Tuesday, October 16, 2012

There is something about...

Rhodora! if the sages ask thee why
This charm is wasted on the earth and sky,  10
Tell them, dear, that if eyes were made for seeing,
Then Beauty  is its own excuse for being:
Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!
I never thought to ask, I never knew:
But, in my simple ignorance, suppose  15
The self-same Power that brought me there brought you.

Rhodora by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1803–1882

CTO  -  There is Holding Hands while Walking...there is also Looking at
                                  Each Other's Eyes while Talking.
"Eyes to Eyes"

CTO - or There is Looking at Each Other's Eyes while Teasing.

CTO -  Here's Looking at you...

CTO -  Here's looking at you too...

CTO -  Peace?

                                              CTO - Yes, Peace...

CTO ...Love

CTO - and Joy, included.
                                                 Live. Laugh. Love.

                  CTO - "Once you have found her, never let her go."
Kim and Xian during a lull in a photo shoot for Ina, Kapatid, Anak; just enjoying    the  moment. Xian, perhaps seeking to turn friendship into love in the moments they are together.

CTO  Some Enchanted Evening by Frank Sinatra

My Binondo Girl was eons ago; so is My Girl and My Only Hope.  The first-sight comment of "Sino siya", the first words uttered by a curious Kim of a man standing in the shadows are  now drowned out by screams of "Xian, Xian, Xian" by ecstatically giddy fans for the strong-jawed, tall, broad-chested Adonis-like demi-god  by the name of Alexander Xian Cruz Lim Uy or Xian Lim   who  landed in their midst after streaking meteor-like through showbiz firmament aboard My Binondo Girl, this vision of a man now standing in the light.

The wait in showbiz years  was long for someone of his calibre, good-looking and multi-talented that he is.  It took him close to 4 years for the stroke of fate that had a TV series' role literally land on his lap which by the grace of God caught him at a most opportune time to pair him  with a most giving co-star in the lead role of My Binondo Girl, Kim Chiu.

Kim radiated such friendliness and sweetness and a complimentary and non-judgmental air towards him that under such  nurturing, Xian's hidden talent shone.  He found his bearings and did justice to the role of Andy Wu,  an uptight, pushover son of a domineering father falling for a feisty but sweet Jade Dimaguiba played by Kim. “I love working with them, lalo na si Kim she’s really sweet. She’s a really sweet girl like I’ve never seen anyone sweeter than her. When I see a sweet girl, I’m reminded of Kim. She’s the definition of sweet. Her strongest quality is that she’s a really sweet girl,” he said. “Hindi ko makita yung side niya na yung napipikon. Hindi ko pa nakikita yung side na ganun. She’s always smiling. Parang very magaan kasama. I guess that’s yun lang yung secret doon eh. If magaan kasama yung tao na your with, then it’s nice to be around them,” Lim added. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/09/14/11/xian-lim-smitten-sweet-kim-chiu 9-04-11

There was this palpable and strong chemistry that exploded onscreen  which  swept the nation and everywhere where TFC beamed;  making fans wonder what hit them.  A whole new generation of fans, neither Kim's nor Xian's but of Kim and Xian both, as a tandem; a group with the  shared  experience of Kim and Xian in My Binondo Girl was born; a group or groups  whose fascination was for the two; Team KimXi, KimXian, Tropang KimUy, etc. --  groups that wanted to see them together onscreen and perhaps offscreen but not necessarily, considering.

The fans of the Kim-Xian tandem are not your typical fans; most  are fans of Asian telenovelas -- educated, techie and aware that what they see onscreen stays onscreen.  The fans, myself included, hoped but did not foresee that this leading man who exceeded everyone's expectations would renege on his word to keep everything professional and  just  "focus on work" and like all those before him who come into close encounter with lovable and nice to the core, Kim, has become mesmerized and likewise charmed. There must be something about Kim.

CTO - Kim, so gorgeous on her IG pic prompted a comment from Xian:
 CTO -   Ma Teresa Balalilje Ay oo kasi sa ig pag tap mo ng pic may heart na aappear which means u like the    pic    October 6 at 8:00am · Like · 1
Xian  must have also  wondered what  hit him.  Kim has this mystique that mystifies; fragile yet strong; at the top of the heap of  her generation of stars but does not have the airs of one; she can strut the runway as if she owns it but seeing her spending time with her fans, you don't see the  model with a huge billboard that shows her elongated figure and  face  that goes where the man behind the camera  leads it--innocent , passionate, mysterious; off camera range, she is down to earth, shy, cracks jokes when she feels like it; none of the prima donna ways one would expect from a star of her stature. Kim Chiu, an enigma of sorts and Xian Lim just wants to be around her as  she makes him, "happy and inspired". (Xian on KrisTV-9-30-12)

Quite a puzzle; Kim has the charisma, the mass appeal, the movie star good looks but at the same time  is also very shy and retiring.  She has this  smile that radiates and a cheerful countenance that brought moody, quiet, also  ultra-shy Xian  from the periphery  he chose  to be into the limelight where he belongs.

When asked, Xian is quick to say that Kim's eyes and her pretty smile are her most attractive features. The smile that refreshes and the smile that melted his heart and the personality that went with it that made him say he could find her  "with eyes closed". During the event, Kim and Xian revealed the qualities they like about each other.Kim went first: "Hopeless romantic siya," she described Xian. "Parang traditional so nakakatuwa..." When it was Xian's turn, he answered, "Her personality, her eyes and her smile." http://www.pep.ph/news/34082/kim-chiu-and-xian-lim-reveal-what-they-like-about-each-other May 13, 2012.

CTO-amidst the crowd, Xian only has eyes for his ladylove.SG Airport  10-14-12.

Kim and her smile generates one from Xian. Infectious.  Kim is radiant, standing in the light, seemingly sending off invigorating rays towards Xian. Xian, tired from the recently concluded  ASAP Singapore shows; a full week of shootings and tapings; a guesting at a  show from  the night before and a plane trip of at least three hours done early that morning  and the prospect of another three  back to Philippines...have already taken its toll but the sight of smiling Kim just about wiped out  his fatigue; reclaimed lost energies.  Xian's eyes target Kim in their  cross hairs;  Kim, completely unaware. Xian too, unaware that all eyes are on him including the ones who caught him on cam  in the beginnings of a long, lingering gaze and a smile matching Kim's dazzling one. People around them disappear in a haze; only he and Kim remain (my take on it).  Ah, fascination or love or what have you!  Our energies likewise restored.

CTO - A clearer and cropped version of the original photo...his eyes say it all.

Happy where Kim is happy...what a sight to behold this two...mesmerizing both!

CTO -"@hapi2beAKO: Just have to repost.. Yan ang titig ng enlab! Credit to @teamkimxi kilig!!!!!!! http://instagr.am/p/Q1BQYXRez5/ " 

                           CTO - I only have eyes for you by The Lettermen
Who can resist the charm of lovable Kim Chiu? Not a Xian Lim.  Xian who vowed to himself to stay focused on his craft broke his vow and being a promise keeper he had a time identifying what he was up about.  He was going against the grain of a Xian Lim who sticks to what he says especially when it comes to serious things like work.

Xian who has said he always wrote  has never finished  a song, this time got inspired by Kim or so he says; finished one effortlessly. The words flowed, words that said everything he wanted to say to Kim in a plaintive melody and the song Ako'y Sayo Lamang (I belong to you), first song he ever completed, was born.  The song that he dedicated and made for Kim was so good, it was used as a themesong for Kim and Xian in the show My Binondo Girl.

Romantic by nature, Xian was very creative in expressing his feelings. He regaled  Kim with a lovesong Harana or Serenade (You by the Carpenters)  in December when Christmas songs were the order of the day and gave her this huge life-sized Teddy Bear which is now in her bedroom; tons of flowers; a radio dedication of the song "God gave me you" etc.

2011 is the year that changed Kim and Xian's  lives forever. Change that was at that time, a little personally intimidating to them; both have had relationships lasting 4 years which also ended with  My Binondo Girl, still to show for another three weeks.  Was it premature?  Not knowing how or who  Xian was at that time, everyone thought it was and more.  Here was a "commoner" making a play for the heart of the Princess, a Princess whose heart was unwell and not whole.   A man of lesser stature would have said, okay pass, just kidding.  Xian, literally and figuratively,  is not of lesser stature; not one to march by someone else's drum; a man who knew whom he wanted and how as he  persevered in his pursuit.

There was uncertainty but there was also a strong  resolve to see more of Kim after My Binondo Girl aired its last episode.  Xian, who has no room for  "ligaw" or courtship in his vocabulary contradicted himself.  When asked, "May pagtingin ka ba kay Kim"; his answer was "Sobrang Laki , Sobrang Laki."   He is one who only wants  " to make Kim happy, make her feel special".

Xian, who has never mastered the art of small talk, who prefers to stay at home than go clubbing; who does not say or do anything without much thought must have been overwhelmed by this growing whatever it is he is feeling  for Kim.

Xian is  quick to say that the creativity of his gifts to Kim comes from his heart and not from any book.  A "makalumang tao" or one who belongs to an earlier time in terms of  courting techniques make Kim feel, as any woman, am sure happy and  cherished, "lakas makababae; makahaba ng hair" ; loosely translated to mean, all the sweet things that Xian gives or does for her like the "Love Rose Tree", the song, Ako'y sayo lamang; all these gifts he brings from his trips, Salmon from Alaska, etc. make Kim "strongly feel her being a woman"; the feeling of being made to feel special all the time as Xian wishes to do for Kim, can be quite overwhelming.  I am surprised Kim is still keeping her equilibrium.

Chiu revealed she is just waiting for some signs before she finally says "yes" to her leading man, although she refused to say what these signs are. "Pwede na (magmahal ulit). Two years na. "Konting effort pa," the actress said after a pocket press conference for their upcoming series "Ina Kapatid Anak."http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/09/25/12/kim-tells-xian-konting-effort-pa

Kim is seeking a sign.  Will she recognize it when it comes?  Unlike Xian who knew what he did not want and was willing to seek what would be good for him  in some other country, Kim has her fears of old that still haunt her. The sign, what it is and when it would descend and would it be strong enough to allay her fears, that is the question. Only time will tell.  One thing good.  Time is on Kim and Xian's side.  Only 22 and 23 years young, they have a lot of it.

Moving to the Philippines from California at age 18 to start a new life Xian found himself tracking a whole new world though not far removed from his inclinations - performing arts.

Xian calls it destiny that his first TV appearance would be that of wedding photographer in the last taping day of My Girl where Kim and Gerald Anderson were the bride and groom.

Xian vividly recalls Kim and the first time they met.  He remembers  her curls and what she wore -  purple blouse and jeans. He recounted this to a reporter  in Kim's presence. Kimmy must have  found Xian's revelation flattering even if she did not show it.  He still  remembered how Kim looked and what she wore close to 4 years after they first met.

Xian further said that he had also  watched an interview of Kim and Gerald on TFC before he left Daly City, California  for the Philippines. This brings to mind,  "Unang tingin, ako ay nabighani" or "Bedazzled at first sight" , a phrase from the song he composed for Kim, "Ako'y Sayo Lamang".

There must be something about Kim that made her first meeting with Xian   unforgettable and remarkable to him.  This is also something Xian has never divulged.  So what makes a woman unforgettable? Perhaps the most universal answer is that the unforgettable woman is warm and responsive. In my own informal poll three out of four men thought that responsiveness was what endeared a woman to them most of all. "There are people," said the brilliant French essayist, Raoul de Roussey de Sales, "who transmit to others their particular emotional atmosphere; who show you how to love, to suffer, to be happy, to laugh at the humorous things in life. Since she is responsive, the unforgettable woman has a genius for discovering what is worthwhile in another person. This one is witty, but his shyness prevents people from knowing it. She sparks that wit and sets if flowing. Under a hard-boiled exterior, this other one is a dreaming idealist. The responsive woman comes quietly on this hidden bloom and rejoices in it." - Ardis Whitman.

To Xian, Kim is "masayahin" or cheerful and  magaan or easy to be and work  with.  Kim is the  only one who truly understands him, according to Xian; and that there is some excitement for him everyday just to think that she is there (for him). (Balitang America - 5-26-12).  What beautiful words to say of a woman right in her presence to someone that is broadcasting them worldwide. Ultimate compliment!  This something about Kim has struck not only Xian but also Xian's Mom Mary Anne and she says them from the heart, I could see, making any KimXi follower listening to her so proud of Kim. "Halata ang espesyal na turing ni Xian para sa kanyang co-star. Ayon kay Xian, "Working together for six months, I guess mas nakilala ko si Kim in a way na comfortable na ako with her. "At first, talagang kinakabahan ako kapag nasa harap na ng camera, 'tapos kaeksena ko siya. Pinagpapawisan ako. "Pero ngayon, nai-enjoy ko na being with her.  "Masaya siyang kasama. Sobrang sayang kasama ni Kim talaga." http://www.pep.ph/news/32561/Xian-Lim-on-serenading-Kim-Chiu-onMy-Binondo-Girlset-I-just-wanna-make-her-feel-special.

           CTO - Mom Mary Anne's Message to Kim - 9-30-12 - Kris TV.
                      Is Mom Mary Anne's approval of her one of her signs?

 CTO - The shy, old-fashioned, shrinking violet Kim...                                            
Xian's graces, more God's grace than destiny,  continued to trickle in. He  was featured  in the follow-up show  My Only Hope  after My Girl as the brother of Gerald but it was in Minsan lang Kita Iibigin where Xian playing the young John Estrada and Kim the young Lorna Tolentino which started taping November, 2010, that chemistry between the two was first noticed, even Kris Aquino said so. (KrisTV 9-30-12)

2012 , post-My Binondo Girl, God's graces poured heavily and continuously into Xian's desert-like life - both professional and personal.  The endorsements 10 of them came within six months after MBG and the guestings/hostings multiplied; He is currently and simultaneously   taping Ina, Kapatid, Anak and filming a movie  with Kim as his co-star.

The year rolled around quickly and Kim and Xian after all the time spent together whether at play or at work have fallen into easy familiarity with each other  which saw Xian slowly taking shape in Kim's Instagram postings;  getting black and blue from her "hampas" ,"kurot" (slaps and pinches); sharing her Lunch or Dinner Box; Kim getting techie the Xian way in her music uploads, Instagram, etc. and "no space allowed" poses; sharing belly laughs, food trip, movie, artwork and  family time that  anyone who sees them without knowing who they are would think they are together physically, emotionally and even spiritually since they also go to Church together as their schedules allow them.  Kim has thawed out, her heart has opened and the one closest to it is Xian.

CTO - Kahit konting pagtingin by Ric Segreto

CTO - the escalating warmer poses -10-14-12 Singapore airport on the way back.

CTO - Warm, warmer, warmest...10-14-12, ASAP Singapore Finale.  KimXi identical smiles and Xian's telling hold.

CTO - the easy familiarity; here Kim is photographed fixing Xian's hair.

CTO - Thanks for the twits.

          CTO - The Big Diff in the handhold...between one friend and the other.

CTO - New-found shared interest - Art.

CTO - Xian's Yacht.  Looks like Xian has picked up an earlier interest.          

This is such an impressive work for a beginner.  Must be a product  of Xian's "...when I'm with Kim, I feel happy and inspired".

We have not seen nor heard Kim yet but I suspect she must have also picked up playing the guitar again now that Kim herself has revealed that Xian brings along his guitar to their taping location and plays at their standby area.   The same Xian whom Kim says has "sobrang maganda ang boses".  Kim, is that you openly praising Xian on National TV? Inspiration can swing both ways.

Xian has shed his shyness around Kim, no longer treating Kim like Dresden China, brittle and breakable; he now has the "gall" to scare her and suffer the consequence of a hearty blow and a long-drawn pinch making according to Xian his "bilbil" hurt.  Does Xian have "bilbil"?  Ang bilbil (Ingleslove handles, literal na nangangahulugang "hawakang pampag-ibig")[1] ay tumutukoy sa sobrang taba sa ilalim ng balat na naipon sa itaas na baywang ng katawan ng tao. Ngunit mas karaniwan itong may kaugnayan sa tambok na nasa gilid ng tiyan. Ito ang nahahawakan at napagpapahingahan ng mga kamay kung magkaharap ang mag-asawa o magkasintahang naglalambingan o nag-uusap habang magkaharap.Wikipedia   

What a romantic English translation"bilbil" has-- love handles, I would have said "belly fat"; now that I know what nuances the word "bilbil" brings to a "makalumang tao" like Xian then I will leave him to the use of "bilbil" even if he does not have an ounce of fat in his waist area. 

   CTO - Aftermath of the Xian Big Scare - The Grand double-handed "Kurot" 
  CTO - Nes Abella Hala parang wala lang kami.smile

CTO - Pain in the "Bilbil" accdg. to Xian...Kimmy with the remnants of her scare.

"We are happy, happy, happy being together."--Kim.  Is this what wikipedia refers too as "lambingan" with the "hawakang pampag-ibig". "napagpapahingahan ng mga kamay kung magkaharap ang mag-asawa o magkasintahang naglalambingan o nag-uusap habang magkaharap." Hard core Tagalog but suitable to the old soul that says "bilbil" instead of abs or love handles.

                 CTO - Laughing through the pain..."Hampas ng Pagmamahal".
                 Notice Kim's not too fragile hand...you started it Xian.

CTO - Here's Xian poised for another scare tactic but was prevailed by the fans

to lay off Kim.  Kim  was still recovering.  Kim who confided that she always had her Ate Tata outside her shower door when she showers and abhors horror stories had her scare for the day.  In contrast, Xian has mentioned in his interviews that he just loves watching horror movies must have relished watching The Healing more than Kim.  Xian. who is steeped in Psychology,  must be desensitizing Kim from her fears.

In the physical aspects, Kim has challenged herself  to do bungee jumping, skydiving, driving fast and furious in empty streets where the speed limits allow her where Xian still has to conquer his fear of heights and crawling insects.

Xian would have to watch his step from hereon.  Kim knows Xian's fears and is not one to forget a naughty prank (look at Xian's eyes here).  Since Kim has no qualms in picking up roaches and throwing them, we all know who her target would be the next time; the question would not be if but when.  When, means when she sees a cockroach that is conveniently available and her "poorita" set is probably not wanting of one.  If Xian comes avisiting then he will be greeted "warmly."   Desensitizing time.

Whatever happened to the  "Kim  not let anything get in the way of career and work" or Xian's earlier pronouncements of "focus on work"?  I guess, they  went down the drain at the sight of each other, discussing perhaps even such a  mundane topic of getting a dog or not as the photos below show having switched from taping, Ina, Kapatid, Anak to shooting their movie and finding a lull, we see the two discussing and though we hear no words, we read a picture story that we can put words to from their body language.

CTO -  The resolutions are thrown out the window it seems...Kim and her childlike mirth and Xian's dreamy eyes make one fan witnessing "the look" to say, "ang wagas na titigan... taoooo pooooo!!! andito po kami... hehehe

CTO - Kim coming out from a take with tears still brimming and Xian's seeming concern...their eyes, their eyes...

                               CTO - Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

CTO Here's one more that prompts another fan to say: dahan dahan sa tingin @Xianlimm baka matunaw si @chinitaprincess ... CTO KATG

The friendship has deepened and so is the desire to "make Kim  happy, make her feel special" and Kim gravitates to the source of care and attention.  Her fears have died down and one of them over furry friends judging from her being "touchy feely" with one of them after Xian's demo in her presence.

CTO - My script:  Xian - "Look Kim, I am touching him with both hands"
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Kim reaching out to being touchy-feely with a dog with all eyes on Xian. My Script: "See, Kim you can do it" beams Xian.
Embedded image permalink
Love Xian's smile here; appearing to be happy over Kimmy overcoming her fear of dogs. She got traumatized when she and her siblings were chased by one, making her stay away from them. G.I. Xian...good influence!

Signs of the times...
Kim and Xian had this trip to Singapore for two shows for ASAP, October 14th and because of work - pictorials for Kim whole day Saturday and a guesting for Xian on Saturday night, they flew together Sunday morning.  Since that time they were just glued together like Siamese twins, each went where the other went.  They were each other's shadow.  Kim and Xian, Xian and Kim. Togetherness to the nth level.

KathNiel ❤ @princesshing
Hindi talaga umalis c Xian sa tabi ni Kim Chiu. They valued each other talaga! @KimajicsGlobal @teamkimxi

karla_fuertez: @thewallfleur maraming salamat sa mga pictures
at kwento sweet na sweet ba sila? 34min
thewallfleur: @_jenjenjen22 No problem! (: 31min

thewallfleur: @karla_fuertez You're welcome!
(: Oo, hinahanap-hanap ni Xian si Kim palagi kahit nasa 
CR lang si Kim! Hehehe. 29min

CTO - Clockwise...from Philippine Airport to meeting Mr. Hizon, to doing the ASAP Finale program back to Singapore Airport...a day in the life of Kim and Xian - inseparable from airport to airport and almost all of the time in between.

CTO - Arrival Singapore...

                             CTO - A Roller Coaster to the KimXis who saw them.

Amanda Nina Reyes ‏@reyesamanda16
“@enialaine: Di talaga mapaghiwalay fr Ph to SG&back..pati sa coaster magkatabi CTO http://sphotos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphoto...88790458_n.jpg …” @lurkerfankx @sikcute @kimzistar @

CTO  - Desperately seeking Kimmy...

" Now that you've found her, never let her go; now that you've found her..."

CTO - So now we know where passports lie...where the arrow in the heart points.

CTO - Desperately seeking  Passport?

CTO - Now in their travel togs...

CTO Xian seeking some back rest found one. Kim like any woman is always looking for something or the other.   Kim smilingly sharing space. Togetherness, aah...

CTO - blessy austria ‏@lessthanthreekx
"@hapi2beAKO: Nakiupo na rin pala kanina with pogi si ganda :-) credit to @thewallfleur http://instagr.am/p/Qyovhmxeyt/ " kay kim ba pink bag sa cart? 

blessy austria ‏@lessthanthreekx
"@potCheys: I love this picture! #KimXi <3 cto pic.twitter.com/paPDBcs2" me too..Xian's bag at the bottom..Kim's bag on the top of the cart?  

            CTO - No. 1 fan BBC Business News anchor - Rico Hizon and family!

CTO -Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
Spent time talking to #KimChiu @XianLimm backstage #ASAP2012Singapore Such a wonderful couple, simple & down to earth pic.twitter.com/TH54WnXZ
Retweeted by EedeeyahKX 

Let us mark Mr. Hizon's word, Kim and Xian are a wonderful couple. Let me add, and a happy one.  Check their sparkling smiling eyes.

KathNiel ❤ @princesshing  - CTO
Xian helped ate haide and Kim with their luggage! Gentleman! stolen shot at changi airport departure. @teamkimxi pic.twitter.com/Y6vLrHOH

CTO - A similar shot is in Chinita Princess Instagram and liked by Xian. 
The In Crowd came together for a pose with the "conjoined twins"; Ganda sat with Tangkad sharing some space with him earlier and some warmth...a magical time to the KimXis who wonder when Kim would come and be counted as Kim to the KimXi reality.  Now in full view and on IG, she has.
chinitaprincess good evening everyone!!! photo from last night at changgi airport singapore 120am flight! THANK YOU for watching ASAP live in singapore and thank you for the very warm welcome!!! dont forget to watch INAKAPATIDANAK later po 9pm! THANK YOU!! #tapingmodetodayIKA   1d

Is Mahfriend in on it?
MajaSalvador ‏@dprincessmaja
“@heavenmaebalaqu: @dprincessmaja pwede bang si @XianLimm na lang ang akin ? plss ?” -naku baka magalit si chinitaprincess 

There is something about Kim that energizes and invigorates.  Here in this ASAP Singapore Opening Number she engages Xian to move more; http://twitter.yfrog.com/npukwuvznfowtctoivdivthoz initiating the spark perhaps for him to be the best that he could be in an area that he has a lot of enthusiasm for but still has to master - Dance. 

 CTO Xian passing with flying colors his Baptism of Fire in a Poppables number .  
                              Congratulations Xian!  You are on your way!

Change is undergoing.  There is an evolution in the relationship as Xian has said and an evolution in attitude.  Attitudinal change is the hardest to attain; years of habit cannot be undone in just a few months.

These wonderful couple as Mr. Hizon speaks of them in the few minutes of conversation he had with them are willing to take a chance, to take a risk; Xian has put this on his Instagram.  He is a complex character, deep and self-absorbed at times.

There is something about Kim that has opened him to the bright world that she inhabits, this woman, the one who understands him; "...finally, finally, meron nang nakakaintindi sa akin"; slowly but surely, he is coming out into the light; unlocking even dance muscles and breaking through the thick armor of shyness that has suppressed this side of him.

Only because, this woman who has always lived in the light is also vulnerable to hurts and suffering and he who shrank into himself to avoid pain is now venturing out to shield another from further hurt; an act of love he never knew he had until he got exposed to his energizer, his love, his air, his Kim. There is something about Kim that is  irresistible.  Love her at your own risk, Xian. Love each other at your own risks.  Love calls.  God has shown you the way. Begin.

    CTO - 
Whatta quote! haha... Live life to the fullest guys!!!! HAPPY MONDAY!!!   :- 

                      CTO - Begin the Beguine - Michael Buble'



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  5. Thanks much everyone! Anon 2:42!!!!! Ms. Tiu!!!!! Anon 3:45!!!!! Anon 7:25pm!!!!! Really inspired by the kaganapans :)...enjoying IKA much too; looking forward to more Celiam scenes together but I will just go with the flow to let their story unfold naturally.

    About the 3 Kims...Kim had to do the scene three times so it's possible the guys were not even there when her scene was shot.<3 They were also in a Bench ad together with Enchong and I haven't heard them mention this; could be because Xian is now with Mint.

    Again, thanks. <3

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