling in Xian's place of choice.

In the insignificant little things that they were asked such as food, room, etc. preferences,Kim and Xian  scored low in the supposed Compatibility Test given by Carmina and Kris on KrisTV but in the things that matter, Carmina commented that "swak na swak ang mga sagot nila" ( in the serious topics their answers jibed.)  - CTO Nayumi.

Some fly in the ointment?  Xian's ideal marrying  at 40+  got an immediate reaction from Kim, "Xi, hindi na tayo magkikita nyan" or loosely, translated, "that is far from my own" which  is 29 or  year 2019 when Xian turns 30.  

Xian's ideal marrying age is dictated by his fears of not being able to provide well for the family.   If this is a personal trauma, I  see he can, with some effort, get over it just as he overcame his fears of social interaction and we know who helped him with that.  Kim, you have 5 years till 2019 ends; ample time.

Money is the easier problem to solve; emotions and feelings or love once it's gone would be hard to beg or borrow for. 

Kim is  good at handling her finances; her expenses, for family, job, charity and stress relief; the last one necessary in her line of work and the schedule  she keeps. 

Generous to a fault, Kim's blessings also  multiply. In helping the downtrodden, graces come back to her ten-thousand fold. Prayerful and trusting in God's Divine Providence, Kim thrives.  Work hard, pray harder, share seem to be her dictum.  Kim has businesses  and investments that she started to prepare for the time when her career would ebb.

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom”. Bertrand Russel, philosopher, logician, social critic, etc.

Kim  wants 5 to 6 kids to Xian's one.  Xian, at Kris and Carmina's prodding, is however agreeable to try and try if girls come first.  Kim would still get her wish here in God's will and grace always. If this is still a "special friendship" I now question what the meaning if one is "friendzoned". 

Marriage and children talks are the prerogative of those who contemplate marrying each other and have kids at some point in time in their lives. Special friends discussing marriage, children? Another point to ponder and wonder about. Aah, Kim, Xian, you continue to befuddle us.

The foundation that they are building together now is admirable as they are  open to what each expect from the other.  

Xian wishes to have Kim give him the full attention he craves when they are together and also not to be so affected by bashers in social media; where Kim also wishes for Xian to bend,  be flexible and be open to her ideas and not to be close-minded all the time as to think that  his way is the only best way. If they can iron these kinks out, then they are on the road to a less bumpy one.

There was this delicate question about their friendship and the reason for it lasting this long - 4 years.  Their answers matched well.  "Nagkakaintindihan kami, we have similar likes and dislikes, we love going out to dinners, massages, Subic".

"Nagkakaintindihan" or being on the same wave length, thinking alike. I still go back to Xian's answer to his  Balitang America interview with Henni Espinosa, May, 2012 wherein he said this of Kim, "Finally, finally meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin"..."finally", emphasized.  

The hardest thing or the loneliest thing ever in a world that involves working with a lot of people as in the showbiz industry is not to be able to get your point across on things, where  no one understands or seeks to understand you  Xian, who is shy and introverted can only pull himself back in, as a turtle would slink back head, legs, tail into its shell, once threatened.

Kim, who understands a shy one, a product of a broken family, being one herself , extended a hand in friendship and the love that she received from her five sisters and brothers,  father and grandmother,   she  shared with  Xian as a gift to him; a gift of friendship that radiated to a man needing understanding and in turn offered Kim his own  shoulder to lean on, a "pakpak" or wing until her own injured one healed; love begetting love.

Xian, is a source of joy and happiness for Kim and vice versa, Kim, the same way for Xian.  - Kris affirming his  love for Xian for being Kim's "...go to guy", his shoulder to lean on, cry on with Kimmy paying tribute to Xian being able to put her back in groove whenever she opened up to him with her problems with Xian unable to keep his smile all throughout her declaration. The "pakpak" at work.

A mutual need, assuaged through the workings of a loving God who by some roundabout way that only God in His mysterious ways can contrive, the two, Kim and Xian, ended up spending long hours in the set of My Binondo Girl  as Xian's character Andy became the endgame to Kim's Jade and had more scenes with her.

This is a story that can be told and retold to their own grandchildren;  how the two  deepened that friendship and end up "exclusively dating" since 2012 and now discussing topics that spell forever  in "building foundation, marriage, children, going where her man  goest".

Promise Rings? Where is this in the equation? In the equation where one vowed to be the other's "pakpak" , wing , heart or what have you; how would one understand this promise in its simplest terms.  I leave the giver, Xian, the honor to show us in God's time when Promise Rings give way to commitment that rings forever for the two in bells, vows, togs, witnesses, proper rings and God's blessing.

Here's one promise Xian has already kept; not one to skip it, lodged in his bucket list, now it's checked which rendered Carmina and Kris all giddy at the thought that there was this promise and it was kept; told in their presence on National TV yet had them all giddy for Kim who acted cool in the presence of camera and the watchful pride-filled eyes of one Xian Lim:

“Jinojoke ko kasi siya sabi ko, balang araw, magkakaroon din ako ng sports car. Maisasakay din kita sa sports car, this was back in Binondo Girl.” He further related that he used to ride with Kim before in her Nissan. “So sabi ko dati, balang araw, isasakay din kita… ipagda-drive kita sa ano,” he said. Kim also recalled that day saying she was surprised when Xian picked her up in a sports car at her magazine shoot."  The sports car is no ordinary one, it is a Porsche Boxter.


There is this ubiquitous presence of Xian around Kim or Kim with Xian at work or off-work. The time they spend with each other is common knowledge, their reel  love team extending into the real that even Kim's lyrical dance with Enchong in  one ASAP show had one fan twit this way "Enchong, nagpa-alam ka ba kay Xian or have you cleared this with Xian?" referring to the moves in the dance.

CTO At work.  Here Kim and Xian lent their beguiling presence to the 2014 ABS-CBN's That's Christmas Special.  
Theirs is a togetherness which can be termed, "useless each without the other" from a common friend Jan Enriquez's remarks on his instagram:

CTO There is  another revealing aspect to their relationship subconsciously aired by Xian on his KrisTV interview wherein he  expressed reaction to Kim's skin exposure in her dressy outfits as "balat, puro balat", meaning, skin.  A male friend, normally, does not censor his friend's wear.  A boyfriend on the other hand discusses his waldrobe preferences to his girl. 

CTO Seeing Kim's confidence around Xian shows the extent of how he trusts Xian's gentlemanliness and protectiveness giving in to covering skin with sheer tulle to give way to Xian's conservative ways or suffer the use of long stockings in prods where she usually went barefoot and wearing cycling spandex for her lyrical dance under her short and billowy chiffon wear. Xian also carefully skirts skin (balat) in sensitive areas. Notice how Xian puts his hand on Kim's dress avoiding her bare waist. (upper pic)

          CTO   KimPrinsesaNiXian ‏@KimberLex_ChiUy 8h8 hours ago
Safe & Secured sa Stockings & Cycling!!!! Lol !!! Cto Takot *** Kay Mayor eh!!  
CTO ASAP 19 12-14-14 Lyrical dance with Enchong.   Kim in stockings and cycling shorts.                           

Xian through Kim's eyes. Xian, well meaning but frequently misunderstood, has a great ally in Kim who maintains her own perception of who and what Xian is in her estimation in the long time they have been bonding together.

There is no glossing over Xian. Kim sees him as he is, in close encounters, more than anyone else other than his own family. 

Gentlemanly, funny,  hopeless romantic, conservative, caring, thoughtful, kind, teacher-mentor and  to add, writer of love notes in cursive accompanying the flowers he frequently gives her or any gift which are plenty as gleaned from Kim.

Xian's  downside of being "inglisero ( English speaking)" which is actually good and "repeat user" of jackets he fancies, nothing wrong with that at all, more a Kim preference from being a fashionista; "close minded" which could be remedied; are far outweighed by his positive traits.

CTO Following is the only love note we captured from the net, a teaser to the rest the giver, Xian and the receiver, Kim have kept from prying eyes...
Birthday Greeting for Kimmy!.jpg
these notes folded in animal and bird shapes, origami style. 

After all the daily calls and the handwritten notes and the one on one bonding, what else can we say? Am speechless.

Kim's own romantic nature come to the fore as she treasures the notes or letters that come with the gifts, which perhaps moves her more deeply than the actual gift did judging from the way she heavily mentioned the "dedication" as she termed it that came with the gift so much so that she was even more reluctant to wear such gift as its value considerably increased by the note which accompanied it.  Isn't Kim something?

In the final scheme of things, one can say that Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu and Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy  are a perfect match in their good looks, achievement and family orientation, musicality, fondness for just staying home to unwind, humor, sportiness, adventurous spirits, love for travel, loving nature; with a huge plus of enjoying  each other's company, Kim endearingly addressing him as Xi in her gentle tone and Xian calling Kim, Kimmy.

CTO chinitaprincess tito Tiger, kamusta po ang laban... sa Woods!!!!!????? #waley #havey #TBT  
Kim, is this following Xian's brand of humor or the Cebuana in you playing games?  Kim and her pun of the day! Xian, wherefore art thou?

CTO - Matching good looks.

CTO : The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him. CTO for this collage.

Enjoying each other's company...

CTO Xian's straying hand  would have been met with a slap, a pinch and a move away from it; now the happy, red heart is at ease and Kim who seems to be wearing  a star in her hair in this pic meets Xian's  loving gesture with a good laugh.  Frozen heart, all thawed.

CTO Touchy feely Xian, you seem to be taking this friendship to an unidentified level; we can do the naming for you and Kim, if you wish.  Some pics are unscripted, take a guess, which one.

CTO Here's Kimmy, taking sweet revenge  with Xian taking her ribbing graciously. 

CTO xianlimm Mula bata hanggang ngayon, kailangan pa ako samahan ni mom sa clinic for my daly checkup heheheh...sino ang mga nakakarelate na only child hehe 

Reality of Kimmy's forever poke on Xian's rib - his "only child" syndrome.

CTO Bonding with Xian's hommies...extending getting to know each other to getting to know each other's friends.

Kim and Xian positively influence one another,  critiquing each other  with zest, humor , loving gazes and broad smiles thrown in, even boisterous laughter from Kim's end whose attempt at "piercing the veil" of Xian's perfect facade is met with an equally wide smile from him, no offense taken, we gather, only amusement shown for a lady love whose antics drew him out from his cold and closed self into the warmth of human interaction with new-found friends and family.

Xian had this extended tour with the Teleserye Bidas and though these stars are in the same network, the enforced bonding got them to know one another better and Xian, more open now than before found himself interacting with them and liking it. He met up with them again when they got back home from their tour in Australia and Qatar.  Some improvement.

Asked by Kris on KrisTV how Xian has influenced her personally, Kim thanks Xian for showing him this generous and selfless side of him especially towards his Mom and Lola.  Kim now sets aside a day wherein she goes shopping for members of her family, consciously, this time; perhaps, shopping for them then was out of convenience and more as an afterthought; this time it is scheduled and planned. Some improvement too.  

CTO Sharing families, the ties that bind; with KimXi  relationship/friendship what have you  going deeper and closer.

CTO - The most touching gesture given Xian by Kim was a surprise birthday dinner she orchestrated for Xian and his family including cousins who were on vacation from the U.S. befitting the initial impression Kim gave him at first sight, that of Kim being a "cute, loving and kind" girl, not the dominant type; above all else this must be what endeared Kim to Xian - being a beauty, inside and out.

2014 with its share of unfortunate events happening around the world with people of conflicting beliefs and ideology clashing with violent results, it is heartwarming to note that the people we admire and follow , Kim and Xian are peace loving ones  and by the grace of God has  2014 as their Banner Year.

KimXi movie, sleeper hit,  Bride for Rent. KimXi opened the year with a bang at the box office, breaking existing records as the highest gross earner for January,the slowest of months ( month following Metro Manila Film Festival) and no. 2 over-all in cinema receipts nationwide for their movie , Bride for Rent at Php340+m for its 3-week run.

CTO     Here Kim, Xian and his hommies in wacky poses at the  BFR movie's Premiere Night,  Photo Booth.                                                        CTO Past Tense released 11-26-14 is still showing and for sure this film will be long remembered as the KimXi movie whose fans of the pair also break existing records on number of block screenings held, over 30 of them , crossing  barriers of affiliations and pairings. 
Star Cinema on its 20th anniversary opened and closed with a KimXi movie. What a tribute to this two who according to Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar, their director for their two movies, have successfully found their niche in the romantic comedy genre.

The fulfillment of The Promise of a 3rd KimXiserye announced.                                          


CTO The much-awaited 3rd KimXiserye to air in  2015.  God is so good!  Thanks be to God!

A year of multiple awards, projects - unexpected, expected, secret ones; blockbuster movies capped by  Best Actress awards for Kim  her movie Bride for Rent and TV series Ikaw Lamang had Kim and Xian humbled and seeking God more in thanksgiving as the two were spotted going to Church, am sure, in supplication and thankfulness.

CTO A few of the caboodle of comments on Twitter...
R i A n ‏@rianrod27 5m5 minutes ago
@..itsjulimuchada No doubt si Kim at Xian na nga. That kiss? Ewan ko na lang. Hahaha #PastTense @.prinsesachinita @.XianLimm 😍 NAMAN!

Maliksi Joan Leilani ‏@joan_maliksi 2h2 hours ago
@prinsesachinita Good evening Kimmy. #PastTense is the Best Movie of yours and @XianLimm. Complete package comedy and drama. Congrats!!👋👋👋

Hilda Gay Marco ‏@oinkybebs 3h3 hours ago
Hindi ako magsasawa ulit ulitin panoorin ang #PastTense! Very wonderful movie ever basta KIMXI ❤ @prinsesachinita @XianLimm

★ regghie ★ ‏@redgeontherocks 2h2 hours ago
Papaiyakin ka,papatawanin,at papakiligin lahat andito na sa movie na ito.congrats sa buong cast at director ng #PastTense @prinsesachinita

CTO - Their Thank Yous repeated in as many times Kim and Xian, Box Office Royalties,  had the opportunity to give them.

2014 Yahoo Celebrity AwardsBest Actress, (Ikaw Lamang)Won
4th Eduk Circle AwardsBest Film Actress (Bride for Rent)Won
28th PMPC Star Awards for TVBest Drama Actress, (Ikaw Lamang)[56]Won


CTO and many thanks; no copyright infringement intended.

Part 1

Part 2

Add to the above all the other awards in polls in magazines/Facebook, etc won for Kim and Xian from the efforts of fans, local and globies;  fans who believe, who love , share and trust the two to deliver in their shows and projects, entertainment, faith, hope and love that everyone who watches their shows would enjoy life; making it more bearable in the context of all things happening in the world nowadays.

The world that Kim and Xian revolve in is dizzying in its kaleidoscopic switches from awards, high praises, hallelujahs which  can easily turn on a dime  into fabricated scandals, character assassinations, loss of fame, ugly bashings and at times, death wishes.

As KimXi/and or Kim or Xian followers, we are gratified to see them grounded, humble, simple and thankful for the graces that come their way. That they have each other is a big plus, that they love one another is a bigger one, that they have God at the center of their lives, the two now become, a majority.  The two together in God , with their families, loyal friends and fans behind them, we are hopeful for an expected progression of this relationship they call special.

I leave them be as to what they call themselves or what they say to the press; with my little understanding of their persona, Kim having only one boyfriend in the 8 years since she started working at age 16, I can see that she is serious when it comes to her love life.  Kim is a girl who "believes in the magic and power of love"; a girl who "would fall in love to stay in love forever". 

I believe and I claim, judging by how Kim is around Xian, Kim has found her "forever" in Xian and vice-versa.  

The look of love that is unmistakable. Xian Lim - guilty, your honor.

Let us just read the signs and be happy where they are happy; as Kim says and permit me to repeat when ask how her heart is, "...happy, my red heart is happy.

CTO Kim thanked  teacher Xian before singing "Im Yours" live in  Canada; first time for Kim to sing solo on guitar.
Xian gave Kim guitar lessons and the chords to this song, a cover of Jason Mraz, I'm Yours; same song  Xian  gave in answer to  Boy Abunda's question on Ikaw Na as the song he thinks of  at the mention of Kim's name; reminiscent of his self-composed song he gave Kim, Ako'y Sayo Lamang (roughly translated, 
Only Yours).  

From an anonymous author, CTO. 
Embedded image permalink

For Kim and Xian who are believers in a faithful God, theirs is  manifold happiness.

CTO - FROZEN - Let it go  No copyright infringement intended; purely for entertainment



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