Tuesday, May 15, 2012

                       Pink Salmon from Alaska and Xian Lim

                          CTO - Salmon swimming upriver

To Xian, Kim Chiu is quite an amazing lady.  He has said it often enough.  Xian is one amazing guy himself.  On his first trip out to the U.S. with fellow Star Magic artists this  April, he brought back from Alaska, it's  best export , fresh salmon, straight from the airport to Kim's door. One of many gifts for his lady love.

I liken his best foot forward effort amidst airport delays and perhaps custom declaration and inspection to the life cycle of the fish he bravely brought with him.  

Salmon is  not your ordinary fish; born in fresh water; in six months  it migrates to the open ocean, staying there for 1 to 4 years then  swims  back to the river of its birth to spawn. It uses its olfactory or sense of smell, across hundreds of miles of open sea; swimming against the river currents to reach its destination to bring forth a new generation of salmon.  Amazing!

An amazing gift by an amazing man to an amazing lady who also braved her own allergens to taste the sweetness of salmon brought back from the cold of Alaska across 10,000 miles to tropical Philippines.  May your tribe increase, Xian Lim!

                     CTO - The Look of Love - Xian on Kim
                     Amazing duo who never ceases to amaze us!



  1. wow! thanks for the info about salmon. that's a very special present indeed.:)

  2. Yup...unfortunately she's allergic to seafood...just remembered how they valiantly swim upstream. Thanks Mahfriend for cto.

  3. i think she's only allergic to crustaceans and shellfish. i don't think she's really allergic to all kinds of seafood.;) so eating salmon is fine i guess.:))

    i'm also allergic to seafood but this doesn't prevent me from eating crabs & shrimps (yummy!). lol :))