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A whole new...

       CTO - Kim and Xian...hand holding is good!
Once I knew only darkness stillness... my life was without past or future... but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.Helen Keller

CTO - Was this before the protective hand cover?
MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN interview aired on Umagang Kay Ganda 9-3-12

CTO - Standing tall beside his lady love, Xian glows in the high estimation Kim 
accords him; Kim who radiates an inner light that warmly envelops everyone around her, proudly walks beside  her man of choice for the evening bringing everyone to notice that she has arrived at a point of no return and her walk is only forward to a bright future with the one who makes her happy and whose one measure of happiness is her own.

Kim who measures her steps when it comes to love and romance, who does not do things in half-measures and not without much thought, has spoken loudly from what I see, without words, that from hereon it is all systems go with Xian Lim in her life.

Hanging on to his arm and being within 5 feet of Xian  all throughout  the hours of the Star Magic Ball in the presence of the High and the Mighty of Star Magic and the stars of all sizes, brightness and dimension, Kim, one of the beautiful belles of the ball, if not the most beautiful, depending on who is looking and seeing, feels the hour   of her liberation, in the place where hurt occurred now dimmed in memory overwhelmed by the luminous brilliance of a new love, hopefully.
“There are those whose lives affect all others around them. Quietly touching one heart, who in turn, touches another. Reaching out to ends further than they would ever know. ”    William Bradfield 

    CTO - Flying solo now in tandem; the wide smiles, the tight grip; Kim and Xian.
CTO - hand at anchor; Xian, the Anchorman.

It was a night to remember, a magical night.  A blue moon hang in the sky.  It was also the night the Chinita Princess and her  Chinito  Prince went to the Ball together unbeknownst to and to the surprise of everyone.

A wish on the wings of a prayer and the angels heard and whispered to one who could not assume the privilege and instead sent flowers with a card which bore the invitation and   to surmise as invitations go,  "Will you be my date to the Ball?" To which perhaps the invitee says:  "Gladly."

KimXis worldwide, followers of the two, rejoiced!  Thanks be to God!  Kim, Xian, your sense of style is incomparable, borrowing from Xian's description of Kim.  Old Hollywood glamour that rivals the best there is.

CTO - Rita Hayworth - 1940's Hollywood dancer and actress (1918-1987)
"Inevitably, the more I listened, the more I arrived at the same conclusion as a lot of her friends and co-workers: Rita is an intensely shy, self-deprecating and exceedingly private being. Had she been a star in the 'thirties they'd have described her as "mysterious."John Kobal, author :  Rita Hayworth, The Time, The Place and The Woman.

                              CTO    Chinita Princess - Kim Chiu
Kim is likewise " shy, self-deprecating and exceedingly private."

CTO - Paul Newman-multiawarded Hollywood actor, car racer, humanitarian. (1925-2008)
Every time I get a script it's a matter of trying to know what I could do with it. I see colors, imagery. It has to have a smell. It's like falling in love. You can't give a reason why.
Paul Newman

CTO - Old Hollywood Glamour...Xian Lim

Kim is right...Xian, the "makalumang tao" whom she goes for; chivalry is alive and its name is Xian Lim.

CTO - Chinito Prince - Xian Lim
Xian agrees with Paul Newman in principle, to Xian "love, or whatever he and Kim has - 'nothing can define it'."

CTO - Kim and Xian's solo shots 2012 Star Magic Ball, paired still.

CTO Such a goodlooking pair, the cameras and the press cannot stop taking pics and doing interviews.  Their regal bearing just made the Ball not only magical but also royal.

Ayeeeeee ang napansin ko lang kanina after mapicturan si Kim ng solo pag tayo niya all eyes siya lang kay xian as in tapos ankla na sa braso

  CTO    chinitaprincess, ppstyling:kimnboopyap, gown:edwintan, hairstylist:janetderama, shoes:DAS THANK YOU SOOO SOO MUCH!!!   2d             
Congratulations Kim and Xian for your prestigious award as the Star Magic Ball Couple of the Night!

SLIDESHOW: Love in the air at Star Magic Ball
ABS-CBNNEWS.COM,09/02/2012 10:35 PM
MANILA, Philippines – Love was very much in the air as Kapamilya stars gathered for the 6th Star Magic Ball at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati last Saturday.

Real-life sweethearts Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo and Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford attended the event. New couples Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon, Coleen Garcia and Gab Valenciano, and Melissa Ricks and Paul Jake Castillo were also spotted at the ball.

Rumored sweethearts Kim Chiu and Xian Lim also turned heads at the star-studded events.


     CTO - The Gorgeous Couple of the Night - 2012 Star Magic Ball 
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

There was pandemonium in the KimXi world when they showed arm in arm at the Red Carpet to flashing bulbs and screaming fans. Kim and Xian took their first public appearance as a couple among their peers in stride.

                                 CTO  Fan made video. Thanks.

KV22 ‏@KV22_KimXi
RT: @DrekWillyCuevas Kagulo sa red carpet
Retweeted by Karla Fuertez 

Kim, utterly breathtaking and fascinating; Xian, his  height, demeanor and extreme good looks acting as good buffer, the perfect escort with Kim on his arm heralded   a new dawn, a phoenix rising.  Inseparable and incomparable, Kim and Xian.
2012 Star Magic Ball Prestigious Award - Couple of the Night 

Crystals embedded in the  bustiered bodice  in  butterfly shapes, Kim's  favorite art form,   down to her  backless fitted-shape embellished from the knees with  tiered, glittery, fringes echoed subtly in Xian's gray vest and metallic silvery bow tie - both a vision of elegance, sophistication and class. The Royals have arrived!

chiu lim fan ‏@MadamChiuLimFan
RT @aaKIMAJICS with all honesty, ngayon ko lang nakita si kim chiu kimmy na ganito kasaya only with xian lim cto

EediahKX ‏@eediah47
Kim :-))

Karla Fuertez ‏@KC_Fuertez
ANG SAYA NILA KimXiOnStarMagicBall2012 :-)) RT @Push_Mina Ang cute ng KimXi! #StarMagicBall2012

EediahKX ‏@eediah47
RT @Push_Mina: Ang cute ng KimXi! #StarMagicBall2012

CTO - Xian 2012 Star Magic Ball 

CTO- The Year that was and The Year that brought the smiles back.

CTO - Walking solo at the Red Carpet -
2011 Star Magic Ball

Drop Dead Gorgeous Stunner -2011 Star Magic Ball.

How did everything start?  What brought Kim and Xian together at the Red Carpet  this time from being a Phantom date in 2011 to an unmasked and paraded one this year?   

It all started with the year that was.  Kim and Xian and some significant dates in 2011. Reminiscing and reading the signs as we go along.

CTO - Xian before MBG 04-07-11
Interviews before the MBG Presscon

In the above interview, Xian said he felt "privileged,  looking forward, and excited," when he learned  he would be one of Kim's leading men in a major project such as My Binondo Girl.  He also mentioned having watched Kim on TV  while he was still in the U.S.

"Yong nagkatrabaho kami ni Kim in Minsan lang kita iibigin, I felt really comfortable working with Kim" (5:19mins.), Xian continued.  There was an extra glint to Xian's eyes when he started talking about his role  and how comfortable he was working with Kim.

CTO - Kim as Alondra in Minsan lang kita iibigin
This series marked the first time Kim and Xian's characters had some extensive dialogue with each other.  This oblique pairing and Kim and Xian's perceived chemistry  with Kim given the little time they had must have led to his casting in My Binondo Girl.  His ethnicity also helped. No confirmation except that the two soaps just came within a few months of each other.

Their interaction in MLKI as well as Xian's brief appearance in My Cactus Heart, a Maja and Matteo's starrer, must  have also led to an invitation to Kim's March, 2011 high-school graduation.  

CTO - Kim's High School Graduation - March, 2011.  Xian at back of Matteo G.

nericb (neric beltran's tweet)   Dinner celebration for Kim Chiu's'highschool graduation! Bongga!!!

I recall a time when Kris Aquino asked Kim in one of  three KrisTV interviews that involved Kim and/or Xian.  Kim referred to herself and Xian as "superfriends".   She also mentioned that Xian attended some family events; one of them her after high school graduation celebration in March, 2011.

A year after Xian attended Kim's high school graduation, he was introduced to the Chiu extended family, uncles, aunties including Kim's Lola on the Grand Matriarch's visit to Manila to attend a Chiu function.

CTO - March, 2012  Xian at a Resto with the Chius; photo below was posted soon after.  KimXis wishing and hoping this was for a return invitation - same unconfirmed.  Xian with Mom Mary Anne and Mama Lola visiting from the U.S. March, 2012.

Xian admitted that he felt nervous while being introduced to his My Binondo Girl co-star’s relatives. “Nung pagka-pasok ko pa nga ganito kapula yung face ko, siyempre nahihiya ako. I’m excited at the same time but at the same time nahihiya ako. Mukha talaga akong namumula (laughs),” he recalled.

Xian revealed that Kim has also gotten the chance to meet his mom. “Yes na-meet na rin niya yung mom ko pero hindi pa sila nagka-usap,” he shared. The actor said nothing has changed between him and Kim even though they do not see each other everyday. “Wala namang nagbabago sa mga nangyayari sa amin porke’t natapos yung soap. It’s not going to change. Katulad nga ng sinasabi ko palagi, I’m always going to make her feel special. Let’s say we see each other yes. Hindi lang naman sa taping nagtatapos, hindi naman porke’t natapos ang My Binondo Girl tapos na ang lahat. Nothing changed and kung may magbago man,
 it’s probably growing,” he said.

From a High School Graduation celebration to Dinner with the family after a year, Xian has certainly made some headway.  As time went by there was also progression even in such a simple thing as the holding of hands.

From the Cebu Mall show in October, 2011 to March, 2012 ASAP Prod of Just a Kiss- a 5-month duration that experienced the heart-tugging Harana of You by the Carpenters; February and Valentine Less than Threes in the meanwhile; the move  from limp hand to intertwined fingers was jumpstarted.       CTO

   CTO -  Kim and Xian...taking it slowly but surely. Day before trip to HI.

 Kim and Xian 3-25-12 Just a Kiss ASAP Prod.   

March was a significant month for Kim and Xian, coming  shortly after the Love month.  Kim and Xian attended a March 16th Brian McKnight concert on their own, unchaperoned.  

 CTO - Unchaperoned Date SPOTTED: Xian Lim (left) and Kim Chiu together at the upper box area of the Big Dome. "Magka-date kayo?" an onlooker asked. The lady gave a shy smile. Photography: Allan Sancon   - March 16, 2012 - Brian McKnight Concert.
CTO - TV Patrol sighted them and had them in the news same date.  Must have turned them off from the unchaperoned dates since then.  March 16, 2012.
Xian enjoyed Kim's singing along with Brian M. even mentioned their fave songs - 
Xian's being more revealing.

                                  CTO - Xian's fave Brian Mcknight song.
                                        "Back At One"

It's undeniable... that we should be together...
It's unbelievable how I used to say that I'd fall never
The basis is need to know, if you don't know just how I feel,
Then let me show you now that I'm for real...
If all things in time, time will reveal...

One... you're like a dream come true...
Two... just wanna be with you...
Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me...
Four... repeat steps one through three...
Five... make you fall in love with me...
If ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One (yeah)

So Incredible... the way things work themselves out...
And all emotional, once you know what it's all about babe...
And undesirable... for us to be apart...
Never would of made it very far...
Cause you know that you've got the keys to my heart

One... you're like a dream come true
Two... just wanna be with you
Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me
Four.. .repeat steps one through three
Five... make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One......

Say farewell to the dark of night... I see the coming of the sun...
I feel like a little child... whose life has just begun...
You came and breathed new life
Into this lonely heart of mine...
You threw out the life line... just in the Nick of Time.....

One... you're like a dream come true
Two... just wanna be with you
Three... girl it's plain to see... that your the only one for me... girl and...
Four... repeat steps one through three
Five... make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done... then I start Back at One.

                                  CTO - Kim's own.

The tempo has accelerated after with Kimmy wearing  a flower on the left side of her hair in Hawaii, signifying taken and after approximately a 10-hour flight to Hawaii seated next to each other and the bonding in Honolulu during off concert hours, Kim and Xian's friendship became firmer, one could say.

CTO - the flower that says it least to everyone in Hawaii

CTO-Jetlagged but ready to perform.  The "taker" with the "taken" in Hawaii  "hanging loose" - notice the hand gesture.

CTO - Kim and Xian at a grocery in Hawaii - fresh from sleep and an early morning run with some time to shop and bond during their leisure time before their performance.  Kim and Xian, together all their waking hours before they went their separate ways, Kim back to Manila and Xian to the U.S. Mainland and Alaska for more shows.  3-26-2012.

CTO - 
The Kim and Xian courtship went into high gear with the under-the-radar rumored Valentine dinner at an Italian Restaurant that escaped detection which was fueled by Xian's angst-ridden twitpics when he got stranded in Legaspi City due to inclement weather 2 days before Valentine's day.  Flowers which figured in Kim's Instagram with a cryptic caption made the KimXis hearts leapt. Too early in the game and no mention of giver.

Xian came a day before Love Day, straight to a Thanksgiving Party, a celebration for the success of My Binondo Girl, attended by no less than head honchos, Charo Santos, President of ABS CBN Corporation and Cory Vidanes, Head of Channel 2 MegaManila.

The months from April to August, 2012 were just a KimXi journey of birthdays celebrated April 19th (for Kim) and July 12 (Xian).  Between the Love Rose Tree, the Salmon from Alaska; the surprise birthday for Xian prepared by Kim and the Call Me Maybe performance of intimate friends; it seems the love saga of Kim and Xian, epic and commanding since My Binondo Girl, have now engaged each other's families into the picture.

CTO - Xian's Bday message to Kim from the LA airport.
Xian's parting words were, "Kim, hope to see you soon".  Kim revealed that Xian went straight to her home upon his Manila arrival to give her freshly caught Salmon from Alaska packed in ice all the way from Alaska and brought to her door the minute he landed.  If that is not love, I don't know what is.  Effort with a capital E.  

         CTO - The legendary Love Rose Tree...Kim and Xian with Mommy Elena.
     Kim:  "May puno ng bulaklak sa loob ng sala ko."  One of Xian's gifts for Kim's Birthday 4-19-12.

Kim's Surprise Birthday for Xian complete with a performance with intimate friends and relatives. 7-11-12.
uploaded on Xian's own YT chanel.

CTO Kim's Bday message + hug + kiss
Xian's birthday celeb tendered by KimXis -7-11-12 
The shy guys are at it; awkward but cute and the KimXis group went giddy.

May. 2012 and the Balitang America 17-minute revelation of how the other made one happy and vice - versa filled the KimXi cup of happiness to the brim overflowing to the fans who hang on to words like , "finally, finally meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin" (finally, finally, someone now understands me) and on the other, "happy, happy, happy being together".  For the first time this month, Xian and Kim appeared in each other's Instagram.  The veil is slowly lifting and the KimXis jumped for joy!

There's mutual understanding and there's happiness and each other's faces on Instagram!  The escalation continues. The Healing, The Reunion and the mutual support of their individual films drew the professional into the personal lives of each other;  drawing Kim's nuclear family of sisters and friends; Xian's Mom and Dad in alternate times both linking with Kim and with Xian in public events such as  the Block Screening of their movies; a circle  of happiness and love that  expanded  covering  one and the other.

July too, with the showing of Kim's The Healing and Xian's The Reunion within two weeks of each other also brought Kim and Xian's new teleserye Ina, Kapatid, Anak into full blown taping with Kim flying to Cebu and back in time for Xian's birthday celebrations (one by the KimXis group and the other by Kim's--both parties attended by Kim)  day before his actual birthday or July 11th.  It was also in July that Kim told the press that whatever she has with Xian was for real and not just for show, an admission and a direct response to people who are forever labeling their dates and sorties out as promotion for their latest soap, the Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

August brought torrential rains from the southwest monsoon or Habagat flooding   MetroManila and outlying provinces in chest deep waters reminiscent of Typhoon Ondoy. Kim and Xian were sighted buying groceries and to allay the fans' concern for their safety, Kim's Ate Lakam posted a photo on IG showing their household including Xian packing goods for distribution to disaster victims.  Unknown to  many Xian has  brought his Mom and Lolo  to his home to escape from rising waters which ruined their furniture and appliances except some that they put at some higher part of the single-story home.  Xian still accompanied Kim in distributing the relief goods to flood victims in Marikina.

August, 2012 also marked the month  of Xian's appearance as one of Kim's riding buddies at El Kabayo; they were also sighted and photographed at Anvaya Cove, an Ayala Land Resort off Subic.  Both areas Kim's Ate Lakam was with them.  Kim have successful movies and their My Binondo Girl, internationally released as Jade was announced for airing in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and two other countries after.  When it rains, it pours.

The amount of time Kim and Xian spend with one another, learning more of the other and dulling areas  where friction occurs and rising to a level that the other lifts has led to a new and improved Kim and Xian. The new and improved Kim and Xian blend  but are distinct from the other; not losing self but  instead has become a new creation; they complement, filling what the other lacks; giving rise to a synergy of sorts; where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  One no longer sees the Kim of old; nor the Xian of old.  They have evolved and how!  

The evolution has been subtle -  the way Kim and Xian now behave with each other or among others, at work or at play; the way they give way to the other; the way they encourage the other.  They have become one and yet distinct.  They are now a force.

Then September came, first day of the month; the day of the 2012 Star Magic Ball; a night when the artists and the bosses dress up; the night which caps the Star Magic's Philippine based activities.  The night a Blue Moon hang in the sky.

What was the question, again?  How did Xian get to walk the Red Carpet with Kim?  This is probably what Xian meant with, "kapag nahinog na ang puso".

Let’s see if Kim Chiu will be escorted by her rumored suitor Xian Lim or if she’ll opt to go solo like Gerald Anderson. For the latest updates, keep logging on to or follow Push_Mina on Twitter!

In fairness to Xian, he nurtured a friendship, a relationship that made it easy for Kim to say yes.  In other words, he just did not come in from the cold, knocked on Kim's door and blurted his invitation to her.  Banking on their close friendship, Xian did it with flowers and a card and more than a yearlong of bonding and close encounters with Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu, the ladylove who does not also assume that Xian would wish to be with her Star Magic Ball Night.

Technically, this is how it happened.  Kim received some flowers with a card inviting her to the ball, from Kim's own words, here goes:

Even though they’ve been dating for quite some time now, Kim Chiu said that Xian Lim still made an effort to ask her to be his date for the Star Magic Ball. He did not just assume that they would be going together. “Three days ago wala pa akong ka-date. So nung nagte-taping kami, he invited me by giving me flowers with a card. Nagtanong naman siya ng maayos. Sabi ko, ‘O sige, since wala naman ako ka-date,’” said Kim in an interview with last September 1.

CTO - the flowers that came in with the card that got posted in Chinita Princess' Instagram with an appropriate caption.
chinitaprincess "a positive attitude will lead to positive outcome!".. GOOD MORNING!!!have a positive wednesday everyone!!! its gonna be a long day today!! #taping#inakapatidanak #unit1    6d

Kim further shared that it’s one of the things she likes about Xian—he really knows how to make a girl feel special. “Ganon naman siya lagi e. He never fails to surprise me. At least dito sa ball we can relax. Taposwe plan to stay din for the after party event.”

Celebrity couples were all around as PUSH spotted many who were literally inseparable all night. This year’s list of lovebirds included Kim Chiu-Xian Lim, Zanjoe Marudo-Bea Alonzo, Daniel Padilla-Kathryn Bernardo, Paul Jake Castillo-Melissa Ricks, Paul Salas-Ella Cruz, Billy Crawford-Nikki Gil, Gab Valenciano-Coleen Garcia, Maricar Reyes-Richard Poon, and PBB Unlimited’s Pamu Pamorada-Kevin Fowler. If Carlos Agassi proudly introduced to the press his British model girlfriend Margo Midwinter, Diether Ocampo chose to keep mum on the identity of the “special someone” who was his non-showbiz date for the night.

CTO Xian's IG post after the Ball 9.2.12 - 
Eich...Ayy...Pii...Pii..Why? Because of      or Happy because of you!

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim in the year that was-- amazing grace from the Almighty that transported these two young people into what they are today for nurturing that grace - trekking the road to success with humility as their badge. 

Prayer, love of family and work, music, sports, humor, laughter,  innate goodness, wanting to make the other happy, feel special; unconditional support, sincerity,  understanding, friendship, trust, patience, love and care, appreciation, Instagram, tweets, texts, calls, bonding, food, sharing meals, flowers, hearts, songs, compositions, surprises, coming in defense of, generous,  sharing ideas, full of surprises, teaching, investing time and effort-- things and qualities they share and show with Kim emerging confident, beautiful, blooming, glowing and Xian despite their   sleep debt; come out  the same way, equally confident, super guapo, "the most gorgeous man alive", playing superhero to his Kim (safe to say now, perhaps).

Kim in saying yes to Xian's invitation  to be his belle to the ball has practically upped the ante to their relationship,  "Huag daw pangunahan", says Kim.  Patience is a virtue. 

Like Xian, we await "mahinog ang puso" or "mahinog ang loob";  "for love to blossom" or "for the personalities to muster enough courage".  Courage is a synonym of  heart; root word of courage  being coeur or French for heart.

Where will this never-ending love story go from here?  Let us wait and see; Xian, who according to Kim is full of surprises, will just surprise us. That time he will usher in a whole new world for Kim and himself and by osmosis for us too, KimXis.

God who is also the author of their pairing has Kim and Xian in the palm of His Hands;  love  or admission of  love will come in God's time; in His will and grace.  God is good!

CTO - A Whole New World  - Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine
 in Magic Carpet Ride                                                            

Prince Xian and Princess Kim in their own Star Magic Red Carpet Walk  or Ride...                                                  

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  1. Wow ang ganda! Yes, we can all see that the SMB Couple of the Night were really glowing that night despite the overnight taping. We have seen how beautiful Kim was during that night. Everyone in my office just gushed at her beautiful gown and how she carried it. I can also see the pride of her handsome and dashing prince escorting her and how proud she was of her escort. as a fan, am so happy and proud of them that night... Another amazing blog Ms. KimXianity... your No. 2 fan

  2. No. 2 thank you...proud of them both... so happy, I was only hoping for a walk on the red carpet together, the award was a bonus...God is good!

  3. Very beautifully written. Another great work Kim Xianity. I was in tears while reading this.

  4. I love how he keeps up his effort even though they're really close now. He is a really consistent hopeless romantic. The truth is, at times, when a guy got close to the girl he likes,for some reason the effort will subtly fade away. Maybe, because of confident or feeling safe on the relationship with the girl.

  5. Thank you Anon 11:23PM, Anon 1:04AM...I have some family activity I need to take care of and am taking a sabbatical from blogging on Kim and Xian...hope to be back soon as. Take care and God bless!