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You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet - on Giving.

The word amazing is also amazing; it has a number of meanings; almost all of which may refer to Kim--

astonishing, astounding, fantastic, 
fantastical, incredible, marvelous, 
miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious, 
stupendous, unbelievable, wonderful, 
wondrous, extraordinary, awesome, 
great,glorious, fabulous, remarkable, 
magnificent, excellent, pleasant

 CTO - Xian's birthday message for Kim -4-19-12
      Xian expressing admiration towards Kim in thought, word and deed.

"...for someone who puts 'nother meaning to the word Amazing..."(Xian to Kim on his birthday message -4-19-12).

How a young man who is a wide reader, a "twitterer", a person who loves to write and who has a great love for music uses one word to encompass a person he admires  in addition to the superlatives  he used before, "special", an "inspiration and motivation to all",  "incomparable"when asked of Kim,  befuddles me.  

                      CTO  "Kim is amazing", Xian to Balitang America. - 5-26-12
                                    Pls. check time 11:05-11:11

When I hear Kim's name, what comes to  mind now are the words, "effervescent, family and career oriented, strong, resilient, independent, modelesque, daring, adventurous, loves cars and horses, fashionista, and very recently, simple, grounded, humble, definition of sweet, loving, forgiving, hot and sexy, KimXi" and from some distant past , "Chinese Cutie from Cebu, bungisngis, Kimpayatot, Ganda, Kimerald."

What I really  wish to do is sit down with Xian and pick his brains and  ask him exactly what  he means when he describes Kim as  "Amazing". This   puts Kim among the greats in Xian's estimation, a  compliment to end all compliments.  To get to the bottom of this is to know the giver and receiver of this amazing word amazing.

Giver Xian, from what I read and heard from all sources is one shy, quiet, introverted person, a student of human behavior, an observer more than one who seeks the limelight who is now stretching his  wings to overcome his limitations to survive and thrive in the world he is in now- showbusiness.  

                            CTO - There's No Business like Showbusiness
                                         by Nathan Lane

He claims his Mom is his No. 1 Fan which I can vouch being a Mom myself; and in so many instances , in word and in deed, claims Kim as the only woman in his life now. hindi naman ako palalabas, ever since kami ni Kim, yun...",  Xian to a reporter after Kim said in response to how they were with Xian, "...lumalabas naman kami", when asked, whether, "exclusively"..."wala na lang label", daw. 

                                     CTO - Crytic answers to reporters from both Kim and Xian 
                                         Ina, Kapatid, Anak  Press Con Interview

Kim and Xian first laid eyes on each other in the adaptation of a Korean telenovela, My Girl.  Xian's first appearance on TV was in the wedding scene of lead characters, Kim and Gerald. Xian was the wedding photographer.  It was also My Girl's last scene. 

Kim, curious of this man who had a close-up shot on his cameo role asked, "Sino sya?" Good-looking, fair- complected, tall, Chinito answering qualities of Kim's ideal guy, Xian caught Kim's eye. Coincidence?  I say, "Christincidence."  

The first sight of long hair in curls, purple-garbed Kim in jeans was  etched  in Xian's memory; retrieved in a future time in a  My Binondo Girl interview where each was asked what they thought of each other at first meeting. To Xian, Kim was unforgettable. 

                             CTO    Unforgettable  - Nat King Cole

So, this innately shy, introverted person caught in the limelight  like a buck in the headlights of a car found his anchor; his center; his ground in a friendship tendered by a girl-woman along his climb to stardom.  She never wavered; he is most appreciative. The shy one meeting a kindred spirit in a world of glitz and glamour at time shady; he met a rare one - a nice, friendly, true-to-self, definition of sweet; one who never loses her cool, who reaches out, has no airs, and treats everyone well. Is she for real? Xian found to his amazement on closer and longer look, yes, she is for real!  Amazing!

"The most amazing person in the world is anyone  you think has the courage to stand up for what he believes in and in what he believes  is right. " (ANSWERS)

I am letting my thoughts flow with the answer I got from ANSWERS.   True, Kim stands up to what she believes in  She believes in God and converses with Him morning and evening in prayers and thanksgiving and regularly goes to Church on Sundays and Holidays.  She believes in keeping her family together; providing for their needs; connecting with them regularly.

She is open in proclaiming that she does not go for premarital sex, something she said in a magazine article I read when asked of her views on it.  She is not flaunting it but she is not also hiding this side of her which shows in her demeanor; being simple, conservative, shy, the Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu to her showbiz persona, Kim Chiu.

She believes in love and forgiveness; preferring not to say anything bad about anyone who badly hurt her and this includes her detractors, bashers, people who loved and hurt her, who abandoned her, including her first love and her own mother.  

She holds no grudges, no envy, no jealousy of anyone who is up in the totem pole ahead of her.  She believes in working hard, giving back to the employers and companies the trust, the confidence in what she delivers and this shows in the respect she gets from her co-actors, the companies she endorses.  Suspense-thriller ang The Healing.

"If I’m not mistaken, sinabi ni Direk Chito Roño na ito raw ang pinaka-suspense na nagawa

 niya in 37 shooting days namin. "So, it’s a different film talaga for me."
Kumusta namang katrabaho si Kim Chiu?"Masaya kami. I enjoyed working with Kim.
"Ang cute niya! Bagets! She’s very good, ang galing ni Kim." Gov. Vilma Santos on 

Kim as a co-actor. Pep.ph 6-08-12 by Allan Sancon.

She holds endorsements that go way back, Rejoice, Bench, Faces & 
Curves, UniSilver Accessories, Whisper, etc.  She values them as 
they  value her in their renewed contracts that if we see and put 
them on a timeline, we could see the evolution of a teenage Kim 
dancing her way in her Rejoiced long tresses  to a grown-up Kim 

receiving a kiss from her man with his fingers running through her 

Rejoiced long tresses.

Kim believes in the value of work and before that the value of
 having dreams and acting on them; believes in the wisdom of 
"...one reaps the harvest of what one sows".  

She stands up to her beliefs  by planting good will instead of ill; by 
staying away from toxic  words and toxic people; she has said this 
repeatedly that she leaves people to their opinions of her and if they 
are not good and destructive, she also leaves the option to herself 
not to read them or mind them.  

She listens to constructive criticism and as I see her now,  Kim  is 
boding well under some strengthening and good influence. 

Kim believes in second chances; in positivities, in a life though full 
of problems, may also be a source of great things especially if one
finds a listening ear.  She now believes in loving herself; not losing 
self in the business of living and loving.  

She believes in honing her craft, timproving herself, in dress, 
speech, behavior and the care of her publics:  
family, workers,  work, management, co-actors, commercial 
establishments and  topping   her list are fans who have been with 
her since forever and new ones who just know her as Andy's Jade

 and over and above that the beginnings of a new love.

So, where is Kim now?  In my estimation and to echo Xian...beyond 
AMAZING...the teenage Chinese Cutie who wowed us with a
 flexible body in its twists and turns wowed us even more with an 
even more flexible spirit, triumphing against seemingly 
insurmountable odds - the loss of a love team for reel and real 
occurring simultaneously; riding the wave of My Binondo Girl with 
an equally amazing guy named Xian Lim. I am convinced!  

The amazing thing for me  is it is no longer Kim and Xian who are

 amazing but  the amazing work that God blessed these two young, 

innately good people who  now serve as role models of the young

 and  how they  can be the best that they could be given the values 

of sheer grit, determination, hard work and trust in God's mercy.

                            CTO   - Amazing Grace - Celtic Woman

Life-changing is the word, I can use to define the word amazing;
 and  as I write this I am amazed by the similar paths the lives 
these two young people took  in the journey towards their 
goals; with  Xian ,  an undefined one; Kim, clearly defined in one

 but undefined in the other.  In the "undefinables", they connected

 and  how!  God is good!

Kim who says repeatedly, "Si Xian, napakabait"; she also adds,

"funny, caring, thoughtful" to Xian's  "Special... amazing... 

inspiring...incomparable."  I say, I can interchange their words to 

 mean the  other; as Kim is also " napakabait, funny, caring and 

thoughtful"  and Xian is certainly, "Special...amazing...inspiring...

incomparable."  Indeed, Kim and Xian are one!  AMAZING!


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  1. Another wonderful piece. I hope Kim and Xian can read your blog. Happy Birthday!!!


    1. Thanks Mgps...hope so too...maybe you can help. <3 Thanks too for the birthday greeting! Really appreciate it.

  2. *wiping tears*

    Amazing Grace.. love that song.:)

    i like their relationship/friendship.;)

  3. Thanks, Mahfriend...same here...a friendship that's full of love.