Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Xian? He's funny, caring and thoughtful--Kim Chiu, Yahoo, OMG 5-6-12


Kim and Xian doing a spiel outside the ASAP studio, midday, April 29, 2012 with temperature at 36+ C or 96 deg. can feel the heat from their knotted foreheads,  the crunched faces...but amidst the heat, the noise of loud and excited fans milling around them, Xian's shoulder proved a strong one to lean on and his palm large enough to cover Kimmy's small face from the sizzling  sun on the cruelest month of the year caught on  a faney's candid camera.  Caring and thoughtful Xian unleashed!
                                                 CTO -thanks Alexa Sue Uy
Kimmy vibrantly describing Xian to Yahoo OMG!