Thursday, June 21, 2012

From the heart...

"Perhaps the most important thing we can undertake toward the reduction of fear is to make easier for people to accept themselves, to like themselves. "~ Bonard W. Overstreet

Xian Lim has a magic mantra when asked of his intentions towards Kim Chiu and that is, "...make Kim happy."

I believe Xian has made some inroads in this quest.  Kim is at her prettiest and is now in a happy state of mind. "We're happy, happy, happy being together", says Kim of her and Xian.  Triple happy in one sentence.  (Balitang America interview - 5-26-12)

                                         CTO - Happy Together by The Turtles

I am struck by the phrase Kim used  to describe her relationship with Xian.  Happy being together to me  means somehow they are happy just being with each other; with or without any outward activity;  relishing each other's presence; happy being in the same room, not doing anything, just  breathing the same air; sitting in comfortable silences.

Just my take on the phrase Kim used off-the-cuff, without much thought; a knee-jerk reaction to the interviewer who ebbed and flowed with them until her and Xian's thoughts jelled and their mouths spoke involuntarily from the heart.  <3

“It makes me happy when I see her happy…every time she laughs, nakakatuwa lang,” he replied.

Where does he get the inspiration for these sweet gestures?

“Dito yun kinukuha [pointing to his heart],” he professed.
Kim, who was standing beside him, reacted with a giggle. In response, Xian stressed, “Totoo naman yun! Hindi yun nakukuha sa mga libro.
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim reveal what they like about each other
Jocelyn Dimaculangan

When was the last time anyone said to you, I just want you to be happy? What bliss there must be if this wish  to make you happy is not only articulated but also  followed through with some thoughtful act and done consistently because this person that said it to you derives his happiness from your own happiness.  Heaven on earth!

I feel the magic in the rarefied air Kim is breathing from the  loving thoughts, words and action  directed at her by an enamored young man named Xian Lim.  

                                     CTO - Look Ma, no Make-up!
                            Kim talking to Big Brother on her 3rd day  at PBB house -6-12-12.

I feel Kim's happiness through her beautiful smiles; her renewed self-confidence; her "very beautiful body" as Xian says it; her improved communication skills; her simplicity in dress and makeup leading all of us to believe that we now see Kim, accepting herself, loving herself, releasing herself from the chains of low self-esteem; recognizing her worth; from Xian who has said it aloud for all to hear, " I just want her to feel her worth...she deserves everything..."

                         CTO  Kim and Xian - ABS CBN Trade Launch (6-2012)
                  Her happiness is my happiness - Xian on Kim.   

Kim , being selfless, now knowing Xian for who and what he is about,  is happy just being with Xian. His presence around her makes her happy.  Xian need not do anything extraordinary for Kim but the fact that he  does, makes him even more lovable to Kim's eyes.   What bliss it is for Xian; he  who is happy just seeing Kim happy is now actually seeing Kim happy!    Happiness  has gone  full circle!  Happiness given is happiness multiplied!

In a taped interview aired on "The Buzz" on Sunday, Lim said the song is titled "Ako'y Sa'yo Lamang" (I'm Only Yours).  "It's more of my appreciation towards Kim. It's more of me showing respect. It's more of me showing what she's worth. For me, she deserves everything," he said.

                                          CTO - Ako'y Sayo Lamang- composed and performed by Xian Lim.
                                         Inspired by and composed for Kim Chiu.

There is another word Xian is fond of using on  Kim--"special".  

He has not articulated the word ligaw, in terms of Kim.  He only says, " I just want to make her feel special, make her happy", over and over in countless interviews.

Special means out of the ordinary; a cut above the rest.  There is the Halo-Halo special with the ice cream on top; the bibingka special with the shredded cheese and  there's the special guest, the person who gets the attention and the security escort.

So how does Xian make Kim feel special?  It appears Kim is uppermost in his mind and heart in the simple and extraordinary things that he does for her.  They bear the mark of having been dredged from a deep part of him and that every time  they surface they  just do not fail to amaze Kim.

There are his "harana",  love notes, flowers, stuff (teddy bear, bags and shoes), sweet nothings, etc. which are only sang, addressed, given, said, expressed to Kim and no one else.  Kim is the only girl he visits at her home; invites to movies, dinners, concerts, presents to his Mom and his Mama Lola, close friends and what have you; texts and calls to; goes to Church with; does horseback riding; etc.--in short,  Xian only has Kim in his sights; she's the one he exclusively dates, there I labelled it.  Making Kim feel special is also letting her know he is faithful to the core.
                                                   CTO -   Faithfully by the Journey with Arnel Pineda

One good measure that all these simple and extraodinary  things that Xian shows Kim in making her feel special are much appreciated by Kim as seen from her recent visit to the Big  Brother House Teen Edition4 last June 11, 2012. 

Kim was tasked by Big Brother to choose a teen gentleman date for the evening.  He chose Tom.  Tom, in his own fashion, asked Kim for a date; perhaps not knowing that it was Kim who chose him for exhibiting gentlemanly behavior towards Kim in her 2nd day at the Big Brother house.

In the course of their conversation,   Tom confided he has had 3 girlfriends and all he did  was to ask, "Will you be my girl?"  "Wala ng ligaw-ligaw?", Kim  surprisingly asked.

Kim told Tom, "Alam mo yong ligaw stage, yon ang masarap na feeling para sa girl".  Her date for the evening asked pointedly how should he court a girl. Listen to  Kim's  tips  from  12:41 onwards. CTO:  

Kim said, "harana, harana;  sweet nothings..give her chocolates, flowers,...lahat ng ibibigay mo may note..." lifting from the things Xian had done for her.  Wala na daw sa uso, "text na lang", per Tom.  Kim had a good laugh at this one.

Lucky girl, Kim, for a "makaluma" traditional Xian employing tactics of old.  Lucky man, Xian, that Kim values the old-fashion courtship that he as a hopeless romantic prefers to do.  

"Taking things slow, no rush", according to Xian in his latest interview at the Promil site.

So Xian, your making Kim happy; making her feel special is actually "ligaw"  according to Kim.  Oh well, What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; (Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare).  

However it may be called, "ligaw" or making Kim feel special; 

making her happy is no matter; what matters is it is straight from 

Xian's heart to Kim's own.  Everything, from the heart.

                            CTO - Fly me to the Moon
                           By Tony Bennett 



  1. i love reading your blogs, i'm always on the look out for new's so inspiring :)May the Lord bless your extraordinary gift of writing :)

  2. if there is one thing Xian lives and breathes... it is this...True love is when the happiness of the other is essential to yours.... i find him determined deliberate and consistent... determined to make her happy deliberate in finding ways to make her happy... and consistent in making her happy... can you imagine a gorgeous guy whose goal he only have is to make you happy? it would not be a wonder why you'll fall for such a man... d ba kim??? :D If only all men were manufactured the way you were molded!

    1.'re waxing poetic...true love indeed...when happiness of the other supersedes that of self.

  3. *sigh* you never fail to make my hopeless romantic heart happy.:)) <3

    belated HBD, my friend. sorry i missed it. hope you had a nice time.:)

    1. Thanks, Mahfriend...your hopeless romantic Xian2 ia also awaiting! I had a nice time, thanks!

  4. i really love ypur postings closer to real... good luck..! couldn't wait for the next one

    1. Kim and Xian inspire us all! Thanks much! Same awaiting the eureka moment of my next blog. :)

  5. Awww Gutsy, this site is always a sure stop for me because it never fails to make my day! The one thing that makes me appreciate and admire Kim & Xian the most is the purity and sincerity in whatever it is they share. So refreshing and so rare! In this world of pretensions, manipulations & jaded emotions, them two gives hope. A return to the old ways where everything was much simpler... to be true and just be happy and well. Simple. Uncomplicated. But draws your heart in nevertheless. Sail on my friend and log down the voyage of these two... as we flap along the sails with you!

    1. Let me guess, the other half Of Mr. D! Thanks JD! They are good role models. Proud of Kim and Xian! Manipulation is the word! Pretensions too, am glad they found each other! JD!!!!!!

  6. Thank bowled over by the poetic! Love is in the air and it is not only Kim and Xian who are in love! <3 <3 <3

  7. I love reading this blog and for every major happening of Kim and Xian, I look forward to another blog from Kim Xianity. This and all the others are all beautifully written. And I can say, how lucky these two stars are for having a blogger who lovingly makes this kind of expose and which makes us love and appreciate more these 2 idols and role models of the young generation. Most of all, I agree with her that it is the Hand of the Lord which brought them together and what a timing it was. God works in mysterious ways... And you are as AMAZING as your subjects!!!!!

    1. Thanks, we are blessed for having virtually met in Kim and Xian. Hope you will no longer be anonymous the next time. Always for the glory and honor of God!

  8. I'd like to thank these beautiful souls (Kim & Xian) for having found each other & for making the Lord the center of their love - God really works in a mysterious way - There's really a time for everything- I truly admire Xian for showing how much he truly loves Kim despite all those negativity heaped on him for loving Kim . He was not intimidated & pressured but all the more demonstrated his true feelings for Kim by involving Kim's family in his quest to win Kim. Xian makes sure his Mom & his Lola were part of this too. Both family supported Kim & Xian for their love - journey . More power to both Kim & Xian & May GOD guide you both in every step of the way.

    1. You just inspired me for the subject of a future blog...God, family and a strong will and faith in the Lord, move mountains! God bless Kim and Xian both! Thanks much!

  9. Juts love your blogs so much that i dont fail to read it... it shows bits of true facts in real life of KIM and Xian... it amazes me ....closer to real.. I am looking forward to your next issue... keep it up.....