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Similarities and dis...

"Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy".  Max Ehrmann c.1920 (*snipped from Desiderata - desideratapoem.htm)

In the beginning  their  world was  in darkness,  chaos and turmoil;   two individuals of differing backgrounds not knowing where to turn, turned to God and in their heart of hearts might have heard God's word - reminiscent of the Genesis,"Let there be light"   and there was light.  Kim and Xian, prayerful, God-fearing are blessed with each other; each becoming each other's light; what one lacks, the other fills, all in God's will and grace.
"3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.  Genesis 1 (New International Version).

Kim and Xian, be still and know that God is with you.  If God is with you, who can be against you?

CTO-"@chinitaprincess: "Sometimes you have to take in the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you’ve got, and remember what you had. Learn to forgive, but never forget, learn from your mistakes, but never regret, people change, things go wrong, but just remember, LIFE GOES ON." good evening everyone!!! #tapingIKA #bundok #beautifulsunset #inakapatidanak mamayanggabipo9pm,,THANKS!!-"10-17-12. 

Notice a man leaning on the tree in the light, in silhouette.  One can only surmise that he is Xian standing before Kim's camera awaiting his love in the dusk, when the silence is sacred and the cares of the day float away when the love one is near; a love one who is optimistic and has this  positive sense of self that strengthens and invigorates those around her.

CTO - chinitaprincess .....and its a wrap!!!! GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! home from shooting #24/7inlove coming out soon... now time to prepare for #inakapatidanak taping... yahooooo!!!!! lezzdothis!!! #ENERGYisthewordfortoday#hellosunshine   20h  10-19-12
Morning light, after work is done; Kimmy welcoming the morning, going from work to work.

Kim and Xian embraced the light and together they conquer the demons that beset them and slay the dragons that lay await in their paths and are now facing hand in hand, arm in arm the world that in a flash has become their oyster.

CTO - The tender loving gaze, the beautiful smiles and the flowers that unlocked them; Kim and Xian  in the throes of a new-found love.  12-23-11.

Kim and Xian in that magical time when love beckoned and the wonderful response to it that rocked the KimXi world.

When everything was in a state of flux, Xian clung to his vow to make the object of his affection "feel happy and special".  As it was then so it is now and more.

CTO - Eyes imploring; Xian hoping that he could still see Kim even after end of MBG. ( D'Buzz interview midJanuary, 2012).  Kim, says, "puwede"; Xian may visit her at her house.  What a glorious night this must have been for "hopeless" romantic" Xian whose happiness is just to be with Kim, the woman of his dreams - with her personality shining through, her sweetness genuine; her innate goodness and old fashioned ways are there to beguile any man and he wanted to be that man. . "There is the excitement just to think  that she is there" (Xian - 5-26-12 - Balitang America). xian: "finally, masaya na yong something to look forward to each day, may excitement pag iniisip ko na nandiyan siya"...Kim: si Xian, never a sad or dull moment...happy, happy, happy being together.

CTO- The oh so confident hold...ASAP lull...March 25, 2012...the day the fingers also first intertwined; Kim and Xian the day before the trip to Hawaii.

CTO - The hand that holds the beloved is the hand that "holds her heart". 5-26-12.

CTO - The interview to end all interviews.  Balitang America with Henni Espinosa; May 26-2012.  Their words, body language say it all.  

CTO- ASAP Finale Singapore October 14, 2012.   

Kim and Xian trekking; Xian as always extending a helping hand, (follow the green circles) Kim holding Xian  with both hands.  "Once you have found him never let him go; once you have found him, never let him go."

CTO - Kim and her smooth move after Enchong put himself in between her and
Xian (Check 1:10).  Vid on ASAP Singapore Finale -10-14-12.
Here also Kim is  extending her helping hand in having Xian dance along with her and Enchong. They provide each other's help to a perceived weakness.  Kim and Xian on the road to being One.

When the one whose hand you’re holding
Is the one who holds your heart,

When the one whose eyes you gaze into

Gives your hopes and dreams their start,

When the one you think of first and last

Is the one who holds you tight

And the things you plan together

Make the whole world seem just right,

When the one whom you believe in
Puts their faith and trust in you,
You’ve found the one and only love
You’ll share your whole life through
(author unknown)

Kim as Celyn against all odds and overcoming obstacles with her great attitude and loving trust in a sustaining Divine Providence.
"Okay lang ako, kaya ko 'to; U.P. here I come!  - Celyn (Kim).

There is a scene in Ina, Kapatid, Anak where the protagonist Celyn just had her money, school records, clothes stolen by scam artists within the hour of her arrival in Manila from Cebu. She prayed to Santo Nino, the only remaining item that escaped the robbers' hands and thereupon remembered a 50 peso bill in her pocket. She was all ecstatic over her find just when Liam's (Xian) car passed and drenched Celyn with muddy  water from a pothole he drove over.

It appears the muddy welcome marked  her baptism and  her deliverance from whatever guilt she must have felt from disobeying  her mother's wishes; her spirits remaining open and positive to good things that she expected to happen with Santo Nino's help.  She had an eye on her goal - a job after graduation and a life that would give her family a better life. 9e78a797d704316ac4443ab39e9bbe7001 .html.Ina-Kapatid-Anak-10&-45;16&-45;2012-(1-3).html  (pls check 4:14)

We see Celyn's strong determination to improve her life  in Kim and Xian.  Xian, coming out of the shadows of a bullied childhood; the isolation of being an only child; felt the "happy vibe" which  the land of her parents' birth exudes   and after much thought left Daly City, California for Philippines without telling any of his friends   He jump started the slogan, "It's more fun in the  Philippines!", by declaring it first.   

Through this nebulous haze of knowing what he did not like in the life he was leading  in the U.S. of A. versus not really knowing what he wanted to do, Xian still took the "plunge" through something he at least knew he could do:  Basketball which unfortunately  did not pan out . This however   paved his  way to modelling through his discoverer and now Stylist, Mr. Ton Lao  then  acting and  meeting Kim, all in God's  will and grace. Meeting Kim in his first acting assignment, Xian calls it destiny.  I call it God's Amazing Grace.  Kim has a nice way of putting it and she has it on her latest IG Photo caption:  "Things happen for a reason." but she has a different take on it, expanded it a bit.

CTO - chinitaprincess "God puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them for a BETTER reason." Good morning everyone!! rise and shine!! OFF TO BKK!! #work #shoot #excited Take care! 6min  
Beautiful Kim, no longer the poor and downtrodden, Celyn...such good acting-some KimXis already want to adopt her and give her tons of clothes.  So natural, so good, it is no wonder Kim is called the Primetime Teleserye Princess. She elevates whatever show she's in to a higher level. There is word that IKA's ratings are now in the 30's; unprecedented for its time slot of 9:30 pm.  We thank the Lord for His graces.  God is good all the time!

Kim seems to be wanting to put  a message across the miles.  Take the words "Put" and "Remove".  No one has been removed except the one who walked out on Kim in 2010. Allowed by God is more like it. I believe we all know who the "better reason" is.  To me,  the one and the only one  for Kim now and beyond is Xian Lim. I don't see anyone who can top him for Kim at this point.  I take my own "plunge" for what I just said.

Mastering fear.
CTO - Xian's latest plunge... xianlimm Weeeeeee!!!   3d
There are still "plunges" Xian will make in the future which  would  be life-changing but I will concentrate on the ones that are feasible and possible. What a huge victory for Xian!  This equals his Chinita Princess' Bungee Jump not in severity of difficulty but in terms of what he must have gone through to overcome  his  phobia  of heights; here he has no harness and no  coaches.  It just looks like a clean resolve to overcome  a long-held fear to expunge its grip. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom . . .— Bertrand Russell  Congratulations Xian!

Xian, conquering his fear of heights, taking the plunge into deep waters in between two gloriously flowing falls; wonder how it must have felt for him with the sound of rushing waters around him; the glittering water catching the rays of the noonday sun; with friends and the beloved watching.  Exhilarating, for sure!

As I mentioned, this was a day of victory for Xian; a victory to add to the other victories he has had so far; his recent victory over dancing.  He has broken through that--his song and dance routine in the latest Poppables prod number in ASAP Singapore proved to be  his best so far.  Now, it seems nothing gets in the way of Xian in his climb to success.   Love conquers all; love conquers fear! As Celyn has repeatedly said,  "walang problema na walang solusyon".  A problem always has a solution in hand.  Kim must have said to  Xian, "You can do it!" or Xian's own, "Lezz do thiss"

    CTO - Xian's dance moves on the runway for Mint!  Gangnam or Jagger or neither...purely Xian's.

Taking another plunge...You did it, Xian!!! Wow!!!
"You can do it" must be a phrase each one uses for the other when the situation calls for it.   When Kim was asked in an interview for an animal to have as a pet, whether a cat or a dog.  She answered , "None of the above".  She had a good scare after having been chased by a dog along with her siblings and her fear of dogs is just so that she could not find it in her to be around them.  Her fear of dogs extends to cats and Xian answered correctly when asked at Gandang Gabi Vice when both he and Kim guested.  Cats and her allergies are not compatible.  So, there is some hard explaining to do when Kim and her niece sauntered into a pet store and Kim handled and bought a pet for her niece, Raine. Would it be fair to say her own pet dog would not be far behind?  Here, Kim has  taken a "plunge".

CTO - chinitaprincess GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE!!! #PETHUNTING yesterday with my niece baby raine and look what we found!!! a super duper cutie doggie that looks like a stuff toy!!! *gigil #pomeranian take are everyone have a blessed sunday!!!   2d
If Kimmy found the Pomeranian so cute to fondle and has found enough courage to conquer her fears for the love of Raine, then a faithful and loyal admirer who has patiently encouraged her to conquer her fears must be equally happy with her. This was a Sunday and Kimmy made it into a family day and Baby Raine is the beneficiary of all this love that Chinitaprincess showers her extended family. The man who accompanies her to dinners and movies out must have gloried  in Kim winning over her fears that he could not help doing the following to Kim in plain sight of everyone at their location taping for IKA.

CTO.    Behind the scene photo by a visiting fan.
Embedded image permalink
We do not know what triggered the huge palm "caress" but it looks like Xian  from his huge smile is enjoying it.  "Gigil" is the word used by Kim for the pomeranian doggie--it is also a word I can use to describe what Xian must have been feeling when he touched her sure, gently.  I cannot think of Xian doing it any other way.  Beneath the trees, under the watchful eye of what look like workers or actors making do as "workers" and a man holding an umbrella for the two who was  conveniently looking the other way, Xian took courage.  First time for Xian to do this in public and Kim looking as if she were enjoying it too.  So used to seeing Kim turning away public displays of Xian's affection-- the fresh air, the simple folk, the warm sun  must have released Kim's inhibitions.   Xian's fondness for Kim  unleashed so naturally as their  breathing all that invigorating fresh mountain air. Curious to know what triggered the smooth move --something Kim must have said, maybe?
           CTO - Looking through with the Eyes of Love by  Melissa Manchester

CTO-   The eyes and the smile egging, "you can do it" allays the fears.
Embedded image permalink
Overcoming phobia. At times "Looking at/through the Eyes of Love " can release one's inhibitions; in Kim's case here, her fear of dogs and to stretch it further, her fear of getting into a new relationship because of a bad experience. Much the same way as it acts as a motivator, fear can serve as a relationship inhibitor. An extreme fear of dependency–or of repeating past bad relationship experiences–may even keep someone from getting close to others all together. Common fears of embarrassment can make social interaction difficult and fears of being hurt (often again) can make even connecting with others on a basic level difficult.   Love conquers all; love conquers fear or fears.

So what is love; this love which conquers all, conquers all fears.  Kim and Xian both are shining examples of love; they move and talk as people who are loving of friends and family; they do not speak ill, they take criticisms with such aplomb, one would think they are made of sterner stuff than the rest of humanity; they are forgiving and  do not take offense easily; they conceal their hurts and are very much aware of their present moment. Speaking of the present moment, here's Xian reaching out for an umbrella to shield Kim from the harsh sun  which she's allergic to.

CTO - Chivalrous Xian for her Lady in Distress.

CTO -  The Knight in Shining, Shimmering Umbrella acting P.A. to his ladylove.
Kim in character perhaps as Celyn has an uncovered open-mouthed yawn that Liam has failed to notice or perhaps chooses to ignore. Looks like they have kept the aso't pusa stance here.  Good for them.  Switching personalities can be very hard;  might as well stay in character; or are they just probably bored, tired, sleepy depleted of energy or all of the  adjectives mentioned.  Enchong and Maja are also looking lethargic.  Rain or shine, Xian is ready with his borrowed umbrella

Whatever this taping is of, am sure our actors will look in tip-top shape despite the craving for one's bed to sleep the afternoon away.  Celyn will be her usual loud self when the camera rolls. That's what acting is all about.  

Who says showbiz is glamorous?  Despite their characters on IKA, Xian has remained ever the gentleman.  Way to go Xian!  Poor Kim, the "lagare" from shooting to taping and the "noise" surrounding  that must have added to her sleep debt and she's now showing its signs.   

Here's Xian's prescription  to dispel the heat, the languorous air that makes a sleepyhead out of a hyperactive Celyn/Kim.

CTO:  xianlimm Swimmm swimmm swimmm :-)))   1d    
What a beautiful sight! The river all emerald green catching highlights from 
the afternoon sun; twin waterfalls and their soothing, relaxing rushing sound; the 
green foliage and the beautiful people seizing the day or what's left of it!
Carpe diem!

The heat dissipates,  fatigue is dispelled, sleepiness driven away.  Everything is well in the Chiu-Lim universe.  The KimXi and the IKA world is back in groove.

CTO - blessy austria ‏@lessthanthreekx SPACE spells the difference between Maja & Kim's pose #batisIGpic #InaKapatidAnak CT

The gap is now bridged - Kim and Xian or Xian and Kim in their   "No space allowed" poses,   the order of the day in Kim and Xian's offcam lives now.

CTO:  Energies restored and the smiles appear! 
Another way is to sit along the riverbank in shallow water and engage in long, lazy and lovely conversation with the beloved. Kim and Xian have always been  finding ways  to be together even in the middle of a madding crowd that surrounds them at all hours.   May it be the ASAP Stage, the Taping Standby Area,   the long walk back to the Dressing Room, the Airport Luggage Cart, their respective Instagrams whom they now easily like and comment on, their taping locations, etc.

It appears that the Great Divide has been crossed and Kim and/or Xian are finding space where there used to be no space. The "apple of Xian's eye", Kim Chiu,  however vascillates between being  assertive-aggressive to shy and hesitant in committing herself to whatever she and Xian have; something which baffles the fans, no end, I can only say, Kim Chiu can be so Kimberly Sue at times; this, Xian also so understands.  

CTO  - Is this Xian's way of saying Thank you? xianlimm The apple of my eye...
Embedded image permalink
Take note of the Tupperware connection. Xian at his creative best here; his eyes too being one of Kim's fave part of Xian's body and we know that the other one is his chest.  Chinitaprincess puts her Like on this IG wuthywuth024 Ok like na ni kimmy... Hihihi.. Gudnight.. :)) #kimxiftw  16h and take note, Kim only put out this comment two hours  later: chinitaprincess @xianlimm baon ko yan eh!!!:p kaya pala nawawala hahaha:p  14h   

Kim has cried "wolf" too often about her giving food to Xian, her co-posters in Xian's IG seem not to believe that Xian  took it from her:  dextermorgan12 Si kim talaga kanina nya pa ni like ngayon lang napansin na kanya un hahaha  13h   

Kim is a very caring person and Xian is one person I believe she cares for deeply now and knowing how Xian goes for healthy food, I can only believe that this is one of Kim's "tupperware" lunch or dinner dessert for Xian.  Nice try, Kim.  Well, whatever side of the fence one is on, that is how the belief swings.  I go for the positive one: that Kim gives food to Xian regularly and that these cut apples in  their  trademark Tupperware  is one of them.  In this, Kim still has to take the necessary "plunge".  Her action speaks louder than the words she writes or utters.

CTO - Xian chooses to keep his peace as  the night falls. 
Night in the forest 
Embedded image permalink
What a beautiful shot! The darkened leaves, seemingly in repose, after the hot grueling sun, the trees in the middle bathed in the light, typical tropical thick foliage which to Xian's untrained eye are trees in a forest; but having them  in the middle of a coconut plantation means they're not but  because he says so, we envision some jungle animals  lurking in the dark.

We hear with him  the night sounds; the crickets and their intermittent  mating calls; The sound emitted by crickets is commonly referred to as chirping; the scientific name is stridulation. Only the male crickets chirp.. (Wikipedia)  the owl's hoot and the deafening silence that induce sleep; nothing of the usual city sounds of cars and trucks, blaring radios, tv sets, noisy neighbors, etc.; even the cold that seeps into ones bones perhaps makes  Xian  think of the land of his birth, Daly City, California which like San Francisco has a perpetually cool weather with the lows averaging in the 50s and the highs in the 70s (F)

Again, "the night in the forest photo" taken by Xian is just so beautiful.  Does this mean that Xian did not get to sleep much  after the heat and the swim?  Where is the light bursting out from? There seems to be some fascination with trees and light in Kim and Xian's latest IG photos.  Looking at this picture one senses the silence that the soul craves for after a long hard day.  Kim and Xian, must have felt the play of light and darkness and had their fill of the quiet peace that descends when night falls.

CTO - My Prayer by The Platters

Similarities and Dissimilarities...     
CTO - Xian Lim, the man whom the Chiu families favor for Kim; at the Mint Fashion Show, October 23, 2012.   
This is the "hopeless romantic" who took the beautiful shot of  the  "night in the forest", Kim Chiu's superhero, who only wants to "make her happy, make her feel special" conquering the runway at Philippine Fashion Week, his Mint Family on its maiden entry into ramp modelling of its stable of models.  One common denominator with his lady love who also  had her night to remember for a competing brand, Bench.  Xian, the model.

                       CTO - The Ramp Model Par Excellence...
Xian looks so strong, confident, eyes determined; he is a man with a goal in mind and sure as the sun rises tomorrow that he will reach it.  Xian, no longer shy and diffident; he is in his element here; his good looks enhanced by this new-found confidence no money can buy.  So proud of Xian for what he has become and achieved but I know I could not be any prouder than Mom Mary Anne nor Kim!  Xian, you have arrived!  With your top-rating teleserye and another movie with Kim, your second record album, your compositions, your magazine covers, your endorsements and your lady love, you are much blessed!

Kim Chiu, in the disparate paths that  she and Xian took found themselves as the endgame for My Binondo Girl; a teleserye that ran from August 11, 2011  to  January 20, .2012.  In the bonding that occurs among the stars of a show, Kim and Xian  discovered a lot about each other.  They mentioned this to Kris Aquino in their last guesting  on KrisTV, October 1, 2012.

The fans see their closeness and if one pays particular attention we can also discover much of what they share.  Indeed, Kim and Xian share similar pursuits. They model--print, commercial and ramp; they sing and have one gold record each; Xian is now starting to dance with his Poppables numbers where Kim is a mainstay at ASAP; they host, Xian more so but Kim also has the seniority at ASAP; Kim plays the guitar and is into sketching where Xian has the edge as he plays a whole lot of other instruments and his sketching is more studied where Kim is freehand and does not vary from her favorite subject - butterflies.  

CTO - Kim Chiu, the model-endorser at 2012 Bench Universe opening the show in a beaded, embellished multicolored skirt.  

"Kim Chiu was certainly a perfect choice for the opening act, wearing a glittering detachable gown as she walked onto the stage. She did not disappoint her fans by trading her long skirt for skimpy shorts and sky-high platform heels. It showed off her long flawless legs and lean frame."

They are both fashionistas, carry their clothes well; they love their families and spend time with them...Xian, with his Mom and Kim with her siblings and Grandma and a whole bunch of cousins, Titas, et.  They are also both sporty, Xian with his basketball, Kim with her badminton and a host of other sports.  They love horses and ride them and go to the gym and more importantly to Church, regularly. They are physically and spiritually beautiful and they are getting there emotionally. Together, they will and shall overcome.

CTO "Kim Chiu is just stunningly beautiful! =)" (9-13-12)

Kim Chiu was at her best and sexiest look last night, probably the best-looking woman at the said Bench show. Even Kapuso star Bubbles Paraiso took notice of how hot this Kapamilya star was. "Kim Chiu is effortlessly hot. Grabe lang," Bubbles said on Twitter. Read more:

                   CTO - Kimmy and her 7inch heels at Bench Universe 2012

They are homebodies and are both shy, Xian even more so; he is gradually stepping out of his shell with a little help from his friend who also happens to be his love.  

True to their being actors, they both   love watching movies--personal preferences so unlike  this time; Xian goes for horror films while Kim everything else perhaps except horror stories. 

Xian is techie but Kim whom he mentors would probably not be far behind.  They are both generous to a fault but are reluctant to reveal this side of themselves and prefer to keep their gifts or charities under wraps. It could perhaps be just  some apples in a Tupperware or something whose value is as huge as "pangdownpayment ng house"( per Kris A. on Kris TV); to them both  the cost is immaterial; what matters is that they are given with a lot of love and and a lot of loving thought--loving thought, word and deed combined-- all coming from the heart.

CTO - TeamKimXi Vid of  2012 BenchUniverse

CTO ‏@stylebibleph
And the crowd goes wild for @XianLimm! @mintaddict #philfashionweek 

It's starting!!! Initial screams for  on the vid for   Xian all 6'2" of him.

CTO -  IKA taping 10-22-12 - Mon; Nagcarlan, Laguna.  Notice the crowd. 
Kim and Xian, beautiful couple, kindred spirits  what a grace from God that you have connected and are now making beautiful music together even in the pictures you post; the music of love  seems to emanate from you; making those who see  your  posted pictures become more enamored with you and the world around you.

These two loving individuals, Kim and Xian, have earned a lot of admiration from fans all over the globe.  These fans are fans of the KimXi mystique, product of  the collision of these stars in My Binondo Girl which released some love-dust into KimXilandia rendering everyone within its radius reeling from the "shock and awe" of seeing the two doing anything together even with such a mundane thing as looking into each other's eyes, is enough to send the KimXis into KimXi heaven.

CTO - So deep  is the loving thought that  the eyes cannot hide it even StarStudio magazine writer has this to twit: Julian Mauricio ‏@JulianMauricio  KimXi at the grand presscon of #InaKapatidAnak. Talk about the look of love!    10-3-12

Xian, caught on cam with his "look"...but he is always caught on cam...what else is new?  What else is new is Chinitaprincess is returning the "look" minus the hampas...the venue is full of reporters, they being in a Grand Presscon for IKA, 10-3-12; a good deterrent.

                                  CTO -  The "Look"  and The "Blow"!

Xian had a blow to the solar plexus when Kim caught that same look in February, 2012 at a Star Studio Magazine signing. Xian was also told by Kim, " Oy, huag naman mo akong tingnan ng ganyan"; "please don't look at me that way" at the Team KimXi get together at Sofitel in January, also caught on tape. So, what happened between then and now?  A good question and a good answer would be, "Our Chinitaprincess is healed from her hurts and is now returning the love. Love begets love.

Fans - Group, individual; family friends and their preferences.

CTO - Xian, favored by the Chius as well as the leader of the KimXi pack, Mommy Evs for Kimmy. 
Embedded image permalink
deserving si Kim ng love ng lahat...hindi lang dahil sa mukha nyang maganda... mamahalin mo sya dahil sa kanyang inner beauty...who also says: 
Basta ako, hindi ko hinahangad na maging friend nila, i will always be... A FAN.

My labs... chinitaprincess &  ... Pero saan ka ba nakatingin xian?  (Kay Kimmy, kaya?)
Embedded image permalink
Mommy Evs, the ultimate fan, followed them to Singapore for their ASAP show
 with two other KimXis, JP  and Monica.

  BBC Business News Anchor in Singapore.

 are a lovely couple. Hope & pray na magkatuluyan sila    

All KimXis, Tropang KimUy, etc.  are of one mind and heart as Mr. Rico Hizon.  There is the hope and the prayer for Kim and Xian to end up together for all eternity.  They are such a good match even their own relatives approve of one for the other.  Very high approval rating comes from Mom Mary Anne for Kim and a strong nod of approval from Sis Lakam and the rest of the Chiu family and extended families for Xian; the surrogate Mama of the Chiu family, Lakam, spokesperson for the family could not have favored Xian more  than in her last phonepatch for Kris TV 10-01-12.

  (Ate Lakam's bff)

  hi jc cno mas gusto mo para kay kim chiu c XIAN o c BUDOY???thanku po - di mo parin alam? anung petsa na     Oct 21

basta dun ako sa taga IKA.  ?  Oct 21

Stella Sy, Mint owner and Xian's strong support, along with husband Jopet Sy.  Xian is a very effective Mint endorser and is much loved by the Sys for who and what he is-loving and respectful.  He wears and promotes Mint on Twitter so religiously and he also  gets terrific results.  Serious about work and serious about relationships, that is Xian. Here Kim and Xian are so alike.  They do not want to play around, especially not with love.  They are into it for the long haul, for keeps.  Let us help pray with them that this shall be so for Kim and Xian-to have a love that will last forever.

CTO - ChinitaPrincess has considerably opened up and so unlike her especially  with  her comments on Xian's recent photos. She also  congratulated Mint owners Jopet and Stella Sy and said hello to fashion designer Pepsi Herrera. Kimmy, is that you? Nakakapanibago!  Healing along fine, we all see.
Kim really in an unprecedented move - congratulating Mint's Jopet and Stella Sy for their debut into Philippine Fashion Week. Pepsi Herrera was also with Xian and Jopet Sy.  Chinitaprincess commenting on two photos with Xian in them.  I just have to repeat this to believe it.

Family, friends and Kim and Xian fans are on the same wavelength. They all say Kim and Xian are right for each other.  Kim and Xian are so blessed. Not so many who are in a relationship are blessed this way. Imagine having a blanket approval from both sides of the family, add to that the friends and fans who are also rooting for them to be together for life.

Kim and Xian are only into their 2nd teleserye but they have practically changed the fandom landscape.  Some of these fans are from the Asian Telenovela sector. They are discriminating, smart and discerning.  May this type fans continue to be discriminating and continue to patronize Ina, Kapatid, Anak; proving to one and all that yes, there are Philippine stars who can rival the best there are in the Asia Telenovela world.

As Kim and Xian are bonding and bonding really well, there is this wish that Xian could go Bangkok to have two more days with Kim before his Teleserye Bida Tour 2012 on the 27th.  May this wish come true.

There are telling signs and the inner glow and serenity Kim and Xian project is priceless.  They thrive on the love, care and attention they give to each other and we  fans thrive along with them.  "Nandito lang kami...nandito lang kami, hindi kami aalis."  We're just here, we're just here, we won't leave. (Xian mode.)

From darkness into light, Kim and Xian go, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder,  confident and strong, no more fears in God's will and grace, always.  Love is grand.  God is good!

                                       CTO  Only you by The Platters.            



  1. Bravo!!!! Reading your blog is time well- spent. As what I have written in my last comment, I am always looking forward to every blog you write about our Xian and Kim. God Bless.

  2. I LOOOOVE #InaKapatidAnak SOOOO MUCH!!!!

    hi mahfriend!:)) i never expected this show to so good! you know i'm choosy. lol :D

    lovely blog post, as always. thanks for making a lot of people happy.:) *hugs*

    (p.s. i had to prove again & again that i'm, not a robot. lol)

  3. I completely agree with everything that you said in this blog. I love it!

  4. Ang sarap mo magsulat, Ms. Gutsy! Grabe ang reading mo sa halos lahat ng actions nila... Yes, actions speak louder that words... And you're reading them well. It's also how we feel and these feelings are now deepened (grabe ha!) because of your blogs. Lahat kasi addict sa KimXi ha ha ha! I admire their respective families too, the way they show what they love and admire in Kim and Xian. Tagsa ra na Ms. Gutsy oe and that's make them lucky and happy. Sabi nga ni Xian walang namang humahadlang eh! Pero gusto ko pa ring hindi lang muna sila aamin. Nakakakilig eh lalo na sa mga interviews nila. Makatakod ang ilang kilig sa isa't isa... Keep on keeping on Ms. Gutsy (nahahawa na gyud sa iyo ha ha ha) Love you, Sis - Your No. 2 Fan

  5. Ms. Gutsy, am so sad that you're leaving the KIMXI PEX! Huhuhu! Please don't! I can't enter yet the KIMXI Thread but I have been lurking there waiting for your beautiful posts (yours, embou's, kimzime's and all the others) of our beloved KIMXI. And you've done a LOT for this Thread... I've realized that you are one of those giving the inspiration and correctly connecting the dots for our beloved KIMXI. It is no wonder why you, embou and kimxime are subject to bashings from the other side. Yes, I agree that there are impatient and unreasonable KIMXI's but as in any group, we can't prevent their existence. Ceguro, we just have to follow Xian who is the subject of so many bad and even dirty bashings. While he reads them but he just ignore yong dapat i ignore lang for their worthless value. But you know that he takes lessons from some of them to improve his craft.

    So Ms. Gutsy, just cool off but please be back. Ngayon pa naman na namimigay ng Lactum ang beloved KIMXI natin. They have declared at LA that both their hearts are already complete. Hahaha, am so happy for them and am so sure, you are too... Love you and take care always Ms. Gutsy!!! - your No. 2 Fan

    1. Hahahaha! Lactum...honestly, I did it more to stress a point. I can co-exist, subsist, why not...I cannot however breath the same virtual air with those who are just spewing negatives for no reason, targeting a co-KimXi. I was not on a head to head with anyone, just saying my piece and so are Embou and KimZ. No. 2...kung pasok ka sa Pex...maybe, I'd be back there before I mean to.:)

  6. Thanks much Anon 11:05 am; Mahfriend - thank you, thank you, you could never be a robot, hahaha...IKA is something else, exceeded all expectations; KimXiliw - thanks for the blanket agreement; No. 2 - Salamat ha; dagdagan akong time sa pagblog ron. <3 everyone!

  7. Thanks Ms. Gutsy. I'm looking forward for that blog. With more time I can expect now a 50-page beautiful blog (or more!) hehehe!!! KimXiliw! This is so true. Lupig pay addict, pastilan Ms. Gutz. After attending mass and going to the cemetery, wala talaga akong ginawa read the Fbs of Kimxi, PEX, reviewing your blogs and Kris TV & other KIMXI interviews. Grabe na gyud ko Ms. Gutz... and I'll be one those waiting for your return sa ating KIMXI PEX. Love you Ms. Gutsy. Take care and God bless you always!!! Your No. 2 Fan

  8. Hahaha...unsa man ni Chat Room...welcome to the club! Tagda pod imong sinakpan uy...may time pa ba...spelled with a "u" gyud ang uy, hahahaha! Have started something here, hope to finish it for you and the rest who wish to read of my thoughts on our fave couple. <3 God's blessings to you too!