Monday, May 21, 2012

Body Language - the KimXi way

Kim asked for the sexiest part of  Xian's body  answered
 Eyes and Chest Xian when asked the same question, had this to say, Kim's beautiful smile and beautiful body.

                                      Xian's eyes... 

          CTO -Lost in your eyes - Debbie Gibson - 1988

                              CTO    - eto pa

Kim Chiu  and her beautiful smile. 

"If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being." Ralph Waldo Emerson - Rhodora, 1847.


 xianlimm wow ang ganda naman dyan...kelan balik mo? :-)  6d --  Xian posting a comment on the above IG - Kim on her way to BKK-                                                      5-18-12 staying until the 21st.

To Xian,  Kim's physical beauty runs second to her inner beauty, he sees her with his heart and will find her even with eyes closed. 

What a testament to Kim and to her being a woman of substance in Xian's estimation.             

Forget about the map...for I will find my way to you even if I'm blindfolded :-)..Less than three. GOOD AFTE 


   For Love is Where You Are - Diana Krall - theme song of movie
                                         At First Sight.

Body Language leveling up!                                          


             If you mess with Kim and/or Xian, 
              it will cost you an arm  

           CTO - Thanks Kitkat2

                    and a leg or legs...
They are now marking their territories.  



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