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"Respect is a fundamental human value that forms the basis of character and personality. 
When we were younger we were taught by our parents and others that we need to 
respect everyone especially our elders.  We do not always have to like everyone, but 
we must respect them."  -  Creating Respectful Classroom Environments-Kelsey Heisler, 
2008. (snipped from paper).

Raised under differing cultures, experiences and environment, Kim and Xian reflect strong family values that now bind them: love of family, loyalty and respect.

Hindi naman itinatago ni Xian na espesyal sa buhay niya ngayon si Kim. “I feel like I got to know her better when Binondo Girl started, especially yung mga scenes namin together. It requires good teamworkhindi lang naman pwedeng hindi nag-uusap, kailangang pag-usapan and make sure that one person is not taken advantage [of], to make sure nathe other person is feeling okay and I’m really new at this so I don’t want her to be offended in any way so I’m just showing her my complete respect.” Push.Com12-03-2011

Despite undergoing  harassing conditions while growing up,   Kim and Xian  exhibit the will and grit of survivors; Xian, an only child, raised in relative affluence of the U.S. of America by a loving and understanding single mother and Kim in a Chinese household of multi-layered loving  family members in the Philippines, grew up having more similar  traits than otherwise expected.

Xian exhibits the traditional  values of love of family, strong work ethic, and commitment to loving relationships. Kim describes Xian as "funny, lumang tao , napakabait, thoughtful, hopeless romantic..."Kim on Xian-Buzz interview 12-06-11.

Kim is the same way. Her oft-repeated reason for joining showbiz  was to help her family and to be seen on TV.  There was the love for  her family and her love for  work in front of cameras that made her a natural in the Big Brother house which propelled her to reach the heights  where she is now.  

Amazing how these two innately shy, soft-spoken and caring individuals, traversing separate paths intersecting first as a love pairing then, inevitably,  as love interests, have bonded. 

In a recent thank you message, Xian easily mouthed the plural possessive pronoun form in his "...from the bottom of our hearts...". 

The reel becoming real while remaining focused on work; taking the love route with a "slow  and no rush stance".  
                           Now the two are one...

We witnessed the slow transformation; the initial ribbing, no-holds barred roasting then the warming up, the visible support of one another.
        Xian - From "TH" per Kim in Oct. 2011  to Funny to  "Super Funny" in   2012 - Cosmo,  
            June, 2012. 

Has Xian's sense of humor been enhanced or has Kim began to appreciate Xian's brand of humor to make her say Xian is superfunny or has the frequent interfacing in off-work hours rubbed off on each other that the "unlikable" is now lovable?

Kim has grown "wings", is now conversant in English and sporting a simple  "look Ma, no make-up" look while  Xian has grown a "funny bone" and is more loose and limber in demeanor. They influence each other well with the growing love and mutual respect they have for one another.

Each thanks the other for "making me laugh...listening to my problems" to "...finally, merong tao na nakakaintindi sa akin..." or some such words that make one  either break into song or into  happy tears!  
                          Balitang America Interview of Kim and Xian, 5-26-12

Though young and  extremely shy, Kim  went into her work with such flair and focus that all her projects enjoyed consistently high ratings from her first teleserye, Sana Maulit Muli to the last one My Binondo Girl.

Xian, defying detractors, after a successful unplanned endgame scenario for his character, Andy Wu, in My Binondo Girl, is winging it  on his own professionally in his debut recording album So it's You and a movie, The Reunion minus Kim Chiu.  Talent coupled with mass appeal would be hard to put down.  

Finally, a long and much awaited break into stardom for Xian with an understanding woman beside him; and for Kim a life after professional and personal heartbreak with a super-funny, super- listener of a man beside him.   Finally, HAPPINESS! God is good all the time!  

Kim and Xian - towards a better and brighter future with love of God, family and neighbor, loyalty, respect,
                 -- upheld family values, intact.       



                            Etta James - AT LAST



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