Thursday, May 24, 2012

We are family...

 JC Ususero twitted. He was ready with his streamers, they read  LAKAM,  JP.  

Lakam and JP of course are Kim Chiu's elder sis and young bro, respectively. 

JC Ususero or simply JC is a close friend of Lakam. 

May 22 was the night Lakam and JP Chiu would show their wares in the GForce  Project Dance Recital at AFP Theatre. 

I presume, they have been practising for some time before their dance recital to show what they have learned so far.  

Kim was already in the stands with JC. While  the Philippines was  gearing up for Jessica to be the next American Idol winner, the KimXis who knew of the G Force Project that same night  had only  one big question in mind.  Would Xian be at the theatre with Kim?  

An empty seat and Kim confirming..."parating na siya" clinched it.  Xian was coming!  The twitter world twitted and the KimXis rejoiced!
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QuoteShannen Razal ♡ ‏@shannunii
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim here @ the AFP Theatre. And the crowd goes...
 AFP Theatre before Xian....CTO


Then  he came with eyes all aglow...happiness brimming.  Like a kid let loose in a candy store, he took in the sights.  While he was at it, Kim was also taking in the sight of Xian while cams were aclicking.  Playing tit for tat, Kim?

Xian is the favored one to share a special family night with his special girl Kim and cheer her siblings Lakam and JP while they perform.  Following an all night movie shoot and an all-day Mint Fall 2012 shooting, Xian appeared fresh.  Love does wonders. It energizes and dissipates fatigue. Nakakawala ng pagod at antok.   


 Kim and Xian, stay happy.  As a member of Team KimXi and together with all the Kimxis all over the world, we wish you to know we are  happy knowing you are both happy!                                                                                                           
Guess who he is talking to? His eyes tell it all.
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HI not a KIMXI fan...ashlloyd po ako just like to share na...

ang sweet ni xian kanina ehehehe siya nagtataas nung banner nila for LAKAM then lukaret ni kim sigaw ng sigaw  proud sister ang peg xian rin yata sumigaw hindi ko lang sure kasi maingay silang tatlo nung kasama ni kim na bakla....

una pa lang dumating si kim then sumunod si Xian....may nagtanong kay kim kung kanino yung isa pang chair sabi niya "kay xian, parating na siya"

kakatuwa yung mga tao kasi nung tahimik may biglang sumigaw ng i love you kim chiu!

yun lang ehehehe....


                                " I love you Kim Chiu"- boomed a fan!                             


Xian, inadvertently mentioned as part of the family by JP...way to go Xian! 

We are all family in the broad sense of the word; in the specific sense, Xian and Kim are...oh, okay..they  prefer  not to put any label on whatever they have right now.  I respect that.

JC included Xian in his twit as equally proud of the two--Lakam and JP.    

Jessica lost but the loss is assuaged by the presence of a Xian Lim in a Chiu family event chronicled by twitters, shared pictures--a private event gone public from the testament of equally happy onlookers.  

Let us not forget that before Xian could come to a private Chiu family function he had to have an invitation from the family!  He was an invited guest and the invitation could only come from  Kim  with the consent of course of siblings Lakam and JP!  What a night!  A night of dancing feet and sparkling eyes! Winner!  God is good!

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