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Xian Lim, Recording Artist - May 6, 2012

                      May 6, 2012 ... Xian Lim, 22,  So It's You Album Launch.

@ericjohnsalut: Ang lakas-lakas ng debut CD ni @XianLimm under    @starrecordsph!!!! Congrats, Xian! #SoItsYou  May 23, 2012

                                    Xian Lim at age 17 playing at a Piano Recital in California

Music  is in Xian's veins.  Mary Anne, a piano teacher, composer and a single mom raising his  only child Alexander Cruz  Lim-Uy nicknamed Xian  in the U.S. , soaked his young boy in her brand of music.   Xian asked to be taught and  learned the piano at  age 8 and mastered classical piano performing in a recital at age 17.   Still retaining the chubby looks that had him bullied in school, Xian expanded his world when he ventured into basketball, his father's legacy. He was 18 when he decided being in a desk job was not for him.  He left for school and basketball  enrolling in the University of the East, his father's alma mater in the Philippines where the elder Lim-Uy played in its varsity team.

Fate had somehow  something more in store for Xian in form of photographer-stylist Ton Lao who saw in the 6' 2" now trimmed and slim Xian Lim, a model and actor instead.   The jump to Mr. M and Star Magic, an ABS talent pool, was a short one. Xian's  first sortie into the small screen was  a wedding photographer to Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's characters in the 2008 ABS-CBN top-rating soap, My Girl, same year Xian  flew back to Philippines.

Xian's  progress was slow.  Three years passed and though his shows and projects were steady they were not remarkable. His persistence paid off in 2011. It proved to be a great year for Xian.  His ethnicity helped. He got chosen to play the role of  Andy Wu,, son of a rich Chinese restarateur;   one of three leading men  to  Kim's character Jade Dimaguiba in My Binondo Girl.

Again by another stroke of   fate, things happened that brought the plum role of getting the girl in the end into Xian's lap.    Xian who plowed into acting workshops in the lean years from 2008 to 2011 came prepared to tackle his role and with the built-in chemistry which exploded onscreen between him and  Kim, a situation totally unexpected by the two, Xian was catapulted into instant fame with fans flooding twitter, email, facebook with a clamor for a Xian and Kim pairing after My Binondo Girl.

The fans staying late to watch My Binondo Girl nightly, this  new breed of fans who were neither  Kim nor Xian fans  but Kim and Xian fans both, calling themselves, KimXis; twitting, posting messages on Facebook, pinoy exchanges, emailing ABS-CBN executives for more projects for Kim and Xian had their heyday when ABS announced that Kim and Xian would have a follow up soap and a movie to boot, their first one together.   Notable of these fans is BBC Business News Anchor, Rico Hizon who until now watches replays of My Binondo Girl for his stress relief as I do.

From My Girl Wedding Photographer in 2008  to My Binondo Girl  Groom to Kim Chiu in 2011 the shy, introverted , once loner Xian Lim who found his niche in music then acting has fulfilled a dream-the dream of seeing himself onscreen.  Kim, in her native Cebu, had the same dream.  Is this fate, destiny or God's grace to two lonely people who have found happiness in their work and perhaps in each other.  More in God's grace that now there are two less lonely people in the world along with thousands who follow them.  God is good!

Xian's  music world which has expanded into modelling and acting   has  reverted into music!   Xian is now a recording artist landing at the top of the charts on its May 6, 2006 release of his recording album So It's You with it's carrier single, Puso kong Hibang, his own composition,  for the  week April 30 to May 6, 2006!  Music to Acting to Music - Xian Lim's world has come full circle!  

Can love be far behind for Xian Lim!  Kim Chiu looks like she has the answer!

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