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Hearts and Roses and Everything in Between...

"The heart () has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritualemotionalmoral, and in the past, also intellectual core of a human being. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul, and stylized depictions of hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love."  Heart (Symbolism)  - Wikipedia.

" Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. "Rose" means pink or red in a variety of languages (such as Romance languagesGreek, and Polish)" .   Sample no.  of  Romance languages are Spanish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan.  Rose (Symbolism). - Wikipedia. 


"The traditional "heart shape" appears on a 1910 St. 

Valentine's Day card."   Source - wikipedia.

A common emoticon for the heart is <3. 


Romance is still alive! Romance personified is a man named Xian Lim.  He has filled the hopes of every woman for a man just like him to come her way in this day and age.

Kim got her wish for a life-sized Teddy Bear from Xian long before they were the supposed endgame of My Binondo Girl.  Up until now, Kim still wonders how Xian knew that she wanted one to be with her when she watches her shows at her movie room or beside her bed.  Love moves in mysterious ways.  He must have grown bionic ears  to her wishes.

Matteo got playful with his answers on rumors of a brewing romance between Kim and Xian off-camera. “Basta marami akong masasabi sa kanila, marami akong secret na alam. Ako ang nagbuko sa teddy bear (na ibinigayni Xian (kay Kim). I’m so happy for them, I’m so happy for Xian and Kim. I just hope (My) Binondo (Girl) would be great and people will love it and I just wish the best for our show.” Push.com 11-11-11

When Kim told Xian that she did not feel the spirit of Christmas because of work, Xian twitted for a Choir for his needs; picking them up and bringing them back to their Church.  Christmas was the ultimate day for gift giving, when God sent His only begotten Son to save us all.

My Binondo Girl Director Francis Pasion in the MBG  Grand Finale Press Con shared with the press Xian's  Serenade for Kim using volunteer Choir members two days before Christmas, 2011.

Xian Lim on serenading Kim Chiu on My Binondo Girl set: "I just wanna make her feel special."Ruben Marasigan Thursday, January 12, 2012 @ 09:26PM  |  40978 

SERENADING KIM. Kaugnay nito, sa katatapos na holiday season ay naisip pa ni Xian na 

kumuha ng choir  para haranahin si Kim sa taping nila ng My Binondo Girl.  Parang

 eksena sa teleseryeng pinagtatambalan nila, habang kinakantahan ng choir si Kim ng awiting

"You" (originally sung by Karen Carpenter and revived locally by Martin Nievera), biglang 

lumabas si  Xian na may dalang flowers.   

                                                        CTO     Martin Nievera  -  YOU

In feeling the spirit of Christmas, one can also feel the Power of God's love. 

                            CTO  - The Power of Your Love

Kim has further revealed that Xian is full of surprises.  She finds roses galore in her van just enough perhaps to lift her spirits at the end of a long taping day.

Even in their performances, bouquets of roses make a regular appearance.

                                         Cebu Mall Tour for My Binondo Girl - October, 2011

                          2011 Christmas Special  - Kim and Xian - Miss Kita kung Christmas
                                                             Smart Araneta,                                          


 A closer look at the flowers in her arm, the sparkle  in their eyes and the smiles in their faces from Xian's romantic gesture.

                                         Carson , CA Show  Kapamilya May 26, 2011

Hopeless romantic guy that Xian is, according to Kim, hearts figured much in his outward show of affection towards her and they came in all shapes and sizes.


    CTO  Xian's handwritten note to tell the world  how he values Kim.

                                          4-19-2011  on IG   - Xian's Less than three

Until finally, the two symbols of  Hearts and Roses merged in a beautiful Love Tree that rivaled the height of its giver and it stood in Kim's living room waiting for her to arrive from a shooting location that deprived her of a cell phone signal the whole day.

                             A Birthday gift - A Tree of Heart and Roses... To Kim with love...

The hearts and roses, now merged, multiplied a millionfold in the heart of the one receiving, surprising her no end "kung bakit may puno ng roses sa sala at kung sino ang nagbigay?" 

The mystery ended when Xian called.  He was alerted to her arrival by Kim's sister Lakam who pretended not to know who brought the beautiful tree in.  I could feel through the distance the melting of Kim's frosty heart.


 Kim and Xian, two beautiful people in our midst--look-alikes and now, think-alikes in spirit and in love.

Life is a bed of roses for those who love long and well.

                           La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf.

As the symbols of love that you,  Xian,  give and  you, Kim graciously thank for , your  hearts glow and we who see you, flit to you like moths to a flame.  Keep on shining!


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