Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Look of Love

Undeniably, Xian Lim has the good looks.  He also has the look; the look of a man in love. Those who see him around Kim Chiu, readily know whom he is in love with.  


Xian's eyes are  very revealing.  Everytime his lady love catches this  look, he gets a pinch, a blow to the solar plexus, or giggly laugh from Kim.

                               The Look before the Blow...painful but...

                                   The infectious giggle under the glare...

Lately, the look, surprisingly, is being returned  The ladylove is melting under the smoldering look and is now giving it back, if not in full force, at least some measure of it.

                                         CTO - Dusty Springfield - The Look of Love (1967)

                                                       There is no denying...

                                                         Kim, is that you?

                                          CTO - Ako'y Sayo Lamang - Xian Lim (2012)
A surprise bouquet of roses; a song made for and sang to his ladylove, Kim, whose exit was deferred by a staying hand. Xian, you have the look and you also have the moves.  What can I/we say except, WINNER!    

Kim and Xian, 2012 is your banner year! Kim, you have proven your worth; Xian you helped Kim realized her worth and established yourself as a force to reckon with in the business.  Way to go Kim, Xian!

You  have made me happy knowing that love  indeed is lovelier the second time around for a lovely couple named Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu and Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy.  God is good all the time!
Disclaimer:  The above  is  strictly my POV and as always defer myself to Kim and Xian's affirmation of my fearless conclusion.    


  1. very Hollywood-ish in the charity event pics.;)

    lovely post once again, my friend.:)

  2. Mahfriend, kumusta ka na...thanks...classy and elegant ang duha...