Friday, May 18, 2012

Starting Early...

Indulgent Smile from her idol...               CTO

How does one get to be a fan?  I remember watching movies at age 5; perhaps just  as old as this little girl clearly anticipating the autograph of her 
Kuya Xian Lim.  

I did not have any one I rooted for even if I went with my Lola every change program, on double feature in a leaky roof theatre where sunlight streamed through and roasted peanut peddlers shout out their "mani, mani, mani" at intermission time.

The little children of this generation get to watch their idols in the warmth of their homes on TV mostly while Nanay gets all giddy over Kim Chiu and Xian Lim as Jade Dimaguiba and Andy Wu while Tatay perhaps in the spirit of true love trains his video at her.  

The kids also get to interface with them and sense in Kim and Xian's their innate love for children and the love cycle is made complete in the autograph table or in the arms of the loved Kim or Xian.


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Kinikilig ang asawa ko kay Andy (Xian Lim)! Buti nalang at mukha namang patay na patay sya kay Jade (Kim Chiu) kaya hindi nya papansinin asawa ko! Lol!

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My 3 year old son here in the US, learning to sing Xian Lim's tagalog song. Thanks!

CTO - Kimmy and niece Raine
A mom fan of Xian confided to him that she named her newborn son after Xian. Indeed, fanhood in the KimXi world starts early. 


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