Thursday, June 14, 2012

Defining the undefinable...

Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; 5 it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8 Love never ends; (1 Cor. 13:4-8)

Balitang America news anchor of the California-based  TFC Channel Henni Espinosa ably hosted an interview of visiting Star Magic talents Xian Lim and Kim Chiu eliciting surprising answers to the delight of our KimXi hearts.  

May 26, 2012 is Revelation Day for  Kim and Xian. On this day, Kim, the oh so private Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu, confided to where The Filipino Channel beams all over the  world that she and Xian are  "Happy, happy, happy being together" as her body  turned  and right  arm gestured towards Xian.   

 "You don't want to define it?" , Ms. Espinosa further asked, to which  Xian softly replied,  "Nothing can define it" and looking at Kim with a wide smile, loudly repeated, "NOTHING CAN DEFINE IT".  Kim returned the smile.
                                            CTO - Balitang America Interview - Kim and Xian
                                         CTO - Time:  14:31-15:07

Xian, vaunted as a hopeless romantic by Kim, is not setting limits to the relationship he shares with her. If it is undefinable, it must also be limitless. They say they are friends.  Superfriends, good friends, best of friends--it appears that anything with the suffix friends is a word   Kim and Xian quickly bring up when asked. 

Now they are more forward.  Is it the California air that did this  to them or is it the adept handling of the interview by Henni Espinosa?  I opt for the latter. She was like water that sought its own level, she went where the two pressure and Kim and Xian, like new spring, bubbled over.

Kim and Xian thanked each other profusely for making each other happy; for listening to problems; for the understanding; for always being there for each other; for having someone to talk to; for the excitement at the thought that the other is there; for each other's happiness.  (Balitang America interview - May 26, 2012) .  

Beyond the words, listen to Kim's higher tone of voice; Xian's loving stares; their easy laughter; the naturalness, the teasing smiles; Xian's gentle  reproach of "ayusin mo, Balitang..." which Kim easily followed; Kimmy's imploring eyes toward Xian when Henni Espinosa egged her to respond to her, " what should I tell them (the fans) of what is going on between Kim and Xian" and Xian's gentle prod telling her, "...oy marami na akong nasabi..." with Kim promptly following Xian's lead.

I see, Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu, in the interview. I do not see the movie star, teleserye princess Kim Chiu.  This is the demure, shy Kimberly deferring to her man, Xian Lim.  Xian is taking the lead. While Kim was skirting the issues, Xian was openly wanting Kim to say aloud that it was not just the story that generated the chemistry; that indeed something was developing between them even laughing at how Kim was handling the interview at this point. 

Internalizing "pagmamahal" they only have to look at each other's faces, they both said;  which is not how Xian has said of Kim in how he fell for Kim. He was always saying it is Kim's personality that got to him.  Kim, being the definition of sweet; never losing her smile even in an all night taping for My Binondo Girl; with energies  still high at 4 in the morning or even 8 the morning after.  Even with eyes closed in the dark, with the strength of her personality, Xian  can find Kim. Following is  one of Xian's Instagram pics alluding to Kim with a message: Forget about the map...for I will find my way to you even if I'm blindfolded :-)..Less than three. GOOD AFTE 
                                Xian stranded in Legaspi -Feb. 12, 2012.

In this Balitang America interview, Kim and Xian were seemingly in a world all their own; they were laughing at every turn, Henni Espinosa, a very able interviewer, must have been looking at her subjects in awe.  There were the ubiquitous hampasan, pingot, kurot from Kim which Xian seemed to be enjoying a lot as his teasing brought them out of Kim.  

Kim says there is never a dull moment with Xian.  He makes her laugh all the time; in the interview, I hear genuine laughter from Xian too; whenever they glanced at each other laughter just bubbled from inside them. He was the more voluble of the two; more confident, a far cry from how he was 6-7 months back.  
                       CTO - Live Chat with Cheska Litton
           Oct. 2011-- the time when Xian was not yet funny.

What happened between then and now?  I guess, The Undefinable happened!

The  dates solo and otherwise are continuing.  Despite this week's heavy and hectic schedules (Xian- dance workshop, radio tour,etc and Kim's appearances at PBBTeens/Showtime), Kim and Xian find time to have lunch with friends and family and to the movies after.
                                  CTO   -  Chiuhin Universe; Sis Twinkle;  friend JC; another friend.
                    Kim and Xian in coordinated outfits. (6-2012) Kimmy's hand on Xian's shoulder.

                              CTO - a fan's twit...

To repeat Henni Espinosa's "indepth question" , "So, what is going on with Kim and Xian?  

I cannot exactly place what is going on, even if I do feel something's going on from what I see as the end-results of what is going on-- in Kim and Xian's  sparkling eyes; their lingering loving glances; the lingering touches; the marked happiness, the glow that emanates from their smiles, their laughter, their words describing each other; the considerable amount of time they spend, again, with each other in their off duty hours. I wrote the same things at Pex describing the realness that Kim and Xian are to each other which according to Xian defies definition.

I read the signs as I read the signs when weather  changes from sunny to stormy--the clouds darken, the air gets cooler and as the storm approaches, I see lightning and hear rolling thunder, then the rains come and hail too.
                                               CTO  - March, 2012.
   Kim and Xian after their Hawaii no.  Kim easily reaching out for Xian's hand. - Comfort level - high.

So with Kim and Xian or Xian and Kim; I see the two becoming one, I cannot see one without looking for the other; they have crossed over each other's boundaries and find the landscape greener and more bountiful where they are at right now.  Whatever is going on, I find it beautiful and worthwhile defining...even if it stays undefinable or as Xian says it, "Nothing can define it...NOTHING CAN DEFINE IT!"

                           CTO - Nat King Cole - The Very Thought of You

               "There's excitement in the thought that she's there." - Xian Lim on Kim, 5-26-12.
                                                                                                   (Balitang America)



  1. Nothing can really define it. No amount of words can comprehend what they feel for each other and nothing can humanized what they have. It's all written in their eyes. The love, the care, it's just simply indescribable.

    Hello.. hello :) I'm an avid fan, a lurker from the pex world :)

  2. Thanks greenapple...I agree with you.<3

  3. loved the Balitang America interview. Henni Espinosa was so good. she puts Barbara Walters to shame. lol :))

    1. Barbara Walters is our peg here? Wow! Smooth operator, Henni E.!

  4. I just love your blog...just as much as I love's indeed undefinable for how can you define something you have never felt or experienced before, specially when it comes to love, if you had a totally different experience on love,it's not love, but something better...and one day , they will find out that it is love,it's just that it takes on a whole new meaning and maybe this time around, it will last forever.

  5. I just read your comment; wow, am blown away. You're right. A whole new experience...Kim, Xian, as Anon 9:39 says...something better than what was earlier experienced as love. How blessed they are!

  6. "They say they are friends. Superfriends, good friends, best of friends--it appears that anything with the suffix friends is a word Kim and Xian quickly bring up when asked."

    KULANG NA LNG GIRLFRIEND :)) less than three :)