Saturday, May 26, 2012

See Youuuuuu in L.A.

                  CTO - KimXian Southern California - 5-25-12 with Kim and Xian in Living Color
                                                 Pretty Witnesses to Two Stars Colliding!

There was turmoil in the KimXi universe when the KimXis (portmanteau of Kim-Xian names) learned Kim and Xian left Manila on two separate flights for L.A. last night. 

There was indignation, sadness and thoughts of Xian being the odd man out as he left via Hongkong while the rest of the party, Kim included,  were on a direct flight  via Philippine Air Lines.  

No excuses were acceptable.  Only one thought prevailed.  Kim and Xian were not together in the flight.  

That it was temporary;  that they were going to be together when they reached L.A.; that they will be in a show together the following day of their arrival; that they have a teleserye waiting to be taped and a movie to be shot together; that they were still friends; that the 16-18 hour flight did not even last a day of not seeing each other did not at all matter to the KimXis.  

All that mattered was that  the anticipated trip together did not materialize and the KimXi universe stood still- a KimXi solar eclipse for the hours that they were on separate planes.  

All the social networks went abuzz - Twitter, Facebook, Pex, phonelines went ballistic  and the burning question was "Why did this have to happen?"  

Cooler heads doused the raging flames.  Then when it seems that there will be no end to it, pictures of Kim and Xian separate arrivals trickled in--KimXis perked up, hoping for a deluge, never anticipating the sight  that shocked them to the core-- ChinitaPrincess exhibiting an unheard of PDA -- giving ardent "suitor" Xian Lim a bear hug worthy of firecrackers, fireworks display normally seen on NY Times Square's New Year Countdown!  

All is well in the KimXi Universe...except for some palpitating hearts and hyperventilating fainthearted KimXis!  Oh what a night!  The Law of Equilibrium at work! God is good!

                CTO                   TIRED BUT HAPPY KIM AND XIAN TOGETHER AGAIN!
Historic (First) unsolicited bear hug for Xian from Kim -5-25-12 L.A., U.S.A.


  1. nakurat jud ko mahfriend!! AS IN! SPEECHLESS.....

  2. he he he...ako pud...di ba tag-an nimo? Good reader,ka Mahfriend!