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Wherever you go...

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. "~ Eleanor Roosevelt

CTO - There is a glow in the persona of Kim and Xian that goes beyond definition.  Chokoleit, a known Star Magic comedian and a witty twitter calls it "KimXiness", for lack of a better word.  

CTO  @chokoleitWiTS: KimXiNess! #StarMagic20LiveInLA!

CTO - Note the uncharacteristic hand over Xian's arm.   

KimXiness is the quality that embodies two people who have risen from years of deprivation and want, whether emotional or physical, to a present that is imbued with love, care and attention.

CTO - Kim's loving touch.  Source of "fresh happiness" -  Xian Lim.
Catwoman Kim fixing Xian's Muscleman costume - 10-31-12 in L.A.;  Kim fixing Xian's hair at Singapore Airport - 10-17-12; Kim attaching microphone on Xian; helping him into a jacket brought by fans on the set and at the ASAP Chill Out Lounge.

CTO - Kim holding mic for Xian while fans surround them for a picture taking. Great profiles.   Kim deferring to Xian to perhaps talk first?  So kind of Kim.

There is this exchange of off-cam tenderness that roots the viewer to  her seat or disables her muscles to raise a camera such that whatever tender moment has transpired between Kim and Xian are known only from  twits or direct from eyewitness accounts such as  how Xian puts food in Kim's plate at the Buffet Counter;  ably slices her rib-eye steak for her complete with pouring of its sauce; orders omelette for her...
CTO KimXi Official ‏@teamkimxi

Brunch today. Tanong ni Alexander, "what do you want on your omelet?" Sya pa daw po ang nag-pour ng milk sa cereal...

orders her tea or his own coffee; sharing their cups - single cups or to be clear, the two drinking from the same cup of coffee or tea which Xian ordered  earlier for their after-dinner drink; eating from the same plate  or  gently disentangling her hair from a fan's necklace and tenderly patting her head to ease whatever pain there was and continue to look worried and distracted despite a fan's request for a picture with them - this we see after a fan woke up from her somnambulistic state (something I can really understand) and picked up her video cam for which she profusely apologizes  for only catching the tail end when finally the hair or the necklace gave way to Xian's gentle prodding, in full view of the L.A. Meet and Greet  group , Mr. M and the producers included.
CTO - "Xian to the Rescue"

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Kim's hair got stuck on someone's whatever (maybe necklace). Too bad I didn't get the whole thing...I was worried too. haha
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CTO - Piolo P. and Mahfren Maja looking concerned as Xian did his bit in disentangling his lady love from the "clutches" of a stray necklace reminiscent of a PBB scene where Kim's hair then was braided tightly with 3 others...deja vu but the Knight in Shining Black Leather Jacket, the new man in her life that is giving her "Fresh Happiness that Becomes Her" as Chokoleit twits, is doing the scene in real life and real time...way to go KimXiness!   (L.A. Meet and Greet - 11-01-12)


KimXiness is togetherness of body/(ies).   There are only 24 hours in a day and of those 24 hours, Kim and Xian, spend the better part with each other  at work and  off-work.  They have admitted on their 10-1-12 KrisTV interview that they are only seeing each other and no other, skirting away from the label "exclusively dating". - from 10:11onwards.  credit and thanks to Disco.

CTO - Within a few hours of Kim's arrival in L.A., she is spotted having lunch /on a stroll/ buying costumes with who else but newfound perennial partner, Xian Lim.10-31-12.

CTO - The arm and hand that say, "This girl is mine." 11-01-12.  

CTO -  The elbow that says, "This guy is mine" echoed by a length of arm on her back, "Ditto".    Proprietarial, territorial - Kim and Xian.  

CTO - Kim leading Xian to a dance  session with the fans; something he  wants to  avoid at all costs.  There is no saying no to Kimmy.  Facing One's Fears 101.
Dinner with fans.  11-01-12

CTO - Xian looking so"Papable" and fatherly at the same time. Practising?
Kim and Xian are each other's shadow. If one sees one, one sees  the other. They are beginning to look alike in their smiles and facial expressions.  Kimmy is Kimberly Sue here; must be conscious of the implications.  Xian seems uncaring as to what people might think; reflecting their differing cultures.

 CTO -  and their bonding continues. Mahfren Maja differentiating between a "Date" and a "Friendly Date".  KimXi in an "unfriendly" date then or a"more than friendly" one?  More the latter.
Embedded image permalink
Adrenaline at work.  Their day is long and the ghosts and goblins have long gone home; they are still at it...eating a late dinner or early early breakfast on after-Halloween morning in LA.  Togetherness is bliss.

KimXiness is togetherness of soul (s). There is a God and He loves us.  In our KimXi reality we have seen God's love at work in the meeting of two beautiful people who have met once before but whose close liaison only started with a   TV series My Binondo Girl  whose projected ending was much different than what actually happened.  To some, it is called Kismet, Fate  or Destiny; to believers,  it is deemed, Amazing Grace from God.  

Kim and Xian, soulmates whose mind, will and emotions --components of the soul-- jibe well together.  

Both shy and fearful in certain areas of their lives and taking lead from each other, they have slowly but surely mastered their fears and their shyness.

Starting with Xian who  has recently mastered dancing - his waterloo in showbusiness which he has put a lot of time in - here is a sample of his "major major" accomplishment. 
                             CTO - Las Vegas Teleserye Bida Tour -2012   - KimXi dance 11-3-12 - Star Magic Show.  Xian exhibiting extraordinary dancing prowess along with Kim.  Hot from the presses.

Kim, attempting to fulfill one item in her Bucket List, that of traveling alone from Philippines to the U.S. of A., expressing extreme trepidation, then some small relief at a layover in Japan and finally exultation at her L.A. arrival!

chinitaprincess GOOD Morning everyone!!!! "today is the day!"  now at the airport!singing to the tune of ALL BY MYSELF! hope to see you in 13 hours LA!!#firsttime #travelingALONE #scared #nervous and etc. etc.!! but exciting!!!YAAAYYYYKKKKSSS!!!!   4d

CTO - chinitaprincess TOUCHDOWN LA!!!! yay!!! see you mga kapamilya on nov 3 saturday shrine auditorium 7pm,,   3d   10-31-12

CTO - Speaking of Arrivals and departures - Signs of the times. Same Passport Cases.   No fear.

CTO - welcomed at L.A. Airport by fans Friends of KX USA - 10-31-12.
The day before her departure, Kim also took care of a mastered fear in picking up her chocolate-colored Pomeranian dog named Jellyace at a store whose previous owner expressed some concern over who would be caring for the puppy in the absence of  Kim since she was leaving for L.A. the following day.  Kim, of course, has an able replacement in her Ate Lakam, her No Fear sister.  

Days before the purchase Kim was observed by fans petting a dog while looking at Xian the whole time she was doing it; his comforting presence allaying Kim's fears from a childhood trauma which kept her away from consorting with   man's best friend. 

CTO - Xian and his smile -  looking  so reassuring and so loving towards Kim.
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Kim, the assured one, finally hugging a dog, her dog.  Starting small. Hallelujah!  Congratulations, Kim!  Thanks, Xian!
Here's Kim showing off her own "major major" accomplishment.
chinitaprincess GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!! meet jellyace!!!! camerashy pa sya,,, dont forget to watch mamaya po INAKAPATIDANAK sa bago nitong oras 8:15pm pagkatapos ng princess and i,,, thank you!!!   5d

CTO - Kim and Xian no longer fearful to show the world that they are now of one
heart, one mind, one soul.  Let the world take notice.  There is no more holding 
First time Kim has ever been this showy in terms of matters of the heart.  No matter who asked for this "two hearts together as one" hand signal and got it from Kim and Xian minus any hesitation  is one ought-to-be-happy person as this is so  so "like" Xian yet so so unlike Kim.  Xian has won here.

CTO - Xian in his search...triki ‏@trikielite

The search is over.. He is now complete.. 

She is certainly following his lead.  Kim and her happy eyes and Xian's conquering own, tell it all!

There is consistency. Xian has been consistent in  his resolve to make Kim happy; make her feel special.  There is also  desire; the desire to overcome fears  and the resolve to do the necessary to activate the desire; make it happen. Wishful thinking does not count.

There was fear; now there's conquered fear.  Once bungee jumping, skydiving were  wishes knowing that Kim had done them before.  Now they are a reality.  Xian has done both.  855 feet down or the equivalent of 108 floors in Las Vegas, Nevada; skydiving in California; dry-mouthed, eyes showing excitement, more fear than excitement; then the jump into space; then ,as with Kimmy, the feeling of exultation and elation after.  Fear of heights, wherefore art thou now?  Gone with the wind that whoosh Xian down in a harness or a parachute.           

                 CTO - Bungee jumping at the Stratosphere - Las Vegas, 10-29-12

CTO xianlimm Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open! SKY DIVING HERE IN SANTA BARBARA!! Woooohoo!   4d  10-31-12
There's the additional fear of a parachute which would not open.  Scary.  Congratulations, Xian!   At the time when ChinitaPrincess was flying into LA, Xianlimm was diving out of a plane; each dealing with their individual fears - Kim, her shyness and fear of traveling alone; Xian, his fear of heights.  Both successful in their ventures. October 31, 2012 is a landmark date for Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 

It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. 

 We ask ourselves 'who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?'

Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. 
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. 

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. " ~ Marianne Williamson

                         CTO - All by Myself by Celine Dion

CTO - Kim and Xian - "brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous"! “@chokoleitWiTS: Kim Xi Sue Yap Lim Uyyyyyyy!!!.... ☆☆☆ #StarMagic20LiveInLA!””    Say that again, Chokoleit!!!  The bleachers are noticing!
Kim and Xian - facing the world or each other, the smiles remain.

Kim and Xian have dared to be their "brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous" selves; freeing themselves of their age-old fears; defying odds, daring to love and be loved and showing it in what they frequently  mouth as, "what you see is what you get"; "no labels"; concentrating on work and also venturing to be "happy being together" as Kim  says of her and Xian; sharing laughter, life-stories and time together.

KimXiness is  togetherness of spirit.  It is in the realm of the spirit that love resides--love for God and love for one another.  God is Love; the love between the Father and the Son, personified in the Holy Spirit.  In this shared belief and in humility, Kim and Xian are bound together; sharing the fruits of the Holy Spirit:

Galatians 5:22-23

New International Version (NIV)
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

The two radiate the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their demeanor.  They are loving, joyful  and have this aura of peace around them; they are forbearing or patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and have self-control.  If you ask a fan, why he or she admires Kim and Xian; the answer can be as varied as the person asked but the common ones always come down to:  napakabait (very kind); accommodating; masaya (joyful or just happy being around them).  

CTO L.A. Star Magic 20 Meet and Greet the Stars - 11-02-12

There is purity, happiness, kindness, patience, gentleness discerned in the two. Childlike and loving, Kim and Xian project such a magnetic presence that one seeing them for the first time admits to being "tulala", starstruck or dumbstruck. 

CTO-Dee D Ar‏@xldinzz
Sa nganga namin, 3 kaming may iphone, ito lang nakuha ko. As in!

Ako:iphone+camera, @ifancyKIMXI :iphone, @xldinzz iphone+2 cameras.... Dumaan sa harap nmin c kim at xian= 1 pic na malabo #panis :-)

Kim and Xian, old-fashioned and traditional have bonded in the practice of their faith.  They have been spotted going to Church together. Their strong  beliefs and positive mental  attitudes have brought them together in an upward climb in their careers and personal lives radiating such brilliance in their upward mobility; fans, friends and perhaps foe  alike must be  greatly amazed.

CTO - XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm Life is a roller has its ups and downs but in the end we all have fun...good morning world :-) 

Yet, Xian in all humility is aware that in life, things go up and things also come down...keeping him grounded in the thought.  Kim, humble and unassuming, is with Xian in this belief.

From the frequency of their individual magazine covers, their endorsement shoots, their modeling stints, their show guestings, their tours, their top-rating Ina, Kapatid, Anak, their equally amazing fans, local or global, twitting like there's no tomorrow and even one really notable one, a Mr. Rico Hizon, BBC Business News Anchor who is very open in his admiration of the two make one believe that  indeed love makes the world go round; that love conquers all;  that love begets love; and that success comes first with God's grace and   the readiness to accept  such  grace; the  hard work that follows to  sustain the grace and the thankfulness and the positivities  that open the recipients to a continuous flow of  graces.

Kim and Xian prayed and were ready to accept the grace of working together; were willing to do hard work that their job entailed and are grateful to God for His graces possessing the positive outlook to receive more. Kim and Xian, only 22 and 23, respectively, have discovered the path to success and how to stay in it -  remaining  "humble in victory"; sharing graces along the way; the grace of their own  selves.

CTO - Kim and Xian in "comfy with each other poses" around fans and other stars. LA Meet and Greet -11-02-12.  Love, peace and joy in their countenance.

There's love in their "no space allowed" stance; peace in the two fingers raised by Kimmy and joy in their smiles that reach their eyes.

Kim and Xian received the loudest applause at the LA Meet and Greet; the highest number of gifts and the most number of  meet and greet with  fan-groups among the  twenty or so Star Magic stars.

CTO - chinitaprincess SUPER THANK YOU #kimxiaroundtheglobe(KATG) and #friendsofkimxi(k<3x)!!!! it was nice meeting you guyzz!!ang saya nyo lahat!!! thank you din po for all the gifts!!!! goodnight everyone!! #timetosleep nytie!!   

  • CTO - chinitaprincess GOOD MORNING!!! rise and shine!! just came from a meet and greet with #kimxiSOCAL!!! THANK YOU po for the yummy breakfast party and for being so nice to us!!! SUPER THANKS!!! and sa mga gifts maraming marami pong salamat!! TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!!   2d

God works in such mysterious ways.  Kim who was at the crossroads of her career minus her perennial love team of 4 years in early 2011 and Xian in need of a serious jump start in his own static career at that time must have raised their thoughts together to God in their own individual time and in some mysterious combination of earthly forces God brought  them together in His beautiful time and connected them in My Binondo Girl.

What a grand connection and what a great God we serve!  These two beautiful people in heart and mind blessed and ready for such blessing with their love for God and with their continued goodness are also continually receiving God's love and mercy.  Extending this love for God, they also discovered one another and are now in the stage of getting to know more of each other together with  their own families and friends in the process.

CTO  -  The Signs of the Times; Chiu family liking Xian Lim's Instagram photos.

CTO - Xian liking  Kimmy's sis photo of Raine. Pamy Love KimXi ‏@ImNOCricket
Since na sa himpapawid pa si Mama Kim na laging nagla-like ng pics ni Baby Raine, si Tito Xi muna hehehehe 

CTO - Kim and Xian performing. 11-03-12.  LA Star Magic 20 Show;

sharing one microphone singing "When you say nothing at all". 

CTO - Above picture zoomed.   Xian's unmistakable "look of love" to the fore.
There is an unraveling of the the reason why Kim and Xian  have this inexplicable magnetism.  They have this great unity of spirit for good and where there's unity of goodness and love, the Spirit of God descends  and radiates through  to anyone and  everyone who sees them, for real or reel through TV or movie screens. Their shared prayer rendered them this power; God working in them as an instrument of love, peace and salvation.  Yes, there is a God and He loves us and He can use young people like Kim and Xian for us to turn to Him.  In prayer wrought by young people like Kim and Xian, there is power.

Kim and Xian's togetherness  of body, soul and spirit has created this great synergy.   Together they are a force for good. Together they are able to master their fears. Together they bedazzle.  Together they continue to grow.  Together they overcome.   

In their union there is this formidable strength.  The success of one is the success of the other.  There is now identification, even Chokoleit, sees Lim Uy in Kim Sue Yap Chiu.  They may be apart physically but  their soul and spirit still converge; that though apart, they are still together.  Together, they are one.   Wherever  one goes, the other goeth. 

Book of Ruth 1:16 (Douay Rheims Bible)  She answered: Be not against me, to desire that I should leave thee and depart: for whithersoever thou shalt go, I will go: and where thou shalt dwell, I also will dwell. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.

                                          CTO - I'll be There by the Jackson Five
CTO - Hapi2beAKO ‏@hapi2beAKO

Laughing Uys:-)      
Love the caption to this photo.
KimXiness is Happiness.  "Easy, easy. happy, happy.  Happy, happy, happy being together.  Masaya, masaya, there's some excitement in thinking na nandyan siya." Words of Kim and Xian that convey to the world that they are happy being together.  Just being together makes them happy.  Isn't this what love is all about?

CTO - Together going to Shrine Auditorium. Hapi2beAKO‏@hapi2beAKO

“@KimXiUSA: Xian&Kim on their way 2 ride d party bus” nauna c Kim kay Xian lumabas pro y nag-abot p ***?Hinintay?:-)  

CTO Kim and Xian leaving the Shrine Auditorium.
Hapi2beAKO ‏@hapi2beAKO
Dun sa finale, nauuna c xian sa pababa ng stage tapos huminto sya to ** 4 Kim.. Tapos nung nagkaabutan n sila, hawak c kim sa arm ni xian:-)
Retweeted by Karla Fuertez

CTO - A gentleman's way of getting down staircases same as the photo below.  Xian just being consistent.
There is togetherness in their comings and goings; almost as if they are each other's source of sustenance; useless each without the other.  Kim and Xian - keep on keeping on.  In togetherness, there is love; in togetherness, there is peace; in togetherness, there is joy.  Stay loving, at peace, and joyful!  God is good all the time!

CTO -   "Brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous" Kim and Xian; in identical aviator lenses, sharp looking in stripes;  getting ready for their meal. Together.
Loving each other's company.

Disclaimer:  Kim and Xian have given blanket authority to anyone and everyone to make conclusions as to what state they are in ...for sure they are in a state of happiness and the cause of it is that they are together as in together, the way together is understood in today's language; where a couple are together.  Am I making sense?  Kim and Xian are together and happy being so.  Period.  Hot from the horse's mouth:  Dee D Ar ‏@xldinzz
@FullmoonGirls no worries. ** sa US c kim n xi *** lagi in!!! Mnsan ksama maj mnsan majong but always kim n xi 

My thanks to all those who have uploaded photos, videos , twits which I used  in this  blog. So quick on the draw.  Credit goes to their respective owners.


  1. Guts, your voice for writing reminds me of my mom who also writes beautifully. I've been globie eversince I graduated and once I stumbled pieces of her writings, those remind me of you. Like KIMXINESS you are also beautiful from within. I am a lurker in FB, Twitter and Pex. Your blogs are always inspiring, light to the heart, opens my inquisitive mind and makes me happy, just like KIM and XIAN. Thank you for you here in the KIMXIWORLD. As you always say, KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!


  3. I'm so touch, ms gutsy.. You nailed it.

  4. Thanks for this wonder blog, Ms. Gutsy. Ang ganda. Sarap basahin. Please keep on writing about out Kimxi.


  5. You have made a beautiful and amazing cap to the wonderful KIMXI Star Magic Tour in LA Ms. Gutz!!! And I repeat the request of everyone for you to be back at the KIMXI PEX... Love you and God bless you always... your No. 2 Fan

  6. Hi Ms. Gutsy- I've been quite busy the last couple of days and had no time to check out the various Kimxi web sites. And here is your blog filling me in on everything there is to know about the KimXi Star Magic Tour in LA. You write so beautifully.

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  8. Am/we're so blessed with our Kim and Xian for the happiness we feel and share with one another! Thanks much, Anon 11-4-12 8:14am; 10:14am; 11:53am; 1:33pm;8:12pm; 11-5-12 7:33am; 11-7-12 6:31am.

    No. 2 ha...hahahaha...ako pod nangangkon...atin na talaga ang KimXi; nasa consciousness natin...akala ko nga wala na akong masulat; na-alala ko tuloy si Xian saying, "dami ko na kasing message sa kanya, baka sabihin nyang pabalik balik na lang."

    I thank everyone who gives me some feedback whether here or elsewhere that somehow the happiness that I feel and which I share also gives happiness to the reader and hopefully keeps her/him in groove for the day! God is good!