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Pa is the Operative Word...

Kim Chiu on status of Xian Lim's courtship - Rose Garcia Pep News 6-7-11.

Mas close ba sila ngayon ni Xian?“Oo, lumalabas naman kami,” sagot ni Kim.  Sinagot na ba niya 
ang panliligaw ni Xian sa kanya?  “Hindi pa… masaya naman kami sa ganito muna.   "Konti pa. Hindi 
naman nagmamadali.”    

Today, Kim and Xian were sighted at Remy Field, Subic doing a morning run.  Some ladies had pictures taken with the two. 


Kim, Xian after their run in Remy Field, Subic, Olongapo with some starry eyed fans.  6-8-12


A proud Mom of a young lady who thought her Mama had one over her.  Remy field, Subic - 6-8-12.                                               

This same daughter twitted  what her Mama told her:   NamNamandPenPen ♥ ‏@NorbabesFTW
dapat pala napicturan ko sila na nagpipicturan kanina na parang mga bata.. ang sweet kaya nila, pinupunasan pa ni Xian ng pawis si Kim!- Mom

Rachael Anne Brillo ‏@IAmRachaelAnne: @XianLimm ate at Xtremely Xpresso with Kim chiu  - Xtremely Xpresso  -6-8-2012.                      

          CTO - Kim and Xian at Xtremely Xpresso -thanks Rachael Anne

                                  CTO     Xtremely XPresso Cafe in Subic

Xtremely Xpresso Cafe is a casual bistro style restaurant that serves European style breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cafe is known to serve Italy's no. 1 coffee, Lavazza, and is famous for its unique collection of Italian menu."

To the movies (Snow White and the Huntsman after...)...a long day for Kim and Xian but together , to them perhaps, short pa rin... 

@thirdumali: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim in front of my seat. Pakinggan ko kaya pinaguusapan nila? LOL #showbiz
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That Xian chooses to spend his free time with Kim from early morning onwards is something that Xian has been consistent since My Binondo Girl ended.  That Kim chooses to spend her precious rest time with  Xian means only one thing,  Kim also enjoys Xian's company.

The getting to know you better phase has escalated to include Kim's sisters  and brothers in their sorties out of the house. 

Kim has revealed that she at times bring some members of her  family in her dates with Xian. According to Kim, Xian is now really close to her family.  

"At the same time, Xian would also send little gifts not only to Kim’s siblings, but even to her house help. “Minsan,’pag walang work dumadalaw siya sa amin. Nagugulat na lang sila maraming dalang food para sa aming lahat. Kunwari milk tea, para sa aming lahat, katulong ko, driver ko. And nagugulat sisters ko. Yung buong bahay namin may party. " 5-12-2012.  

                                                         CTO    - The Chiu Family and Ate Elena

                               L-R  Twinkle, JP, Kim and Lakam. Missing in photo is Kim's older brother, William


                                   CTO - Xian, a frequent visitor to Kim's home is now close to  Ate Elena.

 Posing next to Xian's birthday gift to Kim - The Love Rose Tree 4-19-12.

We have it on Kim and Xian's word that they have met each other's families--Kim's side - her Lola, all her sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts met Xian at dinner at a hotel resto; on Xian's side,- his Mom and Mama Lola have also met Kim per Xian.

 CTO - Xian in Subic horseback riding with Kim and family; pls check lower boxes, left and right for Xian.

                Encircled on upper pic, enlarged.  The horse with the white patch is Lagunara, Kim's horse.

                                        CTO  - Lakam and JP Dance Recital -G Force

                                        Xian bonding with Kim and JC, Lakam and JP.

Xian on Kim:

"I just want her to be happy. I want her to feel na nandito naman ako. I want her to feel 

  special." lim-on-kim-chiu-i-just-want-her-to-be-happy-i-want-her-to-feel-na-


What qualities does Kim Chiu look for in a guy?  "Siyempre yung faithful. Maalaga, 

mataas ang respeto sa Pamilya.  Maputi," said the young actress. Lyn Luna - February 7, 2011

                                          CTO  The Young Kimmy ; Xian

They were once chubbilicious kids that grew to be gorgeous 



and somewhere in between they met, lose some love 

along the way and met again when both were free and 


                               Kim, at first sight of Xian:  Sino siya?  May solo shot kaagad?  - My Girl, 2008.
                               Xian, at first sight of Kim:   Remembered her curls, her purple top and jeans, 
                                                                            My Girl set, 2008.

                               Above recounted on video interview at My Binondo Girl location, 2011.

                     CTO -Some Enchanted Evening


Kim and Xian have a lot in common...Instagram, texting, CP 

time with each other or together...


They both love Basketball , watching or playing it...

                  CTO - Xian  in a game.

Both have  strong work ethic and love of family...

Cosmo Philippines ‏@cosmo_ph
Fan or not, you'll be inspired by Kim Chiu's love for her fam & her WOW work ethic. Grab a copy of the JUNE ish ASAP.♥

                                          CTO  - Xian and his wonderful Mom

                                    Kim and her trust issues.   KrisTV - December, 2011

                                           Kris on Xian:  "Tama ang timpla nya."

                           CTO  - Kim and Xian and their thoughts on each other.

 CTO - 


“Kim, gusto ko lang malaman mo na lahat ng ginagawa ko it’s not because nandito yung show, it’s not because people are telling me to do it.. it’s straight from the heart. Baka minsan you’re having doubts na ‘ay maybe he’s just being showbiz, ay baka ganun lang’ No, it’s not that. I’m sincere sa friendship natin, and I’m really happy, I’m really comfortable around you, and yun, masaya kang kasama .. sobra.” - Xian to Kim ♥

“Ang lalim naman, hindi ko mapapantayan yun ah! Pasensya! Ano, syempre, si Xian … Thank you! Sa kanta pa lang parang … the lyrics parang pinapakita nya talaga yung respeto nya sa akin, and kung ano talaga yung dapat na maramdaman ko as a girl. And yun, lagi sya nandyan! Sana wag ka na mahiya! Masyado kang mahiyain! Mag open up ka naman ng konting-konti! And yun, sana ano, sana makilala pa kita, magkakilala pa tayo and yun! Yun lang. Thank you, thank you. - Kim to Xian ♥

Dec. 8, 2011.  Thanks to KSYChiu - Bebe Abi for the gif.

They share a love for music, Xian, the piano virtuoso hopefully could teach Kim  how to play the piano and to do  more guitar playing.  

From different parts of the globe, they chanced upon a song, Valentine, sang by Kim at her PBB audition; played on piano by Xian and finally in time, played and sang for Kim...completing the cycle.

                     CTO   Thanks Mich...

Both recording artists; Kim surprising everyone by singing live and dancing to the song Part of Me in the Kapamilya show in Carson, May, 2012.

                      CTO  Kim singing Part of Me

She sang this song Para sa Yo which Xian jestingly asked if it was meant for him to which she said and not so convincingly, "no". 

 CTO - Ako'y sa yo Lamang

Xian holding Kim hostage on stage with flowers and a song.

 So where are they now in the courtship?                       

                             CTO - Flower on the Left Ear which spells "T a k e n"

                                            dispelled by Kim as just decoration.
                                 Hanging loose in Hawaii before a show - March 2012.

           CTO - Kim's first appearance on Xian's Instagram uploaded photos.
                            xianlimm me and @chinitaprincess :-))) less than three :-)   
                                      Kim and Xian in Carson, CA for a show, May 26, 2012

                      CTO - Almost There
                            Andy Williams

Pa is the operative word..."Hindi Pa"...Not yet...Kim and Xian are not yet in a relationship but looks like they're getting there.  Nagmamadali ba kaming mga fans?  Hindi rin kami nagmamadali.  Take your time, Kim, Xian.



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