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A Psalm of Life
What the Heart of the Young Man  Said to the Psalmist 
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -  1807-1882
In the world's broad field of battle,
  In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
  Be a hero in the strife!  20
Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant!
  Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act,—act in the living Present!
  Heart within, and God o'erhead!

2008 marked the year of Xian's discontent. It was the year that saw him giving up a desk job in a California commercial establishment for a  one-way ticket to a place that held happy memories of his early childhood -- Philippines; chasing a dream.

Leaving the U.S. at age 19 without the knowledge of his friends somehow appeared   that Xian was burning bridges to a life of relative ease in a land sought after by many  for  THE American Dream.  

It was a reverse migration of sorts that surprised perhaps many especially the ones who line up untiringly at the American Embassy for a chance of earning greenbacks sending them home multiplied many times over.

Mom Mary Anne Cruz, a realtor, teaching piano on the side together with her own Mom and grandmother (Xian's own Mama Lola and great grandmother) raised Xian on traditional values of Respect, especially towards the elders; Sensitivity towards other people's feelings and to bend down one's head especially if a person in authority is speaking.  
     CTO - Xian in 2006,  at age 17,  playing "The Flight of the Bumblebee
A " man of few words" say his Mom Mary Anne (his Piano Teacher) of Xian.  

Xian, the only child, raised by a single Mom Mary Anne from a very young age on traditional Pinoy values; surrounded by music and song, plunged into basketball and track and field to lose unwanted pounds  nurturing dreams of  basketball after his Dad, Godofredo Lim Uy, Jr., who played University of the East from 1981 to 1984 and with the team when they won the 16th and 18th U.A.A.P.  ( University Athletic Association of the Philippines ) title, 1982 and 1984, respectively.

Trim, slim with a figure that is now lean and mean brought on by discipline, great focus and strong determination, Xian moved to the Philippines.  His basketball  hopes  were dashed by some obstacle in the form of a two-year period for him to play Varsity.   Man proposes, God disposes. 

Xian's choices narrowed down to a return to the U.S. but God had other plans. A photographer named Ton Lao turned his life around  a sharp 180 degrees.  He offered him some modelling stints and an introduction to Mr. M (Johnny Manahan), head honcho of Star Magic, the talent agency of ABS CBN.  

Xian Lim
Height: 6’2”   
Star Sign: Cancer
Campus hottie: This basketball player and ultimate heartthrob knows how to work it with his killer smirk and fab bod.
See through his soul: Focus on his eyes; they’re admittedly the sexiest part of his body. "They make people stop, look, and try to figure out what lies beneath."
Photo by: Ocs Alvarez   CTO - Cosmo Bachelors 2008 

Xian at age 19; same one who played "The Flight of the Bumblebee"; less than two years ago; transformed.

Xian's good looks, height and some pizzazz that only a talented agent picks up easily gained him  a foot in the showbiz door.  The shy, retiring and quiet Xian rode the roller coaster of showbiz, a world, completely alien in its dizzying twists and turns  but this coaster he was on had an engine that sputtered and stalled on him;  getting out of the coaster to rethink his options and seek guidance from the depths of his being only to see that it is in acting and music that he finds real  fulfillment.  "FINE ACTOR Xian realized that acting was his real calling. It suits his artistic inclinations and moods. He confessed he’s too emotional for comfort, affected by little things. “I’m trying to hold my emotion,” he said. Xian is getting good notices for his acting in “My Binondo Girl.” And of course his good looks—tall and fair. Ramp and commercial model material, which he also is. Xian is the newest Mint clothing line and Orotime Italian Trend Jewelry endorser.  In the indie “Two Funerals,” directed by Gil Portes, Xian was nominated best actor in Cinemalaya.Xian said he attended all the workshops of Star Magic, realizing there are still much more to learn in terms of acting.

From 2008 to 2010, Xian traveled on  a slow boat to fame that had highlights  along the way.  2010 was the year Xian's acting talent took a bow. He was nominated Best Actor as lead actor of Two Funerals.  With Director Gil Portes  at the helm and the able mentoring of veteran actress Tessie Tomas, Xian had shining moments in the independent film, Two Funerals. 

This is one movie I would not be shy recommending to my own children, to keep them in touch with the beauty and "ugliness" of our  Pinoy culture; see the incomparable beauty of the Philippine countryside and the quirks of the Filipino psyche which can find something humorous even in the most unexpected things and places.   Such a delight to watch despite the morbid theme.

After watching this 2010  film in its entirety, I can safely say that Xian in his 3 years of small but significant roles in teleseryes, MMKs, indie film and countless workshops on the side brought with him talent honed and ready for his first pairing with Primetime Princess and acknowledged one of the brightest stars of Star Magic, Kim Chiu, the year following.


A black comedy cum road movie about a grieving mother’s journey to recover her daughter’s body after a funeral mix-up caused it to be accidentally switched with a stranger’s corpse. The journey from Tuguegarao, Cagayan in the north to Matnog, Sorsogon in the south is actually a journey to the heart of the country during Holy Week in the heat of the election s

Xian Lim: A revelation in 'Two Funerals'by Boy Villasanta, Posted at 07/18/2010 3:58 PM |

MANILA, Philippines - Suddenly, the TV and still cameras, not to mention tape recorders and microphones, were thrust to ABS-CBN Star Magic’s mainstay Xian Lim in Thursday night gala premiere of “Two Funerals” at the Main Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
Lim, who played Albert Arcangel in the tube remake last year of the 1980s classic “Katorse,” now plays Gerry in the Gil Portes’ entry to the Directors Showcase of the 6th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.
After the screening, everyone was practically rooting for Lim as the next important star in the local biz.
“Naku, a star is born,” quipped veteran director Emmanuel H. Borlaza who predicted Xian as an awarded actor in the near future.
“Okey siyang umarte,” said Borlaza’s fellow filmmaker Mel Chionglo.
“Magaling siya sa mga eksena namin,” observed talent manager, show producer and actor Francis O. Villacorta who has a cameo role in the road film.
“Grabe ang impact niya sa audience,” commented prizewinning production designer Manny Morfe.
Lim just smiled as admirers and well-meaning people in the film industry gave him praises.
“Nagpapasalamat po ako kay Direk Gil for the offer to do a film with him,” intimated Lim, a management student of the University of the East.
Before the premiere showing, at the cocktails, Lim was waiting for his turn to get his food and drinks.
He was so shy and courteous moving about the floor as he made sure to ask permission and to bow his head when crossing some directions among guests and members of the press.
“Sorry po,” he said as he changed spot to answer a call from his cell phone.
“Sige po, Mom, punta na kayo rito sa Main Theater,” he softly instructed the other line we supposed was his mother.
Lim being the leading man in Portes film is a story in itself.
According to Portes, he even missed Lim by a second.
“Tapos na ang audition ko pero may nagsabi na meron pang isa so I asked him to do the part in the script. It was meant for him although I was also considering Dominic Roco for the role.
“Una kong nakita si Xian sa ‘Katorse’ and I said to myself, the boy would go places. ‘Yan nga siya. I’m proud of him,” said Gil.
“Ang galing niyang mag-react especially sa confrontation niya with Tessie Tomas. He’s a born actor,” said Morfe.

         CTO - Kung 'Di sa Iyo - written, composed, performed by Xian Lim
Xian Lim - ABS-CBN multi-media star; armed to the teeth with hidden talent  barely scratched on its surface.  Humor is one of them.  So many still up his sleeve. We can only wait as they slowly unfold.

CTO  Kimmy's Knight!  Armor or no armor, Xian protects Kimmy from all harm. 
xianlimm Costume fail! Hahaha   4d    Keeping the Princess safe.

CTO  -Xian's IG bearing 17, 704 likes and 775 comments.  
xianlimm Real life Russel from UP!!! How's everyone Instagram world?! :-)   6d

CTO  Kim Chiu shining amidst the stars- Maribago Blue Water Resort -11-24-12.
Jude Bacalso ‏@JudeBacalso
The gorgeous Kim Chiu shines at @BlueMaribago 's Walk Among Stars, w/ the UC Chorus providing the carols,Maayong Pasko!
Kim, luminous in blue, and wearing her  beautiful Mona Lisa smile for her fellow Cebuanos who are  so proud of their celebrity kababayan  with them that night to grace and  light the "Walk among Stars or Parol (Lanterns) and cut the ceremonial ribbons for the resorts' Cebu (11-24th) and Bohol (11-25th) branches while Xian was doing his own thing in Manila on the 24th and Davao on the 25th.  Busy bees, Kim and Xian.

"Bluewater presents Walk Among Stars with Kim Chiu
Thursday, November 22, 2012    BLUEWATER Resorts—a unique collection of Filipino-owned resorts in Maribago, Sumilon and Panglao—usher in the season of ‘Pasko sa Bluewater 2012’ with a resort-wide parol lighting festival and Christmas benefit dinner event entitled, “Walk Among Stars.”   Special guest Kim Chiu – actress, celebrity endorser, and role model to the Filipino youth – lights up the “Walk Among Stars” launching events in Bluewater Maribago on Nov. 24, and Bluewater Panglao on Nov.25, to begin the resorts’ holiday festivities for 2012.

CTO - Xian after his 12 K - Sun Piology Run 11-24-12 - in sunshine yellow!

Xian, age 23, ABS  multi-media talent; confident of his moves; smiles coming easily now; a rising star amiably greeting a fan. 

Kim and Xian, their stars burning  brightly in their endorsements, projects, guestings, hostings are knee-deep in taping Ina, Kapatid, Anak creating such a storm among the fans in view of their characters' not mingling and if they do, they clash more than mingle.  

Xian's character, Liam remaining mysterious and elusive known only in snatches from dipping in and out of scenes briefly, have Twitters atwittering; IKA directors and writer remaining unfazed as the story has brought the TV series on top of the ratings game in both AGB and TNS Kantar; a phenomenon quite rare as Mega Manila households are strictly the competition's domain; leading to the conclusion they must be doing right with the story and how it is unfolding. 
Since Coco Martin and Julia Montes' phenomenal series "Walang Hanggan" bids its loyal televiewers goodbye, soap-opera fanatics turned their eyes nightly on another ABS-CBN primetime series "Ina Kapatid Anak" which is now consistently dominating the top spot in both AGB Mega Manila Household and Kantar Media National TV Ratings making its lead stars Kim Chiu and her leading man Xian Lim catapulted to a primetime queen and king level.

Xian is cresting a wave gathering endorsements in its wake. CTO - Mcdonalds, Mint, Globe, Century Bangus, Myra White, Rejoice, Surf, Faces and Curves, Dr. Steve Mark Gan, Gold's Gym, *Oro Jewelry, Fragrances, Technomarine, Gibbi Shoes, Sm Accessories, BDO. 

Approximately 16 endorsements as of  last count, Xian has attracted major commercial establishments to entrust endorsement of their products to him following  his new-found popularity after My Binondo Girl  from being Andy to Kim's Jade and his  aggressive use of social networks, Twitter and Instagram.  

Xian's  growing popularity, strong mass appeal and effectiveness in selling his "wares", looking good and convincing in them, feed on itself making him one of  the most active and effective celebrity endorsers in   the country today as well as one of the most sought after; gaining at least 14  endorsements during the year.  

What a feat for a relative newcomer in the business with only one indie film  and  one major teleserye of note to his name. I always see quality beating quantity anytime. This I see even in buying shoes, clothes and what not and seeing also that in the  business that they are in, one can only be as good as one's last project.  We see very popular actors suffering  a dearth in job offers after a slow season. 

We, KimXis, hope to see  Kim and Xian  up there in ABS-CBN's  estimation especially now with the phenomenal showing of their current project that there is  this mighty ambitious title hailing Kim and Xian as the new Primetime Kim and Queen coming from

They say the  "test of the pudding is in the eating".  As a KimXi fan, much as I want to agree with, I would still  want to remain unbiased and credible and see the results as we finish Ina, Kapatid, Anak before giving  the crown jewels to our much loved Kim and Xian.  However, looking at how the two are conducting themselves in everything they do professionally, the fearless forecast of hailing the two as ABS-CBN's  Primetime King and Queen would not be far behind, in God's will and grace.  Thanks be to God!

CTO - xianlimm "We find ways" :-)))   1d   

CTO - xianlimm Its technomarine time!!!   3d     November 22, 2012 9:34P.M. -dinnertime.
This  was an IG caption that revealed knowingly or unwittingly the location of Xian.  Some CSI-inclined KimXis have put the flooring  in a certain location where Chinitaprincess was: out to dinner with her big sis, Twinkle and here, two pics were used to ID Xian vis a vis Kim - at a resto where Twinkle was.  Technomarine time is Kim and Xian bonding time off work.   Xian "finds ways".

CTO chinitaprincess GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!!! dinner with my sister twinkle!!! trufflepasta and steak yummy!!!!#fave #bonding #yum #sabingbreadhi hahaha take care everyone!!! mwah!! thanks po for watching IKA kanina!  3d   November 22, 2012 - dinnertime.

CTO - twinklechiu's photo Spot the similarities.

                                          dinner @ mamou yum 👍😉👌
                                         Instagram @instagram · Follow

CTO Hapi2beAKO ‏@hapi2beAKO
“@reyesamanda16:Xian's IG(left)&mamou rockwell(right). Same black&white tiles:-)” oo nga! Chaperone c ate twinkle??Waaa! 
Xian's IG pic puts him in the same spot as Chinitaprincess and Twinkle Chiu.  Let us just respect their preference to keeping their private time private.  After all, they are not accountable to us fans to what they do after work.  I bow to the fans who are just so good at putting two and two together with Xian providing the "Blues Clues".   

CTOxianlimm @mintaddict varsity jacket and shirt!!! Get your mint clothing now:-)))   3d
From clothes, shoes, watch, jewelry, accessories, food, shampoo, lotion, gymwork and what have you, Xian shines!

CTO - xianlimm VERY NICE!! @gibishoes   4d
Xian  now has literally and figuratively big shoes to fill.  He is one newcomer in the success wagon whose star is still blazing the firmament.  Looking out into the future, Xian always thinks positive. 

In  the dryness, the cracked earth where nothing grew; Xian   remained optimistic; convinced that the rains will come and drenched his  parched,    unproductive earth.  Now he and Kim are in a  heavy downpour that has him and Kim enjoying every second of; undaunted and unbowed over what the future may bring because their present is   blessed, productive and fulfilling. Thanks be to God.  God is good!  

"Xian Lim:  ‘Patience is a virtue’ The rising young star says time spent waiting for 

his “moment” was all worth it!" 

CTO - Kim and Xian enjoying their time together in the rain. ( 2012 ABS Station ID shoot).  As the graces fall, they thank our Lord; work as if there is no tomorrow; sharing  blessings, same blessings or graces going back to them, full circle, ten million fold.  God be praised always!
Xian's schedule as Kim's has gone from hectic to semi-"toxic"; and as their taping, promos for Ina, Kapatid, Anak heated up and as Kim also started to gear up for Star  Magic's 20th Anniversary offering 24/7 in Love for her portion in the movie that had her paired up with ex-love and ex-love team Gerald Anderson, KimXis all over the land and the world also got "heated up" in some fashion. 

One great boost to the KimXi  deposit is the sight of Kimmy "surprising" the Harbor Point, Subic IKA show host and Xian himself and everyone present with her answer of  "Saang banda or Where at?"when Xian  asked for a kiss  as requested by the audience. 

Xian was dumbfounded, he was not able  to give Kim a fitting answer.  He got literally blown away to a corner holding the back of his head perhaps asking himself if what he heard was for real until the host confirmed it by saying, "Iba na talaga si Kimmy" or loosely translated, "Kimmy is certainly leveling up!"  KimXis had a good answer but Kim also shocked by what she said asked for a count and obediently the crowd, went in unison 1, 2, 3...only Kim can get away with something like this as Xian stretched himself to kiss Kim's right cheek.

                           CTO - Harbor Point Subic, 11-22-12  4:25P.M.
Kim with Xian and big sis Twinkle had dinner at Mamou Too later in the evening after their Subic show. A day of togetherness and thanksgiving; Xian perhaps going back to his American roots and his just wanting to be with Kim after a hard day's work.

NOVEMBER 22, 2012 4:25 PM ADMIN
Thousands of “Ina Kapatid Anak” fans cheered and danced with Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Enchong Dee, and Maja Salvador in the recently held grand launch of the “Ina Kapatid Anak: The Official Soundtrack” in Harbor Point, Subic. Kim, Xian, Enchong and Maja treated 10,000 people in a program filled with special production numbers and romantic surprises. The cast also expressed their deepest gratitude to all the viewers who have been supporting their drama series since it started in October. Continue to follow the compelling story about family, love, power, rivalry and acceptance in “Ina Kapatid Anak,” weeknights, after “Princess and I” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more updates, log on to or follow @_InaKapatidAnak on Twitter. 

CTO - What a beautiful shot; Xian seemingly intent on his task of giving Kimmy his calendars for the throw to the 10,000 strong fans who flocked to the venue to see Celiam and Marthan in living color.  

CTO - Kim and Xian and their dazzling smiles and sparkling eyes (imagining Xian's mirroring Kim's own.) Subic Harbor Point; Xian dropping his microphone.
Two days prior to the above show or November 20th  was the Premiere Night for Kim's return pairing with  Gerald Anderson to whom she clearly declared that the only return is for work and nothing else.  It was a successful PN and a good and successful come-back for the two.  No ripples in the water.  Work is work.  IKA episodes right after the movie showed  also had IKA Celiam scenes  warming up with some "ice cubes on a burnt hand" and  some eye-to-eye contact plus a "fall that got caught" and titigan galore  that proved to be a drizzle on KimXi  parched earth.  The reel IKA getting to be Celiam friendly to the KimXis even if it was not acknowledged by Liam as such; just a compassionate gesture for  an injured one or someone in need who is a friend of a dear friend.

CTO -  Liam admonishing Celyn with a look that seared more than the sizzling plate. Sear means "nakakapaso" where other KimXis use "nakakatunaw" "melts" just as the ice cube melts in the hand.  Must have been hard on Celyn who actually pulled her hand sensing some look that she could not place since Liam is not in her sights.  Remember Ethan, Celyn?

CTO - Her eyes, his eyes, their eyes - they speak. IKA - 11-22-12

CTO - Celiam wondering what is it they are feeling for each other.  Without the objects of their individual affection, Ethan and Margaux, Celiam's hearts and eyes betray them.   Friday, 11-23-12
Only Kim and Xian have this strange hold on the viewers that even with just their eyes the world seem to stop spinning on its axis; breath is held and slowly released when the eyes stop their long lingering gaze.  What magic you hold among those who have loved you since My Binondo Girl, Kim and Xian? Only God knows as the majority are clueless. 

With the dearth of Celiam  or Liam scenes, Kim and Xian, who remain dikit dikit as ever in posed or candid photos taken by fans visiting their tapings  fill the need  of more Celiam encounters. 

      CTO - Greeting the 32+ KimXi Fan Page Likes and 16K+Twitter followers.

CTO - Kim, Xian, smile, you're on Candid Camera!  Friday, 11-23-12.
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Kim and Xian together keeping boredom at bay. IKA taping lull. 11-23-12.

CTO - Kimmy grimacing from the "punch" JP is giving Xian while Xian is serious in keeping Kim's blouse tightly  together, as a discerning KimXi fan opines,  while smiling at the cam.  KimXi on standby for IKA, Friday, 11-23-12.

CTO - Xian now has open fingers; Kim is demurely holding her blouse herself.
Xian, seriously proprietarial with keeping Kimmy covered. Notice Kim's pillow.

CTO - The eyes have it...Kim, Xian, their energies boosted by keeping each other close by; looking serene and calm amidst the people swarming the sets, fans and curiosity-seekers alike.  I wonder how they do this.  The equanimity is admirable.

CTO - Unfading togetherness...Ngayon at Kailanman...togetherness is bliss!

CTO - The IKA boys and Chiuhin with a fan(?), all smiles.  Xian is hugging Kim's or a similarly patterned pillow.  Borrowing or Marking Territory? Either way reveals a different level closeness between the two.

November 24th dawned well  for Kim and Xian who are on different locations this day - Visayas and Luzon.  Kim off to Cebu; Xian on a SunPiology 12K run starting at 4:25PM back-to-back with Star Magic "Gives Back" Concert and a work assignment which turned out to be a debut of someone named Jasmine at EDSA Shang.

CTO - Xian on the Run.  Saturday afternoon, 11-24-12; seriously tracking.
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Kim upon her Cebu arrival; warmly greeting her fellow Cebuanas with her dear handler, Ate Portia.  No longer looking-Celyn;  Kim back to her regular garb.

CTO - Love Kim's rainbow colors catching some of Xian's sun yellows; Kim with her kababayans; after freshening up.  Love their proud smiles!

CTO - Xian's star running buddies - the Piology himself; Matteo, the triathlete, GMA actor/model and Papa P's nephew, Benjamin Alves and a lady runner.

CTO - with Sports Unlimited Host Dyan Castillejo; Xian looking cool and happy.
triki ‏@trikielite

RT @DYANCASTILLEJO Xian super happy he finished his first 12k in sunpiology run tonight 

Xian, all dressed for the Star Magic "Gives Back" Concert answers some questions from Dyan Castillejo herself for presumably ABS CBN, sports news.  Proud seeing Xian interviewed.  Xian is looking no worse for wear after the 12K km. run.  His frequent running exercise standing him in good stead here.

CTO -ericjohnsalut
Now performing in #StarMagicGivesBack is @xianlimm #sunpiology

What a dashing figure, Xian cuts...tall, "fair, good-looking and Chinito", the Chinita Princess' own specs for her own, fulfilled.

Push_Mina Xian Lim at the backstage of Star Magic benefit concert earlier. Segue 
pa sya to another work hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

So Xian had his 12K run; performance at the Star Magic Back-to-Back Concert where he sang, "You're still the one"; then as Push Mina cited "segue to another work commitment"  which happens to be a debut at EDSA Shang. 

          CTO - Xian's 3rd event of the day - Jasmine's Debut - Xi starts 5:21.
                                      Edsa Shang - November 24, 2012

CTO - Here's Kimmy!    This Cebuano family looks happy hobnobbing with Kim!

There  is double or triple or to the nth power happiness when one goes back home a success in the field one is in.  Happiness in being acknowledged and recognized as one  and happiness and great hope on the part of those left behind that, "Yes, it's possible for a 16 year-old Cebuana to make it big in a big city in a business  such as show business with the language or dialect barrier and the competition that is stiff and hard to beat.  

Kim is indeed a role model  for the youth of Cebu that with perseverance, focus, determination and God's help, a Cebuano can make it the same way all the other Cebuanos have made it in the past  through hard work and trust in a good God.  

Kim who is prayerful has also remained humble, kind and approachable, qualities which have endeared her not only to the Cebuanos but to all her fans all over the world of all ages, gender, and occupation. 

     CTO - Lovely Kimmy  in the Blue Water Resort in Bohol. 11-25-12
Lynly Pioc ‏@lynlyPiochy

Kim Chiu at Bluewater Resort for the benefit dinner for the children of Albur. @XianLimm #chinitaprincess
Retweeted by triki 

Xian is the same way and his successful return to the land of his birth, California, in his Star Magic tours, has given those who knew him as Alex - shy, quiet and retiring, a different side of Alex,  now  Xian; a Xian minus the basketball except on Star Magic games , a Xian who is  now a Multimedia Star - Actor/Model/Singer/Recording Artist/Songwriter/ Composer/Pianist/Host soon to be Dancer and total performer, God willing.

CTO - Xian singing  a cover of Shania Twain's "You're still the one". StarMagic GivesBack Concert 11-24-12.

                             CTO -  Vid "You're still the one" by Xian Lim

CTO -  Kim's look here is familiar; I remember she affected this in Carson, Ca as she and Xian moved around the Benefit event.  (Lyrics of You're still the one)

CTO - KimXi in Pacific Rim Interview - Carson, CA 5-26-12

                                 Refreshing Kimmy's look towards Xi as above...

                          CTO - You're Still the One by Shania Twain
                                               Against all odds, Xian?

Kim and Xian, in God's time, connected, befriended each other and in the nurtured friendship, delivered an inspired Andy and Jade performance in their first tandem ever  and from thereon conquered more mountains in their lives; mountains that got "thrown into the sea"; the "mountains" of fear, shyness, darkness, distraction, the sound of "crickets" and together in great synergy overcome obstacles that stood in their way - the obstacles of sickness, fatigue, boredom and at times the madding crowd.  

Together Kim and Xian shine in great light for they only have love in their hearts; forgiving hurts, offering the banner of peace and attain love and joy in the process, as "Jesus said, 'Believe me, if you trust and donot falter and you say to this mountain, 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea', even that will happen.  You will receive all that you pray for, provided you have faith."  (Matthew 21: 21-22)

We know that both Kim and Xian are prayerful and maintain positivities in everything they do that looking at all the things happening to them since they got together, we see  God's graces bountiful and  continued flow,  affirming God's presence in them "For whenever two or three are gathered in My Name, I am there in their midst. "Matthew 18:20.  

If God is with Kim and Xian, who can be against them?  No "cricket" can stand in the way.

Unearthed by KimXi Mika -thanks Miks.
XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm
@ericjohnsalut hi kuya Ej!!! :-))

Eric John Salut ‏@ericjohnsalut
@XianLimm Kumusta ka naman, X? Lapit na storycon ng new soap. This is it!!!!!

XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm
@ericjohnsalut yes super excited na ako! :-)))

Eric John Salut ‏@ericjohnsalut
Me too! Ganda ng story. Best Actor award na kaya ito? Hehehehe! Galingan ha. RT @XianLimm: @ericjohnsalut yes super excited na ako! :-)))

XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm
@ericjohnsalut ay grabe sana!!! basta palagi 150% best !!! :-)))
- eto nga ba ang tinutukoy mo na twits nila?

CTO FriendsofKimXiUSA ‏@FriendsOfK3XUSA
"@024ruth: Positive comment from ms. @krisaquino214 :-) #KimChiu" - Waaaaahhh!! I love you ms.Kris!KimXi movie talaga!" 

EJ Salut, Eric John Salut. @ericjohnsalut. Advertising & Promotions Head, TV Production. ABS-CBN Corporation. Quezon City, Philippines ·  and Kris Aquino, Kris TV talk show host and Kimmy's surrogate sister are looking forward to the success of Kim and Xian's teleserye TV series, Ina, Kapatid,Anak and the KimXi movie under director Joyce Bernal.  

All of us are with EJS and Kimmy's Ate Kris  in wishing the best for Kim and Xian, professionally and personally.  Kim and Xian's  love for their  God, family, work, friends, fans and each other is so palpable; we are inexplicably drawn to that love as a pile of iron shavings to a magnet. In  that love we feel love, peace and joy  as Kim and Xian do , enjoy an exalted state of being, forgiving hurts, spreading love.  Happiness!  KimXis are turning KimXi.

Kim and Xian, just by being themselves, true to what they believe in and  hope for, reached out to each other and interfacing, changed for the better in God's will and grace; no more fears and we are happy and inspired where they  are; we also feel their pain, we have bonded virtually in cyberspace;  happiness shared, happiness multiplied.

A Wedding like No Other in November  inspired us all. Carmina and Zoren radiate so much the same beauty and qualities of our own Kim and Xian, even resembling KimXi physically; Carmina, bubbly as Kim is; Zoren so much in love as I take Xian is too; is this  wedding one of Kimmy's signs - -  that love, true love  and that people like Zoren and Xian  really do exist?   Hope abounds.  God is good! 

                      CTO - Xian singing My Valentine with a difference

                               Finale Song to the Carmina-Zoren wedding 

       CTO - Kim at age 16 on PBBTE - I audition - sang My Valentine on 1:22

        CTO - Xian before his "singing days" playing My Valentine at :45 
Coincidence?  More "Christincidences"
                                                       God is good! 

                  CTO - You'll be in my Heart by Celtic Woman - Alex Sharpe 
Kim and Xian be in each other's heart always.

    CTO - Love changes everything - Andrew Lloyd Webber Aspects of Love
Love conquers all.



  1. You're still the one I run to... You're still the one I belong to! Very sweet Ms. Gutsy and how nice you connected it to Zoren and Carmina's wedding. Given the nature of Xian, I think he can equal or even surpass the beauty of Zoren's surprises to Carmina when their time comes (Please God, let it be!)

    Due to some health problems, I was not able to see our beautiful princess at Maribago Bluewaters, Cebu. Nagselos talaga ako sa mga ngfamily picture with Kim. Glowing talaga ang princess natin, Miss Gutz. Iba talaga ang laging happy and inspired, may inner glow... God bless you and your loved ones! - Your No. 2 Fan

    1. Hahaha! Nagwatch din kasi ang dalawa sa wedding...kaya significant. <3

      Awww...okay ka na? There is always a next time! Inner and outer glow ang fave couple natin! Happiness! Thanks for God's blessings! Same to you and more!

  2. KimXianity your still the best blogger! and endeed your excellent observation with the evidence to show off, its a kimxi fanatic thank you for always there make the sweets more sweeter..
    about the carmina and zoren wedding is so touching and in youtube where i watch it i remember the last song they played is the song when xian play in Vice Ganda talk show for kim is the valentines song..can you put that in your blog please hahaha joke! but thank you XX

    1. Thanks, Dayan...the Valentine song from Vice Ganda? Let me look for it. There's no coincidence...only "Christincidences". <3