Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Only have Eyes for You

Xian Lim tinanong ni Toni Gonzaga kung may pagtingin ba sya kay
Kim Chiu.  Answer ni Xian:  Sobrang laki...sobrang laki.

                           CTO-D'Buzz interview -1-15-12

Now I understand why actors are paid well.  The minute they get famous, the fans who are enamored by their showbiz persona gather where they appear -- in tapings, shootings, shows, appearances and even in their personal jaunts of restos, malls, sports arenas or writing about them as I do. Life as they knew it ceased to be.

   CTO -Pre-"It Boy" time...
 JM Guzman, Kim Chiu, Matteo Guidecilli, Xian Lim having a    good laugh at a Star Magic Catalogue Signing Event pre-Jandy era.

For Xian, who leaped from relative anonymity to Matinee Idol, It Boy, Crush ng Bayan popularity, it must be overwhelming!  This avalanche of attention must be disconcerting at the very least.  He says he loves the attention, the busy schedules and  shows.  He is so accommodating and in the latest autograph signing of his record album and posing for pictures together with fans young and old, he was seen smiling his way through it.

                     CTO - Crush ng Bayan Xian Lim 
              smilingly shining away record albums for fans...

How he manages to survive the sudden onrush of wave by wave Tsunami of shooting a movie, appearing for McDonald Mall tours, Record album promotions, back to back local and global tours etc.,  is any one's guess; that the fans worry and fret and pray for his health.  They now call him ang Lalaking Walang Pahinga or , literally translated, the No Rest Man. 

Amidst all the hoopla, the screams, the bustling excitement,   I can see Xian  has found his calm center. There are two ladies prominently providing that - his Mom, Mary Anne and his special girl, Kim Chiu.  

Lately, the umbilical cord , it appears,  has been cut.  Xian's bright star gravitates towards another stellar body and her name is Kim. That our It Boy only has eyes for Kim is witnessed by many.

  CTO - Thanks KCG...caught on fan cam...

    A.S.A.P. - Behind the scenes before their spiel...Xian's eyes on Kim...

CTO - Are these what one calls adoring eyes?  Kim distracted?

     CTO - All eyes are elsewhere except Xian's which are on Kim.
    May 25, 2012...just arrived L.A....midnight snack?              

         CTO - Shy Xian and his Calm Center Kim  in an interview.

In the exciting, swirling  world in which they live in, it is heartening to know that each is buffer of the other and the stresses are halved and ,therefore,  no longer so burdensome.  

They look classy and stunning, some go starstruck at the sight of their  beautiful faces and tall, slim figures and get lost in the limpid pools of their eyes  as some said they did but beneath the aura of Hollywood glamour and dazzling style lie bodies craving for sleep and privacy. 

The L.A. trip for example was a quick turnaround -- airport to hotel to show to hotel to airport all in a span of two days.  

Xian who still has to have a solid footing in this dizzying new world finds anchor in Kim, his calm center while Kim finds in Xian his Knight in Shining Armor in getting out of stages in her tottering heels; a solid chest and shoulder to lean on when the need to stand for hours under the hot sun call for it and a hand to hold in walks around  unfamiliar places;  each finding in  the other the calm, the assurance that yes, I am here for you whenever you need me.  

Meanwhile, Xian, wears his blinders, oblivious to the people around him and in the goldfish bowl of his existence, he maintains focus;  only having eyes for his calm center, Kim Chiu.  All is well in the KimXi  Universe!

                                CTO - Xian and Kim in identical wear.
                       Looking stunning and fierce in futuristic outfits!

    CTO -   I only have eyes for you by Rod Stewart & Ana Belen

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