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The gift of...

“In the West we have a tendency to be profit-oriented, where everything is measured according to the results and we get caught up in being more and more active to generate results. In the East -- especially in India -- I find that people are more content to just be, to just sit around under a banyan tree for half a day chatting to each other. We Westerners would probably call that wasting time. But there is value to it. Being with someone, listening without a clock and without anticipation of results, teaches us about love. The success of love is in the loving -- it is not in the result of loving. ” ― Mother TeresaA Simple Path: Mother Teresa 

Understanding the attraction. Something about Kim.

There is plenty of room at the top. Not so many get there and breath its rarefied air. It takes a long, hard and tortuous climb to reach it.  There is no such thing as an overnight star. 

Kim bested 30,000 teen applicants from all over the archipelago to get into the Magic 12 that entered Bahay ni Kuya in April, 2006 for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1.  She just turned 16, four days back. 

Kim holds the record of not having been nominated for eviction in her 42-day stay at the Pinoy Big Brother house.  This speaks well of Kim's interpersonal skills considering the limited space that 11 other teens shared with her and the diverse personalities and backgrounds of her housemates.
         Kim inside Big Brother House - looking so pretty minus make-up.
               Po - Opo is not in the Cebuano vocabulary - she's told to use it.

Emerging Grand Prize Winner was a feat for this Chinese Cutie from Cebu. The win also won her a slot in the Star Magic stable of talents, ABS talent arm.  

                CTO - Grand Prize Winner PBB Teen Edition 1 - Kim Chiu

(From Wikipedia-Main article: Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1Auditions in Cebu CityDavao City, and Metro Manila were held and according to ABS-CBN, 30,000 teens answered the audition call.[4] Of these, twelve are selected; eight come from the Manila auditions while the remaining four represent the Visayas-Mindanao area.  On June 3, 2006 at the Aliw Theater, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay City, Kim Chiu of Cebu, was declared the winner of the first Teen Edition, besting 13 other housemates. Kim garnered 626,562 votes, or 41.4% of the total votes.)  

This PBB-induced popularity plus Kim's great attitude and admirable work ethic coupled with  good fashion sense and physical fitness  have spawned work for her as a successful endorser, ramp and print model on top of being a successful TV and Movie actor.

                                  CTO - at Showtime 7-21-12.

Her success did not come easy but her strong determination to grab every opportunity that came her way; refusing to take a needed vacation for fear she would not have any work when she came back bore fruit.  In another day in April, 5 years later, she moved to a multi-million peso home which had plenty of room for her siblings-4 of them.

Kim religiously visits Gold's  gym, runs, eats  healthy and goes horsebackriding , shops, and hangs out with friends to relieve stress. Her love of family and her God is her anchor.   

In the last year, starting 2011, a young man named Xian Lim came aknocking on Kim's heart.  How close she is in opening it  is seen in their being a shadow to each other.  Every chance they get they bond in simple and easy ways. If you see one on a free day, the other is not far behind.
                           CTO - Gold's Gym Ad - pics at at center of ad.

Kim's  innate beauty, humility, charm and air of innocence have gained her fans and admirers worldwide. She has honed her God-given talent with acting workshops, dance and other lessons and has emerged as a very nurturing co-actor and considered such a talent by the 50-year in the business Vilma Santos, she personally chose Kim to be with her in a crucial role in her commemorative movie, The Healing soon to show Wednesday, July 25 in more than 100 theaters nationwide. 

PUSH ALERT ‏@Push_Mina
Vilma Santos on Kim Chiu:"She's a new breed of young super star who’s very sweet, very raw, pero iba yung character niya dito" #TheHealing

PUSH ALERT ‏@Push_Mina
Sabi ng The Healing director Chito Rono, nagalingan sya sa acting ni Kim Chiu! Bukas na premiere nila. Mukhang scary but fun panuorin ito!

                    CTO - Proud of Kim. Personal choice of Ate Vi for 
                                                    The Healing

                                 CTO - Kim plugging The Healing.

What is not to like about Kim? She is nice, genuinely friendly, sweet, compassionate, smiles a lot and easily laughs.  She also does not hold grudges, forgives her hurts and prays a lot.  

                        Kim On IKA taping in Cebu.  Taboan Market with fans.
Kim flew back to Mla.  7-10-12 in time for Xian's birthday celeb 7-11-12.

Definitely, Kim at 22 has arrived, professionally and personally! Many are imitating her hairstyle, her way of dressing; her demeanor; a number are bashing her no end; she undergoes  trials and tribulations but Kim has remained steadfast in her positivities. 

Kim has remained the good, humble, simple, joyful and positive-thinking Kim Chiu that we know since her PBB days and that is why we and a host of others love her.  Kim exudes love; it is no wonder that  the person she hangs out with the most  is smitten to the core. 

                      CTO - The eyes have it.
Most cherished guest, Kim coming in late and lit up the place including Xian's eyes.

CTO- A world all their own.

                                CTO - Kim - 3rd from left- Coming of age.
                                 in a Rajo Laurel creation.

Understanding the diffidence. Something about Xian.

To a hopeless romantic the heart is its barometer or pulse-o-matic when the loved one is thought of or is in sight.   
@XianLimm:  Everytime I see you, you make me feel like my heart is beating faster and slower at the same time... <333  - Dec. 12, 2011.
A month earlier of Xian's palpitating heart, in  a Buzz interview , November 6, 2011, Kim says Xian is, "nakakatawa, thoughtful, napakabait, hopeless romantic, bihira lang ang ganyan ngayon."  http://www.telly.com/VIEXE?fromtwitvid=1 

Mr. Boy Abunda shared an observation. In interviews, he said,  it is best to pay attention to  the body language of the interviewees more than what they say.  

That Abunda  mentioned this immediately after the 11-6-11 Kim and Xian interview is significant. He must have detected a variance in what the two said vis-a-vis the lingering touches, the meaningful looks and smiles. Two weeks prior, in a October 26, 2011 Yahoo interview, Xian had this to say. 

“I just want to focus on work. I’m pretty sure she also wants to focus on work din,...” http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/-xian-admires-kim-but-won%E2%80%99t-court-her.html.   

In the above interview, Matteo revealed to the same reporter that Xian had given  Kim Chiu a life-sized teddy bear. Xian's IG caption overrode his "focus on work" statement.                                                           

                          CTO  "It's you that I want to hug everynight!!!

“The story behind in ‘Ako’y Sa Iyo Lamang,’ my appreciation actually. I felt really inspired in making the song and I write songs talaga but I never get to finish lagi na lang siyang either first verse then I store it sa shelf but this time parang nakakadala sobra yung eksena namin ni Kim and I want to let her know how important she is, how much she deserves [it] and if I was to write a song for her yun is yung ‘Ako’y Sa Iyo Lamang.’”

Xian Lim on Kim Chiu: ‘I want to let her know how important she is to me right now.’

12/03/2011 9:10 PM by: Krissa Donida   Push.com

Xian says he composed the song "in appreciation of Kim; to show her what she's worth...she deserves everything."  

If I were to read Xian's statement by itself, I could say that Xian was inspired by Kim; listening to Ako'y Sayo Lamang somehow changed my earlier understanding 
of his motivation in writing his song for Kim.  The lyrics gave Xian away.

Xian Lim - Ako’y Sayo Lamang Lyrics
Sana’y ako ang pag bigyan ng puso
Pangako sayo ikaw ang iibigin 

Araw gabi ikaw ang nasa isip
Unang tingin ako’y nabighani 

Tunay ang nararamdaman sayo magpa kailanman
Ako’y sayo lamang Ibibigay higit sa kaya

Ako’y sayo lamang Bigyan mo sana ng pag asa
Sayong sayo lamang Tiwala mo ay iingatan

Ako’y sayo lamang Iyong iyo lamang ako
Iyong iyo lamang ako *

Xian Lim – Ako’y Sayo Lamang Lyrics Property of their owners

"Sa lyrics parang, pinapakita nya talaga yung respeto nya sa akin; and kung ano talaga yung dapat na maramdaman ko as a girl..." - Kim on Xian and the song he made for Kim. 

Both Kim and Xian are evading the use of the word love; too early in the game perhaps to declare it and too unsure of what the heavy emotion that they both feel is all about. 

Let us change some words..."in appreciation of Kim"; "Pangako sa yo ikaw ang iibigin";   

"Sa lyrics parang, pinapakita nya talaga yung  respeto nya sa akin"  "Ako'y sayo 

lamang.  Iyong iyo lamang ako."

December 8, 2011 is a date to remember in the KimXi saga.  It was on this date Kim and Xian guested on KrisTV and under the incisive interview of celebrity talk show host Kris Aquino, Kim and Xian had some astounding revelations on their deprived childhood and Xian's growing fondness for Kim.  Kim, in some unheard of fashion egged Xian to open up more so that they could know each other better.

.Ano, syempre, si Xian … Thank you! Sa kanta pa lang parang … the lyrics parang pinapakita nya talaga yung respeto nya sa akin, and kung ano talaga yung dapat na maramdaman ko as a girl. And yun, lagi sya nandyan! Sana wag ka na mahiya! Masyado kang mahiyain! Mag open up ka naman ng konting-konti! And yun, sana ano, sana makilala pa kita, magkakilala pa tayo and yun! Yun lang. Thank you, thank you. - Kim to Xian ♥

Xian reiterates his sincerity, telling the world that everything he does is not 

because they had a show (My Binondo Girl) or that people are telling him to do it 

or that  he is just  being showbiz, no it's "straight from the heart", Xian's heart.

“Kim, gusto ko lang malaman mo na lahat ng ginagawa ko it’s not because nandito yung show, it’s not because people are telling me to do it.. it’s straight from the heart. Baka minsan you’re having doubts na ‘ay maybe he’s just being showbiz, ay baka ganun lang’ No, it’s not that. I’m sincere sa friendship natin, and I’m really happy, I’m really comfortable around you, and yun, masaya kang kasama .. sobra.” - Xian to Kim ♥ 

Opening of the Floodgates.  Xian unleashed.

The KrisTV interview did a lot of good things.  Xian confessed on National TV beamed worldwide that his feelings for Kim are not just for show; Kim in turn told him to shed his shyness and open up more.  Open up he did, in full view of the fans and bystanders and customers of Robinson's East, Xian hugged and kissed Kim at the end of their song; touched and wiped Kim's sweaty brow with his hand and wangled some Tissue box from the audience for Kim's use, a day after KrisTV interview aired. A giant leap for shy Xian.

            CTO - The Day After the KrisTV Interview.  - Robinson's East-MBG
                              Xian  gets more demonstrative. 12-9-11. (Thanks Abi.)

Fastforward real time 2012.  So many  things have happened since the day Kim and Xian had that revealing interview in late 2011.

My Binondo Girl  ended  in early January and Xian's unforgettable and scintillating chemistry with Kim Chiu which  generated a lot of buzz among fans also brought an avalanche of high-end endorsements for Xian. 

Xian billboards and  standees now dot the landscape. Eleven more endorsements within 6 months of Xian's Andy Wu  to his original 2 (Mint and Orotime) after almost 4 years in the biz show that Xian has arrived aboard a slow boat that accelerated speed with My Binondo Girl. 

Billed as the newest It Guy, Xian's schedule tightened though he remained spending his off-work time with Kim.  His path looks strewn with roses but he has remained enthusiastic and humbled by all the bustling excitement around him; remaining his charming affable self amidst all the the negativities that swirl and accompany fast-rising stars.
                           CTO  The New          and      The Old.
                         Liam and Celyn                 Jade and Andy
                         Ina, Kapatid, Anak           My Binondo Girl                              

                                 July 11, 2012 - More revelations.
                                 Thanks, Mitch.

As Mr. Boy Abunda says,(and am paraphrasing him) watch  your subjects closely; you might find out more from their body language than from what they say.  

Seven months after that momentous date when Kim asked Xian: ( "Sana wag ka na mahiya! Masyado kang mahiyain! Mag open up ka naman ng konting-konti! And yun, sana ano, sana makilala pa kita, magkakilala pa tayo and yun! Yun lang."  KrisTV interview - 12-8-11.

her life as Kimmy knew it, changed.  She became best of friends with a hopeless romantic guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and whose one great wish  every  moment he spends with Kim is to make her happy, make her feel special.  

Since then Kim has received a tsunami of well-thought, unexpected and totally delightful "gifts" from Xian;  from a Christmas Serenade, Valentine quips and pics on Twitter and IG; Salmon to the door straight from Alaska; Love Rose Tree, love notes; flowers galore; food that can feed an army; dinner dates, movies, the pleasure of his company when he should be out perhaps resting or composing a song.   Xian, creative and inspired when asked where he got his ultra-romantic ideas from, pointed to his heart.   

The early diffidence, the reluctance to call all the things he does for Kim as panliligaw comes from Xian's  shy nature forced to unfold under the glaring eyes of the camera and critical eyes of people in the business who mistake his shyness  for ego and high-handedness.  

Kim saw through Xian's shyness and pierced through the veil of what makes Xian tick.  Xian says he is most at ease and relaxed around Kim, and goes on saying  "I'm really comfortable around you, yun, masaya kang kasama...sobra"  to in a few months say, "Finally, finally meron nang nakakaintindi sa akin".  

To better understand the essential difference of the two phrases and appreciate the progress made by Xian, here's an example.  One can be comfortable in a rocking chair; one can't be understood by a rocking chair.  

Spending time with Xian, knowing him better and listening to him led Kim to a deeper understanding of his psyche.  

Understanding  is born from Kim's heart-to-heart talks with Xian.   From knowledge flows understanding; an understanding  which may ultimately turn to love. 

"The human heart cries out for help, the human soul implores us for deliverance; but we do not heed their cries for we neither hear nor understand."  -Kahlil Gibran

Finally, Xian has found a woman after his own heart who  moves it and understands it like her own.  What a blessing and what bliss!  

                                   CTO The Voice - Celtic Woman

Kim understands the real Xian; the man behind the model, actor, endorser, composer, singer etc., the person beneath the theatre masks;  the one who bleeds and gets hurt; who feels sad and lonely in a sea of people.  

Kim who is happy being together with Xian has also found her lost core...the other half of it; now her heart is complete.   Kim and Xian, championing each other!

So where are Kim and Xian now in their love saga? Since Xian is bent on being a dancer and Kim along with him in tripping the light fantastic, is their love dance one that dips and turns as in a Tango dance or one step forward, two steps backward as in Cha Cha?   

Below, the two , depending on what sense one uses, whether sight or hearing, one may find a surprising answer to the question, "ano na ba talaga, Kuya?".  The answer will also depend if one is optimistic or pessimistic.  If you ask me, I will use my eyes more than my ears and since I am a wearer of rose-colored glasses, I am happy and like Kim, feel special with what I see.

                           CTO    Listen but watch closely.                             
                    http://www.youmaker.com/ - thanks Disco.

I see Kim blossoming under Xian's watch.  Her schedule remaining hectic with The Healing's promotion starting off  with a Davao  trip; tapings of Ina, Kapatid, Anak; ASAP prods, D'Buzz, Trinoma, Kim remains fresh and looking beautiful. 
                                 CTO - under Xian's watchful eye.
                                 with a fan.   Lull in IKA taping 7-20 (?)-12

                                 CTO - Kim's IG. 7-23-12
chinitaprincess IG : GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! still alive and kicking at this hour!!!   

                                         CTO Saturday 7-21-12  Showtime
                                          A 3- hour show. 

                                           CTO - Kimmy (middle) performing at ASAP


                                           CTO - The Healing Cast at D/Buzz. Kim in blue.

                                           CTO - Kim at a mall show. 7-22-12

Kim and Xian, we your fans see you both gaining confidence and strength in a few short months after My Binondo Girl.  

Kim and Xian are no longer the same people from when they first started being together.  They have evolved beautifully;  blending and filling each other's lack from each other's overflowing graces; each glorying in his wholeness.  The emptiness, the void is filled.

Recording artist, capable endorser, learning and performing dance, more voluble around people; still the dreamer and the romantic but more in touch with the realities around him now--Xian.
                                         CTO - Dance to the music.

                      CTO  Xian and Myra Vita White E
                        Sunday after ASAP - 7-22-12

Hobnobbing with the greats, young superstar; gaining weight, confidence; improving spiels-the shrill voice when delivering spiels is now modulated; speaks English more often; best of all, a say-it-as-it is interview that went against those who question the KimXi reality in defense of Xian--Kim.

Young, good looking and successful, so many are wanting to shake Kim and Xian's  professional and personal fruits from their tree.

Kim  in a recent interview asserts  the truth of her deepening friendship with Xian  in the face of people saying that what she and Xian have  is  just for the camera.

This is so uncharacteristic of Kim. Even in an extremely hurtful situation in the past, Kim preferred to hold her peace; sinking deep into a place where hurts dwell.   

In this instance, where a person Kim loves (as a friend, she says) would be hurting as well, she waves the banner of truth, setting herself free of her fears; her fears of being hurt if she puts herself up front where rocks and stones and other pitfalls abound.   

Coming to Xian's defense and in the spirit of love and truth, Kim stands unwavering, one with the KimXi fans, that yes, she and Xian are bonding and it is not for show. 

“Siguro naiinggit sila o ano man... hindi ko alam kung bakit sila makakapagsabi ng ganung bagay na hindi naman totoo.”Ayon din kay Kim, kung anuman ang mayroon sila ni Xian, hindi ito dahil sa sinasabi ng ibang tao o pang-camera lamang. http://pep.ph/news/34990/kim-chiu-peeved-by-accusation-that-her-relationship-with-xian-lim-is-just-for-show/1/3


                 CTO - Kim - 3rd from left now standing Tall among the stars.

The truth indeed sets one free.  In the face of so many walls crumbling, Kim stands victorious and the wind beneath her wings is no other than her loving friend, Xian.  The gift of a "pakpak" has come full circle!

       CTO- Andrea Bocelli - Besame Mucho/Can't help falling love with you


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