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The touch of your...

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. 
Leo Buscaglia 

There is no more looking back. Everything is All Systems Go  for a friendship that has evolved, minus labels and minus scores.  Smiles are now more the norm than the exception and depth is such that Xian can now read Kim's thoughts with Kim being more aware of his moods and his silence and his need to be by himself at odd times. So where are Kim and Xian now?  They are in a happy place and happier when together.

CTO - Kim and Xian at D'Buzz - 10-07-12.  The smiles have it!

CTO - Souvenir Shot with IKA directors Jojo Saguin, Don Cuaresma and Majong after IKA promo show at Trinoma, Sunday, 10-07-12.
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Hands have become proprietarial, territorial.  Kim looking as if she's  in a photo studio of old; her right hand over Xian's lap with her left hand over her right in a studied pose that speaks volumes; this, after declaring to the press that she will be  keeping her personal lovelife at bay to concentrate on work.  Could she have put her hands on her own lap? It would have been more convenient if she did since she is leaning sideways to her left; that she chose to put them on Xian's lap is what D'Buzz Toni Gonzaga said earlier in their interview, "Action speaks louder than words."    CTO - D'Buzz interview 10-07-12

There is a world of difference between the Kim and Xian then and the Kim and Xian now.  Then, there was no such a thing as Kim and Xian.  There was only Kim or Xian.  In their January 8, 2012 Buzz interview at the Grand Two-Week Finale Presentation of My Binondo Girl at the SkyDome, SM North Edsa, Xian expressed the wish to see more of Kim even after My Binondo Girl. "Sana magkita pa rin kami", says Xian. We all know now that he got his wish. Had I known  then what I know now, that the two even bonded more after My Binondo Girl, I would not have felt sad hearing the plaintive note in Xian's wish.  

                                 CTO - D'Buzz Interview - 01-08-12
Wishes do come true; Xian is blessed. He got his wish and  had  all sorts of dates with Kim from the time My Binondo Girl ended until todate, all of them chaperoned except for one itty bitty Brian McKnight Concert at the Araneta last March. 

                         CTO - Here,  there,  everywhere by The Beatles

Name any worthwhile activity special friends who are man and woman go to and  Kim and Xian have "been there/ done that" but with a difference.  They go on sorties out with a chaperone.  Old-fashioned, yes but this is also  a trait Xian's Mom likes Kim for.  (KrisTV interview - 10-01-12)

In the nine months after the last interview to the next,  the question has remained the same:  "What is the real score between Kim and Xian.  There is some progress, they now say, or Xian particularly says, there should be no labels;  another phrase Xian has used is: "Nothing can define it"; said twice with conviction at the Balitang Interview with Henni Espinosa, May 26, 2012.

They did not deny the relationship, they just did not want it tagged, named.  They're one in saying that they are happy, enjoying their days and are not into rushing things.  What exactly does this mean?  I just have to refer to Toni Gonzaga's statement of October 7, 2012 Buzz Interview of the two:  "Just read between the lines."

CTO -           "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!"
In the meanwhile, the relatives who allowed themselves to be interviewed (D'Buzz, 10-07-12) are articulating the words Kim and/or Xian are holding back.  

From Xian's own "compound", his cousins have this to say. Charm Uy says, Xian is more jolly now and says more meaningful words about everything; what these words are, we can only speculate.

Another cousin, CJ Uy,  observes that Xian is "texting while smiling" and concluded "he (meaning Xian) is  obviously in love". CJ actually said the magic word. He also said that Xian sends flowers to Kim everyday.  Confirmed.   

A third one, Patricia Cruz, ventures to say that they all know Xian  has a love life as his visits to their Compound is reduced by at least half where he used to spend  his downtime with them.   Less visits mean active love life. In the eyes of his cousins, Xian is in love and has a lovelife and they hope to meet with Kim (the love one)  soon.  They were all eagerly awaiting the airing of Ina, Kapatid, Anak  which as I write this has already aired its pilot episode last night, October 08, 2012.

Kim's aunt, her Tita Josephine Chiu says, "Nakita namin si Kim ngayon, masaya, palaging kilig (did she actually say this?) loosely translated, "we see a happy Kim now; always giddy".  

CTO - All in the Chiu Family.  Kim and Xian with Kim's Lola and Tita Josephine.

Tita Josephine  had more things to say of Xian. She said she met Xian when he came along with Kim to her Lola's place after Kim and Xian did Halad Cebu together last June.  She was so impressed when Xian did the extra mile of  speaking to each of the relatives that were present , more towards "getting to know" each one.  That takes a lot of courage for a young man to do that and I must say a lot of love for Kim.  Tita Josephine says they all approve of Xian for Kim and that "he has everything"; perhaps everything they could ask for in form of traits in a man for Kim.

The relatives from both sides including Ate Lakam, Kim's big sister who plays Mom to Kim in so many ways  and Xian's Mom Mary Anne have only good things to say of one and the other.  

Kim and Xian are exceedingly blessed.  Time spent in  getting to know one another has paid off.  Kim and Xian who are also really serious with their craft have laid a good foundation of special friendship under the umbrella of doting parents, sisters and extended families.  The road to a good prospective relationship is paved and smooth.  God is good!

Kim and Xian are only 22 and 23, respectively, and though both can be  so childlike,  there is this maturity and seriousness at which they approach matters of the heart.  
                   CTO - Kim and Xian in a comfy pose.

Both shy, retiring and unassuming, they treat the love that they have for each other, it seems, as something that should last and endure; love to them is not ephemeral or momentary; but something to cherish forever.  

Kim says she does not treat love as a plaything, that can be here today and gone tomorrow. She is not a player; that would just be a waste of time according to Kim.  This was when she was egged by friends to try another boyfriend in place of the old one.

Xian too says that he loves things that last; this is why he says he loves books (the written word),  music as they go on forever.  You seem like a pretty romantic guy. How do you court a girl you like?   "I am an old-fashioned guy. I give flowers. I don’t want a relationship na mabilisan lang. If I want someone, dapat for good. It [is the same] with whatever I do: gusto ko forever, ayoko ng temporary. I don’t like temporary things, [this] is why I like reading books. Same thing with music. They stay with you forever. "

                              CTO - My Love for you by Johnny Mathis

In the world where they are in, where love is taken lightly; where chaperones are from a Jurassic age, and boldness instead of shyness rules,  especially when the man and woman are as goodlooking as Kim and Xian;  it is so heartening to know that Kim and Xian are there holding the fort;  their hearts and heads   in the right place; their priorities in order.   

What a grace from God for two people of such disparate backgrounds growing up to espouse the same persuasion; same beliefs. Kim and Xian, both  shy, introverted and quiet; thrown into the performing arts; forced to shed their innate shyness to shine and rise and reach the stars.  

Kim and Xian's stars collided and this amazing, incomparable (using Xian's terms) chemistry  between them exploded and the  showbiz landscape shook at its core  while  commercial establishments took notice of this rising star, Xian Lim, who rolled with an avalanche of talents that still have to peak . His calendar is full; singing, hosting, acting, dancing, etc.  He also fills the event arenas to the rafters  and the establishments recognizing this audience-magnet pull, have Xian criss-cross Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao to guest their shows.

             CTO - Tiger's eye bracelet.   Thanks to someone's sharp eyes.  


                                   CTO - Eye of the tiger by Survivor
Kim in the meanwhile survived a Geraldless tandem and how.  Where it used to be Kimerald now it is KimXi.  The KimXi is riding the wave, soon to crest with  another movie after their individual, The Healing and The Reunion.  

There is no certainty that they will be a love team  again after Ina ,Kapatid, Anak and their untitled movie which they have started to shoot today. Kim is one actress who can be paired with whomever ABS wishes her to be with. Kim has proven this with My Binondo Girl with some help from her friend (s). 

In showbusiness, one is only as good as one's  last performance. In contrast to the essence of love, fame is ephemeral; it is here today, gone tomorrow and Kim and Xian are so aware of fame being flitting; an awareness which explains their strong focus towards their work.

Xian was not  the intended endgame for My Binondo Girl.  Two dissimilar events happened to the two other leading men which paved the way for Xian to come in as Andy to Kim's Jade which gave rise to  their incredible tandem.  Xian calls it destiny; I call it God's gift to two people who so deserve it. A gift of love.  God is so good!

Interfacing closely, Kim and Xian at times rub each other the wrong way; revealing more personality traits which pose  challenges to the other.  Kim opens up on Xian's moods  and his being "kind of sensitive" where he goes to a corner and perhaps sulk.  Xian, ever the gentleman, did not reveal on National TV what caused his "retreat".  

CTO - Xian destressing with his paints...his metime.

Creative personalities like Xian  (and Kim as well) need their "me time" and spending time alone  is their  way of recharging their  creative juices; if this is so,  then Kim should leave Xian be; unless of course if Kim is the source  of his "hurt".  This is where the comfort food which Xian mentioned at D'Buzz or whatnot comes in handy. 

CTO - Comfort food or one's head in Kim's warm embrace;  here Xian is home.  His face has this serenity and contentment seldom seen in public. Home is where the heart is... 

Xian is very good at telling the world or maybe Kim what he expects from people or Kim through his tweets and Instagram.  This mode of communication has really helped Kim as well in opening up more of herself.  This is one  influence that is unmistakably Xian.  

So liberating for Kim whose privacy walls are as thick as Fort Knox.  Now her walls are thinner and more transparent and in one post she  made some bold declarations so unlike of Kim in the past. To paraphrase, she says, one must not be too mindful of what others might think of what one does.  It is one's life and one should live it the way one wishes to. A streak of independence is showing through.

It is hard for Kim who has only started to discover herself and to love herself to do it all by herself.  She needs somebody; not just anybody. This must be someone who really cares for her; who only wants the best for her, in short somebody  who loves her truly but first  Kim must   recognize this need for that  someone in her life and accept this need before the winds of change can seriously blow.

            CTO - Xian Lim, "the wind beneath Kim Chiu's wings - her pakpak"

At age 22, Kim has found an anchor in Xian, whose strength lies in doing what his heart dictates and not to be marching to someone else's drum as he says and to be consistent at it; having people like him  for who and what he is, warts and all.  Kim is seeking this guide as a ship seeks the harbor lights for it  not to run aground in the shallow waters or  hit the rocks that abound --her refuge and shelter  from the storm.

CTO - Kim tapping Xian's shoulder  over a gaffe getting him to laugh out loud.

In Kim, Xian has found his happiness and inspiration.  He has said this aloud to Kris A. when he filled her blanks this way: When I am with Kim.."I feel happy and inspired".  Her positive and cheerful spirit and Kim's sweetness infect Xian's own, keeping him lighthearted and happy.  As Kim  says, "We're happy, happy, happy being together".

CTO   Happiness personified...Kim and Xian.

There is the blossoming of Kim that is so marked in her spiels; her voice is more controlled, her lungpower, the same.  She has considerably gained confidence in speaking English; that she took conversational English is one, the other is in her practicing it often and it greatly helps that there  is some broad shoulder she can lean on literally and figuratively in times of need .  Following is an interview in the US which she passed with flying colors. 

                           CTO - KimXi at Pacific Rim Interview at Carson, Ca.
Notice how beautiful Kim is without any makeup on, a natural beauty claimed  by renowned Philippine fashion designer JC Buendia 's as his  Sexiest of today's  Female Celebrities 
Kim and Xian, gorgeous looking couple,  appear none the worse for wear from their  15-hour non-stop flight from Manila arriving  the night before with  one other interview (Balitang America) and outdoor benefit event the day after 11-26-12 .  Ah, what love can do.

Individually, Kim and Xian have  developed their skills in leaps and bounds.  In a year Kim has emerged a beauty confident of her  beauty (Bench Universe);  equally self-assured at ASAP-- to a frequent viewer, one may trace the timeline when she stood tall and strong and breathe correctly resulting in an improved delivery of her ASAP spiels.  I don't know if it's just my eyes but even her dance moves are more polished and enthralling; just don't let Kim go under the microscope for her love life; she will be like a butterfly transfixed by a pin, wriggling and squirming through it all.  

In interviews, Kim devoid of a script and pushed against the wall to reveal things she is reluctant to reveal is a totally different persona from her showbiz one, reverting to the shy, timid, tense, finger-scratching Kimberly; this time though it was the finger of her special friend  that she scratched according to the owner of this photo (hard to see but an eye-witness is hard to beat):

CTO -captured moment ...  di kumikibo nilalaro ni kimmy ang mga daliri.. :)

♥ thina ♥

captured moment ... @XianLimm di kumikibo nilalaro ni kimmy ang mga daliri.. :)

In time, Kim would finally break out of her shy persona, Kim and Kimberly now integrating and finally emerge from her chrysalis, a woman in full bloom and accepting of her true feelings for a man who has always been  open of his feelings for her.  In time.  In God's time.

To add to Kim's laurels  if it could be said so, JC Buendia, a noted Filipino designer has given Xian and ourselves,  KimXis, something to really be proud of.
To JC Buendia, Kim Chiu is his Sexiest Philippine female celebrity.  Ikaw Na talk show host Boy Abunda for Bandila must have been surprised by his answer.

This year marks JC Buendia's 25th anniversary in fashion designing which he celebrated 9-11-12 with a 50-man collection.

I thank Disco for catching this  10-09-12 show which has made us all proud of our ChinitaPrincess.  JC Buendia chose Dawn Zulueta as his most beautiful female celebrity. 

CTO - Kim at  BenchUniverse Runway. Sexiest of Female Celebrities per JC Buendia, Filipino fashion designer.  Proud of you Kimmy! Not surprised at all.

Xian, reeling from the rush of endorsements and commercial shows that flood his calendar; his growing sleep-debt and  time constraints, has remained down-to-earth, humble and more appreciative of his fans, his endorsements and his colleagues, especially Kim.  He has found his center and on stage, he is poised and confident and the fans who flock  his shows multiply. 

CTO - Xian on the brink of stardom - poised and confident. 

Francis Libiran Show.  October, 2012. Manila Hotel.

CTO - IKA Promotional Tour at Trinoma 10-07-12. Place is packed.

CTO - Ina, Kapatid, Anak.  So attention riveting; gripping.  Can't miss a day!

At the recent IKA promotional tour at Trinoma, fans screamed for Xian more than any other in the group of four.  Xian has arrived with a bang!  Kim is equally happy for him as she said so in her birthday message to him; her happiness multiplied in Xian's happiness!  

CTO - At Trinoma Singing "When you say nothing at all" - Kim and Xian.  
           Xian is this you?  Teasing Kim or tickling her.

CTO - The tickler and the tickled singing "When you say nothing at all." Xian has really loosened up around Kim.  HAPPINESS!

Kim and Xian are busy taping Ina, Kapatid, Anak and shooting their promised movie.  What a hectic schedule but who's complaining?  Kim  a very giving co-actor; lets her co-actors shine; she never  shows impatience or any untoward reaction when her co-actor takes more time than usual. Renz Fernandez, her co-star at Your Song Presents has the following to say of Kim. Being the newbie on the set, Renz confessed the numerous times he forgot his lines, and it was mostly because he would be distracted by Kim’s beauty. “Mabait na babae ni Kim. Madalas ko ngang makalimutan ‘yung mga linya ko dahil sobra niyang ganda. Na-star struck ako. Nag-meet kami sa tent. Ipinakilala kami ni Direk Jerry (Sineneng). Nakita ko ‘yung mata niya. Sabi ko, ‘Uy! Ang ganda naman nito!’ Napaka-talented.Magaling na artista. Mabait.”But Renz admired how patient Kim was with him. “Mapasensya rin kasi nga ang dami kong mali sa mga eksena namin. Pero okay lang sa kanya. Nakailang take kami, seven o eight yata kaya nakakahiya. ‘Yun talaga ang maganda kay Kim. Tinext ko siya, nag-sorry ako sa mga eksena namin. Sabi ko tensyonado kasi ako. Nag-promise ako na next time aayusin ko. Sabi niya okay lang naman daw.” April, 2011. Renz, younger son of Lorna Tolentino, is now with another studio. 

Kim perhaps is only looking back to the time when she was also a newbie and had to take pointers from the older ones.    "Ang buhay ay weather-weather lang", says Kuya Kim Atienza.    In Ina, Kapatid, Anak, Kim may be considered a newbie to the older generation.  Life is a continuous learning experience and Kim has imbibed her lessons well.

Xian has repeatedly mentioned that he tells Kim whether he was "nahihiya" or "kinakabahan" in his scenes at My Binondo Girl and now at Ina, Kapatid, Anak; and Kim eases him off his shyness and jitters by coaching him in her own way.  Kim has also shared that she discusses their scenes with Xian and with the Director's help, they deliver. 
Kim, serene and looking up amidst a battery of photographers, writers  and the nation's hottest heartthrob beside her, Xian Lim, for a pocket presscon that heralded the start of Ina, Kapatid Anak, October 8, 2012.  

There is excitement and perhaps trepidation for this second series that will again pair her with Xian on primetime along with friends and noted actors Maja Salvador and Enchong and a host of veteran and accomplished actors supporting them; add to that the multi-awarded directors, Don Cuaresma and Jojo Saguin and a creative writer, Danica Domingo. Ina, Kapatid, Anak is  is directed by Don Cuaresma and Jojo Saguin of the fantasy drama, 100 Days to Heaven and written by Danica Domingo of the critically acclaimed melodrama, Tayong Dalawa. The story conference was held in May 11, 2012 where it was officially green-lit for production.[8] Filming began in May 18.[10][11]-Wikipedia. (snipped)

Excitement, since  according to Kim she will play a character so unlike her real self--loud, assertive, ultra-ambitious Celine and of course, the second pairing with Xian and an expected altercation with supposed antagonist Maja. Trepidation as in any of Kim's soaps, she gets stricken with the jitters for  audience reception but judging from the pilot episode already aired in the Philippines with  the twitter world all  abuzz in praise and anticipation for the next day's episode, everything is A-okay in the IKA world.

Rico Hizon @RicoHizon
1st 2 episodes of @InaKapatidAnak were brilliant @Yescppicache @super_janice Awaiting now the episodes #KimChiu @xianlimm #InaKapatidAnak

A unique mixture of drama and comedy made the first week episodes stand out from the rest of the previous or even from the ongoing TV series. The conflicting characters plus the A+ portrayal of the actors made the tv series above normal quality. 

CTO Ina, Kapatid, Anak  Pocket Presscon.  10-03-12.

I watched the pilot episode, so attention riveting and it is true you just don't want the episode to end. I am  so taken by everyone, so hard to pick and choose as each one just delivered.  I am just spoiled by it; the other shows  really just  pale in comparison. The surrogacy issues can be ticklish.   I really bow to Mr. Ronaldo Valdez for his effortless handling of his role; Ms. Janice has a pump in her eyes, she just tears up on cue; everyone is acting without acting, I feel I am within the show itself; the script, direction and editing are really good.  No clutter. I salute everyone;   I have enough confidence in Kim, Xian, Maja and Enchong that the intensity of IKA would be sustained.  IKA, for the win!

CTO  Xian Lim at Trinoma, October 7, 2012. IKA promo tour.

Xian performing before Kimmy's image.  It looks like an imaging of Xian's thoughts;  what Xian has always said of Kimmy--"para malaman nya na nandito lang sya palagi sa isip ko". "So that she may know that she is always in my thoughts", Xian regarding her gifts to Kim.

The tie that binds this evolved friendship is the desire of one to make the other happy; make her feel special; this love, unconditional and consistent has turned around the heart of the other to open and begin anew and return this unconditional wish to do the same - make the other happy; make him feel special.  Love begets love. Over the course of six months while they were taping for the series, Kim said she has discovered a lot of interesting things about Xian. “These past few months, every day kaming magkasama, 24 hours same dayhanggang bukas ganun kasama ko sila. Makikilala mo talaga yung isang tao. Si Xian nakilala ko din siya. Nung una nahihiya pa siya eh tapos nung matagal tagal na, nag-open up na siya and makuwento pala siya. Ngayon alam ko na ang back story niya, kaya siya ganyan. Si Xian sobrang nakakatawa, marami siyang knock knock jokes. Isa siyang knock knock king. Nung dati waley, ngayon havey na. (laughs). Masayang kasama siXian,” she added.

CTO - "Si Xian, masaya syang kasama." --Kim.  D'Buzz Interview. 10-07-12.

Xian, you have succeeded in making Kim happy, making her feel special; you have helped turned her life around.  Thank you, Xian.  I know her happiness is your happiness.  In distress, she turns to you and holds your hand.

                        CTO   -   Hand holding hand... 

                            CTO - I wanna hold your hand - The Beatles



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