Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hindi Mo Naman Ako Pinupunasan ng Pawis, eh...


        Hindi  Mo Naman Ako Pinupunasan ng Pawis, eh...
                           Kim to Xian -Batangas  City Coliseum 

Kim is starting to miss Xian's loving concern when she breaks into sweat during their duets.  There is the tender touch to wipe her brow at Robinson East last December; handing her a tissue box  he pilfered from a fan, keeping the box out of sight after.  At Legaspi City following another duet, Xian sidled  back to  Kim with the now ubiquitous tissue box. 

"Hindi mo naman ako pinupunasan ng pawis, eh, Kim lamented last night to Xian after their song, Lady Antebellum's Just a Kiss. Xian perhaps noticing this slight got caught on cam moving fast  to her rescue! Kim, taken aback, ducked her head, seemingly resisting Xian's sharp response.  

             CTO - 

                                The Knight in Shining Armor and the Lady in Distress

What, Kim?  In all the 6 years within and after PBB, the ever self-sufficient, in control Kim, topping a number of tasks inside Big Brother House; doing sky diving, bungee jumping in her spare time; executing all those difficult twists and turns at Supah Dance going soft and acting lady-in-distress in front of tough Batanguenos for Xian to ease her discomfort from the heat...something's amiss here!  Kim, Xian's definition of sweet, has become sweeter! Ummm.

Kim, it seems, is now out of her chrysalis...her wings are slowly unfurling to venture into a world of brightness and light with a man named Xian.  Am I right or am I right?
CTO         v=NLcwR...ure=plpp_video                                     


  1. that's so sweet of him to wipe off her sweat.:) however, i would have preferred if he used a hanky or a tissue. lol

  2. My question is where is the ubiquitous tissue box? hahaha Thanks, mahfriend.