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Ina, Kapatid, Anak atbp...

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” ― Mother Teresa

CTO - after IKA Presscon - October 3, 2012
Photo: Xian Lim says about his sweet gestures for Kim Chiu: "Hindi naman namin ginagawa para sa publicity... Pinagtagpo kami ng destiny, sabihin na natin, nandiyan na, magkaibigan na kami. It"s one continuous getting to know each other." Xian says that because of their closeness, "Dumarating na sa point na kahit wala siyang sinasabi, alam ko na kung ano ang iniisip niya."    

They scintillate. They sparkle.  They glow and those who see them, individually or together, get into a tizzy. Kim and Xian possess such intense chemistry when together;  their intermittent eye contacts  and their 300-watt smiles light up the room.

CTO - Ina, Kapatid, Anak Press Conference .10-03-12.
Xian Lim says about his sweet gestures for Kim Chiu: "Hindi naman namin ginagawa para sa publicity... Pinagtagpo kami ng destiny, sabihin na natin, nandiyan na, magkaibigan na kami. It"s one continuous getting to know each other." Xian says that because of their closeness, "Dumarating na sa point na kahit wala siyang sinasabi, alam ko na kung ano ang iniisip niya." Pep Scoopbox10-04-12

CTO - Kim and Xian with Direk Don, etc. in a POSE THAT REFRESHES. 

Post IKA Press Con photo-op-01-03-12.  Just a thought-- if this were a promo shoot pose, then Enchong and Maja would have struck a similar one as Kim and Xian are doing in the upper photo.  Just my humble opinion.

MitchSengPineda ‏@MSengPineda

CTO - Jun Lalin ‏@junlalinAt the presscon of #InaKapatidAnak cute nina Kim Chui and Xian Lim, bagay sila 

I agree.  They are a match made in heaven.  Destiny, says Xian.  It would have been Jolo or Matteo ending up with Kim in My Binondo Girl but it went differently in God's will and the last in the equation, Xian,  went first.  

Xian had the opportunity dropped on his lap and he just up and grabbed  and ran away with it.  There was Opportunity;  but there was also Readiness,  then Hard and Best Work Forward came after ; the last two- credit  to Xian.  

Three years in the business and loads of workshops in his agenda during the "dry days" later,  he was just ready when the graces started falling like heavy rain.  Xian is blessed; so is Kim.   Kim and Xian are flourishing in their work and in their personal relationship. 

As people who are spending a lot of time with one another and as Xian says , they have developed this  psychic connection that makes them sensitive to each other even in their silences.  

How beautiful it is to share silence.  Comfortable silences can only be shared with true friends who do not feel the pressure of saying anything to one another.  That they have reached this level  of friendship and for Xian to be able to plumb Kim's thoughts is something admirable. 

CTO - "Xian's distinctive look  at Kim caught on cam...

CTO - Taping at Cavite - Ina, Kapatid Anak 10-01-12.
Celine and Liam; Kim and Xian at the Standby Area.  Kim, minus the glamour clothes   she wore earlier at KrisTV;  simply pretty.   Xian in white, looking immaculate and rich that  his character calls for. 

Their seating arrangement  made them look like conjoined twins with one dainty shoulder over a buffed one; creating  a picture which is certainly more than a thousand words; a picture of closeness which  they were able to manifest despite Kimmy's discomfort from a pesky cough and what looks like an amorous Xian-- just my take from his expressive eyes and teasing smile. 

Even their speaking from a distance created waves around the room keeping fatigue and boredom away.

Looking-shy Kimmy and looking-confident around Kimmy -Xian are the perfect foil for each other; drawing strength from each other as the long day turns into night in the less than glamorous world of taping a teleserye, a TV series that would  keep all our KimXi eyes glued to our TV sets starting next Monday, October 8, 2012, losing ourselves in the world of make-believe where  a rich and handsome Liam falls for a street and book smart but  impoverished, loud girl named Celine ; born on the wrong side of the tracks and proud of it.     Ina, Kapatid, Anak starting Monday, October 8, 2012.

CTO - Kim and Xian on a promo guesting for Ina, Kapatid, Anak, 10-01-12

What is this about first days of the month?  They put our fave duo on a proverbial hot seat and even so they sizzle and dazzle and have us all beguiled that Mr. Rico Hizon, Kim and Xian's most notable follower twitted:

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
@alohaJINI808 Great to see @XianLimm and #KimChiu together,, you can clearly see how comfortable they are with each other. 

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
Watching @XianLimm #KimChiu on TFC @KrisTVofficial One of the show's best episodes. 

XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm
Thank you sir Rico @RicoHizon for your never ending support!!! :-))) 

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
You're welcome @XianLimm looking forward to seeing you again and meeting #KimChiu at the ASAP show in Singapore.

KrisTV, October 1, 2012,  as the date drew near KimXis wrung their hands, partly from heightened anticipation, partly from excitement as to what the two would reveal in the hands of a master talk-show host, Kris Aquino.

We look back to September 1st when first Kim and Xian walked the Red Carpet at the 6th Star Magic Ball, milestone both for the talent arm of ABS CBN in the celebration of its 20th Anniversary and for Kim and Xian, a first as a couple among hopefully many more together.   There are firsts and there are firsts.   These two firsts, September 1st and October 1st are milestones for the KimXi and the KimXis.

It was a Monday that was full of surprises and of Kim and Xian's getting out of the noose of Kris' probing questions.  When asked whether they were exclusively dating Xian was quick to say that they have not gone out by themselves;  that though they are bonded one cannot say they are exclusively dating since they have not so far gone out unchaperoned.  Good argument.

Kris rephrased the question, she asked them individually if they were seeing other people other than each other.  Xian said no, "wala, wala, siya lang",  meaning  he is only seeing Kim.  Kim had a time answering the question but finally relented and  confessed that she was also  only seeing Xian and Xian is the only suitor she entertains. They   were not seeing anybody else other than themselves and they have been going out, "labas labas", albeit chaperoned.  

We who follow where the twits go practically have a list somewhere where they have been and where and by the frequency and the full calendar they have with tapings, mall shows, shootings, they hardly sleep much more have the time nor the inclination to see anyone else.  This is their first admission, that however they avoid the term "exclusively dating", there is no one else except themselves and Kim's chaperone.  No other woman or no other man.  We heard that loud and clear.  The two shy ones are making beautiful music together and we are seriously listening.

                             CTO - This Man's in Love with you by Herb Alpert

CTO - The strikingly beautiful couple in dim lights exuding charisma and mass appeal; Kim and Xian on KrisTV, cool, calm and collected before the "grill".

Kim and Xian blessed with good looks, good attitude and good breeding; two shy and humble people thrown into each other's company by circumstance and the phenomenal onrush of fans, local and global; came into the KrisTV set at 8:00am, looking as though they stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine; Kim in her and Xian's own favorite style for her;  short white halter dress with gold belt and matching gold shoes; Xian in coordinated burnt-gold colored sweater over mahogany brown single-knit shirt, dark pants and brown shoes; the shoes that gave an extra thrill to the KimXis.
Part I - KrisTV interview

First salvo.  "Ang mga inuupo sa sofa ang mga in love" -- Kris to Kim and Xian. Kris Aquino, a top calibre talk-show host who elicits unplanned, unintended responses from her interviewees  must have expected her two guests to be tough nuts to crack; knowing Kris A. she must have also brought her whole arsenal with her to come up with some "new answers" from the two.

Kim and Xian who are very private people in terms of the nature and status of their relationship which they still maintain  to everyone who asks as close or deep friendship came in relaxed and cool until they were made to sit on the  "Love Sofa".   This must have put all their guards up; alarms sounding and sirens blaring!

Does Kris know  or assume Kim and Xian's feelings for each other can now be said of as love or at least akin to love?   Seems like.  She is one person at ABS who would  be the first  to know of anything of  Kim, her surrogate sister.

"My, how time has flown", Kris says as she started laying her groundwork, "from Hi, Hello to "dikit dikit" at the standby area, per Kris according to Kim, to which Xian asked, "Sinabi mo yon?" "Did you say that?", turning to Kim.  Kim vehemently denied this getting into a long winded explanation while Xian sat on the side smiling teasingly belying her words. 

Two childlike adults who   capture our imagination with their smiles, laughter and "dikit dikit";  mirroring faces and expressions as they went.    For every tease Xian  gets "hampas", a light slap,  "kurot" on the "hita" or a pinch on the thigh from Kim,  a "punishment" which, it appears, he relishes.

Kim with her first "Kurot" of the day - just the first gap and they're already at it.

Let us remember the backdrop of the guesting -- Promotion for  Ina, Kapatid Anak and Kim and Xian are not wanting to trivialize what they feel for each other and have it ride on the wings of a promo guesting.   So, we need to remember this framework and the mindset of Kim and Xian in answering their Ate Kris' sticky questions.

Kris A., I feel,  has a strong personal stake in Kim's happiness; she has  cried with Kimmy in her hurts and as anyone who professes love for her,  would be the first to be ecstatically happy  if she finds Kimmy happy. When she confirmed Kimmy's happiness from Kimmy herself, Kris instead became emotional and  went teary eyed. 

Kimmy, like Xian  cannot keep the wide smiles and  starry, starry eyes down.  Xian, with his loving, gentlemanly ways has succeeded in making Kim happy, making her feel special.  Hurray for Xian whose happiness is also from Kim's own.  Full circle.  God is good!

CTO - Happiness, the cause and the effect in one frame; similar smiles, dikit dikit!

CTO - Trademark loving look...Xian making beautiful eyes at Kim.

CTO - Doppelganger to each other in faces and expressions.
Part II KrisTV interview.

"Nakakatulong  ba Kimmy na maganda ang boses nya, magaling syang kumanta?", Kris to Kimmy in the presence of Xian. "Oo, sobra," Kimmy to Kris.  "Does it help that he has a good voice and also sings well? ", "True, really really good"

Did we hear it right?  Was it Kimmy who said that "sobrang maganda ang boses ni Xian, nagigitara sya sa set, nagkocompose"? This she said to confirm what her Ate Kris asked that "nakakatulong ba  na maganda ang boses ni Xian" and added more skills other than singing.  

What a FIRST  for Kimmy. Praising Xian's voice, singing, guitar playing and composing songs to her Ate Kris by Kimmy compares to the record of breaking the sound barrier.  Kim is opening up and what a place to do it in --on National TV in a Lifestyle Talk Show hosted by the Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino.

CTO - Xian's most expressive eyes focused at the lady by the name of Kim who is now shouting to the world how proud she is of Xian  in his beautiful voice, his guitar playing and his composition...finally, Kimmy sings Xian's praises...and the music never ends.

Xian's heart must have swelled, his eyes show it and he must have walked on air going up to the Keyboard when Kris requested a song from him.  His expressive face and eyes brimmed and glowed with happiness that singing at such an early hour without any preparation left him undaunted. Love does wonders. Kim is now  tracking  a path to Xian's heart  by showing the world through her Ate Kris how proud she is of him.  Xian's blessing and vindication.
Part III Kris Interview

Prada...LV...Instagram...Thoughtfulness...Kimmy, feeling happy and a teary-eyed Ate Kris.

The KrisTV guesting of Kim and Xian is also a first for the two for the year, there last one was in December 7, 2011.  The differences are marked as Kris A. has mentioned.  In the 2011 interview,  Kimmy broke into tears; while here and now, if Kimmy ever  broke into anything it was more into laughter; or into  goodnatured banter or "asaran or "lambingan" as a KimXi friend terms it with her Xian, calling each other "masama", "sinungaling"; teasing him on buying his life-sized Teddy Bear gift on buy-one take-one under his ignored denials; buying her flowers on the "15th and 30th of the month on his payday"; and getting the now famous pink Prada bag with his Singapore "talent fee", downplaying the "sobrang effort" of  her man of the hour, ever generous and ever thoughtful Xian Lim.  

Downplaying the gifts to downplay any repercussions that may arise towards  Kim who   is the object of  such worthwhile gifts and attention from such a gorgeous, talented and rising star, Xian and even towards Xian himself who has raised the bar in taking care of one's ladylove while still in courtship!  The ladies standards went high from Xian's brand of "making his lady love happy"; "making her feel special".  Superman-liligaw Xian, Ikaw na!  You're the man!

CTO - Kim values her gifts.  This one she put on her Instagram in mid-June without naming the giver; a silent but meaningful thanks.  

In the IKA presscon side interview, 9-25-12, Kim revealed the giver of the Prada bag , no other than Xian Lim.

Discerning Xian, he combined pink and designer bags and he came up with a beautiful combination in Prada for which Kim also lovingly thanked by using and posting it on her Instagram.  Xian is always quick at saying that the cost of the gift is no matter; whatever it is, what counts most  is that Kim is always in his thoughts and wants to let her know that and  he just wants to make her happy; "na matuwa sya".  

On that in-and-out trip to Singapore for a show, he took time to shop at the airport--not quite the feat that he did with salmon from alaska but heavy enough in the Thoughtfulness Weighing Scale to bring a smile in Kimmy's countenance just as the Kutsinta did.

Kris who has her way of ferreting information using Kimmy's thoughtfulness and what more with Xian, her current love in Kris A.'s thinking from the way she emphasized the "Love Sofa". 

Well, if there's a LoveBoat and  there's a Love 
 Seat, why not a Love Sofa where the "lovebirds" according to Kris, sat across.  Kris' researchers uncovered  the LV shoes and bag, Kimmy's birthday gifts.  LV short for LoVe, perdonne moi, Kim, Xian...I just got carried away.   

CTO - The wide smiles and the wearer who paid tribute to the giver that day.
Embedded image permalink

CTO - Xian in HK in late August pining for his love who is left behind and the LV bag eases the loneliness.  

The LV bag minus the giver is hugged for some comfort in the lonely streets of HK--why so sad, Xian.  Across the miles are the source of smiles and laughter and the hours move slowly for the return.  Looks like the pics are candid.  

The THOUGHTFULNESS that is unmistakably Xian...full of heart and sincerity  worth mentioning over and over again.   

CTO - thanks, Bebi Abi.  Teary-eyed Xian, as he   offered himself to be Kim's ..."ako na lang ang maging "pakpak" Kris A. on KrisTV 01-03-12

      CTO - thanks Founder Lou...Kim's journey from tears into laughter.

 CTO -  The Heart Rose Tree which comes from the heart.  Xian at his best.

A treasured 4-19-12 birthday gift from Xian to Kim.
Part IV - KrisTV Interview.

Final Salvo. Kris A.  calling for reenforcements from the Chiu and Lim families.

Lakam:  When asked if she were happy seeing Kim happy,  "Oo, happy kami, happy kami buong family siempre kasi nakikita naming happy ang aming Prinsesa everyday"...when asked about Xian's contribution to Kim's happiness, Lakam said she didn't know.  

Only Kim would know that and here's one answer from Kim herself:  "We're happy, happy, happy being together", gesturing towards Xian. (Balitang America - 5-26-12.   Conditions remaining the same as in  May, Xian, I would say, plays  one huge contribution to Kim's new found HAPPINESS now)

                            CTO - Balitang America interview- 14:50mins.

Kris A. asked what Lakam  thought of Xian who is "a good person who treats her sister well",  Lakam said..."wala naman kaming problema kay Xian...the more ko sya nakasama...the more ko sya nakikilala...when asked how often do they have a party and are able to see Xian, she said, "every other day" way of saying often or a lot. Xian is in the good graces of Kim's sister and surrogate Mom, Lakam from her  statement.  Quite a coup for Xian!

Mary Anne Cruz Lim, Xian's Mom says "there's a different glow in Xian's eyes now and as she  hoped and perhaps prayed for in the last interview for  Xian to  find a nice girl himself had this to say to Kris A. , "nandiyan na nga si Kim, sana sagutin na nya si Xian." Mom Mary Anne reiterates that what matters to her is her son's happiness.  Xian completed a sentence for Kris A. this way:  When I am with Kim--"I feel happy and inspired".  What a tribute to Kim who added that Kim has no blah days, has always a positive take on things and "nakakahawa ang saya", Kim's upbeat spirit and joy is contagious and Xian also gets to be joyful.

                              CTO - Let it be me by the Everly Bros.

Kim, a shy girl, old-fashioned and nice on top of being pretty has one setback; she has some hurt that still has to heal sufficiently--pain from  losing a mother early not through death but through abandonment.  Her shyness must stem from her inability to act around a mother, especially a loving mother. 

There is  a lot of hope that Kim will finally  overcome her shyness  around Xian's Mom, "her mother-in-law", according to Kris A.  Kim hid behind Xian's back.  Xian's presence and her Ate Kris' counsel would help greatly in having Kim face her fears and like how she does it with her bungee jumping, just have someone push her into the edge and do a fall with some harness by the name of Xian Lim.  

Kim is happy. Anyone can see that.  She has said she is happy not only for the gifts Xian has given/gives her but for the way he treats her.  Ate Lakam says that she and her whole family are happy seeing their Princess just happy everyday.  Xian is happy when Kim is happy. Mom Mary Anne is  happy where Xian is happy.  Kris A. is  happy where Kim is happy.   We, KimXis are happy where Kim and Xian are happy.  As Kim says, easy easy, happy, happy!  

Everybody happy!  Are they exclusively dating?  The answer is Y  E  S and to add to our happiness and the reason why this interview took place in the first place--Ina, Kapatid, Anak, Monday, 10-08-12.  HAPPINESS OVERLOAD!  

                       CTO - When you're smiling by Louis Armstrong



  1. Actually Ms. Kim Xianity, gasgas na ang video ko sa Kris TV of October 1, 2012. They look so fashionable, pretty Kim and handsome Xian and most visible is their happiness. Yes, nakikita sa mata and their actions... so comfortable with each other. Hay! plus your beautiful blog for that morning, am so so happy for them. Tingnan ko na naman before I sleep he he he. Love you Ms. Gutsy - your No. 2 fan

    1. Love you too, Ms. No. 2...gasgas is the word added to "naidudulot". :) Our happiness pill will have a boost starting Monday, Oct. 8th. Good luck to our Kim and Xian and everyone in the team! God bless!

  2. I agree About the shyness Kim have towards xian's mom. I think that Kim just doesn't know how to interact with a mother because of the abandonment of her parents :( she's always with her siblings or co-workers. Even those co-workers are mom, they only have friend and work relationship that's why it's different about Xian's mom who is not in the industry or anything, just a normal and kinda hearted beautiful mom. That's why I get why she's shy or don't know how to. Especially to the mom of the guy she likes. :) but I hope in the future kim and xian's mom will get along well and be close just like xian's relationship to Kim's family :) and that she will experience what a loving and supportive a mother can be. :)

    1. Same hopes as yours...the fears are slowly melting...soon perhaps. <3 Thanks Anon 3:18pm.