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Ikaw ang magic ng...

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. 
-- Martha Graham

Kim Chiu  and Xian Lim are where they are right now because they dared to dream.  They saw themselves young, untested but more than willing to take the plunge into the hazardous waters of show business;  sink or swim.  

For Kim and Xian, it is swim , stay afloat and swim to the shores of success and stability.  For Kim, who has reached the shores early, it was another plunge into deeper waters; without the  life vests  of  her  reel and real loves. Kim swimming solo;  Xian, treading water for a long time, has found a hand to hold in Kim; together  they held hands; kept themselves afloat and then swam rhythmically to shore.   Like synchronized swimmers, they surfaced and plunged and showed a great performance in My Binondo Girl  to the delight of thousands of adoring  fans worldwide.  Success is all the more sweet if and  because it is shared.

Xian on his own, basking in the glow of this  shared success with Kim, took a step further to explore his treasure trove of talents and came up with a record album; a hosting job for the Miss Binibining Pilipinas Pageant, another hosting job for Promil I-Shine Talent Camp for Pre-School Children where Xian's hosting skills are further honed and more appreciated.   

This try-and-try attitude under the watchful eye of ABS management is giving Xian the needed boost to cement his hold on the success that eluded him for some time.  Wyeth Philippines' choice of Xian as one of 3 hosts of this camp for  exceptional and talented children stemmed from his being an exceptional child or young adult himself.  Xian, through long years of practice under his Mom, a piano teacher on the side and his own flair for music has learned  to play 17 musical instruments proficiently ranging from piano, guitar, trombone, ukulele, melodica, keytar, etc.  
                          CTO  Xian with fellow hosts Matteo Guidichelli and Dimples Romana

                               CTO - Xian Lim at age 17 playing The Flight of the Bumble Bee

                 CTO - Xian after a Baguio Basketball game 12-2011  and losing internet connection
                           plaintively sings a cover of "Gitara" underneath Baguio's pine trees.  
                             Xian, now 22 and more expressive than when he was 17. 

Two years ago, Kim attended a workshop hosted by noted lady director Laurice Guillen  showcasing Vilma Santos' (Gov. Vi) unforgettable movie characters.  Chosen to play Dolzura Cortez, a real life story of a woman confronted with having full-blown Aids, Kim gave such a sterling performance and impressed Gov. Vi so much that she handpicked Kim to appear with her in a central role in a Chito Rono film, The Healing, to commemorate Gov. Vi's 50 years in show business which will be shown in theatres nationwide, 7-25-12.

Gov. Vi whose time with her constituents takes priority over other pursuits had her last award winning  movie, In My Life, in October, 2009  with son Luis Manzano and  John Lloyd Cruz as co-actors.   To be specially chosen by Gov. Vi to be with her in a movie to celebrate a milestone in her career and to work under an equally award winning director, Chito Rono,  and to be said of  by her Ate Vi this way, " Kim can be another me" , has Kim asked of by a writer in response to this tribute by Famas Hall of Famer, Grand Slam Artist Vilma Santos (winning all the major film awards in one year) :  Take a bow, Kim!

Vi is glad as well that she requested for young actress Kim Chiu to be part of The Healing.   “Ang galing niya sa pelikula,” Governor Vi said of Kim. “At napakabait pang bata. “Tinutukso ko nga siya na sana naging anak ko siya”  Malaya Business Insight Written by Ethel Ramos July 02, 2012

...ani Direk Chito, his first time to handle Kim Chiu in a project, at paniwala daw niya, malayo ang mararating ng batang aktres.  Given the chance na magtagal sa showbiz, ani naman ni Governor Vi, “Kim can be another me.” 

Written by : Nel Alejandrino | Journal Online

Kim can be another me-- Vilmahttp://www.journal.com.ph/index.php/entertainment/showbiz-news/32936-kim-can-be-another-me-vilma

CTO    Kim's D'Buzz interview and full trailer of The Healing


Kim and Xian both have their feet solidly on the ground and are taking everything happening to them after My Binondo Girl with such humility and thankfulness that the viewing public does not notice the grandeur of their work, individually or together, or  the degree of difficulty of their execution given the multiple things they need to do simultaneously e.g. Kim shooting  The Healing, My Binondo Girl, two opposing genres; or with Xian doing the movie The Reunion simultaneously with My Binondo Girl; the role of a student and a stiff executive; add to that their magazine covers, endorsement shoots, their fan events even Xian's basketball games for Star Magic.  

A fan who went to a taping of My Binondo Girl looked at the lives of glamorous Kim and Xian as not at all that at 3 a.m. in the morning.  Kim and Xian had a show in California last May that had a one-day-turnaround...coming in the night before, waking up early for rehearsals, TV interview, Benefit event, performed for 2 hours and leave within the hour after the end of the show for the airport back to Philippines for Xian and the following day for Kim.

Xian's burgeoning list of endorsements, his appearances for them and other shows, his movie The Reunion which has just finished its last shooting day  two days ago; his embarking into another pairing with Kim in Ina, Kapatid, Anak which had a second day taping at the University of the Philippines, Diliman campus; had  twitters abuzzed with their doings.  A fan cam caught Xian sleeping in between takes;  an all-nighter for his movie, The Reunion,  finally catching  up with him.  

                                               CTO - Xian leaving McDo with fans trailing.

                                          CTO Kim in an IKA scene at UP Diliman hallway.
Kim's Instagram caption which pretty much encapsulates her philosophies in life: @chinitaprincess: "Happiness keeps you sweet, trials keep you strong, sorrows keep you human, failures keep you humble and GOD keeps you going." TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!! hehe

                                           CTO - Xian at the U.P. College of Engineering
                                                location of teleserye-Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

So how are the two, Kim and Xian doing?  Why are their smiles not leaving their faces.  The persistent description of humble, accommodating, mabait surface at fans' twits, pic captions.   Scratch Kim or Xian and you get smiles.  They are enjoying their work.  Work is not work to them.  They love what they do even the loss of privacy is relished. 

"So far, I enjoy what I’m doing. In fact, the best thing about show biz is that you get to do different things every day, express yourself in so many different ways,” Xian said. “The downside is that you hardly get enough sleep, but this is manageable especially if you enjoy the company of the people you work with.”
Xian also said he didn’t mind the lost privacy he experiences as an actor. “I make people happy. I meet people who genuinely want to shake my hand—it’s all worth it for me.”"

Xian Lim speaks on stardom and Kim Chiu

Shrugs off negative comments about his talent


Fashion Modelling.
Macy Cruz ‏@ycamacy
@OrigPenguinPH event tomorrow! Hello Coney Island! Excited to see Xian Lim. YAY. @SAGAEVENTS

Original Penguin PH ‏@OrigPenguinPH
We're all looking forward to seeing Xian Lim walk down the runway in Original Penguin. Follow us for live updates tom!

                                                   CTO - Xian in a Dance Showdown?

Kim and Xian have trodden and continue to travel twin career paths as actors, fashion models, hosts, singers, commercial endorsers, and now dancers. Dancing does not come naturally to Xian but what  he may  lack in natural flair he compensates with high enthusiasm for it.  Kim and Xian  are both shy and prefer to disappear into the woodwork when in company; both creative and artistic, they prefer to stay at home or do things away  from the madding crowd. 

Why then did they enter performing as a career? Is it  because they are not good in  expressing their real selves in real life situations that  they turn to acting for release and inner satisfaction or  is there  a greater need than self-expression--the need to help the family, perhaps.  Kim has always said she wanted to appear on TV and help the family.   Xian given an alternative to College basketball chose modelling and acting; his real self , creative and imaginative found good expression in  the world  of show business. Serendipity, destiny, God's way?

                                          CTO - Don Moen - God Will Make a Way.

A fan observing Xian at U.P. Diliman,location for teleserye, Ina, Kapatid, Anak.
Istin Cornista ‏@istin3
@pammy572 opo lapit lang naman po dorm ko. Ok naman po nahuli ko si xian sumisilip kay kimmy <3 hindi lang once... But many times! Hehe 

Istin Cornista ‏@istin3
Panay silip naman ni Xi kay kimmy :-))) busy si kimmy...she's reading her script!!! :-))) @InaKapatidAnak :-)))

A fan on Kimmy's kabaitan.

Kim and Xian, lookalikes and  "workalikes"  are now also finding a lot to like in each other.  Traditional, old-fashion, demure Kim finds Xian, gentlemanly, caring,  thoughtful and full of loving surprises on top of being  tall, white-complected, matangos ang ilong, Chinito, broad chested;  a man after her own heart.  

Xian, traditional, old-fashion in his ways, finds in Kim, the personality, the great attitude, the sweetness on top of  seeing Kim as having a pretty smile, beautiful eyes and a very beautiful body that he looks for in a woman in a place where beautiful women are more the rule than the exception, especially in the world that  Xian revolves in.  

Kim is quick to say to Xian, " Thank you, thank you for always being there for me" as Xian is quick in thanking Kim; "for finally, finally" having someone , " na nakakaintindi sa akin"  and as they go to Church together  they both  give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings they have received and are continually receiving including the gift of each other! God is good! God who listens to the cries of His people  answers in His time in His will and grace. 

                                          CTO -Don Moen - Give Thanks.

Kim and Xian whether at work, at play, in jest, in their fave sport - running, exude this  undeniable chemistry that has puzzled a number of fans into wondering what hit them. Individually, each is good; together they sizzle and baffle us all.  

What is this magic spell that this two cast that young and old alike, men and women wonder aloud and could not find rhyme or reason for and just dismiss it as Basta! 

Just the sight of one leaning against the other  or knee touching knee or one slipping glances towards the other  send the fans twirling in giddy heaven or twitting to high heavens! 

What is in Kim and Xian together, what magic is this they wrought that has some fans  propelled  into loud hysteria at the mere sight of them together (Cebu Halad Event; Carson, CA show) or to some form of depression upon knowing that  one would be  losing  Instagram to hackers;  breaking silent communication that her pictures evoke.   

Has Mr. M and Ms. Mariole sprinkled their Star Magic dust and sweepingly caught us all for Kim and Xian?  Are Kim and Xian our Magic Sarap  turning  our bland lives  into something more exciting with us identifying with Kim in all her beauty attracting so many handsome guys now that she is single?  

I believe it is more Kim and Xian's magic blending; their being each other's magical piece now converging and the positivities that radiate from them, more than their beautiful smiles and engaging persona that "beguile" us all!

There is magic in love. Love radiates.  It fascinates and attracts.  It gives an aura of positivity that magnetizes where negativities repel.  Kim and Xian, both possessing positive attitudes, attract people, extremely young, young and old; men and women alike.  Vilma Santos says, she wants "Kim to be the daughter she never had."  Xian's own Mom Mary Anne says, "Xian is one dream of a son".  Kim and Xian are saying of each other, "napakabait";  fans and co-workers alike say both are truly mabait.  

The magic ingredient then is goodness, kabaitan; the magic ingredient is love, pagmamahal.  The magic is love.  God, Who is Love; puts love  in our hearts always; let us,  like Kim and Xian  open our hearts to receive God's love and like Kim and Xian spread the magic of love to everyone around us.  Now, the  mystery of the sizzle is solved.  Sizzle happens when love meets love.  Kim and Xian, keep on keeping on.  God be praised always!

                                   CTO - Kim/Xi wearing Star Magic/ Bench at different times. 

                                     CTO - After an early morning run in Hono, Hawaii April, 2012.

                                    CTO - Even their Star Magic Jersey numbers are the same.

               CTO - Meeting after taking diff. airlines to LA arriving within an hour of each other; May 2012.

                                          CTO   Starting to look alike even before Jandy took flight.
My Binondo Girl - Jade in  a rare scene with Andy. (start of show)

 CTO -  Xian responding to Kim's caption with his own; complete with a playful pic.

                                          CTO  - Fan made Video - KimXi Destiny

                                          CTO - Ikaw ang Magic ng Buhay Ko.



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