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Standing by your...

Ecclesiastes 3

American Standard Version (ASV)
 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:  2 ... a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

The Healing had its Premiere Night July 24, 2012.  Kim was not expecting Xian to  be there. He was in Nasugbu, Batangas shooting a music video and had told her he could not make it.  His arrival was a complete surprise to Kim; a most pleasant one.  A fan twitted, "...if there's a wing, there's a way."  He must have flown the distance to be there before the movie started.
Ganda ng  healing!!!! :-))) congrats sa buong cast and sa STARCINEMA :-))) At salamat din kasi hindi ako makakatulog ngayong gabi -_-
Grabe layo ng nasugbo haha Nakakahilo bhyaheeeeeee..feeling sickkkkkkk

If there is anything Xian is most generous with Kim, I see that it is the time that he carves from his own prime time to be   joyfully  spent  with her.   This is a test that he has passed - making time where there seems to be no time.

                   CTO - HE MADE IT TO SHANG! HAPPINESS!
            Xian surprising Kim on Premiere Night of The Healing-7-24-12

CTO - Kim recounting Xian's surprise attendance on 2:29

    http://www.youmaker.com/   Thanks, Disco.

 CTO - Ladies in Red - The Healing Premiere Night
Kim - 2nd from right.                                   
"Vilma, however, said she didn’t ask Kim about her love life. The young actress is being romantically linked to fellow Kapamilya actor Xian Lim".http://www.abs-       cbnnews.com/entertainment/07/25/12/healing-holds-successful-premiere-night                                 

               CTO - Xian  made it to the KimXi Block Screening with his Mom
with flowers for Kim. 

On July 26, 2012,  KimChiu Global (with the Vilmanians) and the Kimeralds had Block Screenings on the same day, one after the other, at the Shang.  

The night before the Star Magic Games, July 28, 2012, Xian and his Mom Mary Anne graced the 4th and last Block Screening (SM Block) of the day for Kim; earlier Kim attended three others in quick succession; that of KimWorld; KimPossible; KimNation.  The first two were held at Gateway Theatre while KimNation was at The Podium.  
 Kim attended all six block screenings and this tremendous support given by fan clubs, four of them her own and the two others related with her and two others Xian's fan clubs. 

Surprising, since Xian's fan clubs came in full force for Kim, Xianatics, Team FX.  What a beautiful  feeling of oneness; something new and wonderful; all too true, "in Union, there is Strength".
Moments like this sobra nakakatuwa:-))) magkakasama ang mga KimXis, Xianatics, TeamFX, Tropang KimUy, KimXI UNIVERSAL, kimNation...

                  CTO - Xian's Mom Mary Anne and Kim's surrogate Mom Portia,
                 leading the walk inside the Cinema with Kim and Xian afoot.

raquel de ocampo @raquel_rosal
@annalynm28 ayiiiiiiii nasa backstage pa yata sila wait si kim kakain pa yata

Istin Cornista @istin3
Si Xi ayaw pa bumaba ng car... E mamaya pa si kimmy inaantay pa siguro si BABE :-)))

Anna Lyn_KX @annalynm28
"@jespinosa09: nasa labas na sila"

Anna Lyn_KX @annalynm28
"@jespinosa09: papasok na raw si Kim Chiu ng cinema" yyyyyaaaaahhhhooooo:-)

Anna Lyn_KX @annalynm28
"@_jenjenjen22: Sabay sabay pumasok dito sa cinema si Kim, Xian and Mommry Mary Anne!!! Waaaaahhhhh #thehealing"

 CTO - Kim and Xian facing the limelight together.
Sign of the times?  The Reunion, next stop.

                                 CTO - Kim and Xian - all smiles.

                   CTO - Xian proudly looking at Kim doing her thank yous.
Xian oblivious to the milling crowd...all eyes for Kim only.
"kay kim pa din nakatingin habang nag tetenkyu speech si kim.hehe" Abby Garcia

CTO- Kim delivering her Thank Yous.
It is no wonder why Xian is all taken--the personality shines through brightly.

 CTO  Xian  smilingly seated  in between the two of the most important women in his life. His  Mom    and Kim.  Only other woman is her Mama Lola who resides in the U.S.
KimXi Block Screening of  The Healing at the SM Block - 7-28-12. Sharing one bottled water.  What, no scare?  raquel de ocampo @raquel_rosal

@KC_Fuertez hahahaha nagsusubuan sila tapos sabay inom sa isang bottled water
Anna Lyn_KX @annalynm28   "@ShookHeart: Subuan ng popcorn??? #KIMXITHEHEALINGBLOCKSCREENING"

Jenjenjen @_jenjenjen22
Ayan na... Nag-sstart na silang gumawa ng sariling mundo haha. Nag-uusap sila now habang umiinom c kim ng
water. LOL #thehealing

dorothy joy @djtadina
Bulungan ng bulungan

blessy austria @lessthanthreekx
                                "@djtadina: Ngtatawanan *** 2 )" horror comedy ba. 

FULLMOON GIRLS KimXi @FullmoonGirls
Kim pang-ilan mo ng panood toh? (Kim making beso sa mga tao) ayyyy, okay di ako pinapansin ni kim hahaha! -Xian

Anna Lyn_KX @annalynm28
"@_jenjenjen22: Magkatabi si Kim & Xian sa upuan... Nasa right ni Xian ni Mommy Mary Anne! #thehealing LOL"

Peekachu Killban Icaly
blessy austria @lessthanthreekx
"@djtadina: Iisang bottle *** **** dapat ang water?? Ganyan??" waaaahhhh!!! nangingisay nako dito. 

CTO -  Xian introducing Kim to his Mom's best friend. 
All in the family now.           


CTO - Xian up the stairs with Kim, making sure...
He watched the whole show again, presumably  for his Mom while Kim also stayed over.

Kim and Xian, displaying identical  sparkling, dreamy eyes and open-mouthed  smiles, escorted out of the venue by in-house security.  

CTO - Xian's jacket over Kim; her purse on his arm holding her fast in the drizzle.
Xian acting Kim's own Knight in Shining Umbrella. Chivalry is not dead!

CTO - Xian getting Kim into her SUV.  
Xian ever the gentleman to his lady.

dorothy joy ‏@djtadina
Ang sweet ni xian super tinanggal ang jacket at un ang ginawa nyang takip or payong for kim 

WORK...enjoying the process...
Sunday, July 29th, a day after a hectic The Healing day, Kim and Xian went to the Star Magic Games at the Celebrity Sports Club in Quezon City sporting  different colors.  Star Magic talents arrived as early as 7 a.m.

Xian, Captain of his Blue Team in blue; Kimmy in red. Their disparate colors did not deter them from mingling and blending well that  if they were liquid they would have turned Purple, the color of nobility, befitting our Chinito Prince and Chinita Princess. 

(Violet is a spectral color (approximately 380–420 nm), of a shorter wavelength than blue, while purple is a combination of red and blue or violet light.[10] The purples are colors that are not spectral colors – purples are extra-spectral colors. - In human color psychology, purple is also associated with royalty and nobility (stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian purple was only affordable to the elites).Wikipedia.
                                               CTO - Xian and his  Blue Team.
   Is that hip-hop, Xian?  Basketball with a diff...the team played First runner-up to the Yellow Team captained by Gerald Anderson. 

There were around 300 artists in the area but there was only one he gravitated to; Xian is consistent and that is what we like in him. He is true to his word.  He is open in his admiration.  He is telling the world his preference and he is keeping himself  out of  the dating game as he is also warding off fellow male artists with some ideas from the object of his affection. He has found his  woman and her name is Kim Chiu.  If is not clear to the bystander yet, it is clear now. Xian has chosen and he has chosen well.

“Consistent naman siya, nandun naman yung consistency sa kanya.  Okay naman, masaya naman kami pag magkasama kami. “Yung family ko, sinusuyo niya, so nakakatuwa lang yung ganung feeling.” (Kim on Xian's courting technique) - 

  CTO - Kim, the object of Xian's affection.  "Keep off the grass", says Xian.
                 6'2" Captain of the Blue Team closely  guarding his lady in red.

    CTO  - Shy guy Xian... "CLOSEST MALE FRIEND. Aminado naman si Kim na si Xian ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa kanya sa ngayon, kaya tinanong namin kung may definite date kung kailan niya ito sasagutin. “Siguro, oo naman, siguro. Siguro naman, siya ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa puso ko. “Wala namang definite date... time will tell. Masaya naman kami, ine-enjoy namin ang isa’t isa.”  Pep.ph Tuesday, July 31, 2012 @ 08:05AM  |  5219 views http://pep.ph/news/35109/kim-chiu-reveals-courtship-strategy-of-xian-lim-ldquoyung-family-ko-sinusuyo-niya-so-nakakatuwa-lang-yung-ganung-feelingrdquo  by Melba Llanera.
   Kim , using terms as "pinakamalapit na lalaki sa puso ko" is also marking Xian   who, in a separate interview,  relishes the phrase and showed it.

    CTO - Star Magic Games - Kim and Xian bonding during off individual games.
KimXi rocks! Kahit breaktime, magkasama pa rin si Kim Chiu at Xian Lim. Mukhang enjoy sila today! 

                   CTO - You know it's work when the press come avisiting.
                           Kim and Xian with Ogie Diaz.

                           CTO - The Press and their ubiquitous cameras
Kim and Xian, hanging around each other gets themselves photographed as a couple. If one does not yet  know that they like each other's company, then one is  either blind or in denial.

            CTO -  All sweaty and all smiles; placing runner -up to the Yellow  Team notwithstanding.  To Kim, he's the winner, looks like, and he beams.

                         CTO - Xian guarding Gerald from scoring.
       Xian's presence in the other team must have been an added incentive.

                         CTO Kim cheering for the Blue Team - Xian's team.
dorothy joy @djtadina
"@tinnamariaboni: The pretty Kim Chiu watching the basketball championship. http://pic.twitter.com/
uAAKBQuy" wahhhhh ngccheer for xian

 CTO - The damsel in distress the night before, sniffling and all, wins despite.

   Someone has commented, "Jousting should be renamed Exhausting".

Don't underestimate Kim Chiu! Nkakabilib sya panuorin sa jousting kahapon! Here's our EXCLUSIVE video on PUSH! http://www.push.com.ph/videos/162/ki...with-jousting/ 

                                       CTO - Some Badminton form.

    CTO - Chinita Princess displaying her medals.
  • chinitaprincess tiring but SUPER fun starmagic sportsfest is the best!!! GO RED TEAM OVER ALL CHAMPION!!! yahooooooo!!!! CONGRATS GUYZZZ!!!i also got the special award:most played player!!! hahaha #superfun   2d
  • hayss03 Congratz   1d

The year 2012 is a good year. This is the year when the seeds of happiness  sown by Xian the year before  have grown and are flowering and soon to bear fruit.  There is still some waiting time.  The fruit still have to ripen but definitely, with some patience which is a quality of love, the harvest would be bountiful.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (1Corinthians 13: 4-6)

ohohkusieho ‏@kusieho
At work  @xianlimm http://instagr.am/p/Nuk-eXRiXk/ 

 CTO - There's work...

and there's  togetherness   after work.

As any farmer knows, sowing and reaping come under different seasons.  Before that, there is the preparation of the seeds, preparation of the soil, planting, irrigating, fertilizing, weeding, praying that there would not be any strong typhoon , long dry spell or  swarms of migratory locust that would ruin the harvest.  

In planting the seeds of love in Kim's heart, Xian had to contend with a fearful and hurting one.  Xian, who did not have any intention of falling, had to go against the tide of his own good reason and the focus on work he had to have for this chance of a lifetime that is handed to him on a proverbial silver platter by a favorable twist of fate or  to a believer that he is,  Divine Providence, that saw his worth.

Xian revealed showbiz was an unexpected break. “My heart really leaped when I got into showbiz. That’s why I feel it’s a waste of opportunity if I focus on a love life. That can wait.” 

Xian wants his girlfriend conservative


He did not come prepared for this childlike woman to sweep him off his feet or the resistance she offered against falling in love again for fear that she would experience the pain and the agony she had undergone only a year before.  To her, a year is too short a time to overcome the 4 years of day-to-day bonding gone awry.

Preparing his own heart against the growing attraction and affection was hard.  Xian is after all a hopeless romantic who found the girl of her dreams in Kim--fresh, natural, no-airs Kim who knew how to listen and to talk when need be; Kim  innately shy and good, simple, humble, prayerful; with a strong work ethic that rivals the best of the best  in the business.

Kim loves the things he loves  - music, sports, physical fitness, healthy food, discipline, gadgets; laughs at his jokes; capable of staying  hour after hour of mindless work and still come up smiling the morning after. Kim has none of the prima donna ways that plague the industry found in artists who  have reached a certain level of success and a certain level of fatigue.  This Xian attests  repeatedly to a  Kim  who is the "definition of sweet", "incomparable, amazing".

Kim and Xian bonded in their talks in the lull of taping My Binondo Girl. They learned more of each other and how they mirrored each other's lives; how they both learned how to cope; to shed off the shyness in the business where shyness is a liability because the self can be an obstacle to good acting or performing.

They had cross purposes in how they landed in Philippine showbiz but one thing was sure, they both wanted to succeed in it and to sustain whatever success they attain.

These free-flowing  talks, these knowing each other better and liking what they learned of each other helped them translate the reality of their friendship into  an explosive chemistry onscreen  mesmerizing everyone who saw the spark earlier than they did, making these MBG Jandy/Kimxi fans crave for more after the show ended.

Now Kim and Xian have Ina, Kapatid, Anak and whatever is hoped for for reel has overflowed into something that is hoped for for real. They say they are taking it slow and we listen to them; to march only  to the beat of the KimXi drum.

          CTO - Xian's mission is to put a smile on Kimmy's beautiful face.
                      Kim on the threshold of something wonderful...

Xian who is not shy about exhibiting his wanting to make Kim happy and wanting to make her feel special to counter the feeling of rejection and low self-esteem that Xian, a student of Psychology and human behavior, senses in  Kim, is now reaping the fruits of his "labor".  Kim is blossoming under his loving care and attention.  Bringing joy into Kim's life has also brought joy to his own. 

                                       CTO - Performing "Just a Kiss"
                   and how the fingers first intertwined in a production number.

                                   ASAP - March 25, 2012
                                 Love signs of the times from KimXi.

                           CTO -  Concerned Xian checking out Kim's eye 
                 poked during Volleyball game; Xian unaware of the incident.
http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/entertainment/07/30/12/kapamilya-stars-show-sporty-side-star-magic-games  (Bandila - poke in the eye incident recounted among others.)

Sa nakikita naman namin, posibleng mauwi sa isang relasyon ang pagkakaibigan ngayon ng dalawa. Posibleng sagutin ni Kim si Xian. Halata naman kasing kinikilig ang dalaga kapag nakakasama at nababanggit sa kanya si Xian. At isa malaking factor din para nga sagutin ni Kim si Xian 'yung madalas nilang pagkikita ngayon dahil sa taping nila para sa bagong serye ng ABS-CBN 2 ang Ina, Kapatid, Anak  -
Rommel Placente.


There is an air of  contentment that shows in two people just happy being together.


There is no looking back.

CTO Happy as happy can be.

CTO - As beautiful as the flowers she holds.
Kim, looking into a bright future filled with wonderment and a present that is just full of happiness, as full as her arms that are loaded with flowers. Everything is coming up roses; a blockbuster film and a blockbuster of a "man that is closest to her heart"  in Xian. Take heart, the future will just take care of itself, in God's will and grace.  Thanks be to God!

CTO - The eyes have it, very expressive; windows of Xian's soul. 

Xian, up close.

CTO- The chest has it too. Strong and broad for Kim.
                       "I am happy just seeing Kim happy". - Xian

Some significant definitions:

"Love is happiness over the happiness of another."

"Envy is sadness over the happiness of another."

     CTO - " His eyes and Chest" - Kim's Fave parts of Xian's body. 
(Kim -GGV-5/20/12).

                CTO - The many faces of Kim and Xian...

Kim and Xian, I can feel the happiness that is brimming through your eyes.  On a Xian mode, your happiness are my/our happiness.

Xian has planted the seeds of happiness in Kim's heart, weeded out the envious, gossip and such, the  undesirables which  choke the seeds of happiness before they can get rooted; fertilized them with loving, caring attention; watered  them  with frequent calls, texts, Instagrams and put them out into the sun of laughter and good cheer.  The seeds have grown and are flowering, soon to bear fruit, which fruit shall soon ripen.

Sa panayam ng PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kay Kim Chiu, inamin niya na maikukunsidera niyang si Xian Lim ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa puso niya. Ayon nga sa aktres, consistent sa panliligaw ang kapareha at natutuwa siya na sinusuyo rin ni Xian ang kanyang pamilya.

(CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Saad ni Xian, “Siyempre, nakaka-touch naman. Masaya, kasi siyempre siya ang lagi kong kasama, siya yung kilala ng mommy ko…“Kilala na siya ng mga kaibigan and same with on her side rin naman. Kilala na ako ng family nila. "Sana magustuhan nila ako… mabuti naman akong tao.”

XIAN’S PLEDGE. Nagbitiw rin ng salita si Xian na kahit ano ang mangyari ay hindi siya mawawala sa tabi ng kapareha. “Isa lang ang sasabihin ko sa inyo, basta nandito lang ako para sa kanya.
“If ever mayroon siyang kailangan, problema, nandito ako para problemahin yun kasama siya.
"Nandito ako para sa kanya." 
http://pep.ph/news/35119/xian-lim-on-courting-kim-chiu-and-her-family-ldquosana-magustuhan-nila-akohellip-mabuti-naman-akong-taordquo by Melba Llanera July 31, 2012.

Xian's efforts are bearing fruit.  Kim is declaring to the world that Xian is the "man closest to her heart now".(...si Xian Lim and pinakamalapit na lalaki sa puso ko ngayon..."  

Xian is enjoying the company of Kim, the only woman, he ever wants to be with.  Kim is the same way.   Kim and Xian are in good stead; of this, we are most assured. 

However people may label what they have, Xian emphatically says, it is their call; one thing he can say for sure is  there is no other but Kim in his life right now and he is  happy being with her.  (in Vibes Tayo with Ogie Diaz and Rommel Placente - 8-1-12)

Kim is the only person he confides his innermost feelings to and vice-versa and pledges he will always be with her and for her.  http://pep.ph/news/35119/xian-lim-on-courting-kim-chiu-and-her-family-ldquosana-magustuhan-nila-akohellip-mabuti-naman-akong-taordquo by Melba Llanera July 31, 2012. 

What moving  words to say for eveyone to hear and read. This is already paraphrasing the wedding vows. Xian stands undaunted and unbowed. Keep on keeping on, Xian.  

I, ____, take you, ____, to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. In the United States, Catholic wedding vows may also take the following form[1]I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.  (Wikipedia)

CTO - Nandito lang ako...nandito lang ako...I won't move . (Xian to Kim -7-11-12 after Kim's bday message to Xian.

Xian is in a class all his own.  I can now understand why he refuses to use the word "ligaw" or courtship.  Courtship can be selfish.  This means I do these things for you and hope you will be my girl and if you don't respond positively then I will leave you in peace.  

Xian's affirmation is on a different level.  He just wants to make Kim happy, make her feel special and if she does not respond to his liking, he will still continue to be there for her as his pledge says:  "XIAN’S PLEDGE. Nagbitiw rin ng salita si Xian na kahit ano ang mangyari ay hindi siya mawawala sa tabi ng kapareha. “Isa lang ang sasabihin ko sa inyo, basta nandito lang ako para sa kanya. 
“If ever mayroon siyang kailangan, problema, nandito ako para problemahin yun kasama siya.
"Nandito ako para sa kanya."  (Pep.ph by Melba Llanera, 7-31-12.

What he says here  "kahit ano ang mangyari hindi sya mawawala sa tabi ng kapareha"...his pursuit is unconditional; no matter what happens, he will always be there for Kim.  He will always be standing by her side.  Always means forever.

                             CTO - Stand by your side by Celine Dion 

A farm no matter how well planted and tended can still come under the vagaries of   weather; typhoons, floods , a long dry spell, drought can destroy the  crop.   

As a man of faith, the farmer  entrusts his cultivation to the Lord of the Harvest, the One who makes plants grow and protects them not only from the forces of nature but also from  pests  that can ruin his harvest.  

God heeds the cries of His people.  He blesses the work of His consistent and dutiful farmer for a bountiful harvest.  Praise God and give Him thanks always!

As a man of faith, I am sure Xian has already entrusted his intentions to the Lord, praying that all he says and does for Kim are all within His will and grace and to shower him with all the blessings he needs that his budding relationship with Kim  will thrive and flourish in  Jesus' name.  Let us all join our thoughts with  Kim and Xian  and together say Amen to Xian's quest!  Prayer is power!

In time, Xian who has planted seeds of happiness and love, will reap the same in full measure and since they are planted in Kim's heart; his harvest is that heart and more.  His heart will then be one with hers; this, Xian hopes and prays for and in our love, we also hope and pray for him.  Kim has already categorically said that  Xian is "the man closest to her heart."  What a beautiful day this is!  God is good!

CTO - Speak softly, Love by Johnny Mathis



  1. i love this blog kasi may evidence, kaya lang nakakaiyak sa subrang happiness(tears of joy)its true kasi.. kim is a woman that i want to be or a child to be and xian is a kind of man na gusto mo ipakilala nang anak mo sayo. love this..can't get over it.

    1. Thanks Dayan. We are all amazed by how well they conduct themselves despite. Next time I will pay tribute to their major influences, God's instruments who molded them well. Keep well.

  2. Bravo! Well and meaningfully said!I had faithfully followed your blogs and kudos to you for being so articulate with your words and open-minded. you seemed to know and love Kim so well along the years and had generously embraced Xian too! May the Good Lord bless you even more!Thank you for your gift to Kim and Xian as well as to us!

    1. Yes, I have followed Kim since day one of PBBTE 1 and rooted for her since then; Xian, I switched from Jandy to KimXi at KrisTV 12-08-11. I am happy I did. I don't see anyone in the horizon that can rival him for Kimmy. Kimmy feels the same and more, I see. :)

  3. Kim is like a daughter I never had!I had followed her successes and pains through the years..I laughed and cried with her however am very proud on how well and bravely she conquered all her fears and rejoicing on all her blessings now. I have kept her in my prayers even from afar because I know nothing is impossible with our Lord. I, too have lovingly embraced Xian along the months/almost a year of consistently showering Kim with his sincere love and unconditional care. He is the son that I had hoped and guided my 2 biological sons would be... ultimately respectful, traditionally a gentleman and most of all, a son that a mother would ever dreamed of.
    My prayers now included Xian with Kim that they may find true joy in whatever they have now and "bahala si Lord" for their future because He knows best!

    1. We are all proud surrogate moms for these two. God bless them always! All our prayers! With all the things happening, I know there are so many of us praying for them! Thanks be to God! Thanks, Anon 4:16pm

  4. I will never tire myself of following your blog.... it sends chill to my bones ..why? because it is closer to real... whatever happens I will always be there for XIAN and KIm... keep it up....

    1. Thanks much, for saying that, I will not tire writing them too... thanks. Yes, we will always be there for Kim...they are so worthy of our love and prayers!

  5. Another beautiful entry! I especially loved the bit about Xian and Kim individual fan clubs reuniting to show support and love for them. To me, that shows maturity and genuine care, rallying behind the person who makes the our idols happy, regardless of our personal preferences. Likewise, I echo your sentiments about Xian avoiding to use the term "ligaw" in reference to everything he has done/is doing for Kim, it could be because even though it is but natural for him to want to capture Kim's heart, that is not his priority, rather all he really wants is exactly what he always says, "to make Kim happy" and from my vantage point, he is succeeding! And since making her happy makes him happy, we also feel happy for them (did I make sense, lol!)

    Anyways, thank you again for your inspiring posts & God bless! :-))) <333

    1. Jane, hi!!! You absolutely make sense...the natural progression is love...ligaw has an expiry date, whereas making Kim happy does not have one :)...we are all happy together with them!
      So selfless of Xian but we know that even before Xian undertook this quest, Xian is already happy with Kim...one cannot give something one does not have. There is some symbiosis that we still need to uncover. I know Kim is not a passive recipient. Am I making sense here too? hahahahaha!

  6. thanks for this wonderful and inspiring article, kimxianity! I started reading your blogs just last month, and since then, i always look forward to a new article each week. I haven't been a fan of loveteams, although I really admire kim. But when she was paired with xian lim, I somehow got inspired with their chemistry together,so i always search updates about them...and then i saw this blog of yours - what a blessing! Now, I can read all the latest news about them just by reading your articles. I enjoy the way you write about their current status, and I really love the pictures and videos, too. Thanks for this extraordinary work! God bless you!

    1. I thank the owners of the pics and vids and I thank you too. Am inspired by Kim and Xian and notice that there are just a lot of speculations about their lives and loves; just want to present something that is fact-based in as loving a way as possible. <3

  7. love your blog! your articles really inspire me, especially since I love reading all the latest news about kim and xian. I especially like the way you use scripture verses and interesting links to each section of your article. Aside from Piolo and Christian Bautista, they're the only local celebrities I really admire. Young but admirable! So keep up the good work! looking forward to the next one. God bless you, Kimxianity!

    1. Thank you for loving my blog...yes, Kim and Xian are truly admirable and inspiring. Thank you for your best wishes; to God be the glory always!

  8. I really love your blog , very inspiring . It touched my heart congratulations for all those articles you wrote about xian and kim, two wonderful people . They inspired people of all walks of life, young and old alike with their sweetness, perfect chemistry......more power to you and more blogs to read ...God bless...

    1. Thanks Ched...subjects are also inspiring :). Am prepping one now. Hope to have it out for you sometime soon. God bless us all!

  9. Hi, kimxianity. I'm an avid fan of kim chiu and I really love her, sobra...when she and xian teamed up I was quite happy when I notice that kim also seemed to finally find a man who will really take care of her not just on cam but in real life...in spite of the "user issues" about xian, I chose to believe what I see from uploaded videos and interviews about his sincerity to kim. but 2 weeks ago there was this blind item about xian on tv5. it cited incidents in the omg awards night and other situations off-cam where xian was "allegedly" showing "ungentlemanly" attitudes towards kim...i really don't know if that's true, but i hope it's not. I mean, how is xian off-cam ba? any idea?...or can you please write about more evidences that he is really consistent even off-cam? thanks for all the blogs about them. I appreciate all the articles you write. Thanks. God bless and inspire you always.

  10. Hi Anon 6:48pm...Thanks for reading my blog.

    Ungentlemanly? That could not be Xian. Especially after what Kim said lately na si Xian, "ang pinakamalapit na lalaki sa puso ko" at " happy, happy, happy being together"; "masaya, inienjoy namin ang isa't isa". Xian accdg. to Kim is a gentleman, "nakakatawa, napakabait, caring, thoughtful, hopeless romantic"; "lumang tao, traditional, nakakatuwa" and to add "consistent".

    Here's one FB account dated 7-23-12 of a fan who has met Xian in person: Susan Crisologo KimXi - Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Loveteam (Official)July 23 at 2:56am near Chula Vista, CA · How nice of Kim Chiu(yes -coming from her)to label Xian Lim as a 'gentleman'in one of her birthday messages to XL.I have seen & met Xian in person only 3 times & really he exudes the charm of a 'gentleman'.I am now a grandma & I would say with confidence that I know one to be a 'gentleman' when I see one.Congratulations to mommy Mary Ann!"

    TV5 only has two talk shows; one has shut down over some in-house controversy; the other, Juicy is shutting down, I believe in two day's time, Aug. 4. Masyadong fave "whipping boy" si Xian sa kanila and I think I know why...namamayagpag si Xian ngayon. Drums up business for them.

    I am a follower of this Biblical quote: "To those who believe, no explanation is necessary; to those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."

    Let us trust Kim's judgment. She has matured since the time we know of her (with me since 2006) and her experiences have also strengthened her. She would not spend almost all of her waking hours after work with somebody who is just using her or is ungentlemanly towards her. I credit Kim with more intelligence and discernment than all these other people who Kim even tags as "inggit" sa mga magagandang nangyayari sa kanya ngayon including Xian, being the new man in her life. Xian is multi-talented and has undergone workshops to hone his craft; well-bred, educated and has a Mom (Mary Anne) who graduated from U.P. majoring in Economics who is simple, humble and self-effacing and raised her son in traditional Pinoy values. Xian is synonymous with being a gentleman, in fact all hopeless romantics are; they belong to another era sort of, sabi nga ni Kim bihira na ang ganyan ngayon.

    My blog highlights the good qualities of Kim and Xian in every posting. So many good examples are written up. This one you're commenting on has Xian bringing Kim to her car after the Block Screening of her movie The Healing. Check what Xian did and be amazed. Hope this eases your mind towards Xian. Thanks and God bless too!

    1. Yeah, I was really touched with that part of your blog where you posted about Xian escorting Kim to her car. Medyo naging troubled lang with that blind item uploaded in the YouTube...perhaps ganun na lang talaga ang love ko for Kimmy, don't want to see her get hurt again...OA ba? he,he...but yes, you're right, we just have to trust Kim's judgment. Thanks for taking time to answer my queries. :)

    2. You're welcome and thanks Anon 11:46...you are the reason why I write my blog...one person at a time...

      do not let your heart be troubled...learn to know more of Xian and learn to trust him more...sabi nga niya ..."kahit anong mangyari (even if he won't get Kim's heart) nandon pa rin sya...kung ano man ang kailangan ni Kim; ano man ang problema nya...nandon sya para problemahin yon, kasama siya...

      he is slowly but surely gaining the trust and confidence of Kim's Ate Lakam...shout pa si Ate Lakam sa bday celeb ni Xian na "Isa Pa" meaning isa pang Kiss for Xian from Kim...at sya din ang naghohold ng bday cake doon sa Surprise Party for Xian organized by Kim...

      puede ka ring mag "slowly but surely" <3 ; hindi ka OA...cautious lang...but no one can really immunize Kim or anyone kahit na mga anak natin from pain...this world is an imperfect world...but with God's help we can always rise from our falls...walang perfection ... may lapses si Kim and Xian both...tayo din meron...it is how we handle the hurts that will strengthen us and make our relationships work...but first we need to overcome fear so that we may experience happiness na gift para sa atin...like you si Kimmy takot rin but she is giving herself a chance in knowing Xian more. She is not shutting him off...si Xian din hindi nya minamadali si Kimmy...enjoy lang sila sa company nila...happy sila being together...love will just happen or is already happening! God is good!

  11. I've read most of these write ups in different sections and what i liked most is you put God and His presence be felt by us readers.Me too is always praying for the two of them that their happiness,trials,blessings,fans and everything be returned to Gods glory.Tried to comment although nag ka seaweeds na English ko kasi used to speak local dialects aside for too late to learn cause too old na. I love Kim Xianity blogs. More power thru Bible quotes by every acts of KIMXIS.God bless!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you...seaweeds, hahahaha! Puede ako sa Cebuano, Ilonggo and of course Tagalog. Galing mo nga magEnglish!

    Yes, to God be the glory always! Everything is a gift from God and He has us in the palm of His Hand! I see Kimmy and Xian with pure hearts receiving God's blessings in a big way! God is good all the time! Let us pray for their protection from all harm, both visible and invisible!

  13. hello miss kimxianity. thanks for all the blogs you write about kim and xian. Very interesting and inspiring...may i ask you if you know kim's real twitter account so i can follow her? thanks!

  14. Thanks, Anon 2:59a.m. Kim Chiu is only on Instagram...she does not have any Twitter account; if you see anyone, that would be a poser.

  15. Hi Miss Kimxianity. Just want to know when are you going to publish a new blog about Kim and Xian? I'm so excited to read a new one. I'm quite inspired by your articles. :)

  16. Hi Anon...in the next two days or perhaps earlier...just had family visiting and had to cater to him. <3 Thanks for asking; I also write when am inspired; happy to know that am passing it on. :)