Friday, June 15, 2012

In search of ...

I am a song without a tune  alone; A greying sky in June alone; The blueness of a sullen moon 
– waning in a starless night– alone;  ('Alone' I Cried by Mark R. Slaughter)

             CTO - Sunset in Subic...Kim alone but no longer lonely... 


There is a longing in the soul that cannot be assuaged until one bonds with someone who is full of what one has lost. 

What brims and overflows from the other fills one's emptiness and suddenly the "blueness of the sullen moon" dissipates  in the absence of the  sun which it reflects.

Kim and Xian, between them springs an understanding of one who has grown up without one other parent early in life.  Xian, his Dad; Kim, her Mama.

The search for something or someone not even acknowledged outwardly goes on until God in His mercy puts someone in one's life who holds the missing piece and suddenly, one becomes complete. 

 CTO - Fan made video...

                                                               Xian Lim - So it's You!  

The missing piece of life's puzzle, it appears, could be found in  one who has also experienced a similar loss. Kim and Xian bear one half of a heart that became one as they came together in God's time.

The God whom Kim and Xian worship put the two  in each other's path; each a gift to the other,  instrument of each other's salvation.

                            In His Time...

In a world bereft of faith, hope and love, Kim and Xian stand as shining examples, that yes, indeed,  there is life and love after a loss; there is laughter after many tears and sunshine after the rain. God is good!

Now Kim is getting surrogate maternal care from everyone and everywhere; even from her latest soap which stars her and Xian, "Ina, Kapatid, Anak"  which will be aired later in the year.

Surrogate Mom at work...

Mother and daughter
"From being rivals, Picache and Chiu will play mother and daughter in upcoming series “Ina, Kapatid, Anak.”
"Iba 'yung dynamics ngayon. [Dati] lagi ko siyang inaapi, pero ngayon [magkakampi] kami. Masayang-masaya ako kasi ang pakiramdam ko maganda 'yung soap namin."

                                 CTO    Kim with Teleserye Mom, Cherry Pie Picache

Surrogate Mom at play...
                              CTO - Lakam, Big Sis and Kim's surrogate mom.
                            Lakam on left lower box.

Xian, the superhero in Kim's life who  Kim says her thanks to "for making me laugh all the time; for listening to all my problems; for always being there for me"... 

also has this to say of Kim..."Ayan, Kim...thank you, thank you na nandiyan ka; thank you na I have someone to talk to; finally, meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin; finally, finally, finally, masaya, masaya, there's something to look forward to each day palagi; there's an excitement kapag iniisip ko na nandyan ka."  

                                          CTO - fan made video - I Finally Found Someone
                                          Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand



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