Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ina, Kapatid, Anak...

My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die! The Child is father of the Man; I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety. William Wordsworth, 1802.

The Child is father of the Man...this phrase is all too true of Kim and Xian.    How they were as children are how they are today...shy, introverted and  spiritual; they remain students of human nature; they have remained  loving, forgiving, caring;  have learned to be  patient , persevering and positive.  

Kim and Xian are both  musical and  sporty; focused and hardworking;  responsible and  wanting to help family, neighbor and friend in need.  

How  they ended up goodhearted, level headed, down-to-earth and humble is a tribute to the people that raised them; the major influences of their young lives.

Kim and Xian, raised thousands of miles away from each other, led complementary lives.  What one lack, the other had.  

Where Kim grew up without a Mom since age 12, Xian, on the other hand, grew up with his Mom, without a Dad as far as he could remember.  

Kimmy, had his Dad, a stepmother and 3 stepsiblings.  Kim shared a single-room house with two older sisters and two brothers, one older, the other younger and moved six times from one place to another before she turned 16. At 16, Kim successfully hurdled entry into  Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition in April 2006 where she emerged Grand Winner and  into instant stardom with shows and her first soap in less than a year under Star Magic, ABS CBN' s talent agency.

Xian moved in and out of the U.S to the Philippines and back to separate places in the U.S. until age 18 when he decided to return to the Philippines for school and basketball in 2008; a slow route to stardom he took in stride when he discovered his passion for the arts and basketball found a home in Star Magic and acting.

             CTO - Good looks run in the family. Mom Mary Anne and son Xian.

                              CTO - Big Sis Lakam and Surrogate Mom to Kim - Beauty genes galore!

Kim and Xian's lives intersected in 2011, each at some crucial point in their young lives , Kim at 21 poised to prove in her first soap, My Binondo Girl,  without perennial partner, Gerald Anderson; 

Xian, 22, excited to be one of 3 leading men for Primetime Princess, Kim Chiu but aware of his place in the pecking order behind fellow leading men Jolo Revilla and Matteo Guidicelli.  God had other plans for the two.  Xian as Andy Wu became the endgame and groom to Kim's Jade!  The rest is history!

CTO - 3 Pretty Sisters and an equally pretty Grandma...
CTO-Xian with the Chiu extended family and with his own Mom and GrandMama. We are family!

What a good God we serve!  Two people of varied but complementary backgrounds--could they be the answer to each other's prayer? Only God  knows.  Reel or real, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim or KimXi are in a better place than before they met in Showbiz haven!

Their next teleserye Ina, Kapatid, Anak  has an intriguing title but not a stranger to the two! Kim and Xian together with Maja Salvador, Enchong Dee, Eddie Gutierrez and Janice de Belen would be a welcome nightly fare after the defunct My Binondo Girl.  Take it from a KimXi fan awaiting.

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  1. i'm not fond of the title. hehe

  2. hahaha...that happens to be the title of their new soap. Sounds heavy, come to think of it..