Sunday, May 27, 2012


 "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind...Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11    AFP/ Nasa Astronaut - setting foot upon the moon, 1969.


I am in a state of suspended animation punctuated by weightlessness; parang astronaut lang in space. 

Ang daming kaganapan sa Carson, CA.  Kim and Xian, you are your own rocket launchers, you send us off to space with your doings!

Totoo ba to? After the bear hug, the pictures on each other's Instagram which they did for the first time, now this:

                    CTO - Kim Chiu - Xian Lim singing to/for each other
"Para sa mga taong umibig at nasaktan it takes years for them to move on, Pero hindi natin alam yung taong para satin nandyan lang pala sa tabi-tabi hindi natin namamalayan." - Kim Chiu before she starts singing "Para Sayo" 



                                  Para sa yo, Xian?

Did hours in the plane perhaps without the significant other  deliver the final blow that broke the wall...the wall of Kim's reticence, her unwillingness to cross the great divide from being single to "in a relationship"?  

Kim is now "softly breaking into Xian's heart" through her song, a tactic that Xian has already used, in the song he composed for Kim, Ako'y Sayo Lamang (or I'm Yours), and some others including the following cover:

                        CTO  Xian Lim - Idadaan na lang  sa Gitara...

Here, I take a disclaimer. I defer whatever I  say from hereon  to Kim and Xian's affirmation.  

I do not have inside just  making a fearless forecast  from what I see based on my years of following Kim. 

         CTO Kim in Retro Black and White ; Xian in Black jacket over blue
    Kim and Xian at VIP Meet and Greet ,TFC 10th Anniversary, ABS-CBN, Carson, Ca 
Kim is quite transparent.  I see her in black and white. It is either black or white.  No grays; no room for misconceptions.

If Kim is in a relationship, she is one to do things unheard of when she is not...such as sharing food in one plate with the other; spending  non-working hours in fun and meals and Church with the favored one; engaging in loving stares, kurot, hampas, pingot; posing dikit-dikit with arms around each other's waist. I am sure there are more signs that all self-respecting KimXis know of. :)

CTO - Hotel Lobby w/ KimXian SOCAL -Carson, CA 5-25-12

                                                       CTO - Kim and Xian eating from one plate. 5-25-12 

The song Para sa Yo is a small step for Kim, but to us her fans who know how private and elusive she is in her responses when love is the issue...her song and her introduction to it is one GIANT LEAP to announce to everyone interested that the Love Eagle has landed in Kim and Xian's hearts!   Where to go from here?  "Let us take this slow" daw.  Okay, Kim and Xian, your call.<3

"Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!".   Apollo 11 anouncing the lunar landing to Houston Base, 1969.

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