Monday, July 16, 2012

Say that again....

"21:28 “What do you think? A man had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work in the vineyard today.’ 21:29 The boy answered, ‘I will not.’ But later he had a change of heart and went. 21:30 The father went to the other son and said the same thing. This boy answered, ‘I will, sir,’ but did not go. 21:31 Which of the two did his father’s will?” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them..."   (Matthew 21: 28-31)

                              CTO- Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy at 23

Am confused.  Xian says he is not courting Kim; he just wants to make Kim happy; make her feel special.  Kim is saying the same way.  She says she and Xian are just friends. About her lovelife, she’s happy that fans accept her tandem with Xian Lim now that former BF Gerald Anderson is linked to Sarah Geronimo. “Magkasama kami uli ni Xian sa bagong soap na ‘Ina Kapatid Anak’. We’re the best of friends, pero hindi naman siya nanliligaw sa’kin.”

                                          CTO - ASAP Production No. 7-15-12

So  the flowers, the life-sized Teddy Bear; Ako'y Sayo Lamang composition;  the Christmas Serenade, "You"; the Pakpak to Kim's broken wing; the  Heart made of Roses on a Tree; the salmon from Alaska  handcarried from airport straight to Kim's door; the nocturnal Church visits; the introduction to Mom and Grandma; the hearts, the Instagram less than three; the offwork runs, horseback riding;  the dinners and solo dates are only for Kim's precious friendship and not her heart? 
                                     CTO  off-work KimXi - 7-11-12

In the eyes of the civilized world, all the things Xian has done/does for Kim are courting techniques; apparently they are not in Xian's and Kim's own. 

I say civilized as the only thing Xian has not done so far, at least in my estimation,  is swing a club and drag Kim by the hair to his place as  cavemen were supposed to have done in getting their women in prehistoric times.

So,  is Xian open to  the idea of other men comng  in and court Kim since he is only after Kim's friendship? 

I seriously doubt if Xian would allow any other man get Kim's attention away from him after saying that he has "sobrang laki, sobrang laking pagtingin" when asked by Toni Gonzaga in a Buzz interview if he fancies Kim or in Tagalog, "May pagtingin ka ba kay Kim?".  

When asked if bibitaw ba sya kay Kim or if he would let go of Kim after My Binondo Girl ended and he answered, " Hinding, hindi ako bibitaw".  No, he would never let go of Kim.

                                  CTO - Buzz interview January 09, 2012

That was last January, 2012. Xian has escalated his moves and true to his word, he has  not let go of Kim from the time he said it.  Kim and Xian's friendship has also deepened since then. Kim, in fairness, has reciprocated in some fashion.

Xian's "never letting go of Kim" words remind me of his response to Kim's birthday wishes for him said July 11, 2012 at the Team KimXi Birthday celebration for Xian.  On a positive slant this time, he says, "Nandito lang ako, nandito lang, I won't leave...".                    

                    CTO  July 12, 2012 - KimXi Birthday Party for Xian

I read a fan's account of Xian's 7-15-12  ASAP livechat wherein  Xian was allegedly  asked by host Robi Domingo "who his inspiration is".  Xian answered he believes everyone knows who she is.  Robi continued, "if Xian also saw 2012 as the year he would be in love" and Xian  supposedly answered  he has been "in love since 2011".  I still have to watch the Live Chat and I welcome some comments about this particular extract of it.

                                      CTO - ASAP Live Chat - 7-14-12
                                         Xian with host Robi Domingo

I notice Xian comfortably exchanging talks, easy laughs with Kim.  Kim is the same way; there is the easy turn towards him, engaging him in deep conversation and very easily turn to another person on the other side of the table without fear  of losing Xian's interest. 

CTO - KimXi Party -7-11-12 -  Comfortability factor - high.

There's a relaxed, comfy air around them that indicates some confidence in each other's loyalty to whatever they call what they have now-- a deepening friendship born out of trust as Xian has  mentioned in his interviews. 

                             CTO - Kim's surprise birthday party for Xian.
7-11-12 with Lakam Chiu and close friends.

We who watch from the sidelines are not blind to the affection Kim and Xian  have for each other; the intensity of the magnetic pull that one exerts over the  other, leading them to spend almost every waking hour outside of work  with each other.  This is deep friendship as they say  and not a romantic liaison. 

Is friendship between  attractive men and women possible?  Here's an answer from an essayist:  CAN men and women be friends? We have been asking ourselves that question for a long time, and the answer is usually no. A Man. A Woman. Just Friends? By WILLIAM DERESIEWICZ Published: April 7, 2012 NY Times

I just wonder how Xian  would outdo himself  when he goes into full-blown
courtship.   Are we going to look at all the things that Xian did for Kim as what could be expected from a hopeless romantic who does these things as a matter of course, since it is his nature even if the pursuit is only for friendship's sake?

I particularly know of one thing that is not of Xian's nature that Xian has  put a lot of time and effort into - Dance.  His dance workshops are finally paying off.  He had his dream dance with Kim for his birthday celebration at ASAP 2012, Sunday, July 15, 2012.  

Everyone who is a KimXi fan felt like Xian's Mom Mary Anne-- simply on tenterhooks.  Surprise, surprise.  Xian did a good job!  He survived and he impressed us all!  Biased source, maybe but he is certainly more limber and fancy toed than when we first saw him doing a dance on Kim's 19th birthday in ASAP 2009. 

                            CTO  - Notice Xian's giddy reaction to the kiss.
ASAP 2009

CTO - Thanks Disco.   ASAP 2012

To a hopeless romantic who does not dance, dancing and doing it in public with the object of one's affection is a dream come true. To Xian who is  a non-dancer, it is also as difficult as swallowing a sword; it could be done and easily done by an expert sword-swallower but certainly a difficult and nerve-wracking process when one is new to it.  

To me, Xian dancing  is the most romantic thing Xian has ever done for Kim or at least to be able to dance with Kim at ASAP.  His level of difficulty here is sky-high.  A romantic gesture is a natural offshoot from a romantic nature and to Xian that would be going with the flow of who and what he is. 

Doing something romantic is second nature to Xian.  He sees a wire and it becomes a heart, with a little twist here and there. To us, a wire is a nuisance especially if it is near a stage. Did Xian do this, yes he did and we know where his heart was given to. 

                                     CTO - "Wired" Heart in Xian's pocket

Doing something over and above one's inclination  requires utmost sacrifice and  as I see it, dancing takes the cake in everything that he has done for Kim so far; all the romantic gestures taken together.  A good second would be the salmon and the third which could also be first is bonding with the Chius other than Kim.  

The first few times must have been really hard; Xian being an only child is unfamiliar with siblings and in dealing with them.  Lakam, Twinkle, William and JP have thawed; so did Xian.   He has always been funny or seeing the positive, fun part of things and he has met his match. The Chius are more expressive and Xian is catching their drift. Let us all beware, Xian's kulit side is surfacing.

I am not saying that Xian should do away with his being a hopeless romantic.  Expressing it towards the one he holds dear is his oxygen. Xian's romantic ways  make  Kim  feel so treasured, cherished or as she says it--"lakas makababae or makahaba ng hair".  Making Kim happy makes Xian happy.  Indeed Xian, let me repeat, you are an endangered specie.

Knowing that Xian is willing to go the extra mile for some goal  and is happy doing it is such a good trait  to add to all the  outstanding traits he already possesses. 

I bow to you, Xian!  I echo Kim when he says you deserve all the good things happening to you now.  They came with blood, sweat and tears.  Your kindness and your loving ways are such a rarity among men nowadays prompting Kim to say, "bihira ang kapareho nya ngayon".  You are a vanishing breed.  Kim possesses identical qualities.  God is so good in having you meet each other in such remarkable circumstances.  Prayer is indeed power!

                                 CTO - That's What Friends are for..
                                 by Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder

It is good to know that you have such a good friend in Kim and in the same way, for Kim to have such a good friend in you.  I know you are exceptions to the rule regarding platonic friendships not being possible.  Knowing you and Kim and your strong will and  determination to overcome any obstacle that bars your way and with God's help, deep platonic friendship between you two  is possible. 

Friendship is such a good foundation for any future relationship that is sure to develop between you two.  Friendship is akin to love.  It hopes and wishes for the best in the other.  

Kim, Xian, nurture what you have now.  Let it grow.  Friends are hard to come by and having a good one is a boon in the fickle showbiz world you revolve in.   

You are young and  have the future ahead of you.  Enjoy the present moment!  All God's blessings to you always,  Kim, Xian!  Happy Birthmonth, Xian!





    so there's no courtship. there is only genuine friendship and that is even better.;)

    mahfriend!! i missed you!:)))

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  3. Mahfriend!!! Miss you too! Accdg. to Kim and Xian there's no courtship...taking their word at face value. :)

  4. Tapos na kasi ang courtship nila diba kaya iba na iyong level nila as a relationship now. But for me mas okay iyon wala nalang muna admitance para mas masaya at kilig.

  5. Hi...Anon...Ha I said, am taking what they say at face assumptions on my part. Friendship also does it for me. Happy naman sila. Happy tayo kung happy sila.

  6. Whatever name they want to give it friendship, admiration, etc, is still Love!
    Whatever makes them happy, makes us happy. let us give it to them.

    As usual, a beautiful piece. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Anon...I have an oft repeated Shakespearean quote: "A rose by another name would smell as sweet". :)

  7. Another wonderful entry! I agree with you, whatever it is that they have, I'm happy for them because they also radiate genuine happiness.

    Naisip ko lang, halos lahat na ng adjective for a friend nagamit na ni Kim about Xian, from "super" friend to "good" friend" at ngayon naman "best" friend. Baka susunod na ang "boy" friend...LOL! Or maybe there's no need since it goes without saying, after all, he is a boy and her friend...LOL! But seriously, seeing them happy is enough for me, no pressure, no expectations.

    God bless! <3 <3 <3

  8. Thanks Jane...they do radiate genuine happiness...oo nga ...hahahahahha super all the way to good to friend then best of friends...parang sinasabi nya, BASTA!

    Sabi nga ni Xian..."Nothing can define it"...hindi kaya ako maubusan ng isusulat?

    Definitely no high expectations...go with their flow lang...God bless too!

  9. I think they are just really doing it slowly :) (I feel like the song "Para lang sayo", "when you say nothing at all", and "just kiss" suit the thing that is going on between them) ehheheheh.... But I think, it will eventually lead to a romantic relationship. :)