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A Woman in...

butterfly quotes
Author Unknown.     CTO
CTO Kim Chiu @Chinita Princess. Xian Lim @Xianlimm

Enjoying the moment.  Kim and Xian, whose names are now easy on the tonque, have settled into a comfortable rhythm that depicts the oft-repeated response they both give reporters eager to know the real score between them.  Xian, pushed to a corner, extricates himself and says, "...we're enjoying the moment...".

"Ayoko naman sabihin na hinihintay [ko siya], mas maganda sabihin na we're enjoying every moment, na kung ano man dumating, just enjoy it, the show, our work," Lim told reporters on Friday during a pictorial for his upcoming drama series with Chiu, "Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

  CTO - September 18, 2012.

There was a lull in the taping of Ina, Kapatid, Anak.  Kim and Xian found time to shoot the breeze. Xian proudly showed off  the latest Garage magazine issue with him on the cover. Kim gladly leafed  through 8  pages of Xian and in  awhile  returned to her sketch and smilingly toiled the minutes away in shaping and coloring her favorite  art object, butterflies on the wing  preferring to have the living, breathing Xian beside her, in the flesh and in living color. Who wouldn't? Her smile is broad and the night took flight in the wings of multicolored butterflies. 

CTO - 9-18-12

Laughter punctuated their beautiful smiles as Kimmy perhaps in some goodnatured ribbing coming from Xian dished out some of her own; keeping Xian in stitches (lower left pic), relieving the rigors of an emotion-filled  taping scene, where Kim plays an impoverished Celine to Xian's ritzy ritz Liam in Ina, Kapatid, Anak, airing this October.

Following  is Xian  and  his  adorable laugh with Kimmy smiling shyly beside him.   In their My Binondo Girl taping togs, they took time to send an encouraging message to kids, beneficiaries of KimXis' charity work; interrupted by a private joke only they understood; a laugh infectious radiating to the viewers and showing a seldom seen side of Xian; unleashed it seems mostly in Kim's presence.  There must be something about Kimmy.  

CTO - Christmas greetings to Binondo Kids 12-17-2011

CTO - Elbow to elbow, Xian, the Enamored One watching his Innamorata whiling

the night away sketching and coloring.  The minutes also ticked away unnoticed; with Kim, conveniently or inconveniently, covered by a fruit basket to the consternation of KimXis viewing this photo.  Marching to the beat of Xian's drum, I can say or see the wait cannot be tedious when one just enjoys the moment in the company of one's beloved.  The wait can only be slow, tedious and tiresome when moments are not spent in good company making the "minutes seem like hours, the hours go so slowly". Tonight, tonight, Won't be just any night, Tonight there will be no morning star. 
Tonight, tonight, I'll see my love tonight. And for us, stars will stop where they are. Today The minutes seem like hours, The hours go so slowly, And still the sky is light . . . Oh moon, grow bright, And make this endless day endless night!  - Tonight from The West Side Story.

CTO - Xian sketching with Kim.  Kim beaming with happiness.

Where Kim is happy, Xian is happy.  Love, uninterrupted.

CTO - Video Little Things mean a Lot
by The Platters.

Little things meaning a lot; breathing the same air, occupying the same space; leaning forward in creative silence; head to head, elbow to elbow with a loved one can make the simplest thing like coloring a sketch a glorious experience, lifting spirits; making the "hours seem like minutes";  the funfilled moments filed away in memory setting the time spent as one dream-date fulfilled.

The Defining Moment.  The month of September started with a bang for Kim and Xian.  The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Star Magic, ABS CBN's Talent Center culminated with it's sixth Ball, September 01, 2011 at the Rizal Grand Ballroom, Shangrila Hotel, Makati; Star Magic's talents and invited guests dressed to the nines.  

It was a magical night, the night when Kim chose to walk the Red Carpet in the arm of a tall and dashing young man other than her perennial one.  There was changing of the guards that night; a Declaration of Independence from one's past; a Declaration of Sorts for the new escort.   

It was a night to remember, the night Xian Lim was formally introduced to Star Magic Society as Kim's chosen one.  They looked so well put together, with Xian's silvery bow picking the glint and glitter of silver-hued crystals on Kim's embellished white Serpentina gown; their extreme good looks enhanced by the excitement of the evening;  they went home fittingly with the Couple of the Night Award.  

CTO - Happiness! First time out at a Ball and awarded Couple of the Night. 
Kim saying her Thank Yous as Xian eagerly awaited his turn.

The night marked a turning point in Kim's young existence filled with ideals of life and love which went awry but is now publicly seen as on the mend prompting Banana Split host John Pratts to remark, " It used to be Kim and Gerald, now it is Kim and Xian," to which colleague Angelica answered, almost incredulously, "Amazing."  (Banana Split - 09-03-12)

Yes, indeed, "amazing" is the word for a "reel" pairing of Jandy which went KimXi; for Kim to finally get up and shake off the dust of the past and move  on and forward to a new beginning with a new love which  now appears to have reached a point of no return, a defining moment; though the deepening relationship still remains undefined.  There is  some leveling up on Xian's part.  He now uses the phrase, " What  you see is what you get."    Marami ang nakapansin sa sobrang closeness at sweetness nina Xian at Kim sa nakaraang Star Magic Ball.  Tumindi tuloy ang espekulasyon na may relasyon na raw ang dalawa pero ayaw lang nilang aminin.Pero sabi ni Xian tungkol dito, “Let people think what what they want to think, iyon lang yun. 'Wag sana nilang pangunahan.“Kung ano ang nakikita nila, sila na ang bahala. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.  9-21-12

CTO - The chairs are empty and the lights are low, Kim and Xian speaking  their own language, caught on cam. Night of the Ball - 9-01-12.  No, the Princess's gown did not turn to rags and her stratospheric shoes are still on.  The Prince remains enamored.  What a night!

The Promise.  “Basta nandiyan kami para sa isa’t isa, ‘yan yung promise namin sa isa’t isa.” - 9-21-12.   

Kim and Xian have declared to one another to be there for each other.  What a beautiful promise;  a pledge of love almost.  This two, based on how they have been in their lives, appear to be Promise Keepers.   

CTO - Music vid - I'll be there for you.                          
by Martin Nievera.

There is excitement that hangs in the air; it is palpable and celebrities feel them too.  Something is in the offing.  Ina, Kapatid, Anak, it's time has come to be aired.
C H ⭕  K ⭕✨Ⓖ
Pag pinapakita trailer, gusto mo hilahin kalendaryo sa kasabikan kay Kimmy at Maja na matunghayan magtarayan sa = Kapamilya!
Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
@KatDeCastro I like the KimChiu @XianLimm tandem. Started following them since #MyBinondoGirl. Fine looking couple. Very good chemistry

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
Love #InaKapatidAnakTrailer. Ariel Rivera singing theme song perfect. Ito na ang pinakahihintay nating pagbabalik ni @XianLimm #KimChiu

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
Looking forward to the much-awaited @InaKapatidAnak #InaKapatidAnakTrailer tonight

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon
Hanggang kailan nalang ang #walanghanggan ? Kailan mag-uumpisa ang @_InaKapatidAnak #InaKapatidAnak ?

Kat De Castro ‏@KatDeCastro
@RicoHizon Wow! Kim Chiu fan?  nice.

Kat De Castro ‏@KatDeCastro
@RicoHizon @xianlimm Hahaha! Okay. 

We thank these discerning celebrities for not being condescending despite their high intelligence and the type of work they do.  

Kim and Xian, much awaited, have stirred the imagination of many enough to merit a second TV series following My Binondo Girl; Ina Kapatid, Anak.
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CTO  - Xian consistent in his pursuit.  Flowers for the fair lady.                                                
 Kim shyly receiving flowers from Xian.

CTO - The Cast of Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

CTO - Ina, Kapatid,Anak music video
by Mr. Ariel Rivera
CTO -  Facing the Press at IKA Photo Shoot -09-08-12

I admire the look of equanimity; used to be facing the press was such a daunting task; intimidating and intrusive.  Kim and Xian together have found a strong anchor in each other. They now look cool, poised and more welcoming.   

CTO - Liam and Celine - Ina, Kapatid, Anak.
Kim and Xian in character for Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

CTO - Kim and Xian prepping for their IKA photo shoot.
Comfortability Factor:  High

CTO - Jitters over the new series and Kim lending a good ear; hand and cool assurance  while noting Xian's huge improvement from the last time.

CTO - The ubiquitous kurot.  Xian such a tease with Kim taking the bait.
Kim: There's never a dull moment with Xian.  IKA Taping break.

Growing Confidence.  I love Kim's sense of style.  She does buy her special bags and shoes but her outfits  except for those used for showbiz events  are simple and inexpensive.  She wears her clothes well and like a true Fashionista, she dresses appropriately to the occasion. Xian’s favorite look Actor Xian Lim, Chiu’s on-screen partner, said his leading lady has simple but charming fashion choices. When asked by StarStudio about his favorite look of the actress, Lim said: “When she wears a dress with a belt, tapos naka-wedge… or when she’s wearing her high-waist shorts with Tory Burch flats.”  “She looks good in anything – branded man ‘yan o galing kung saan, it will look expensive,” he added.

CTO - Kim in one of Xian's fave look on her. The cam did not get to the wedge.

CTO  - Kim in one other fave of Xian - high waisted shorts that also caught the eye of another on the side.

Kim has gained the confidence and the flair through the years but the new-found added confidence is so marked in the latest event she guested in -  the 2012 BenchUniverse Denim and Underwear Fashion Show.  

Even the Inside Showbiz Magazine commented favorably at the sight of the "New Kim". It’s a given: all the girls at the Bench Universe denim and underwear show were sizzling hot! There were some, of course, who were just extra-sexy and extra head-turning that night. Here are our favorite scene-stealing Bench girls that night. - by Mark Sablan, photos by Jerick Sanchez

We love how Kim didn’t look her usual thin self during the show. She didn’t look model-thin; she looked beauty queen-hot!  Kim at no. 2 after Karylle 

CTO - Kim - Fierce and fiery.
"@PhilStarSUPREME: Royal treatment of an opening with no less than Star Magic princess Kim Chiu as the starting salvo for the spectacular, spectacular"

CTO - Bench Universe 2nd Night

CTO -  Kim Chiu unveiled.
Embedded image permalink
rufFAG ‏@RuffaRama
Queen Chiu!!! #rampadora #benchuniverse …
Si Kim ang most applauded sa mga girls. #MightAsWellSweet johnlapus

CTO - Kim Chiu "Owning the Catwalk"
The seven-inch heels that had KimXis add an extra prayer for the event.

CTO - Ethereal beauty amidst the underdressed.

CTO - QueenChiu!
Kim Chiu was certainly a perfect choice for the opening act, wearing a glittering detachable gown as she walked onto the stage. She did not disappoint her fans by trading her long skirt for skimpy shorts and sky-high platform heels. It showed off her long flawless legs and lean frame. Joining her in that segment was Jake Cuenca who looked confident and proud with his body. He shocked the audience as he removed his underwear to reveal his thong briefs. RAchelle Siazon 9-15-12

Meanwhile, Xian , not to be outdone,  was himself making waves when he topped the online poll for Hottest Man in Philippine Showbiz for 2012 and he has a magazine cover to show for it.  We read through the eight full pages for answers to our questions, which the magazine tackles in “Ten Reasons why Xian Lim is the Next Leading Man to Beat!” They pick the following: 1. Xian is professional — never late, without the attitude problem. 2. He is serious in improving his craft — widening the scope of roles to tackle, reading Sidney Sheldon books. 3. He takes the negative as positive — is never onion-skinned about criticism. 4. Respects his fans sincerely — went to the hospital to sing for a sick lola, a fan who requested it. 5. He is a natural leader — takes advantage of this newfound ability he never thought he had. 6. Values trust given him — these include projects given and endorsements. 7. Motivates himself — just about anything provides him with inspiration in writing his songs. 8. He has no pretensions — what you see is what you get, and Xian wants that to stay. 9. A hopeless romantic — he would shower a special girl with gifts and attention. 10. Unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.
The making of a multi-media model - articleId=850350&publicationSubCategoryId=70   -  Bibsy Carballo   

What a tribute from broadsheet writer Bibsy Carballo on Xian and his handiwork. She also mentioned that Xian has not been too long in the business for him to reach this impressive place in his career.  God is good!

There is a God and He is loving and merciful to His children.  Xian Lim who only toes the line, values his family, his work, his colleagues and friends and most of all His God is now receiving the graces God has willed for him .  It is now Xian's time to shine and how!

CTO - 2012 Hottest Man on Philippine Showbiz - Online Poll Winner- Xian Lim
Xian Lim - Multimedia Model

CTO - Xian So It's You went Gold - Platinum sales not far behind.

   CTO - EedeeyahKX ‏@msKX47 
 #TeamLim and #TeamChiu FTW! cto

The troops converged,stylists and makeup artists all.  Art and science work well when the subjects are innately Pogi and Maganda. Healthy food, exercise,  loving attitude make beauty inside and out -   Kim and Xian, AMAZING duo!   Congratulations for the Gold Record Award from the Chiuniverse! 

Rox B. Santos ‏@roxsantos
Here at the studio recording back up vocals of @XianLimm track...a song to be used as theme-song for Xian up-coming teleserye 
Retweeted by jeanylle santos

Rox B. Santos ‏@roxsantos
Here at the studio recording back up vocals of Xian Lim Tracks...Teleserye theme-song soon!
Retweeted by Karla Fuertez 
CTO - What a privilege and an honor for Xian on top of earning off it to be given the task by ABS CBN to compose the themesong for Ina, Kapatid, Anak as well as sing it.  ABS CBN must trust him so for him to given the project; and Xian also  makes it look effortless.  

Indeed, Xian is worthy to be called  Multi-Media Model as book author and Philippine star writer, Bibsy Carballo, described  him.  

Xian has just come back from Cebu for his endorsement Myra Vita White E and was in Bacolod last weekend for a Star Magic game with La Salle - Bacolod.  

A member of the group of four -Popables- who sing and perform novelty songs, Xian  was in ASAP for a number with the group and  a duet with Kim as well as a chorus with two younger sets at the finale of the Katy Perry song, Teenage Dream.  

Kim and Xian sang the song with such zest and delight that they looked and sounded more giddy than the real teenagers around them. Live. Laugh. Love.

CTO - Xian - all smiles while Kim sang her portion of  Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.

CTO - Tender looks, lovingly encouraging the other.
Kim and Xian trended on Twitter September 16, 2012 following their Loveteam Production Number that highlighted the day for KimXis worldwide; the couple on a rare appearance since their walking the Red Carpet at the Star Magic Ball two weeks prior performed with such gusto, they now set the peg for duet production numbers.


Fulfillment.  Xian in his interview says that he and Kim are not keeping their growing relationship a secret.   As he said, "What you see, is what you get."   Let us put together what is out there for us to see.

CTO - We see Laughter.

CTO - Kim's loves.

CTO - We see thoughtfulness on Kim's part.

How kind of the Chius to have sent off Xian at the airport for his flight back to Manila following his Myra Vita White show in Cebu 9-22nd.  

Bonding with Kim's family in Cebu is what we see happening where there was none before.

CTO - Xian with Baby Raine, Kim's niece.   Kim's lil' bro JP with Baby Raine.  Note Baby Raine's checkered dress.
Embedded image permalink

CTO -Much-loved Baby Raine in the arms of Mama Kim.

We see "Likes and Comments" on each other's Instagrams which are warmer where before in some distant past, if there were, were a bit caustic on Kim's side.

Kamchiu and chinitaprincess liked twinklechiu's photo :)))))))))))) Ang Sabeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

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 @chinitaprincess inspired lang naman ako kaya ganun ;-))) 16mi

CTO - We see intertwining fingers initiated by Kim.

CTO - We see loverly smiles.

CTO - More effort from Xian.     

    "Sabi pala ni Xian nung tinanong ng DJ sa SM Sucat show niya kung anong score nila ni Kim.... The Answer:' 2 POINTS' waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh less than three <3   (   KimXi member-maevel2002  )

    CTO - While Xian was cozily bonding with the Chius in Cebu after his Myra 

    Vita White Mall show, Kim was on a 10-hour ride both ways to Dagupan and back Saturday 9-22 to sing to an overflowing crowd-- a crowd and a Kimmy favorite - California King Bed, perhaps a song handpicked for her own California King. 

    Shy, introverted Xian has shown his mettle at the basketball court in Bacolod last week, the Ilonggos are asking him to be back for the Masskara Festival this October; there were more shots taken and more balls getting into the basket.  His twitter has the twits to prove it.  

    Xian can claim the title Hottest Man in Showbiz for 2012.  His mall shows are packed; those who see him for the first time say he looks like a Greek god and the word Guapo is inadequate to describe the persona that is  Xian Lim.  Sobrang guapo is more the phrase.  

    Kim is the same way.  Her luminous, delicate features have captivated many and her body has filled out to a point where a magazine writer termed her "beauty queen"  hot rather than modelesque thin.  

    What has caused the transformation?  Why are these two young people radiating so - in good looks and talent?  Xian has one good reason.  He says he is just inspired.  For lack of any rationale from Kim, perhaps we can use the same reason Xian uses.  Kim, a woman in transition; a woman inspired; a woman in love and safe to say, the object of her affection is --Xian.  Just my humble opinion.

    CTO - Woman in Love by the Four Aces


    1. Another beautiful and analytical blog... but what I love best is the picture of Xian and Baby Raine. That picture gives a beautiful message that Xian is now accepted by the family and that the Chiu family respects him... his efforts have now borne fruits of acceptance, respect and love not only by Kim but also her family. Yes, both look so inspired and glowing. That's why they look super ganda and super gwapo. And together with the KIMXIs all over the world I pray that they will end up together. Love you Ms. KimXianity ... your no. 2 fan

    2. It's always good to read your blog. Sana dumami ang mga kimxi bloggers like you. Si Ms embou din sana.

      1. Thanks LoafScent...been telling Embou that...she has a beautiful way of saying things from her heart...she bounces KimXi happenings from her own experience...hopefully soon.

    3. Thanks much,'re using the fave word of our faves on a blog that highlights their amazing lives...

      My No. 2 fan :)..same here - that was the straw that broke my inspired back to sit down and write...I cannot overstress the just speaks everything you said of it and more. <3 Yes, we all have the same hope and wish...praying that they will be together for life. Love you too and thanks for taking time.

    4. Another incredible entry Ms. Gutsy, really heartwarming! Just recently went through some personal stuff lately so I missed reading your blog. I'm definitely glad I checked today especially after reading the recent articles based on the IKA presscon. The BTS from Kim are indeed priceless, hahaha. But I still follow Kim's advice and just take everything they say at face value, ayoko silang pangunahan, basta masaya sila, masaya na din ako/tayo.

      Looking forward to your next one. God bless :-)))