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The other side of Xian...

How does a rough diamond get from the mines to the stores? t Finding the rough diamonds is only the first step. Once the diamonds have been mined and processed out of the Kimberlite rocks in which they are imbedded, the rough crystals are sorted and categorized according to their size, colour, shape and other characteristics. From this point, a diamond can follow one of two routes.

The most common route is through the channels of De Beers or other important miners such as Rio Tinto (Australia) and BHP Billiton (Canada). Many people are familiar with De Beers mainly because of their advertisements, commercials and famous motto: "A diamond is forever."
Every year, De Beers’ marketing arm, the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC), holds ten week-long selling sessions (“sights”). Only a handful of diamond manufacturers from around the world are allowed to attend these sights as they are invitation only. These sight holders may chose to cut the rough diamonds they buy themselves, or they may chose to sell some of the rough diamonds to smaller manufacturers.
On their part, the smaller manufacturers cut the rough diamonds and sell the polished gems either to jewelry manufacturers (who set the diamonds into finished pieces of jewelry, which they later sell to jewelry retailers), or to diamond wholesalers (who then, in turn, sell the diamonds to diamond retailers).  (Baunat Fine Jewellery)

Alexander Xian Cruz Lim Uy.

Born and raised in Daly City ,15 minutes away by train from San Francisco, California, US of A, Alex Lim Uy uprooted himself in 2008 for the land of his forebears, the Philippines, without telling any of his friends.

Mid-2012, Alex came back to the Bay Area a totally different package from when he left. 

Alex has returned  to the land of his birth as Xian Lim, now a full-blown multi-media star of a major Philippine network, ABS-CBN with superstar Kim Chiu in tow.

                              CTO     Xian performing with Kim  5-26-12

                       Home Depot Center, Carson, Ca show for TFC 10thyr. anniversary.
                            CTO    Xian Lim and Kim Chiu
                           Pacific Rim Video Interview   -  5-26-12

When asked how he felt performing for people who knew him as Alex, Xian had this to say, " Ngayon, naninibago pa rin ako...everytime na nakikita ko sila...medyo nahiya ako...hindi naman ako umaakyat ng stage noon, puro basketball lang...ngayon they are seeing the other side of me at natuwa naman sila".  (Balitang America interview, 5-26-12)

Loosely translated,  Xian says, he is still getting used to having them watch him perform on stage; it used to be only basketball for him; now they are seeing the other side of Alex and somehow his friends  are pleased.

          CTO Xian's high school friends giving their celebrity friend a warm welcome.
                                              Xian reminiscing...

"To be successful you need friends and to be very successful you need enemies." - Sidney Sheldon-The Other Side of Midnight.

The Transformation. 
                             CTO    Alex Lim Uy  - before his leap of faith...
                            CTO   Xian Lim...after the cut and polish...
Alex only wanted to  go to college and play basketball in the Philippines .  This did not materialize.  Team A was his goal; Team B was where he was at. Alex had to think fast.  Fate, Serendipity, destiny, I prefer God,  intervened. 

Discoverer Fashion Stylist and Photographer Ton Lao who has a keen eye for a rough  stone that can be cut and polished into a multifaceted gem introduced Alex Lim Uy to Mr. Johnny Manahan, Chairman Emeritus of Star Magic, the talent arm of ABS-CBN.

Xian's height and good looks are a given. Under the watchful eye of Star Magic and armed with a new name,  Xian Lim  underwent the "cut and polish" stage of workshops, workshops, and more acting workshops.  
                             CTO  - The good looks and the charisma
                             of Xian Lim.

My Binondo Girl.
Xian was just playing touch and go in some Kim Chiu's starrers.It was not until  his character Andy Wu  interfaced well  with the  local television's Prime Time Teleserye  Princess Kim Chiu did he  catch the keen eye, heart and soul of atypical teleserye watchers. 

Kim and Xian's chemistry on screen was so explosive, ABS CBN billed them as the Hottest Loveteam in Philippine Showbiz today! Xian's star blazed the showbiz firmament so brightly, 8 commercial endorsements fell into Xian's  lap in the first quarter of 2012.

                            CTO       Jade Dimaguiba and Andy Wu - Jandy
                                My Binondo Girl Kim and Xian scenes

The clamor intensified with elevated TV ratings, ad overload and twits from a most unlikely source, Mr. Rico Hizon, BBC Business News anchor, based in Singapore.

Mr. Hizon's  endless favorable twits for the hot couple and My Binondo Girl were quoted in two magazines featuring  the phenomenal pair of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.

                CTO Mr. Rico Hizon, BBC Business News Anchor , Singapore
                   Two thumbs up!  Xian Lim with Mr. Hizon backstage prior to his show
                                        6-17-12, Suntec in Singapore     
XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm: with sir @Ricohizon backstage :-)) Thank you for coming!! I <3 SG 

Rico Hizon ‏@RicoHizon: Great to see @XianLimm in Singapore. He's down to earth, humble and accomodating. More power! See you back here with #KimChiu

XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm: @RicoHizon thank you sir!!! sana next time longer time na kami sa singapore! hope to see you again pag balik namin :-)))

XIAN LIM ‏@XianLimm: @RicoHizon oo nga po sana kasama na namin sya next time :-))

                                    CTO  Kim and his thoughts on her 3 MBG leading men

My Binondo Girl and Xian's role as Andy Wu, the responsible and dutiful  son of a Filipino Chinese restaurateur, Edison Wu (Richard Cepeda) and his pairing with Kim Chiu proved to be the catalyst that catapulted him to fame and its dizzying heights.  

He is a face that is now seen in Rejoice with Kim, McDonalds, Globe Telecom, Myra VitaWhite, Promil, Century Bangus, Technomarine on top of Mint Clothing. He is currently in Singapore courtesy of an invitation made by Philippine Embassy belatedly celebrating Philippine Independence Day.

The Other Side of Alex/Xian.
Xian stepped into the showbiz arena armed with innate good looks, a fit, toned physique, musical skills (some of them still untapped) and a strong determination to succeed.  He shelved his quiet, serious persona  and stepped forward into the stage to sing, play musical instruments, host, act and  even dance.  His friends are amazed.
                             CTO  Xian's friends visiting from Daly City
                             McFloat treat from the McDo endorser

Now Come the Detractors  and Xian's positive take.
Along the way, people have questioned his sincerity, his person and even his sexuality. Xian Lim on his gender issue: "Ako I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, with my gender."
Melba Llanera
Friday, January 13, 2012 @ 05:24PM  |  2766 views
In his interviews he has said that there is no pleasing everyone. "There's always gonna be negative pag negative, don't take it to heart.  You do things to improve yourself". (Xian on Yes Magazine, May 2012)

Xian  has also found a strong defender in Kim Chiu who has said, "Hindi yon totoo. Nakikita ko naman ang sincerity sa kanya. Basta nagtutulungan naman kami sa craft namin 'e. Kung meron mang ganong issue wala na sa amin yon." (Yes Mag, May 2012, Xian according to Kim)

The New It Boy
It is now Xian's time to shine!  His moment has come. Kim Chiu said this aloud to him on the Carson Show stage before she asked him to perform his carrier single So It's You.  His endorsements, his guestings, shows and appearances attest to his new status. Xian Lim is showbiz's new "It Boy"
Abby Mendoza
Friday, April 06, 2012 @ 03:32AM  |  28622 views

"Alam ko naman na dumadating talaga yung blessing and I'm thankful. Thankful na mabilis, mabilis 
ang pacing."Pinagpe-pray ko lang... sana patuloy ko pang mapasaya ang tao at ma-sustain [ito.]"- Xian 


Ina, Kapatid, Anak -2012 Kim and Xian teleserye

                                 CTO - Xian for Promil

                            CTO - Xian for Techno Marine

                                     CTO - Xian for McDonald's
                                as a service crew.

From Jandy to KimXi.
Kim according to Xian, on working with her, "It's really fun. I feel very comfortable with her.  We didn't have to do anything to develop the chemistry.  It just happened naturally.  I just know that she's an amazing person.  She treats you well.  She treats everyone with respect, and that's what I love about Kim.  Off-cam, she is a wonderful person. She's sweet. She's nice. She's really friendly."  (Xian on Kim, Yes mag, May, 2012)     
    CTO  - Kim and Xian      KimXi!
 Xian is still evolving and still has talents hidden under his sleeve waiting to be tapped.  What is important is some of them have been unleashed by the warmth and the nurturing and giving nature of his My Binondo Girl co-star, Kim Chiu. 

Kim has also evolved and her newfound confidence, her articulateness seemed to have surfaced with her close encounters with a certain Xian Lim but that is another story.  Enough said that we only see good coming out of their "union" their "union" comes their strength.  Kim is a dazzling beauty to Xian's princely good looks both inside and out!

I see that  The Other Side of Xian is Kim and The Other Side of Kim is Xian.  They are the wind beneath each other's wings.   They have become one.   To a KimXi fan, this actually makes sense! <3               
                                                     CTO   Wind Beneath my Wings
                            by Bette Midler

"to their detractors...they serve them in good stead, really...they become good motivators ...they will drive KimXi to become closer with each other..."you and me against the world", sort of...kaya ang mga nagdududa, nang-aapi...kita naman natin kung saan si Xian ngayon and of course, si Kim, she also had, still have her share of bashers...ngayon, they are a force to be reckoned with; they are each other's protectors; the two together are formidable for reel and for real...kaya dahan, dahan lang kayo...mga ineng (correct ba tong Tagalog ko? hahaha). God is also on their side; kasi, God is Love and Kim and Xian have plenty of that for each other and everyone, including those who hurt them. Kim, Xian!  KimXis"...snipped from my own post at pex. (6-2012)






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