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There will come a time....

If you're waiting for a sign THIS IS IT.
“Maybe you think you’ll be entitled to more happiness later by forgoing all of it now, but it doesn’t work that way. Happiness takes as much practice as unhappiness does. It’s by living that you live more. By waiting you wait more. Every waiting day makes your life a little less. Every lonely day makes you a little smaller. Every day you put off your life makes you less capable of living it.” 
― Ann BrasharesSisterhood Everlasting

CTO - Ina, Kapatid, Anak Pocket Presscon - 9-25-12
The Pocket presscon for the TV series that revealed more than a pocketful of choiced bits  outside of IKA from Kim - a most unlikely source.

CTO - IKA Presscon vid.

Xian's love quest in his young life since he came into our attention is "to make Kim happy, make her feel special".  

CTO -  Abigail Perez ‏@SoItsCHIU
Eto nanaman tayo Xian Lim.. tingin mo bro ha.. CTO
Retweeted by Xian Lim 
Even a look can make one feel happy, special; especially if it is done in full view of people who have cameras and who also write; body language can easily give one away especially to the discerning eye; Kimmy with her "straying elbow" and Xian with his "long, lingering gaze"  speak volumes where words are not uttered. Kim must feel the warm stare in her demure and shy stance. 

We who have been tracking the Kim and Xian love saga since My Binondo Girl have committed Xian's love refrain to memory.  

In the months and months that followed  Xian has plodded on undeterred; his romantic nature expressed in so many loving ways that left us all awaiting for them  with bated breath for the next explosive one as they unfold before our eyes on Twitter or Instagram 

Xian has however gone under the radar; preferring to keep things away from the public eye,  doing things that only his beloved would know and they would have remained  unconfirmed rumors until Kim broke silence and reciprocated in a grand way by revealing  at the Ina, Kapatid, Anak pocket presscon the loving ways of a Xian Lim outside of all that have already been published, dissected so far.  

"PRIMETIME Princess Kim Chiu revealed that her leading man and rumored boyfriend Xian Lim recently gave her a pink Prada bag. "

chinitaprincess PINK DAY TODAY!!!! haha #photoshoot  3mon-CTO
CTO -jfernand3z  Yan ba yung nakitang binili DAW ni @xianlimm sa SG?  #prada  3mon

Xian asked by SunStar reporter Glaiza Jarloc for the meaning of  his gift to Kim had this to say:  

"Gusto ko lang na malaman niya na lagi siyang nasa isip ko.  It doesn't matter kung anong ibinigay ko, basta naiisip ko siya,"  loosely translated to mean, 

"I just want her to know that she (Kim) is always in my mind.  It doesn't matter what I gave her, what matters is I thought of her."   

Xian Lim on why he gave Kim Chiu a Prada bag: "Gusto ko lang malaman niya na palagi siyang nasa isip ko, ganoon."

Whether the gift be costly such as a Prada bag or time spent in  acting Fedex to a bag of Kutsinta; one thing is brought to mind --the love-force behind the airport-to-airport delivery by the man whose one thought is  in wanting the significant other to be happy, wanting to make her feel special; satisfy a craving not only for food but for attention from one man who has grown on her in the months that they have bonded together.

CTO - Kim - the object of Xian's thoughts and affection.

CTO - The Gift by Jim Brickman -duet 

The gifts which are one and the same in Xian's estimation as to their value since they are sincerely and lovingly given  are received warmly by Kim who now feels more the thoughtfulness and sincerity  behind those gifts than their cost; as they say, "it is the thought that counts"; the intention behind the gifts which to quote Kim's expressed gratitude to Xian in Balitang America, which "says it all".

CTO - Balitang America Interview - 5-26-12

Four months after the above interview, Xian is still consistent in his pronouncements and  behavior towards Kim, who,  glorying in all of Xian's loving attention flourishes and as EJ Salut, Advertising and Promotions Head, TV Production, ABS CBN  says it:  "Sobrang saya na ni Kim ngayon".  "Kim is now really, really happy", loosely translated.

(Mika2004 -thanks.)  
eto yung podcast:

at around ~ 39 minutes, sabi ni EJ Salut - sobrang saya na ni Kim ngayon
sabi naman ni Maja "sobrang saya nya ngayon"

eto ulit ang bandila clip para sa video:

sabi ni Maja, while tapping Kimmy : "sobrang saya nya ngayon"
then nagtap din sya sa shoulder ni Xian, ganun ulit ang sabi nya

CTO -  "Sobrang saya na ni Kim ngayon"...ganun din si Xian. "Xian maligayang laging kasama si Kim " -
Masasabi ba niyang nakatulong si Xian sa kanya kaya sobrang masaya siya ngayon? "Sobrang happy!" tili ni Kim "Kahit naman hindi dumating si Xian, masaya na naman ako. 
"And mas masaya lang ako na nakahanap ako ng bagong kaibigan.”   

One thing magical about happiness is  when it is shared; it multiplies in the giver.  The bearer of happiness in emptying himself is filled continuously so that the happiness quotient in both the giver and the recipient rises with every measure of happiness given and received.  

This is why, Xian the sharer of happiness has the wider laugh, the bigger happiness container- his heart- which has now a bigger capacity for love; the heart - the fountain from which happiness comes from and where it returns to - has expanded.  

As Kim says, Xian has spread his love and happiness to her own household, her family and her friends.  We see Xian expanding more towards his fans, his colleagues and everyone he meets.  

Kim, who also extended her long arm of happiness towards Xian in the early days of My Binondo Girl saw,  and really saw him in his shyness, diffidence, his "kaba" around her and with her warmth, friendliness, sweetness thawed Xian enough for him to expose his heart which discovered early than his mind did the reality that Kim is the girl of his dreams; the girl/woman he would most want to be around with, on and off-cam.

CTO - Impossible Dream by Luther Vandross 

Kim, to Xian the  definition of sweet; someone who still had a smile at 4 a.m or 8 a.m. more than 24 hours after they got together for taping; the kind of woman he would want to be around with for a long time to come also had a heart encased in frozen tears.  To Xian, Kim became his  "impossible" dream.  So, his quest took off to a good start with him just wanting "to make her happy, make her feel special"; the phrases which he still mouths today which have since been  backed by  romantic gestures coming from the heart - his heart.

CTO - Kodak Moment
Kimmy having the time of her life with the birthday boy - Xian 7-11-12 among KimXis; that night Xian again was special guest to Kimmy's surprise birthday celeb for him among close friends and family.  Kim and Xian enjoying the moment."If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves." Maria Edgeworth 

CTO - Precious moments with each other; precious gift of time, more valuable than material things considering that Xian's time is prime; still Xian makes time even if he had to crash in Kimmy's living room while the guests where in revelry for Kimmy's birthday.  Xian just came from a hosting job at a Promil Show.   Time, only 24 hours in a day, managed and budgeted by Xian and one line-item is Kim Time.

Comfortability Factor - Ultra High

That Xian's material  gifts are also well-thought of and executed are value added to the gift.  In the purchase of the Prada bag for example, eye-witnesses twitted  that Xian  purchased the Prada Bag at the Singapore airport before his departure back to Manila.  He came in in the morning and left early evening of the same day, June 17, 2012.  According to Kim at the IKA Presscon, Xian always brings him gifts coming home from his trips.  Thoughtfulness is happiness.  Revelation of the thoughtfulness is Happiness.  Appreciation is Happiness.

Thoughtfulness is  a Xian trait that is behind all his gifts to Kim whether it be as ambitious as bringing in freshly-caught packed-in-ice Salmon from Alaska checked in as luggage where else but all the way from Alaska and personally delivered to Kim's door upon Xian's arrival at the airport after an approximately 16 hours and some minutes (not counting his delay at the airport)  flight from L.A. to Manila which is just the last leg of his  itinerary or be it  some simple fare such as Soya milk and bottled water to keep Kim hydrated  during tapings -- the reason  behind it is the same -- Xian is thinking of Kim and  thinking of Kim because he cares for her.

Thoughtfulness is behind his food gifts to Kim's family and household, feeding the whole house when he goes and visits.  Thoughtfulness is asking Kim's permission to visit Kim's Lola in his visits to the Queen City of the South for his mall shows and thoughtfulness is bringing back Kutsinta, ground sticky rice cake, a Kimmy food craving, all the way from Cebu to Manila for Kim. Kim doesn't hide the fact that she's inspired, and feels that Xian could fill in the void in her heart after that heartbreak last year. In her stories about how Xian tries to put his best foot forward, one could feel the excitement inside her. "Minsan, may show siya sa Cebu, dadalawin daw niya ang Lola ko. Nakakatuwa. Tapos, may binilin ako sa kanya na kunin sa sister ko. Kinuha naman at dinala sa akin," she related.  So, what was that? "Kutsintang Cebu," she said with a laugh. Published : Wednesday, September 26, 2012 
Written by : Eugene E. Asis  KIM, XIAN: ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS   Journal On Line.

CTO - Kutsinta

Revealing Xian's thoughtful gestures is an unheard of Kimmy trait; that she has done so, so liberally, to the press  at the pocket press conference for Ina, Kapatid, Anak  also reveals the depth of her closeness  to Xian now and she appreciates  his thoughtfulness enough to be shouting them from the rooftops or actually to the Press  what Xian has given her and how grateful she is for them.   

I/we can only salute Kim for raising the banner for Xian and for revealing the kind of person he is; a quiet type who prefers to act more than talk; kind, generous to a fault and caring not only towards Kim but also towards everyone around him including Kim's friends and family members.

Accepting Xian for who and what he is--quiet, reserved, God fearing, book reader, sensitive, hopeless romantic, family oriented--is  the greatest gift Kim could give and has given Xian.  

When Xian said, "...finally, meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin..." referring to Kim at the Balitang America interview of May 26, 2012, his face glowed and happiness was written all over him, in his eyes, his shy and at the same time proud smile, his whole being.  

CTO - To Xian: the Gift of Understanding                   

It was  a revelation and a confession to the world that where before he only existed, misunderstood and misjudged, now someone, someone important to him whom he also deeply cares for took  time to discover who he really is and accepted and understood him  as is - the reality of the man, Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy and what makes him tick. 

Finally, Xian feels  complete; now he lives and from that special someone, he has learned that introspective types like him can also  thrive in the world of glitter and glam - the world of showbusiness. 

Be yourself, Xian.  Kim likes you the way you are.  She may egg you to learn to be happy but what Kim perhaps has not realized yet is that just being around her you are  happy; "excited just at the thought that she is there" for you or as you said it at your Balitang America interview "...masaya, masaya...merong excitement na naiisip na nandiyan sya".   Xian says relationship with Kim has gone 'deeper' 

CTO- The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley

Kim only used to post her gratitude on her Instagram without mentioning the giver, the Love Rose Tree, the flowers, the bag, for example. Here,  Kim has gotten out of herself; gotten out of character.  This is not the Kim we used to know; someone whose private life is guarded so tightly like Fort Knox.  Now, even her body language speaks volumes;  prompting one reporter  to write:  During unguarded moments, Kim would place her elbow on Xian's thigh, but would easily get conscious and quickly get it off.  Eugene Asis

CTO - Caught offguard - Kim's elbow on Xian's thigh.

CTO - Jenjenjen ‏@_jenjenjen22  (Thanks to Mika2004 for finding the pics.)
nakapatong ang siko sa hita nya! WAAAAAAA! RT: “@SoItsCHIU: And this is how Kim and Xian interact. K, fine.”  

and from a fan's POV:

CTO -Abigail Perez @SoItsCHIU
They're not in a relationship? K then, fine. But their legs are ;) #KimXi DIKIT!
Upper Photo:  IKA Pocket Presscon 9-25-12; Bottom photo:  Hawaii 3-26-12.
Kim and Xian
So Close to You
Does he accidentally graze his hand against yours? Do the two of you sit so close that you can feel your legs touching? When sitting in a group, does his body point in your direction? Yes for all? Good news darling! These are a man's subtle ways to let you know he wants to focus on you and get to know you better as well.
Read more at Buzzle:

Kim is now opened at saying that indeed she is feeling special from all the attention that Kim and her family are getting from Xian; statements that make the hearts of KimXis swell for Xian.  "Xian has expressed admiration for Kim, and the latter, in turn, admits she feels special to him. “Kasi tinatrato niyang espesyal yung buong pamilya ko. Noong magkaroon siya ng mall show sa Cebu, sabi niya gusto niyang dalawin yung lola ko doon."

Xian, the enigmatic leading man, a face familiar from billboards, photos and shows but create pandemonium among the women, who when they see him in person claim Xian has these Adonis-like features and his photos do not do him justice at all  has carved a niche in a business which is hard to crack - actor, host, singer, composer, musician, a multi-media model , endorser and Kim Chiu's, may I safely say , Man of the hour; and from his own description of himself, a superhero, has also found friends from among the press people.  One, Kuya Germs, Xian publicly thanked in his twitter when Xian read the following, quite a tribute to Xian:

CTO - Kuya Germs (German Moreno) column at Pilipino Star that Xian snipped and scanned.

Thank you very much for this article kuya Germs! :-)) 

"Katunayan, mas bumilib kami kay Xian Lim na pagkatapos ng presscon ay nakisali pa siya sa katuwaan ng grupo namin dahil pinag-reconcile ni Bossing DMB ang dalawang entertainment reporters na matagal na ring hindi nagbabatian. Hindi niya pinersonal ang tanong namin sa kanya. Naiintindihan niya na trabaho lang ang ginagawa namin. ‘Yan ang tunay na aktor, hindi pikon." – Reggee Bonoan 

There is another quality that Xian has just exhibited at the IKA pocket presscon which writers Kuya Germs,  Reggee Bonoan attest to  - strength of character.  Xian  as both writers said, stood his ground, ignored the bashers and like a true professional, did not take the low blows personally.  He, as a sensitive person, felt the hurt but he rose above it and continued his trek upwards.  

This is where Xian and Kim are alike in their positive responses to negative stimuli.  They  take the blows soundly, undaunted and unbowed and stand their ground and from there move on and forward toward their goals.  Look at where they are now.  

Role models to the young and old, Kim and Xian with success within easy reach for their strong faith, hard work and great attitude  They have earned the respect of the above writers and who knows how many more will follow.  Proud to be KimXis.

CTO  The many happy faces of Kim  and 

CTO - Xian.
Xian:  "Finally, meron nang nakakaintindi sa akin...masaya, masaya...tthere's something to look forward to each day...there's an excitement na naiisip na nandiyan sya (Kim)" --Balitang America to Henni Espinosa 5-26-12.

Kim and Xian are in the throes of another teleserye, Ina, Kapatid, Anak airing this October 8 and in its promotion and on the side, they titillate the crowd and the fans by  publicly declaring that their friendship is deeper; that they are happier having found each other with Kim fearlessly revealing the kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness of Xian towards her and her family and  her feeling special from  all this show of affection from a man who has been consistently expressing his affection in so many ways since late last year.  

Confronted with The Question, Kim says , no, she and Xian are not officially together, "konting effort pa".  They are just enjoying every moment that they are together; they are happy being together and are not going to keep it a secret once they are indeed together.  

Since we, KimXis are privy to  the deluge of effort-filled show of affection  from  Xian to Kim,  the "konting effort pa" must not be in the  quantity but in the quality of the effort  which we  can only guess and which Xian still has to discover what the "konting effort" Kim needs to see from him.  

The "konting effort"  may also come from Kim herself as she is asking the heavens for a SIGN, a sign that only Kim would recognize once she sees it.  

Hindi natin pangunahan or we should not jump to conclusions or put the cart before Lagunara ,Kim's horse but "stay, stay lang muna dyan" as Kim has said to Xian to which he has also lovingly answered, " Nandito lang ako, nandito lang, I won't leave." 

Nandito lang din kami.  Your call, Kim, Xian.  The sign (s) is/are very clear to us as Eugene Asis has said, "Action speaks louder".  If we can see it/them, soon Kim, as soon as she peels her eyes, would see the awaited SIGN  too. 

So, we are on a Waiting Game;  soon, we will just be surprised, when we awake one morning and our fave duo will  tell us that they are extremely happy to let us know    that Celebration time has come.  HAPPINESS!

CTO - Celebration Time, Come On...Kool and the Gang


  1. As always you described it wonderfully…you described these two beautiful people in ways that you are the only one that could have done…reading you blog always bring tears to my eyes coz it shows how you love and appreciate Kim and Xian for the happiness they brought to their fans and families alike. Therefore, MS Gutsy I have appreciated you too, and hope you will never tire of writing for our KIMXI…

    1. Thanks Melyn <3...they are so inspiring in their love for each other and we are entranced...may they thrive more. God bless us all!

  2. Again another amazing blog Ms. Kim Xianity! It is a fitting write up after a week of so many amazing revelations about Xian from Kim herself... and all have proven that you were right in your blogs about them... and I love everything that Kim said about our bebeboi. Kim has turned out to be his greatest defender against his bashers and violent critics. I just love it, Ms. Gutsy!!! And I'm excited for Monday's KTV kung ano pa ang maipareveal ni Ms. Kris from both of them... Love you Ms. Gutsy - Your No. 2 Fan

    1. No. 2, ikaw ba yan? Just love it too...let us just go with the flow :) you too! <3 Magpakilala ka na, oras na! he he he!