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A Woman of...

The deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.-Khalil Gibran.

Something happened while we were sleeping that made our hearts race and our mouths dry.  Pure happiness went through our being as we, KimXis, heard the word that Kim has cut the chains, the umbilical cord, the tie that bound her to an unhappy past.

It came unheralded.  Only an Instagram photo gave indication that something was afoot.  It was captioned, "I miss you already", showing Xian widely smiling amidst the backdrop of the Grand Canyon. 

I understood the caption when I learned  there was a Grand Presscon that day for the 24/7 In Love movie, the 20th Anniversary offering of Star Magic and its stable of talents which include ex-tandem, reel and real Kim and Gerald otherwise known as Kimerald in one of the trilogies, ominously themed Second Chance at love  on the the part of Kim's character.  

I was toiling on  this blog and I could not make heads or tails of it so I just quit and slept as it was already the wee hours of the morning; thankful that my lifestyle does not preclude late rising and thankful that I could sleep off the growing trepidation over Kim facing the press and what she would say which may rock our KimXi Loveboat.

Loud rings  awakened  me    and seeing that the call was from  a fellow Kim Xi I took it still cloudy from sleep when a louder than the rings and stretched out "Good News" was screamed into my ears.  Kim's liberation was complete and the loud scream on my ears was a testament to it. Thanks to my friend, I woke up with a racy heart, a wide smile and the temptation to hop, skip and jump!  Happiness!

                       24/7 In  Love Grand Presscon at Dolphy Theater 11-8-12
Another KimXi friend watching this video shared her thoughts on it.  Kim, she said, could have followed Gerald's lead at saying that her heart was still open for him as Gerald said it, referring to Kim.  Kim however stood her ground and said what she has been saying all along in all her previous interviews; that there was nothing between him and Gerald but work and in this Press Con she  wholeheartedly and graciously extended her friendship to him.  

"Sarado na ba ang puso nyo sa isat' isa?" Literally translated to mean,  "Are your hearts closed for each other?" Here's UKG (Umagang Kay Ganda morning show) MJ Felipe reporting on it to UKG Entertainment anchor Bianca Gonzales:    - CTO.

Kim Chiu, smiling, unafraid, diplomatic had three words to say and they were not ILY but "Matagal ng sarado" ang puso nya para kay Gerald and that they're now just friends. This  truth declared on National TV during a Grand PressCon 11-08-12 for a movie celebrating a milestone for Star Magic also marks a milestone for Kim as her day of deliverance, her day of liberation as this truth  has also set her free from the darkness that enveloped her for the better part of two years; crippling her emotionally.  

Today is the first day of the rest of Kim's life officially out of the shadow of Gerald's own.  Today also brings into the limelight the man who has helped Kim faced the inevitable - life without her old love for a life with a new one - Xian Lim.   Xian Lim, whose latest Instagram photo bore two meaningful words: Happy Life!  Xian Lim who has passed muster with Kim's extended families has also come into his own this day.  

Kim Chiu, classy, full of charm, innately good, possessed of traditional values now a woman of substance; undaunted and unbowed; learning from her mistakes along the way and courageously overcoming fears and obstacles.  The woman of Xian Lim's aspirations, now fulfilled and moving on and forward.

CTO - A simple smile from the eyes.  Beautiful couple spreading good cheer.

Kim and Xian at Meet and Greet - Star MagicLiveinLA - November 2, 2012

So how did it all began for this lovely couple?

"Privileged, looking forward, excited", Xian Lim told the press at the story conference for My Binondo Girl in April, 2011.  

He excitably recounted watching Kim on TFC before he decided to transfer to the Philippines in 2008 when he was 18.  "Ito pala si Kim", (so this is Kim)  he smilingly reminisced to the Press what he thought to himself  then.  

"Unang tingin, ay nabighani", a line from a song he composed for Kim  loosely translated, "Smitten at first sight", comes to mind. 

The Press reminded him of My Only Hope, a Kim and Gerald starrer where he played   Gerald's brother.

My Only Hope followed  after the  Philippine Adaptation of the South Korean TV series, My Girl.  Coincidentally,  Xian's  first  appearance ever in showbiz was  on My Girl's very last scene as wedding photographer to the wedding of Kim and Gerald's characters.

Kim who saw him standing in the shadows, asked, "Sino siya".  Xian still remembers what Kim wore when they  first met including her hair which he said were in curls. Unforgettable, even after 4 years; revealing this in an interview in Kim's presence (pls.see below).  

Xian, planning a future in basketball in the Philippines switched to showbiz when his basketball plans fell through. Spotted by Mr. Ton Lao (now his stylist),  Xian was introduced to Mr. M. of Star Magic, ABS CBN's Talent agency in 2008 and by the grace of God passed Mr. M's critical eye.  Destiny?  Again, more heaven's gift.  

      CTO - Kim and Xian on their First Sight/First meeting on .20secs to .31secs.

                        CTO - Matteo G. Xian, Laureen U. MBG StoryCon
                                                      April, 2011

The career was the target but something else got hit - Xian's heart.  He was not looking for love - it found him.   
                      CTO - Xian's Look of Love.

CTO - Xian finding Kim's story delightful; what a tender look he's  giving Kim, whose smile almost never leaves her pretty face.
Xian didn't know what hit him; all he knew was that something or someone fell on him like a ton of bricks...taken by Kim's  sweetness, her goodness of heart, her old-fashioned values and her even temper;  her laughter and perhaps also her tears.  

                               CTO - The Look of Love by Diana Krall

All Xian  knew was that he just wants "to make Kim happy; make her feel special"; to be her "pakpak", her wing since she was still hurting like a bird who has hurt her wing and couldn't fly on her own as Kim's surrogate sister, Kris Aquino termed Kim's injured spirit.  

 CTO -The   arm that serves as Kim's Pakpak...The Healing is complete. Kim looking so serene and Xian  looking so happy and inspired.                                                         

Kim is completely overwhelmed by Xian's  "hopeless romantic" gestures; his expression of it in form of time together with her; Instagram photos/comments and likes; gifts of all sorts; stuffed bears, large and small, the latest one bearing an embroidered I love you on it; songs, compositions,  flowers, serenade, the tree of roses; the salmon all the way from Alaska; bags, shoes, etc., etc.; his thoughtfulness that includes Kim's own family and household.

CTO - the latest of Xian's public gifts - flowers and Love-Bear with Kimmy for her treasure trove.   
From My Girl, to My Binondo Girl to wanting Kim to be Xian's Own Girl.  So where is Xian in this quest? Nowhere and everywhere.  He does not want to say there is something nor does he want to say there is nothing between them.  

Xian just says,  "No labels, please";  "What you see is what you get"; "Nothing can define it" prompting Toni Gonzaga of DBuzz in their last interview to say, oh okay, "Action speaks louder than words."

Kim is the woman, girl, child-woman who understands Xian fully, "finally, finally, meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin"; someone  who makes his world all exciting just knowing that she is there (for him).  

Kim, in turned, is just "happy, happy, happy being together with Xian.  She laughs at his jokes; and thoroughly enjoys the fact that Xian is always full of surprises; in her words, "there is never a dull moment" with him.  (Balitang America- 5-26-12).

CTO - 11-6-12  at Sir Deo's birthday.  The pose that now defines the undefinable.
Kim's bright smiling eyes and Xian's "death-defying" tip of his head that would probably have been cheek-to-cheek if not for his height; "death-defying" in terms of his credibility  since here he completely debunks his statement that  he follows Kim's line of, "Nothing must come in the way of work; just focus on work." 

Well,   I give Kim and Xian some leeway here; focus on work when at work; off-work is another story.  All work and no play, makes Jack or  Xian a dull boy.  Xian's eyes here is certainly playful and Kim looks like she's enjoying it.  This is what somebody has termed a "couple pic" and being color coordinated in outfits is also Kim and Xian's trademark or "couple mark".

CTO - Pink and Gray on Kim; Off-white and gray print on Xian. SM20Live in LA,

CTO - Those who have eyes, please look. see, realize and accept.

Holding hands while walking and smiling. Color coordinated.

                      Stunning Couple in White - Finale - Shrine Auditorium
Now that I was looking for it; how could anyone have missed it.  There are just so many of them; defying coincidence.  

Kim and Xian have ways of getting out of  how they got to be color coordinated.   At the Star Magic Ball, for example, when asked, Kim said their couturiers are friends.

                        CTO - "Magkaibigan lang yong mga designers namin."

CTO - Silvery tint  crystals in Kim's beautiful  serpentina gown is echoed in his bluish gray  silver-hued bowtie and dark studded shirt.  Planned or coincidence? The pair looking so royal winning "Couple of the Night" at the 2012 Star Magic Ball night.  Couple is the word.

What is vividly in sync might be their outfits' colors but what the onlookers may be little aware of are the internals beneath the externals that mark them as a couple.  Kim and Xian have come together in thought, word and deed and the two have become one.

He still has three words to describe what turned his sights towards a leading lady and Purely Work to a lady and Pure Happiness - " her (Kim's) personality, her eyes and her smile."  During the event, Kim and Xian revealed the qualities they like about each other. Kim went first: "Hopeless romantic siya," she described Xian. "Parang traditional so nakakatuwa..." When it was Xian's turn, he answered, "Her personality, her eyes and her smile."

Personality. Kim has this scintillating personality that shines through her being, everyone who comes around her is struck by it.   Her charm lies in her cheerful smile and bubbly personality. Everyone loves her authenticity and easy laughter! 10 Things we love about Kim Chiu   Why are a lot of people smitten with this sweet-faced chinita? Female Network lists 10 things that make her such a lovable celebrity. 
Female Network
April 19, 2011
Xian says Kim has this  personality that he can sense and  find  though his eyes  may be covered.  Now, Kim and Xian have bonded so that he has also ventured to say that he senses her thoughts and knows what she wants to say even before she says them.  Amazing.

Forget about the map...for I will find my way to you even if I'm blindfolded :-)..Less than three. GOOD AFTE 

Kim with her bubbly personality  has gone into showbiz  like fish into water; Xian on the other hand, shy and the quiet type went into it like fish out of water.  Kim, in her usual friendly fashion, reached out to Xian, someone, more shy than she was   saying, "Hoy Xian, kumusta ka na diyan".  "Hey, Xian, how are you out there?"

The trip to Hongkong together with Matteo and the rest of  the co-stars  to shoot some scenes for My Binondo Girl whittled further Xian's shy exterior.  Kim in her male character as Yuan bonded with her two leading men who at times forgot  they had a lady with them and changed clothes before her to her consternation. 
                        CTO - In the beginning, there was none...bonding in HK
Xian became more comfortable around Kim and seeing how Kim maintained her equanimity, her cool, her sweetness after long hours on the job,  weeks and months after their taping ignited Xian's admiration, turning this into wanting to spend more time with her as days went by.  

He became more conscious of Kim, no longer as a co-worker but more as someone he wanted to please.  First, a Teddy Bear that he said he thought to buy after having heard of Kim saying she wanted the life-sized one. 

"Respect and giving Kim what she's worth" and "she deserves everything" where words he gave as reasons for the things he did for Kim on top of wanting to make Kim happy and wanting to make her feel special. The lyrics of Ako'y Sayo Lamang said it more simply for him. Kim understood.  "From the lyrics, alone..." she says.  
       CTO - Ako'y Sayo Lamang - composed and performed by Xian Lim.
                                     (inspired and written for Kim Chiu)   
Kim understood him that  his inability to articulate much were better put across by  his written word and his action.  Kim, knowing him much better now, understood.

CTO - The life-sized teddy bear -  The start of something new...

CTO - From Bear to Bear and everything else in between...

Kim's personality put Xian at ease; allowing him to put out the talents he has been wanting the world to see; under Kim's nurturing, Xian flourished in his acting, singing, composing, sketching, playing instruments, dancing; his shyness diminished considerably and his fears mastered he even went bungee jumping, skydiving and wonder of wonders danced a lyrical dance of sorts with Kim, reverting to some form of shyness while at it--a full blown lyrical dance soon to follow!  Kim also bloomed in this exchange of skills and talent and personality development.  The recent 24/7 In Love Grand Presscon has shown the world a New, Improved Kim! Kim and Xian  have come together in spirit and are now one.

Kim's Eyes.  They mesmerize.  A fan went to the Star Studio Magazine signing at Trinoma, January 30, 2012 and regaled us with an amusing story.  She went up and had her magazine signed by Xian for Tropang KimUy and Xian split the Kim from Uy showing it this way, Kim Uy; she warned next time it would be a marriage contract with that name on it.  She still had the smile on her lips as Xian laughed and turned to Kim for her signature; when Kim looked up to her, our storyteller fan lost her composure.  She said that Kim's eyes were like pools of water and she got so starstruck she couldn't say a word except, thank you and got out of there quickly.     - Star Studio Mag Signing at Trinoma, January 30, 2012.  Kim and Xian.  CTO
CTO - Smiling through the signing, Kim next to Xian. Star Studio Mag signing. 

CTO - chinitaprincess "stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right." take care everyone,,,
--- @xianlimm xianlimm Sa instagram mo pala mahahanap ang definition ng beautiful...
 — withSittie Fatima MaongkongNor Asiah AfableCorinne Natasha Gilberts and 42 others.

CTO - Kimmy at LA - 11-3-12.  Xian could not be wrong, her eyes, her eyes...

CTO -  "Cause I only have eyes for you"...Kim and Xian, eyes to eyes, oblivious of the crowd and the people beside and at the back of them. Mesmerizing and   mesmerized, both.

Xian reads Kim's thoughts through her eyes.  She has very expressive eyes.  This is probably why in the dramatic scenes they have at Ina, Kapatid, Anak, more than her dialogue, Kim also speaks with her eyes.  She  shows worry, fear, her happy disposition in them in her scenes.  

In real life, Kim must be the same way.  I noticed this at her interviews when she wanted Xian to answer for her, she just looked at him and he answered, "Oy, kanina pa ako nagsasalita"; refusing to take the cudgels for her from the  slowly heating up questions asked of  their personal lives; Xian answered Kimmy without her uttering a single word to him. Her eyes did the talking.  

                 CTO - Live Chat with Cheska Litton and the still elusive Kim
                                                  October, 2011
The song that Xian had for Kim since October, 2011 at their Live Chat with fans hosted by Cheska Litton was, "When You say Nothing at all".  In that chat, Kim was still elusive, refusing to sing; was shaking Xian's composure with her responses.  Xian took everything lightly and in his persistence perhaps,  has succeeded in having Kim sing a duet with him on an international stage no less of the song he has chosen for her , "When you say nothing at all".  

                            CTO - When You say Nothing at all - Kim and Xian.
                                     StarMagic20 Live at LA - 11-3-12

Xian no longer shy around Kim now teases her no end which puts her on the defensive especially on stage and when this happens her hampas and kurot appear and the fans go wild.

Her Smile.  Kim has a smile that melts hearts.  She wears them so graciously. She even smiles in time of her greatest sorrow ; trying to hide her sorrow in them, saying "Masaya, masaya", all  through her tears but the smile that Xian saw in the  early days of My Binondo Girl  was a smile that was given him through hours and hours of taping that 24 hours went by fleetingly unnoticed; time flew by quickly and the smile came - erasing fatigue, boredom and initial shyness on his part; evoking a smile from him as well.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.Mother Teresa 

CTO -  Jade says Yes to Andy with a smile evoking an excited smile to complete the scene.  Xian admits that Kim is so good he gets carried away in their scenes together. Smiles so genuine and  natural; eyes to eyes.  


CTO - Comfortability Level - High.  Smiles are still looking innocent.
Kim and Xian in a Lyrical Dance. StarMagic20Liveat LA - 11-3-12.  Who would ever think Xian would and could dance; he did and how.  Kim and her smile did wonders.  It all started with a smile that melted hearts frozen by shyness; Kim and her warmth defrosted the Ice Man, Xian Lim.  His years as a bullied child had him keep his emotions at bay; encased in iceberg ; a genuine smile broke into the rough exterior, spilling a host of talent that still have to be exploited; there is more up Xian's sleeve. The skills he has shown are only the tip of the iceberg.  

CTO - Kim's megawatt smile that lights up the room dispelling the dour expression of her guard; Xian proudly keeping his smile in his eyes and a few paces behind Kim. (Star Studio Mag signing; Jan. 2012.)  Notice Xian's key necklace in plain sight; first time for him to have worn it.

CTO -  Xian's wide smile and Kim's quiet confident smile with arm on Xian's     shoulder; key necklace hidden.  Comfortability factor - high. November 3, 2012.


CTO - Xian's inspired performance, StarMagic20Live in LA. 11-3-2012.  Earlier when he announced he would be serenading the audience,  Kim surprisingly said, "Pano na ako?", "What about me?" to which Xian said, "Wow", tickled pink by Kim's gesture, after which she said, "galingan mo". Xian gladly obliged, HAPPY AND INSPIRED.

CTO - (Photo uploaded 11-2-12) Xian in Seattle. Kim was in LA and seen in her Instagram photos driving the LA freeway and sporting tickets to an LA Lakers basketball game.

Xian also uploaded before this IG photo a collage of him and Kim together with members of fan groups taken the day before, Nov. 1st prompting a fan to twit  a comment thus:
CTO - from Xian's Instagram 11-2-12.
shookheart J.Anna ‏@ShookHeart
chinitaprincess's photo - missing Kimmy!!! Sabay talaga ng ig post???!!! 

CTO - "@chokoleitWiTS: Fresh happiness becomes Kim Chiu... ☆☆☆ #StarMagic20LiveinLA" )) <3 

The source of happiness, Kim Chiu.  Kim  in her innate beauty rendered all the more beautiful finding her own happiness in sharing it with a man who also only wants to "make her happy, make her feel special" - Xian Lim and whose happiness stems from hers; even Chokoleit is equally inspired with his caption to this photo which he graciously shared on his IG.  

Behind her shielded eyes one can still sense Kim's beautiful smile--her whole being glows from it and envelops the onlooker;  welcoming her into Kim's world of love, peace and joy; keeping Xian within sight.

        CTO - The Happy ones -- looking younger everyday...

Today, marks a new day for Kim and Xian.  They are embarking on a journey together, moving on and forward, with Kim having burned the bridges to her past.  There is only the present, the gift they have for each other renewed each day; a gift of togetherness and love; a gift of unfettered, unchained todays for a lovelier and brighter tomorrow, together, forever in great hope and in Jesus' Name.  Kim, Xian, keep on keeping on. God is good!

CTO - You by the Carpenters
Xian to Kim

CTO - One Love by the Carpenters

Kim to Xian, hopefully.



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  4. Beautiful Ms. Gutz! Yes, I'm so happy that Kim has announced on national TV and around the world that "matagal na" nakasara ang kanyang puso kay Gerald. And how she was so reconciliatory doing it. She's worth emulating talaga. Ang ato sab na bebeboi with his nurturing geep grabe na sab ang paglevel up sa kanyang performance. Together they're soaring high. And like you and all their fans around the globe, am so proud to be a KIMXI FAN. Pero sana lang we'll stop na the negative comments againt GA. It's not easy to be in his shoes and to be a Kimerald fan right now. I agree that he deserves it but like Kim we have to be magnanimous with both our idols always happy and inspired. I'm sure you agree with me, Ms. Gutz - Love you and God bless us all KIMXIs and our loved ones -your No. 2 Fan

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