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Admiration...dismay...what to do...

It is very difficult for children to understand that appearance is not necessarily reality.  Developmentally, it is a complex concept that comes with age.  And, adding to that, experience, which children lack, lends itself to understanding how and why some things are not as they seem.  Thus, young children find it difficult to “not judge a book by its cover.”  In part, this is why children’s films often take on the theme of appearance vs. reality; children’s film, much like parables and folktales, attempt to teach children about the world, themselves, and life.  A children’s film possessing the theme of appearance vs. reality will communicate to children that one should not make a surface-level judgment, that one must get to know something/someone before making a decision, and why making a judgment on appearance alone may be incorrect or harmful.  (Kate Bellmore, The Reel Club)

Remember J.R.  and Bobby Ewing?  They were characters in the very popular TV series, Dallas, shown from  1978 to 1991 in the U.S. and 95 other countries all over the world.

The Ewings, Bobby and J.R., are still alive and are continuing their feud into 2012, 21 years after the original show ended.  The  remake in its pilot episode  which aired June 13  and  drew 6.86 million viewers nationwide on TNT cable, showed  Bobby Ewing overriding objection of some members of  the family  as he announced to everyone that he was not in favor of drilling oil in their backyard;  instead he has decided to sell the 347-acre Southfork Ranch. 

There is a Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas .

Parker is still known for it most famous tourist attraction

Southfork Ranch in Parker TXInternationally recognized for the filming location of the long-running television series “Dallas.” Southfork operates today as a tourist attraction and an event and conference center. It is located just 20 miles north of Downtown Dallas and is open daily, year ’round for tours, parties and special events.

Another reality is that since Dallas aired on the small screen, visitors to Southfork Ranch tripled from 100 to 300 a day  and many  fans have  asked if Southfork Ranch is really for sale.

Why would fans think that Southfork Ranch is for sale?  Bobby Ewing is only a character in a soap opera. 

I have no answer as to what these fans were thinking when they went and asked if Southfork Ranch was for sale.  Has the line between fantasy and reality been erased in the psyche of these fans?  

Was Bobby Ewing so forceful and credible that his offer to sell leapt off the screen?  I can only see that reel may seem real  in the process especially if the mind has some wishful thought for something related to what one watches.

Kim and Xian Show- The Reel and Reality of it.

CTO- Xian Lim endorsing Myra Vitawhite Lotion

In following the power and the hottest  loveteam in Philippine Showbiz today , the wishful thinking and the ugly emotions  of a KimXi fan are just laying  beneath the surface of his mind and heart with an ugly emotion such as jealousy rearing its ugly head in the blink of an eye.

The KimXi world  turned upside down when word was out of a commercial showing  

Xian frolicking in bed, at the beach with another woman other than Kim.  That it was a 

job did not soften the sight of Xian tenderly looking, tenderly touching and tenderly kissing 

the woman's shoulder.  Gone was the resolve to keep work and non-work separate in 

perceiving the other half of the KimXi loveteam.   Cooler heads prevailed.   and the 

KimXi psyche was set aright. Question now is how will a KimXi fan  survive a movie that 

has Xian kissing  his screen partner multiple times?  The KimXi fan will just  have to go 

back to the following assurances from their fave duo.

        CTO - KimXian interview for Ina, Kapatid Anak - a new teleserye with Maja 

                                                                                            and Enchong.

In the tail-end of the interview (around 4:40 onwards), Xian was asked if the plot of Ina, Kapatid, Anak which includes a  "mix and match" of the characters would affect him and Kim personally to which Xian demurred, saying, " ...siempre naman, parte po yon ng istorya...hindi naman maapektohan ang personal na buhay".  Simply said, work is work, it won't affect our personal lives."  To Xian there is a clear delineation between work and his ,taking it a bit further,  love life.    Trabaho lang walang personalan.

. A really good friendship blossomed after the soap, so siyempre kasama siya sa new beginning that I am enjoying right now. We’re a team. We’re always going to be working together, yung comfortability namin, our trust for each other, dapat nandun yun.”

Xian Lim says he and Kim Chiu trust each other

4/20/2012 11:58 PM

by: Rachelle Siazon

                                      CTO - I believe in you by Celine Dion and Il Divo

Xian , a fast rising multimedia  star  is building  success upon success in his endorsements of   products such as Mint Clothing, McDonald McFloat Variants, Promil, TechnoMarine Watch etc. and with his new record album also given away  for the purchase of a certain amount of Mint items results  in a lateral  collaboration  between Xian's endorsements that not only confirms Xian as the new It Guy in the industry  but also increases revenue from both ends. Team KimXi should only bear in mind that any untoward reaction against any of his endorsements may jeopardize its sales, something that a KimXi fan does not wish to happen to Xian or Kim.

Apart from the financial considerations, there is also Xian, per se.  In his interviews, he leans on his having been born under the sign of Cancer and is loyal and faithful to his beloved.  Knowing Kim and her trust issues, Xian would be the last one to set back Kim several steps backwards now that she is slowly getting out of that syndrome. 
                                       CTO - Kim and Xian at Maja's Thanksgiving Party
                                                                6-28-12 Phil. time.

His latest interview together with Kim at Balitang America where they thanked each other profusely for the gift of each other  and Xian's " finally, finally, meron nang nakakaintindi sa akin" is a tell-all to the long-drawn wait for someone who understands  who he is , where he is coming from and what he is up about; a woman, more than amazing and incomparable with the rest would be a hard one  to toss out easily.

Xian's craving is for understanding; the word " finally " uttered  from the heart stems not from a craving for  beauty of face and figure for according to him, "everyone is beautiful" in the world he moves in.  Not everyone can be just the right mix of beauty and inner  beauty that reaches out to his own inner being, the part of him that is beyond the Xian that we see, the ever-smiling Greek god of a man who is free with his hugs and his attentive gaze.  There is a Xian who can be quiet, looking "unreachable" and "standoffish" who is in fact shy and introverted that Kim has coaxed out of his shell and seeing each other, unmasked, they bonded.

                                       CTO   Kim and Xian  Sporting the same hand signs.
                                        CTO -  Kim and Xian sporting the same pendants.

In Kim's world before Xian, Kim was a sponge in a world where Gerald was a demigod who ruled her psyche, her whole being that looking at her, one could not imagine her without her  alter-ego, Gerald.  It was to this that the Kimerald fans gravitated and had their psychological clocks or their being  fans were set to.  In their heart of hearts there was no imagining a world without the Kimerald being together.  Their being together is a constant to them; no change is conceivable. The change came 2010.   To the Kimeralds, the  life-changing event in 2010 never happened; to them Kim and Gerald are still together.

I believe emotionally-engaged fans  ignore the distinction  between fact and fiction, between reel  and what is real and let their judgment be impaired  allowing ugly emotions to come to the fore when what confronts them is contrary to what they hold dear or cling to something they wish for to be happening vis-a-vis  what is actually happening.

This happened at the height of the Kimerald breakup. The Kimeralds could not accept the reality that the personal relationship is gone along with the separation as a loveteam.  The Kimerald fans persist in retaining their own false reality driven by the great desire to preserve the status quo of the Kimerald personal lovelife even with  evidence showing the contrary.

The Bea phase, the Sarah phase are ignored.  There is only the Kimerald phase and even if they are not seen off-cam and even if Kim spends all her off-work hours with Xian, it is still Gerald who remains Kim's boyfriend in their thinking.  They are existing in a time warp; how long can they stay in this false reality is anybody's guess.

CTO- Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu in a Star Magic movie - Crazy Love

The  Star Magic is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a movie that  has Kim and Gerald  return  into the big 
screen  after a hiatus of two years.

Gerald Anderson (left) visited a gay bar to prepare for his role as a macho dancer in Star Magic's upcoming movie tentatively titled Crazy Love. He is paired with former flame Kim Chiu (right).--Pep-5-28-12.

Emphasize "former flame", Kim Chiu. 

Gerald on Kim.HAPPY FOR KIM. Nadako naman ang usapan sa dati niyang girlfriend na si Kim Chiu. Aniya, masaya siya sa takbo ng "special friendship" ng dating kapareha kay Xian Lim.
“Happy ako for them.                                   CC

Kimerald fans continue to   believe that Kim and Gerald  are still together; this  after a very public break-up witnessed by many at the 2010 Star Magic Ball between Gerald and Kim when Gerald escorted and left the Ball with Bea Alonzo instead of Kim Chiu.  

There is a deliberate  distortion of reality  wherein  the fans faced with an unacceptable  reality staring them in the face refuse to accept such reality instead boost this new distorted reality with a warped perception of current events.  There is no arguing with them.  They just cannot be dissuaded  even  with  Gerald himself claiming that he is  still pursuing Sarah Geronimo or that Kim Chiu is already with Xian.

Gerald Anderson denies claims that he has already stopped pursuing Sarah Geronimo

6/27/2012 11:00 AM

by: Bernie Franco

  "Xian has met Kim’s family from Cebu. Kim has met Xian’s mom and grandmother. Xian said, no regular, ever gets introduced to his family. He said that’s reserved only for someone “special” and then he looked at Kim and smiled. Kim smiled back.”

Gerald is anticipating a love scene with Kim in his Star Magic movie with him.  Kim has kept her thoughts to herself.  Kim is more reticent and her latest ASAP appearances, there is no small talk with Gerald; none of the warmth normally reserved for a love one is seen; she has instead Xian on her side; it is Xian who accompanies her back to her dressing room; Xian who stands beside her in a spiel; she is observed resisting repeated urgings from Piolo and Maja preferring instead to stand beside Piolo even hanging on to his arm.  Kim is very discreet.  Gerald is publicly saying he is courting Sarah; I can only think that Kim is mindful of what Sarah and her fans would say and perhaps of Xian as well.

Actors' lives  can be so difficult; devoid of privacy they move under the watchful eye of fans reading their expressions, their demeanor; twitting their whereabouts, taking their  pics and releasing them into social networks and yet the fans are also their indirect source of income and support.  Fans are also a source of joy; the need for adulation and admiration  runs deep in all of us and to actors, the fans provide a boundless source.  Fans can also be a source of aggravation if they cannot anymore deal with the realities of the actors lives; if they even come to  point to dictate whom  they should be with in life  and if this type fans are crossed they can turn from admiring fans to fearsome bashers and hopefully only virtual enemies.
CTO Kim and Xian - ASAP 2012- KimXi fans.
    CTO   Kim and Xian with some KimXis 1-13-12

 CTO  Xian in California  with some fans.

As a fan, I cannot be objective in my assessment of fans and how they should comport themselves around the actors they admire.  I can only go back to   what I learned from childhood--from my mother, the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".  "Be kind, be loving always", from a friend.  "Be good," from my father. " Be yourself, but don't abuse", from my brother.  "Love one another as I have loved you", from Jesus.  "Pray, pray, pray", from Mama Mary. These tenets have held me in good stead for years.

 From Aristotle ,  there should be "Moderation in all things."  "No high expectation that there will be no  huge disappointments", is just something, I imbibed from my years of dealing with people. I have applied these to my KimXi fan life.  Even if I wish  to see Kim and Xian together forever, the love  I have in my KimXi heart   for both Kim and Xian allows them the freedom to choose THE ONE.  I can only  wish  their  happiness  solo, with each other or with another. 

                                          CTO       And I love her by the Beatles

As a former Kimerald, then a KimBao, now a KimXi, I flow in the reality of Kim and her pursuits; being  happy where  Kim is happy being together with Xian who listens to all her problems and makes her laugh all the time and happy for and with Xian who has finally found the woman who understands and makes  him happy  in Kim .  Their lives  intersected and virtually my own with theirs;  mine born out of need to relieve life's stresses...theirs  at a time when Kim was at the lowest ebb of her life, missing a boyfriend and a loveteam simultaneously; Xian, needing to have a break to set his career in motion from the inertia of rest it was in ; each need filled, pain assuaged, in God's will and grace. The fan and the stars being each other's source of life's happiness. God is good all the time!

                             CTO - You Raise me Up by Josh Groban




  1. How lucky Kim and Xian are for having a fan like you, Kim Xianity! To explain how to be a fan... And a time when Xian needs a kakampi. (Well, marami naman tayong kakampi..) I really agree with you that the "jelly" feelings and expressions of some fans may affect his work. It is not healthy for a star to be always with one partner even for one in a loveteam This would result to limited work options for our idols. And I'm confident that they have advisers to help them decide what is good and not good for their careers.

    We all wish for continued success of the two, so how will they succeed if we verbally express our bad impressions especially on their endorsements. We know naman the real score between the two... it's so obvious! It is obvious that both are happy when they are together and that Xian succeeded in making Kim happy especially when they're together... Hays, how I love them both.. Another Amazing blog my dear K Xianity ... Your No. 2 fan

  2. I love the written word that's why I love reading your posts and blogs, as well as those of other kimxi posters like embou

    Like you I was also "a former Kimerald, then a KimBao, now a KimXi" and I feel the same way when you said " I flow in the reality of Kim and her pursuits;

  3. my goodness! you did it again! this blog post just blew me away!

    this is such a great blog post about being a fan (in general, not just kimxi fandom) and learning to know the limitations of being one. well done, my friend! :)

    oh, i liked the 'Dallas' intro. nice touch.;)

    1. Thanks much, Techie did it again too...I finally unraveled the very simple tutorial you made that got me all knotted up the first time...I just read it slowly and voila I successfully uploaded from youmaker (see my new blog, pls.)...thank you, thank you...keep well! My phobia on seeing those hieroglyphic HTML is gone. I'm healed.hahahahah!

      Hahaha...the Dallas touch...I read an account of the Dallas fans the day I was writing my blog...what perfect timing...God is good!

  4. Gutsy, I hope all kimxi fans will be able to read your blog and digest everything by heart. Like you, i get dismayed with the 'jealous' fans. I hope they realize that this will do no good to either Kim or Xian.

    Yes, maybe because of our 'maturity' and life experiences with time, we are able to 'read between the lines'. As we grow older we appreciate more and respect the word TRUST.


    1. Hi Betty...yes, maturity helps...sadly ,maturity, emotional, I mean does not go with age at times. There are young people who are emotionally mature and old ones who are not.

      The 'dismay' in my article is not my personal is more the fans getting dismayed when the realities of their idols do not come up to their expectations.

      You're right Trust-- trust Kim and Xian both. Thanks, Bett!

  5. Thanks KimXianity for the very inspiring and personal introspective of the give and take relationship of a fan and a celebrity...I really love your real life blogs as it allows us your readers to look and reflect into our lives as well...I hope the younger KimXis read all your writings so they can also be inspired and learn something from...I'm a big fan of yours and please do keep on writing...thank you so much!!!!

    1. Thanks much...I know some younger KimXis do just happy you are also moved as I am...God bless!

  6. "Kim is amazing" - Xian said said from balitang america ...And let me say this from Holy land "Gutsy you're so AMAZING!" LESS THAN THREE! :)

    1. Ikaw ba yan, Ninang C? Huag kang magsabi ng ganyan, baka bibilib ako yo!:) Only for the glory and honor of God! Tingnan mo, si Kim amazing ako so amazing...sumbong kita kay Xian! hahahahaah! <3 Ninang C!

  7. What a great read indeed! Not just entertaining but also inspiring and something to learn from. I am really happy and proud to have a co-KimXi fan like you (and embou) who constantly provide words of wisdom at times when our emotions seem to get the best of us (fans).

    Thank you again for your beautiful blog and hope there'll be more to come. God bless!

    BTW, sorry for quite a "delayed reaction". I have read your recent posts before but somehow I really couldn't post a comment when I'm on mobile so I'm only doing this now in my lappy.

    Take care and God bless! <3 ~~Jane

  8. Jane, I really welcome your comments not for myself but for the fact that the blog has moved you...that makes me happy...thanks for the read and the wishes...same to you and more!

  9. Hello. I am sorry to barge in like this. But I just happen to stumble upon your blog and I really love what you have posted in here. I am a die-hard kimerald fan but...hold on minute, lemme explain first, i mean no harm...I come in peace. But i am now on a self-rehab, trying to forget kimerald, kim chiu and gerald anderson for that matter. Okay, as we all know, television/media is a very very strong medium of information. I would never know what's going on behind the camera, then I would end up assuming, pressuming and speculating. Probably what hurts me most are maybe how the media manipulates the viewers.