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Beauty is in the eye of the...

Albert Schweitzer, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, once said, “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to thank with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

The year Kim Chiu's personal life came  crashing down  with the prospect of extending to her professional career was also the year she was chosen by Yes Magazine the Most Beautiful of 100 beautiful stars across the Philippine-based television-movie networks.  The year was 2010.  When Kim was at her lowest and feeling her ugliest, the showbiz world around her disagreed.

             CTO - Kim Chiu.

Kim Chiu Covers Yes Magazine 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2010

Yes! Magazine will once again release its list of Philippine showbiz' 100 Most Beautiful Stars.

It was Judy Ann Santos who covers the magazine in 2007, KC Concepcion in 2008, Marian Rivera in 2009, and this year, Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu will grace the cover of Yes! most awaited "It" list in Philippine showbiz.

CTO - Kim Chiu on SMDC  Billboard for  Grass Residences.
On top of Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2012 list is "Showtime" host and 2011 Box Office Queen Anne Curtis, who now joins the ranks of Judy Ann Santos, KC Concepcion, Marian Rivera, Kim Chiu and John Lloyd Cruz who have also topped the list in previous years. 

It was in 2007 when Yes! Magazine first came up with the "100 Most Beautiful" list and for 6 consecutive years already, these stars have consistently made it: Angelica Panganiban, Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, Iza Calzado, KC Concepcion,Kim Chiu, Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual.

Meanwhile, Sam Milby who made it non-stop from 2007 up to 2011, is now missing on this year's list. 

Check out Yes! Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2012 List (in alphabetical order):

Read more:

In  2010  Xian Lim was in a career limbo, neither here nor there. Regal Film, TV 5, GMA, ABS got  him for good roles which somehow did not quite  create a ripple among the movie-going or TV-watching public. Xian possessing  good looks, talent, and perseverance needed that extra spark to  change the course of his career from  its sluggish pace to  a manageable speed befitting his long wait. 

2011 was the banner year for Kim.  Her house got built.  She moved in on her birthmonth, April.  She turned  21 and has arrived but not quite.  She still  had something to prove. Kim took stock of herself; dependent and indecisive in so many things, this time  she took the bull by the horns and  on  a trip to L.A. for a Hollywood encounter and a Star Magic Tour,   she embarked on a renewed  friendship with her  lost love.  

                                          CTO - Kim Chiu with Hollywood actor Matt Lanter
                                                                        April, 2011
                           CTO - Kim according to Kim: Pangit.
She felt particularly sore when Kim started to blame herself for things going wrong.  Binu-boost ko yong spirit niya.  Sinasabi ko na isipin mo, ang ganda-ganda mo.  Kasi sabi niya, pangit daw siya.  May ganun siyang feeling. Siguro yun yung point na down na down siya." Lakam Chiu on Kim-StarStudio Magazine, July, 2011. -Arnel Ramos-AT HOME WITH KIM.

"To err is human, to forgive, divine."  It is so hard to forgive  a hurt.  Kim however chose to forgive and along with people who suffer the hurt but forgives the purveyor of the hurt, Kim trekked the road that Jesus did and came out victorious and freed from the feeling of "victimhood" that follows a major heartache.

Forgiveness must not be only in words but of action. There has to be some reconciliation of sorts, perhaps not of the romantic kind  but of friendship.   Kim had her chance to do this  a year after the hurt.  Time heals all wounds, they say and time is on Kim's side.

Kim renewed her friendship with Gerald Anderson; bonding with him  during the lull of the 2011 Star Magic engagement in L.A. They went skydiving, visited Griffith Observatory for the view of the LA skyline; Leonard Nimoy Theatre for its exhibits; the Getty Center.  Kim also  celebrated her 21st birthday with him s at Hard Rock Cafe.  All these were documented and photographed and featured in Star Studio Magazine, July, 2011; same issue wherein Kim's new house was featured..   Out with the old love; in with a renewed friendship!

2011 was also the year Xian's career awakened from its slumber.  Some intervention that can only be termed divine occurred.  Two disparate circumstances gave rise to the 3rd in the line of succession,  Xian or Andy Wu, becoming the Crown Prince to the Chinita Princess Kim or Jade Dimaguiba in the show, My Binondo Girl.  
                                   CTO- a fan-made video highlighting his or her fave MBG scenes.        

Kim and Xian electrified the teleserye-viewing public creating such a buzz among nonPinoy-show watchers who found the My Binondo Girl pair comparable to the best there is in Taiwanese or Korean telenovela loveteams; giving rise to the portmanteau KimXi and their fan group Team KimXi or KimXis.

                          CTO  - could be a  somber mood before the advent of  My Binondo Girl.
              This is actually a Mega Mag Xian photo featured in the inside page of their July, 2012 issue.
The Year that was 2011 also saw Xian in the company of Kim Chiu, her  family and  friends.  Kim and Xian's December 8, 2011 Kris TV interview had Kimmy detailing to Kris  Aquino her "superfriendship" with Xian and Xian's presence in her family's events even before Jade and Andy became an item in My Binondo Girl.

                                   CTO -  Kim's High School Graduation Party - April, 2011.


                                    CTO  -  Maam Cory Vidanes Bday Party - May 15, 2011

                                        CTO - Lakam Chiu's Bday Party at Kim's home.
August, 2011

The superfriendship of Kim and Xian grew in leaps and bounds after My Binondo Girl ended.  The Jandy now KimXi continued their bonding in myriad activities which are twitted and captured on cam by fans  which  also multiplied after Xian's back-to-back endorsements hit radio, TV in addition to  Xian's own personal appearances. 

This is only the sixth month that My Binondo Girl ended and Xian has had 8 or so  high-end endorsements added to his original two.  He has recorded an album; has gone on multiple tours for shows around the region as well as in the U.S. and Singapore; just  finished a movie The Reunion; is now taping Ina, Kapatid, Anak and is hosting a Saturday show for talented children.  Kim  is equally busy with her endorsement shoots, shows, both local and foreign; just finished a horror film with Gov. Vi and is now in Ina, Kapatid, Anak with Xian.  

My Binondo Girl had its Grand Finale January, 2012.  In a Buzz interview with Toni Gonzaga, Xian hoped that his friendship with Kim would continue.  Everyone who follows the two stars  knows that their friendship has deepened since then.  They have gone out on solo and group dates and to all intents and purposes are exclusively dating. 3rd millennium technology has plotted their whereabouts everywhere a fan with a phone camera and twitter happens to be when these two stars go out be it to Church, coffee shops, Subic for a run or horse back riding, concerts, out of town shows, movies,groceries, restaurants,etc. Celebrities and writers (Ogie Diaz at Republiq and Rommel Placente at Baclaran Church)  flag them for a quick photo-op or an ambush interview.  

                 CTO - Kim and Xian with Anya Babao-daughter of TV News personalities 
                                                  Julius and Tintin Bersola - Babao

                                         January 31, 2012  at Shangrila.

Privacy is no longer in Kim and Xian's vocabulary and time too has gone elusive.  They play catch up with time for their personal sorties out.  Their batteries are on energizer levels; they keep on going and going and going.  The price of fame can be high but by God's grace, Kim and Xian have built-in motivating machines and a huge supply of positivism plus the ability to do power naps.  Their good looks seem  to be enhanced by their busyness or maybe by their being at each other's beck and call or text or from being with each other or if not, in each other's consciousness.  Love is a good beautifier. Happiness inside radiates; making  eyes sparkle, skin glow and smile  just there, a perpetual lift that surfaces easily.  The sight of the beloved is enough to make the day or brighten it.  That is why working round the clock , 24 hours straight do not seem to be so; energies are still high according to Xian with Kim around him. 

I see a love connection that is not labelled or articulated.  Xian's self-declared quest to make Kim feel happy and special and Kim's pronouncement that she is happy being together with Xian,  is, to me,  a clear indication that Xian is a welcome presence in Kim's life.  Whether the love has gone romantic, that I do not know.  I have been told that there can be no platonic friendship between a man and woman; Kim says she  is also ready to fall in love again.  So, romance is within the realm of possibilities.

What I do see is change (for the better) in Kim.  She is using less or no makeup when she and Xian go out on their dates. Her hair is kept loose or tied with none of her ubiquitous curls.  She speaks more and better English, perhaps thanks to Mr. M's personal tutoring but I also see confidence building from  some positive reenforcement from an Englisero superfriend.  

Here's an excerpt of a 2009 interview of Xian regarding his taste in girls.  
Although born and raised in California, the actor's taste in girls is surprisingly traditional. "I like conservative girls. Ayoko yung 'gimikera' girls. It's not my thing. I don't like girls who wear really slutty outfits. I don't think you have to show so much skin. Dapat just dress normal and just be yourself. And I hate girls who wear a lot of makeup. Just conservative and simple."Although born and raised in California, the actor's taste in girls is surprisingly traditional. "I like conservative girls. Ayoko yung 'gimikera' girls. It's not my thing. I don't like girls who wear really slutty outfits. I don't think you have to show so much skin. Dapat just dress normal and just be yourself. And I hate girls who wear a lot of makeup. Just conservative and simple."

There is  change and though subtle it is good to know that Kim who is sought of to be happy by a concerned young man is also  giving back by seeking to suit what he wants in his woman.  Kim is not undergoing a drastic change as she is traditional and conservative in her ways and is the stay-at-home type. She appears to be sloughing off thicker facial and eye make-up  and I believe this is also from an increasing confidence in herself brought on from constant affirmation by a smitten superfriend who prefers to see her simple and unadorned.

                                        CTO Interview at Carson, CA...May, 2012
               Kim Chiu with no eye makeup; looking gorgeous. Xian, clearly a positive force 
                                                                behind her.

                                          CTO Kim guesting at PBB - on her second day. 
                                           June, 2012
   CTO    Kim and Xian  - morning following arrival in Hawaii - April, 2012 for a Star Magic show.
     Kim and her unmade up face

                                          CTO - Kim and Xian in Carson, CA - TFC show.
                                                            May 26, 2012 - KimXi at breakfast.

                                            CTO - Kim visiting her handler's newborn.
                                                                 June, 2012

                                         CTO - Pre-MetroWear Rocks the Runway Show.
                                         Even her make-up here is light.

                                          CTO - The Way You Look Tonight - Michael Buble'

                                                     CTO - Bench BillBoard. - 2012
                                                       CTO - ASAP - June 2012

                                           CTO - Cebu Halad - ABS Outreach Project

                                          CTO - More Cebu Halad Pics.

Perception must match reality. If it doesn't then one can either be low in self-esteem or at the opposite end, proud and overbearing.  Kim who at the lowest period in her life perceived herself to be ugly or pangit is now on the mend.  Suffering from rejection by a beloved some people would be angry at the person causing the hurt and would  seek revenge to get even or, more often than we think,  would turn against themselves and call themselves ugly or  pangit and unworthy of anyone's love and spiral downward into depression.

Kim has forgiven the person who has hurt her.  I also now see Kim  forgiving herself by being her own person, independent, capable of making needed decisions to further her lot. She now openly says she loves herself more and is opening up to her sisters and brothers, introducing and letting them know more of Xian by having them bond with him.  She says she has never done this with her former love. 

Kim is   appreciating and thanking Xian more for all the beautiful things Xian has done/ is continually doing for her by thanking him publicly in her Instagram and when pointedly asked by media.  She also compliments him for the kind of person he is--caring, funny, thoughtful.  They are members of  a Mutual Admiration Society and not a day passes by without us seeing their beautiful smiles towards each other. If we don't see current events, we dig up our archives for their videos and pictures.  Their happiness is  ours.  We also undergo healing of some form. Love , peace and joy reign in KimXi's domain and we, KimXis, are enveloped in these love, peace and joy.  Thank you God.

                                          CTO The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

Kim is now learning to value her worth and with the help of  a continuous flow of positive assertions and appreciation from Xian, Kim's battered ego will slowly but surely heal.  She is gaining much needed confidence.  She  goes out without much makeup and  is now wearing simple outfits. She is now in touch with the Kim of old; confident and strong in simplicity. Kim is  more composed and in control in the Sunday show, ASAP.  

God  who has put Kim and Xian together to end up with each other in a show is also ever present in their real lives because Kim and Xian have not ceased to pray and invoke His help and  thank Him for His blessings.  Xian, a student of human behavior and Kim, a nurturing co-actor, are just what each other needed when by the grace of God they were paired in My Binondo Girl; certainly a TV pairing made in heaven and hopefully and prayerfully a love-match that is also heaven-sent.  

Kim has ceased to see herself as pangit; and if I must  say, Xian has  considerably helped  in her process of healing. Kim is now a beauty in the eyes of  Kim.  Kim and Xian, soul mates now, superfriends always and soon to be whatever Xian seeks to be; for in the eyes of Xian, nothing is impossible as  the God he believes in is the Lord of the impossible. 

Xian Lim
Just to be with the person I love. It's right, you know? That's my dream date, just [to be with] the girl of my dreams - someone that's down to earth, cute, funny...

 Be strong Xian!  You now have a woman who understands what makes you tick and ("...finally, finally, meron ng nakakaintindi sa akin"--Xian to Kim...Henni E. interview- Balitang Amerika 5-26-2012), I also see ,  accepts you wholeheartedly for what you are and since you are always with the girl of your dreams (if such is indeed Kim) then you have had countless dream dates.    God is good!  

                                          CTO -  When I fall in Love by Nat King Cole



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