Friday, July 27, 2012

God gave me...

"By the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not in vain.  On the contrary,  I worked harder than any  of them, though it was not I  but the grace of God that was with me." (1 Corinthians 15:10)

Original.  Each one of us is an original. It has been said that when God created man He threw away the mold that He used for  each one.   Everyone is unique; gifted by God with talent. 

It is time to look deep into our inner selves and discover the talent that God has given us, share them  and  use them for His purpose.  

If each of us is unique and gifted, then let each one  just be himself and flow where his  inclinations lead him; no pretensions, affectation, or snobbery.  One  should not be a "second rate, copy cat" of anyone.  That is not what God has envisioned anyone  to be.  Let each one just be himself and no other.

Be You
God wants you to be you.
You don’t have to try to pretend to be someone else; you don’t have to hide who you actually are. The most attractive people I know are not the best looking; rather, they’re true to who they are.
There’s no pretense about them.
You can relax knowing that being yourself is exactly what God wants of you. You bring glory to God just by being yourself, because he created you to be just the person you are.
Now, believe you are who God says you are!
No one else has a vote on who you are. You’re free to be you instead of imitating someone else. You’re free to use your unique, God-given gifts, and there’s no need to compare your gifts to the gifts of others.
No one else is in competition to be you!
You are God’s masterpiece, a work of his own hands.(by Jon Walker)

Magpakatotoo.  This is what Pinoy Big Brother Grand Prize Winners advise would-be applicants to this reality show. To thine own self be true. Just be yourself.  

Kim is the first Grand Prize Winner of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition held in 2006.  Kim, is true to herself then and now. Sweet, nice, focused,  shy, demure, simple, humble, joyful, loving, fashionista, determined, achievement-oriented, gracious, charming, playful, easily laughs, reserved, forgiving, accepting, daring, adventurous, kind, gentle,  no frills, hardworking and flexible, such is Kim.

                                  CTO Kim, shy and sweet.

There is consistency in Xian's responses to interviews which cannot be missed.  His beginnings, his type of woman, his being a homebody, his sticking to wanting to make Kim happy, feel special; his love for music, basketball, his Mom; his celebrity crushes - none, as he goes more for personality until lately when he said , we all know who she is; his spontaneity and positivism, his being innately shy and reserved, organized, knows what he wants,  humble, gentlemanly, crowd pleaser, true to his word, persevering, focused,  patient, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, playful, hopeless romantic.  
                                  CTO    -  Xian Lim  Focused.

Kim and Xian are true to who they are and are reaping a good harvest for being so. They are the ones who have looked into their inner selves and say, this is where I want to be and this is who I am.  No major faux pas because they stick to their core; the dictates of their inner being.  It also helps that they are prayerful.

                                 CTO - Kim and Xian

Talent- Innate and Developed. We see the likes of a Xian Lim whose talent was hidden from the public eye; exposed at odd times but never fully appreciated until God plucked him out of seeming oblivion and thrust him into our midst by some force of God's circumstance and since Xian  was prepared when fame called, he is now in the limelight performing and performing well--acting, singing, writing songs, composing, playing the guitar, piano, keytar, etc. hosting and now  Xian is fearlessly venturing into the unknown, to him at least, the world of Dance. 

                 CTO -    Xian in a dance move; confident, strong!

             CTO - Xian playing his Mom's composition and  a role in her film.
                                 Talent inherited and developed.

Raw  and fresh are words multi-awarded actress Ms. Vilma Santos used to describe Kim's talent.  What exactly did she mean by them?  She gave us a clue.

“Remember when I did an (ABS-CBN) special?” Vilma said. “One of the guests there was Kim. They did somewhat of a workshop for (acting) newcomers, and Kim re-enacted a scene of mine in (my film) the Dolzura Cortez Story, delivering the line ‘Anong karapatan mong sabihin sa akin yan? Diyos ka ba? Ikaw ba ang nagdidikta ng buhay ko?’” (The film had Vilma sweeping the acting honors in 1993, just among her many acting grand slam years.)

Since then, that episode stayed in Vilma’s mind. She added, “I see Kim as a very raw, new and fresh. She doesn’t have much technical experience yet and it’s a joy to work with actors like that. Of course, it cannot be all me (in a film), but you need chemistry with your co-stars. And her raw (talent), and I get to see in other projects, she’s good, and during the shooting, she was also professional, I can really say that I didn’t make a mistake in choosing her.”

Gov. Vilma Santos handpicked Kim Chiu as co-star in her comeback film The Healing, directed by Chito Roño for Star Cinema. The horror film is now showing in theaters.

Flashback 2009, when Kim Chiu  first interfaced with the Star for all Seasons, Vilma Santos or Ate Vi.  Here's the close encounter with Ate Vi that  led to her enviable role in The Healing...Kim, all of 19 years old, armed with "raw, new, fresh talent.

               CTO - Kim performing a scene of the VS Dolzura Cortez Story

Ate Vi was given a list of actresses to choose from to star with her at The Healing and from the list she chose Kim  from having seen her in the 2009 workshop; add to that her seeing her in her other projects which she says Kim is also good at.  

I can only surmise Ate Vi has watched My Binondo Girl, Kim's latest project along with her Maalala Mo Kaya where she played a teenage girl disfigured and  blinded by brain tumor  and   Minsan lang kita Iibigin as the young Lorna.

                                 CTO  Sino Ako by Kim Chiu
                                  My Binondo Girl

                              CTO  Pauleen Chavez - Maalaala mo Kaya

                                  CTO - Kim Chiu as malditang Alondra
                                 Minsan lang Kita Iibigin

                                    CTO  Manood na tayo!

                                  CTO Kim in Pepsi Herrera red number 
                                  and gold stilettos...

Never. Not even in her wildest dreams did she ever  think that  she would walk the Red Carpet in a Pepsi Herrera little red number and gold stilettos along with one of  showbiz industry's enduring icons, Star for all Seasons, Vilma Santos in a Premiere Night studded with stars.  Who me?  Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu would have asked and would have broken into her characteristic laugh.  

In the isolated world that Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu  lived  where a cell phone load had to be earned first working weekends in an aunt's store and a sought for blouse belonged to an older sis; never  did this 15 going on 16 year old girl could have had this evening in her sights.  

How did she go from a simple lass with simple dreams to being Kim Chiu? First there was the desire to help the family.  In the Queen City of the South, Cebu, where she lived, a high school girl who worked weekends earning a few hundred pesos had little options.  Then God showed His Hand.  Pinoy Big Brother beckoned and the rest is history.  God gave the opportunity, the little girl grabbed it with both hands; she,  with the long name, now sports an abbreviated one and is also not a girl anymore; she has grown into a woman, a beautiful one named Kim surnamed Chiu.

                          CTO - Kim Chiu - Premiere Night of The Healing

Their paths crossed; they were within  arm's length of each other; within reach but never together until one day God must have said, "enough of this skirting around"; circumstances threw them together and KimXi was born. Alexander Xian Cruz Lim Uy, positive thinker and dreamer, dreamed his dreams.  His dreams are slowly turning into reality. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

                                 CTO - God gave me you by Bryan White

  CTO - Special Guest of a Special Lady in Red wearing gold stilettos.

                               CTO  The Healing-the movie Premiere Night
            Direk Chito Rono, Ate Vi, Kim, Pokwang and Janice de Belen.

                                 CTO - answering reporters' questions.
                      A bane and boon of the rich and the famous - Reporters.

            Dawn Chu Sabacco ‏@dawnchu
he just watched her from a far with a smile on his face...then nung na free na sya he stand up ang gave her a congratulatory kiss..Sweet <3    (Fan on Xian Lim after watching The Healing 7-25-12)

     CTO - Among the  strongest of Kim's support system being interviewed.

                                     CTO - the celebration after. CMB Group*
                     Note the only other wearing Code Red and where he is seated.

                              * CMB - Call me maybe. KimXi Inner Circle.

I remember  Maria Edworth's quote which says, "If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves."  Kim's  moments with Vilma Santos doing Dolzura Cortez  in 2009  and Xian's moments with Kim  doing My Binondo Girl in 2011;  year 2012 took care of itself for Kim and Xian! So then, if Kim and Xian would take care of their moments always, the succeeding years will just take care of themselves.  God be praised always for moments!

              CTO  Xian's barkada movie to show August 15, 2012

                                          CTO - Xian, fulfilling the dream.
        gidget dela cuesta ‏@gidgetdc @xianlimm recording now👍👍👍 then dubbing ....    #thereunion

In the road to fame and sought-for success, the seeker leans on people who show unconditional love and support-family, surrogate parents, close friends.  Kim and Xian are no exception.

                                  CTO - Kim's surrogate Mom and Dad 
                              Dr. and Mrs.  Recasata of Faces and Curves.

                                 CTO - Xian's second family.
                                 Mr. Jopet and Stella Sy of Mint.

                  CTO.  Pacifying a fan who cried when she couldn't get near Kim.


                            CTO - Xian Lim celebrating his 23d birthday
among children with disabilities.

Xian Lim dreams of becoming a philanthropist just like Diether Ocampo

7/20/2011 8:45 AM

by: Rachelle Siazon

                                   CTO - We are family.

                                  CTO- Kim and her Extended Family.

                                  CTO - Xian with Mom and Mama Lola.

CTO - Mahfriend.

CTO - MahBro

CTO - Best Friends

CTO- Kim and Xian with the Star Magic Family 

Six months after My Binondo Girl ended, Kim and Xian had individual movies, The Healing for Kim and The Reunion for Xian.  They are now taping a teleserye, Ina, Kapatid, Anak.  Xian is seen below in a Look Test for a new movie under Direk Joyce Bernal.  This could be the promised movie with Kim Chiu.  When it rains it pours. 

                           CTO - Graces pouring. Thanks be to God!

 God is good!   Kim and Xian have taken cared of their moments well, individually or together.  Now, they are reaping the harvest as they also continue to plant for more harvests to come.

                                 CTO   Xian stargazing...
@krizgazmen: Look test with @xianlimm for our new movie under Direk Joyce! :)

There is a price to fame. Gone is the time when Kim and/or Xian can go to the mall or eat out in peace.  I see that this is a cross that both embrace joyfully.  

                          CTO  - There is no lack of fans  anywhere.

                                 CTO - Fans, here, there and everywhere.

Interrupted by the ubiquitous fans for pictures and autographs, Kim and Xian  are seen smilingly accommodating. Fans go to their teleserye and movie sets bringing food, waiting in the wings at all hours even all the way till morning.  

The fans who can sense sincerity from a mile away gravitate to the two who are so obliging and kind, their fans just multiply.  Kim and Xian's tribe continue to increase!  

                         CTO - Xian's portion.

In The Healing, the movie, apart from having two of the most bankable stars in it ; it also has a top-notched Director at the helm, Direk Chito Rono and strong support from veteran stars.  The well-crafted and well-acted movie with the very popular stars  Ate Vi and Kim Chiu, is a winner on all counts.

Ms. Vilma says that Kim Chiu, with her raw talent, if nurtured well with a good material, a good director and good support (paraphrased from Ms. Vilma's "kung maalagaang mabuti) can  be another me".   

Kim can be another me-- Vilma

*snipped* July 27, 2012 by Nel Alejandrino:  WOW, Ian F., let’s congratulate Kim Chiu for a job well done in The Healing, where she plays Batangas Governor Vilma Santos’ stepdaughter na may sakit at ’di mapagaling-galing ng doctor

Pero nang dalhin ni Ate Vi ang karakter ni Kim sa healer, naging normal teenager ito muli... only for her to fall victim to a curse na naging muntik nang maging dahilan para patayin niya si Ate Vi at ang anak nitong half-brother niya (Kim), na ginagampanan naman ni Martin del Rosario. 

As we all know, Kim was Ate Vi’s personal choice for the role. 

Ate Vi said, Star Cinema, which produced The Healing, gave her a list of young stars ng ABS-CBN at Star Cinema para pagpilian ng gaganap sa nabanggit na role. 

Is Ate Vi happy na, wika nga, ’di siya ipinahiya ni Kim? 

“Overwhelmed ako,” ani Ate Vi. “Sa tagal ko na sa showbiz, I would know a star when I see one.

“I bet you, as long as Kim stays as mabait, hardworking and professional as she is, she will go far in the business,” susog ng aktres.

Many thanks to Ate Vi.  Finally, some strong  recognition from a multi-awarded actress of Kim's talent and capabilities; she even used the word "overwhelmed".  As fan of the other half of KimXi, I am ultra-proud of Kim! Thanks be to God!

I fully believe that Kim will for sure  stay as mabait, hardworking and professional as she is now.  She has been that way since she entered showbiz, she will remain that way whether in or out of showbiz; this I can really bet on. As mentioned earlier, Kim is just being true to herself, a beautiful person inside and out; with no pretensions, no affectation, no snobbery. Proud to be a fan.  

2012 is a good year for Kim and Xian.  And as Ate Vi says it, as long as Kim stays as "mabait, hardworking and professional as she is, she will go far in the business." KimXis know for sure  that Xian is the same way.  He can also go far in the business . I have no reason  to see why not with his willingness to improve himself, his strong will and good work ethic. He is a star in the making!

Kim and Xian are two professionals who take their work seriously and ignited such chemistry onscreen because Kim, a nurturing co-star met such a pliant and agreeable co-actor in Xian who also thrived in the nurturing.  

Since Xian has considerably progressed, he and Kim, with God's help,  will give the public a teleserye in Ina, Kapatid, Anak something to really look forward to and enjoy nightly once it is aired.    

Kim and Xian, actors extraordinaire!  Two individuals who are just being themselves; who have this grand desire to accomplish what they joined the business for :  be the best that they could be for  God, country, family and self. Keep it up!  We, your fans believe in you!

                                  CTO - You're still you by Josh Groban

What a perfect combination! Kim and Xian - God's own masterpieces. I thank the Lord for His goodness and mercy in having these two beautiful people meet in His grand time.  Prayer is power!




  2. Another Beautiful Blog Ms. KimXianity! As I see it, you are preaching thru Kim and Xian. And this is good as they are good examples of their generation. Parang the good values that we want our siblings to have are in them. And I'm happy that they have you to show their innate goodness. Continue your preaching my dear KimXianity... we are loving all your blogs showing that God is good and that hindi tayo mainip coz everything happens for a reason. Love you Ms. KimXianity.. God Bless you always... Your No. 2 fan

  3. Am just overwhelmed by God's goodness...Xian, if you recall was not the intended endgame for MBG; Kim Chiu who is such a scaredy cat is in a movie that is acclaimed as the horror story to end all Phil. horror stories...being a KimXi fan...felt I had to do my share of praying. Am rendering testimony to the goodness and mercy of God to this two beautiful people who take time out of their extra busy time to go to Church! They are the ones who are preaching by their just cataloguing their activities and thanking God for His mercy. Lusot ba? Hindi kasi ako preacher at am also a dilettante at writing. <3 Salamat, No. 2 fan (goose bumps everytime I write this. hahahahaha)

    1. In our KIMXI hearts, you are also a big star Ms. KimXianity. And I saw the hand of God bringing our idols together thru your blogs... Please continue writing. Am looking forward to your next blogs.. your no. 2 fan

  4. Kailangan magpakilala ka na :) Thank you, thank you. I write when inspired...sana makawrite din kahit hindi. <3 God be praised always!